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									                         San Juan Animal League Pawprints
   Fall 2006

  Board of Directors
 Betty Berry/Donna Ogilvie-Co-Presidents
 Mary Winkley-Secretary
 Sara Morgan-Treasurer
 Shanna Baird-Bob Culpepper-Wendy Rogers-Susan Neale-Linda McGrath-Kristen Langenfeld, Ex-
 Officio-Dr. Barney Oldfield, Veterinary Advisor

 A Note From the Presidents
 The San Juan Animal League will again have a flyer on pet owner responsibility and animal
 care enclosed in the Farmington city utility bills beginning in October.

 Ways pet owners take responsibility, according to the flyer, include spay and neutering,
 obtaining regular vaccinations, providing fresh water and nutritious food and regular exercising.

 Owners are also advised to provide protection against heat in the summer (never leave animals
 in a closed car), cold in winter; to have them wear ID tags, and teach obedience rules with

 Most important: Treat your pets with tender loving care!

 The flyer also includes information about the Farmington Animal Shelter, its location and
 hours, including the new Sunday schedules.

Shelter Doings

 A timely schedule for projects proposed to improve the Farmington Animal Shelter has
 been implemented by the Farmington Parks and Recreation Commission. According to Jeff
Bowman, FPRC director, a task force has been established to look into
animal and shelter concerns. Kerwin Gober is the chairman.

The task force had their first meeting on Monday, September 18. They discussed long term and
short term goals for the shelter and also are discussing the issue of a regional shelter. They are
considering the hiring of an architect to design a shelter that will incorporate the present and
future needs of the area.

There were fourteen people in attendance representing several entities. Kerwin Gober,
Chairman, Kim Carpenter, Deputy County Manager, Jeff Bowman, Director of
Farmington Parks and Recreation, Rob Mayes, Ex. Asst. to the City Manager, Farmington,
Diana Lang, SJ College, Barbara Yarborough, Director, Farmington Animal Shelter, Tina
Roper and Bethany Jones, Aztec Animal Shelter, Tracy Fletcher, Pam Weese, Humane
Society of the 4 Corners, Wendy Rogers, Kristen Langenfeld, San Juan Animal League,
and Mary Fischer, Farmington City Councilwoman.

During the summer, water bowls were provided in all shelter kennels, the city finalized plans and
ordered a modular unit to be placed at the shelter for spay and neutering; placed billboards on the
Red Apple Transit buses; completed the design for a shelter banner, created and inserted ads on
KOBF and Comcast TV stations and began a series of education classes on pet care with local

Shelter Director’s Report – Barbara Yarborough

On the dates of September 12,13,14,15,and 18th, I had the wonderful opportunity to go into all the social
studies classes for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at Heights Jr. High to speak to them about the importance of
spaying and neutering their pets. I was delighted to find that quite a few of them already had sterilized
pets at home! They seemed to grasp how important they will be in the future when it comes time for
them to make the decision of spaying and neutering their pets, especially since that is not so far off for
them. I took a different Animal/Park Ranger with me on each day, so they could meet and identify with
almost half of my staff. We not only went over the imperative need to sterilize pets, but spent some time
on animal ordinances and the services offered by Animal Control along with tips on being a responsible
pet owner. Principal Dave Willden and teachers Ms. Whalen, Ms. Jamison, Ms. Hoskins, Ms.
Steffen and Mr. Conaway were fantastic about turning their classrooms over to us and allowing us to
reach over 600 kids. I cannot say this enough, these kids are our future and this is the prime age to be
approaching them about being responsible adults and pet owners. We want to offer our thanks to Ms.
Hoskins for coming down to the Shelter after our visits to the school and adopting “Buttons”, the kitty
who went with us into the classrooms.

Future plans include going to other Junior High Schools in Farmington. This will allow us to reach over
2,500 students about the importance of responsible pet care.

We also are doing a tour and talk to Boy Scout Troops #158 and #175 on Wednesday the 20 th of
September so they can earn their animal badges in scouting.

Rabies Clinics Report – Chairman - Vicky Ramakka
These are the dates for the next clinics:

           October 8 in Aztec at Koogler Middle School
           November 12 in Bloomfield at Naaba Ani School

Volunteers are always welcome to assist at the clinics, or with poster distribution prior to the
clinics. If interested, contact Volunteer Coordinator Linda McGrath at 634-0753

Tail Wags and Purrs

*The Farmington Animal Shelter is announcing its new Sunday Hours with a special Open
House on Sunday, October 1 from 12:00PM to 3:00PM. Beginning October 1st the shelter
will be open every Sunday. During the open house representatives from the San Juan Animal
League and Humane Society of the Four Corners will be sharing information about their

Also, if you have adopted an animal from the shelter, please write up your story or take a picture
of you and your pet and send it to us at 901 Fairgrounds Road. We will be featuring a new
adoption story every month on our monthly e-mail newsletter, and posting adoption stories and
pictures at the shelter. We hope to see you at the Farmington Animal Shelter Open House
October 1st. The Farmington Animal Shelter is located at 1395 S. Lake Street. For more
information, please call 599-1098.

*Thank you to everyone who puts their change in those little canisters that you see on the
counters at the grocery store. We collected $57.00 for the animals at the last count.

What is the O’Hearn fund? Chairman – Wendy Rogers
The fund was started in early 2004 to honor the memory of a young man who loved animals. It
is set up specifically for rescued animals that are injured, abandoned, or neglected. There are
one time grants for up to $300.00 per animal.

Since April of 2006 there have been 22 animals helped with $4,288.29 being dispersed for their

You can see some of the wonderful rescue stories on our website                                 at and also download an application form for your use.

Pet Tip
One way to prevent large vet bills is to restrain your dogs. More dogs visit the vet because of
injuries due to lack of restraint than for any other reason. Dogs should always be fenced in, on a
leash, or supervised.

About Us
The SJAL is a 501C3 non-profit organization. We operate solely on donations. Every dollar
that we receive is used to benefit those four legged friends who cannot speak for themselves. If
you wish to donate or to join the League please send your donation to SJAL at PO BOX 142,
Farmington, NM 87401. Include your name, address and phone number so we can contact

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