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Location of Program                                          Degrees Offered
Sidney, Nebraska                                             •	 Cosmetology Associate of Applied Science
                                                             •	 Cosmetology Associate of Occupational Studies
About the Program                                            •	 Cosmetology Diploma
The Cosmetology program prepares the student to become       •	 Cosmetology Certificate
a licensed cosmetologist within the State of Nebraska. The   •	 Cosmetology Instructor Training Certificate
program educates students in all facets of Cosmetology as
stipulated by the Registration and Licensure Credentialing
Division of the Nebraska Health and Human Services
The Cosmetology Associate of Applied Science Degree
(AAS) primarily prepares students for careers in a variety
of technical and vocational areas. In most instances
students are also able to transfer all or part of an AAS
program to a bachelor degree-granting institution.
The Cosmetology Associate of Occupational Studies
(AOS) Degree program adds business and management
to the cosmetology curriculum to increase the students’
opportunities in the field of cosmetology.
The Cosmetology Instructor Training Certificate provides
the appropriate training for a licensed cosmetologist to
become a licensed cosmetology instructor. Advanced
training is provided in materials, skills and
techniques as well as teaching methods.
Western Nebraska Community
College will offer a new nail tech
program, taught by Cosmetology
Instructor Alice Macht, in the
near future. The program is
being designed to be completed
in 10 weeks during the summer

To Apply
Applying for admission is free and is
completed online. Visit                                                                                  800.222.9682
SecretS to                                                   Cosmetology
                                       Career Opportunities
                                       Careers in cosmetology are endless with specialized possibilities. The market is
                                       expanding every year. Salaries are flexible based upon location and time worked.
                                       Education in cosmetology can be endless. Licensed cosmetologists typically
                                       continue their education regularly by taking mini classes of special techniques or
                                       just refresher courses.
                                       Some of the different fields of cosmetology include haircolorist, haircutter,
                                       extension educator, platform artist, instructor, nail technician, sales consultant,
                                       and salon owner or manager. Cosmetologists may choose to work for full-
                                       service salons that specialize in hair, nails, and massage or for companies as
                                       color or make-up artists for platform hair shows.
                                       Personal dedication and passion for the professional beauty industry is the key
                                       to success.
                                       Cosmetology Club
“I had originally wanted to attend     The Cosmetology Club was established to further the ongoing education of
a cosmetology school in Califor-       the cosmetology students. Members are provided opportunities to attend
nia, but chose WNCC mainly for         educational seminars as well as participate in social events.
financial reasons. I received an
excellent education and a solid        Special Admission Standards
foundation for my profession.          •	Provide the college with a photocopy of your birth certificate
I am a successful hairdresser          •	Provide the college with a photocopy of your high school or GED diploma
building my business as well as a      •	Must be at least 17 years of age
freelance make-up artist for Red-
ken and Pureology. Thank you,
WNCC, for providing me with
a top education and stability to
make my start!”
~ Eric Lafler ~

“WNCC provided me with a
quality education at an afford-
able price. I believe that without a
strong foundation, nothing is se-
cure. My education from WNCC
ensured that foundation. I have
had the privilege of owning my
own business for 14 successful
years, traveling as a color spe-
cialist/educator for Redken and
am honored to be one of the few
certified haircolorists in the state
of Nebraska. Thank you, WNCC,
for helping me get my start in an
amazing industry!”
~ Tamara Vowers ~                                                                                       800.222.9682

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