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									                                     SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE
                                    Our mission at Saint Paul’s is to: welcome all people; proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ;
                                      experience a personal relationship with Him; and joyfully share God’s love with others.

  December 2006 Holden Evening Prayer
CONTENTS                      Services will be held                                                    Christmas Eve Schedule
1...Christmas Eve Services
    Christmas Pageant
2...From Pastor John
                             Wednesdays in Advent,                                                        Children’s Christmas
                                                                                                           Pageant: 5:00 p.m.
    From Pastor Mark
    From Bill Remele          December 6 & 13 at
                                                                                                        Candlelight Communion
3...From Clarence Hales
    Sanctuary Decorating     7 p.m. following supper,                                                          Services:
    Advent Chamber Music                                                                                  8:00 & 11:00 p.m.
4...Thanksgiving Feast       which begins at 6 p.m. in
5...Harvest Festival
6...From Emily Clamser
    Jesus’ Birthday Party
                                 Keever Hall
7...Calendar of Youth/
           Family Ministry
8...Pictures                          Celebrate Christmas Eve at St. Paul’s
9...From the Stewardship
           Committee         Three glorious services will be held to accommodate the large number of
    Year-End Gifts           members and friends in the community who are drawn to St. Paul’s each
     Boy Scouts Update
10...Thank Yous
                             Christmas Eve.
11...Worship Assistants      Adorned with poinsettias and a beautiful Chrismon tree, the church will
                             glow in candlelight while joyful Christmas hymns and anthems accompa-
                             nied by brass will proclaim the Savior’s birth. Prelude music will begin
                             thirty minutes prior to each service.

                             Invite your friends to join us as we worship the Christ Child and celebrate
                             His birth.

                             Special Note: Nurseries will be available at the all services. Volunteers are needed.

St. Paul’s Christmas Pageant                                                   Note Regarding Services
                  Christmas Eve                                                  on Christmas Eve,
              5 p.m. in the Sanctuary                                           Sunday, December 24:
                                                                             There will be one morning service on Sunday, Decem-
“A Birthday Party for Jesus” will be held following                          ber 24, at 10 a.m. The blended service will celebrate
        the Pageant in Keever Hall.                                          the fourth Sunday in Advent.

               St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church * 12 North Sixth Street * Wilmington, NC 28401 * 910.762.4882
                                     From Pastor John . . .
Martha and I have already retrieved those boxes of              love. The Christmas traditions our family has observed
Christmas decorations from the attic, and are just be-          over the years are worth the effort. Many of you have a
ginning to make a list of some Christmas presents we            Christmas tradition that I want to commend to the en-
want to buy. Now the work begins of decorating the              tire congregation. That would be putting Christ and his
house and doing the Christmas shopping. It would, of            church on your Christmas list. Join your fellow mem-
course, be easier not to do it. We could save our energy        bers who will be making generous year-end gifts to St.
and our money, but just think what we would be miss-            Paul’s this month. Experience the same joy that comes
ing . . . the house wouldn’t look or feel at all like Christ-   with all the other presents you give at Christmas time.
mas and we would miss the joy of giving to those we

                                    From Pastor Mark . . .
The projected words on the curtain called it “The               wasn’t really Elvis, either.
South’s Grandest Holiday Show.” We weren’t in Ala-
bama, but at Alabama, the theater – one of Myrtle               I’m glad we still have time left.           Experiencing
Beaches great showplaces. All forty-seven SPARKS                “Christmas” so early made me miss Advent. I missed
agreed. It was grand on the Grand Strand. “Merry                lighting the advent candles, seeing the color blue (for
Christmas,” the performers vibrantly announced, and             hope), singing the great advent carols (like Oh Come, Oh
everything about the singing, dancing, costumes, and            Come, Emmanuel), making an Advent wreath, and yes,
scenery at the Alabama Theater spelled “C-h-r-i-s-t-m-          preparing gifts and food for our family celebrations.
a-s”. However, it was only November 15th. We still              Don’t get me wrong. It was great to get in the mood
had two Sundays of Pentecost and four Sundays in Ad-            through the performances at Alabama and Legends. It
vent before the “real” day. The next night (at Legends          was fun. But now it’s time for the serious joy that
in Concert) Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Liza            comes with getting ready for the real thing. Besides,
Minnelli, and Buddy Holly continued to help us get into         sharing in Advent will keep Christmas Eve at St. Paul’s
the mood. Even though it wasn’t really Christmas” it            from becoming just another show.

                                         From Bill Remele
Evangelical Lutheran Worship is the name of the                 The response to the new book, through the church at
new official worship book and hymnal of the Evangeli-           large, has been far greater than expected. In fact, it is
cal Lutheran Church in America. An introductory                 now necessary to wait for the next printing to purchase
event, conducted by representatives from our synod,             copies for individuals or congregations. Our St. Paul’s
was held at St. Paul’s last month. All agreed that the          Church Council, from recommendations of our New
book is surely worthy of congregational use. You will           Hymnal Task Force and Worship and Music Ministry
find most of your favorites from Lutheran Book of               Team, has directed us to purchase ELW’s for use by our
Worship (the green book) and With One Voice (the                choirs and for limited placement in our sanctuary pew
blue book). You will also find a healthy number of              racks. We want to first offer the opportunity for mem-
new hymns from Worship and Praise (our contempo-                bers and friends of the congregation to donate books in
rary collection), Renewing Worship Songbook (the                honor or memory of loved ones. The price is $20/
recent ELCA trial hymnal supplement) and various                book. If you would like to participate, please bring your
other sources. “Diverse” is the best adjective to de-           check, payable to St. Paul’s, to the church office or drop
scribe the contents of ELW, mirroring the nature of             it in an offering plate. Clearly indicate what the check is
God’s people – the church. There is an appropriate              for. We will order books at the end of January. It is
Lutheran bias with an abundance of chorales, with Eng-          anticipated that they will be available in February. I ex-
lish texts, many in their original rhythms. There are           pect a large response from the St. Paul’s family. Re-
also a large number of hymns with texts and/or tunes            member, you can give more than one, if you desire.
written by living Lutherans – Paul Weber, of Lenoir-            Let’s keep book purchases for individuals separate from
Rhyne College for one! There are old and new settings           purchases for the church. See me for individual orders.
of the liturgy – ten, in fact!                                  It is an exciting time to be in Lutheran church music!
Page 2                                                                                         SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE
                        From Your Council President . . .
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at              Saturday, we fed about 75 with over 40 church volun-
St. Paul’s!                                                    teers. The feast was made possible by the generous
                                                               contributions of turkeys, stuffing, canned goods, fruits,
Congratulations to all the newly elected Council mem-          desserts, and so much of your time by church members.
bers. I am sure each of you will be an asset as you carry      Keever Hall was decorated in a Thanksgiving theme
on the work of St. Paul’s during the next two years.           and everyone enjoyed sitting down and having such a
                                                               wonderful meal prepared just for them. THANKS TO
At the Annual Meeting, we had a discussion regarding           EACH OF YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS.
St. Paul’s Mission Support (Synodical Apportionment).          “God Bless You” is what we hear over and over again
It is based on the number of confirmed, contributing,          as meals are served during the week, so from all of
and communing members. It is $158 per year per per-            them I say, ‘GOD BLESS YOU VERY MUCH’. I
son. Our CCC membership is 472. Our Mission Sup-               hope this will become a tradition with fewer less fortu-
port request from Synod is $74,576. We have budgeted           nate people and more volunteers.
only $58,000 (10% of our budget) for this Mission Sup-
port in 2007. It would be outstanding if we could con-         It has been my honor to serve you as Council President
tribute more. As I suggested at the meeting, if you            in 2006. I am looking forward to the years ahead to see
would like to make sure that your share goes to Synod,         what God has planned for the ministries here. You
mark your contribution check with “Synod Mission               have heard the saying, “We make plans and God just
Support” and it will go directly to them.                      laughs” because only He has the Master Plan. I am sure
                                                               it is exciting and I am ready to do whatever He calls me
At the time of the meeting, over 300 pledge cards had          to do. If you need to find me, I will probably be in the
been sent to members with only 100 being returned.             kitchen. I believe this is where He wants me to be.
We as members must make a commitment, because if               Thanks for your support.
we cannot then how can be expect the church to com-
mit to Synod.                                                  God Loves You and So Do I,

Thanksgiving has just passed and St. Paul’s celebrated         Clarence Hales
Thanksgiving by serving 2 delicious meals to the less
fortunate. At breakfast, we had about 50 in attendance
and 30+ members helping prepare, cook, and serve. It
was true “Thanksgiving” to see so many bow their
                                                                    Advent Chamber Music
heads and thank God for the blessings. At the feast on
                                                                         Cape Fear Chamber Players
  Chrismon Tree Decorating                                                 Sunday, December 17, 2006
                                                                                   4:00 p.m.
                      Each year, St. Paul’s has a Chris-
                      mon tree in the sanctuary. If you
                      would like to help decorate this                      St. Paul’s Evangelical
                      beautiful tree, please be at the                      Lutheran Church Parlor
                      church on Saturday, December 9,
                      at 10 a.m. Your help would be ap-
                      preciated. The decorations are                        Beverly Andrews, violin
                      “Christ monograms,” therefore the                     Domonique Launey, piano
word “Chrismon.” These white and gold symbols de-
pict the life of Christ and the clear lights reflect the pu-                 Kathy Meyer, cello
rity of our Savior. Please call Clarence Hales (791-8765)
and let him know you’ll be there!                                    Piano Trios of Haydn and Schubert

SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE                                                                                             Page 3
                       Pictures from the Thanksgiving Feast
 The breakfast on Thanksgiving
 morning and dinner on the following
 Saturday were huge successes! We
 fed 50 people for breakfast and an-
 other 75 for dinner. We also had 31
 members of the congregation help-
 ing at the breakfast on Thanksgiving
 and another 44 helping on Saturday.
 What an amazing outpouring of love
 to the members of our community
 from the members of St. Paul’s!

Linda Evans—
the Gravy Master!                                   We enjoyed it so much, we want to
                                                    do it again! On Christmas Day,
                                                    December 25, we will be having a
                                                    Christmas feast from 2-4 p.m. to
                                                    share the joy of Christmas with our
                                                    friends. Once again, we’ll need
                                                    people to help with food, prepara-
                                                    tion and clean-up. If you can help
                                                    in any way, please contact Emily
                                                    Clamser or Kathleen Kalish in the
    Some of our                                     church office (762-4882).
  wonderful servers
      at the
   Thanksgiving                                     Also, we will be giving Christmas
      Feast!                                        gifts of blankets, socks, hats and
                                                    hygiene kits (washcloths, soap, lo-
                                                    tion, combs, band-aids). Any do-
                                                    nations can be brought the church

   Page 4                                                  SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE
                  Pictures from the Harvest Festival

           Thank you to Jim Tyson, Kevin Clamser, Sydney Grubbs and Elaine Walton for all their help!

SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE                                                                                    Page 5
         From the Director of Youth and Family Ministries
Every year on Christmas Eve, my church choir in New         with children singing and dancing.
York would sing “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” It
is one of my favorite songs to sing at Christmas and one    Lastly, we culminate our activities on Christmas Eve
of my favorite memories! This year, I am so excited to      with our Children’s Christmas Pageant! Thank you to
be making new memories. This will be my families’ first     all of the families that have driven their children to
Christmas at St. Paul’s! I cannot tell you how amazing it   practices and are helping assist Karin Mills. What a
has been to work with Christian Education and Youth         wonderful way to show your children what the focus of
and Family Ministries to prepare for this wonderful         the season should be. After the pageant, please come
month of ministry! The theme this month for Sunday          back to Keever Hall. We will be celebrating Jesus’
school is Advent. All of the many exciting activities       Birthday with cake and presents. Please be sure to read
that are planned are all centered on the preparation for    the enclosed invitation!
the most important event in December—Jesus’ Birth-          What a wonderful and joyous time to be here at our
day!                                                        church!
We begin the month of December with our breakfast,
which will feature the making of the Family Advent
Wreaths. Please make sure that you sign up for this                       You are invited to
wonderful event and bring your choice of greenery and
decorations. We will provide the base and other sup-                     Jesus’ Birthday Party!
plies. We will even have the candles for purchase so
your family can immediately begin using your wreath.                          When: December 24
Norma Flax will explain the significance of the Advent
Wreath and Candles.                                                           Where: Keever Hall
Coming in your mail, the families of our church will re-
ceive an Advent Calendar with a devotional booklet and                 Time: After the Christmas Pageant
a seven week series of devotional aids for you and your
family to use not only during Advent, but for Christ-              We will celebrate with cake and sing Happy
mas, and Epiphany! WOW! What a wonderful way to                   Birthday! We will also have two stockings for
count down to Jesus’ Birthday!                                              Jesus’ Birthday presents.
Our craft in Sunday school this month is also centered
on the preparation of the coming of Christ. The chil-          What can I give a King?? Suggested gift ideas:
dren will be making numerous ornaments representing
the Christian faith which will adorn our Advent Tree in          Canned Goods for Mother’s Hubbard Cupboard
Keever Hall. I want to thank Beth Pottle, Martha Bai-          and First Fruit; money donation to Heifer Interna-
ley, Kitty Jamieson, Margaret Musacchio, and Mike              tional so the children can purchase an animal for a
Walton for volunteering to assist our children with this
                                                               family in need; socks, gloves, blankets, and hats for
craft. The children will also take home a sheet which
will explain the significance of the symbols that they           our friends in the neighborhood; hygiene items:
made for that week.                                            washcloths, combs, band-aids, soap; crackers, honey-
                                                               buns, juice-boxes, water, etc. for our friends in the
However, our children have already begun preparing for
Jesus’ Birthday! If you have heard noises upstairs after                           neighborhood.
Sunday school, and wondered what it is…the youth
have begun bell practice on Sunday afternoon and eve-             We know Jesus will like these gifts because of
ning and they sound AWESOME! We have 11 youth                     what he said in Matthew 25:40 “I tell you the
participating in the bell choir that will accompany the           truth, whatever you did for one of the least of
beautiful voices of our children in the pageant. What a
                                                                     these brothers of mine, you did for me.”
joy it has been to sneak past the practice room and see
Karin Mills, Marcia Bremer and a room overflowing
Page 6                                                                                  SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE
        Calendar of Youth and Family Ministries Events
Sunday Evenings—Youth Group and Band/                       December 24—Christmas Pageant at 5:00 p.m. &
Chorus 7:00-8:30p.m.: The youth are now meeting             Happy Birthday Jesus Party!! (See invitation)
every Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. We
practice our songs for the Celebration Service, and at      December 25—Serve Christmas dinner to our friends
8:00 p.m., we end the evening with a youth group meet-      in need of a home from 2-4 p.m.
ing. If you are in Middle School/High School/College,
come join us for singing, or enjoy the fellowship at 8:00   December 28-31 – SKI TRIP: We will leave on the
p.m. and help plan the new youth room, servant events,      December 28 and spend the 29th and 30th skiing in West
and future trips!                                           Virginia at Timberline Four Seasons Resort. We will
                                                            return on the December 31 just in time for New Years!!
December 3—Family Advent Wreaths/Breakfast                  The cost will be $225 per person. The following is in-
Program: Join us for great food and fellowship as we        cluded: 3 nights lodging, 2 days skiing, 2 days ski rental,
introduce the new theme for the month of December--         lift tickets and all meals. If interested contact Keith
Advent. We have the several activities planned for this     Hales 799-2518 or Emily Clamser 612-5522 for more
breakfast!!! All families are asked to bring to the break-  information. Scholarships will be available. We have
fast decorations and greenery to adorn their personnel      twenty-one participants so far!
family Advent wreath and Norma Flax will explain the
significance of the Advent Wreath and Candles. During December 30—First Fruit Ministries: Help prepare
breakfast, enjoy a slideshow of all of the past month’s sandwiches and soup to our friends in the community
events.                                                    in need of food and a home. We meet at Keever Hall
                                                           at 11:00 a.m. to prepare the sandwiches and drive to
December 8—Enchanted Airlie Gardens- 6:30 p.m.: Grace Church and serve at noon. Volunteers are
If you would like to carpool for this event, please be at needed to prepare soup for this event. Please contact
the church at 6:30 p.m.. We will enjoy the beautiful Emily Clamser or Kevin Clamser Jr.-Youth Council
lights, trains, vendors, and Santa!                        Stewardship Committee Leader at 612-5480.

December 10—Private Reading of the Polar Ex-                January 7—Christ Kindle Reveal: Join us at noon
press at 1:00 p.m.: We will meet in Keever Hall after       with a covered dish or dessert, as we reveal who our
Pageant Rehearsal for lunch. Following lunch we will        secret Christ Kindle family is! We will enjoy fellowship,
go to the train museum to enjoy this wonderful story        food, and find out who has been so wonderful to us!
and visit with Santa!
                                                            January 13-15—Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)
December 10, 17, 23 & 24—Christmas Pageant Re-              weekend: A spiritual weekend led by teens who give
hearsals: The children will meet upstairs in the class-     talks, lead discussions, and just have an AWESOME
rooms, after Sunday school on December 10 and 17.           time! Several of our teens will be leading this weekend
The rehearsal schedule for Christmas Eve weekend is         and Pastor John is the spiritual director. If you are in
yet to be determined.                                       grade 9 or older and have not attended, please sign up
                                                            for this exciting weekend!
December 15 & 16—Confirmation Retreat: The 7th
and 8th graders will join the Confirmation Team leaders
for a retreat at Kure Beach.                                  Children’s Heifer Project
December 17—Progressive Dinner (Middle School
– Young Adult) beginning at 5:00 p.m.: Come enjoy                             The children of our church have cur-
caroling to many of our homebound members as we                               rently raised $60.00 towards our
enjoy amazing appetizers at Josh & Kathleen Kalish’s                          Heifer Offering Program. We cur-
home, a delicious dinner at the McGuire home & deca-                          rently are able to purchase a tree sap-
dent desserts at the Clamser’s.                             ling for our Heifer Community. We will be announcing
                                                            our first donation at the January breakfast!

SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE                                                                                            Page 7
                             Pictures from around St. Paul’s

                                                                Thanks to all
                                                                who donated
                                                              items, money for
                                                                shipping and
                                                              helped make our
                                                              boxes! We sent
                                                             out 90 full boxes
                                                             and collected more
                                                               than $700 for
                                                               shipping costs.

The St. Paul’s Volleyball Team had a great time playing
  other churches in our area. We finished 4th for the fall
season. We might have been 3rd if it wasn’t for Bob Lee.

                                                                                  Christmas Pageant practice is under way!

Page 8                                                                                              SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE
                          From the Stewardship Committee
A few Christmas thoughts….                                    will provide for our every need – He told us he would
                                                              and demonstrates it time after time.
In early December, if you are like me, you are thinking
about gifts to give to those on your Christmas list. We       There are many things happening at St. Paul’s that re-
spend a lot of time and energy choosing just the right        flect Jesus’ love in and to our community. From being a
gift to show how much we love and appreciate our              beautiful house of worship, fellowship, and Christian
family and friends.                                           education to being a place of sharing, caring, love and
                                                              refuge, we are doing it all! But…all of this takes (dare I
What about a special gift for Jesus to show our love for      be tacky and use the “word”?) money. So please say
Him? After all, it is His birthday. And, everything we        Happy Birthday to Jesus with a gift so St. Paul’s church
have, and more importantly, our very life now and for-        can continue to represent Christ in the world. Merry
ever, are gifts from Him. It is only by His amazing           Christmas!
grace that we are here and have anything at all!
                                                              In Christ’s love,
Besides showing Jesus that we love Him and are thank-         Bettielou Weddle
ful for what He has given us, a gift to help with His         Stewardship Committee member
work here on earth is a way we can demonstrate to Him
that we can live a generous life because we know He
                                                                            2006 Envelopes
            Year-End Gifts                                    Offering envelopes for 2007 were available at the Con-
                                                              gregational Meeting on Sunday, November 19. Enve-
Did you remember to put the church on your Christmas          lopes not picked up that night will remain in the foyer
list? The month of December typically brings a signifi-       of Keever Hall through the end of the year. Please help
cant number of generous gifts from members who pre-           the Stewardship Committee and pick up your enve-
fer to give more to the church and less to the govern-        lopes. Remember, help keep the financial secretary
ment in taxes. Your tax deductible year-end gifts are         sane - don’t use your new envelopes until January 1,
needed more than ever this year to help us overcome an        2007.
estimated $50,000 shortfall. There are many ways to
give beyond your regular contributions. For example, if
you own stock or real estate which has increased in
value over the years, you know how much you will have
                                                                      Boy Scouts Update
to pay in capital gains when you sell it. But if you make     Troop 204 is currently made up of 8 young men, aged
a gift to the church, you pay no capital gains and receive    13 to 18. At present, we have three Eagle Scout candi-
the full value as a tax deductible contribution. If you are   dates—Kevin Brunjes, Spencer Lindgren and Rhett
considering a year-end gift to the church and have any        Coleman. This coming month we will have one scout
questions, please call Chip McGuire (792-1160), Finance       reach the rank of First Class and at least three will be-
Committee chairman, or Clarence Hales (791-8465),             come Second Class scouts. As a troop in the last year
Council President. We would be grateful.                      we have earned Merit Badges for First Aid, Citizenship
                                                              in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizen-

     2007 Council Members                                     ship in the World and more recently, Soil and Water
                                                              Conservation. We try to camp at least once a month
                                                              and have had many outdoor activities, most recently
Congratulations to the following members who were             going to Wrightsville Beach observing jetties at the
elected to a two-year terms on the Congregation Coun-         south end and beach re-nourishment at the north end
cil at the Annual Meeting on November 19: Martha Bai-         to complete our Soil and Water Conservation badge.
ley, Chuck Collins, Dan Dresher, Kara Greer, Ron              Thank to the pastors and congregation of St. Paul’s for
Jamieson, and Bob Musacchio.                                  the support we receive.

SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE                                                                                             Page 9
      Expressions of Gratitude                                                 Memorials
                                                               Thomas Brunjes
FROM JANE MARTS & FAMILY . . .                                 Max & Grace Newber

My family and I would like to thank all of you for the         Gwen Habenicht
care and concern you have shown us throughout the              Henry & Alice von Oesen
past four years. John felt so blessed to be a part of this     P.K. & Anna Leeseberg
church family, as do I. We especially appreciate the vis-      Helen Romeo
its, cards, and food during this difficult summer. They
certainly brought sunshine into our days. We are grate-        Betty Rullman
ful for Pastor John and Pastor Mark. Their visits were a       Cliff & Evelyn Morris
blessing for John and me. I would also like to thank all       Mr. & Mrs. Hardy Wessell
of those involved in creating the Memorial Ash Garden.
It truly will be a special place for our family for years to   Rosemary Zearfoss
come. Thank you again.                                         Martin D. Miasserian

Thank you so much for lifting me up into your prayers.         Jim & Katie Hodder
I have received many prayer cards and they have in-            Gene & Claudia Evans
spired me like you couldn't imagine. The support I’ve
received has been amazing! I thank you again for pray-         Jim Tyson
ing and thinking of me. Thank you from the Hall family         Cris Dixon
and Jessica Abate & Jon Hall.                                  Conrad & Miriam Wessell
                                                               James & Vernelle Anderson
                                                               Lynda Shell
                                                               Lou Minges
FROM PEARL FOSTER . . .                                        Peggy Price
                                                               Ruth Shirriff
Words cannot express the love and kindness that my             Herbie & Elaine Walton
church family gave to me during my recent heart attack         Louise Walton
and illness. I would like to thank Pastor John for being
there with me. Also, I would like to thank my church
family for their prayers, many visits, telephone calls,
flowers, cards, food and a beautiful prayer shawl. I am             Congregational Forum
truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful church
family.                                                        There will be a Congregational Forum at 5:30 p.m. on
                                                               Sunday, December 10, to discuss the use of our facili-
                                                               ties by community ministry groups. Presently we host
FROM THE GROUNDS COMMITTEE . . .                               Domestic Violence seminars, the Linus Project
                                                               (blankets made for children), Compassionate Friends
Thanks to Stanley Rehder, Don Gottlieb, Reed Hig-              (grief support group for parents who have lost chil-
gins, Bob Musacchio, Connor Coupland, Nathan &                 dren), and Touched by Suicide. This month a Narcot-
Julie Dixon, Cris Dixon, Gail Cawein, Christa Ger-             ics Anonymous group will be using our fellowship hall
felder, Bob & Joyce Throop, Gerry Faigle and Bettie            for their Tuesday night meetings. Please come to the
Shipton for a great workday on October 28. Much was            forum to learn more about this outreach ministry to
accomplished and everything looks fantastic!                   our community. Your questions, concerns or sugges-
                                                               tions will be welcomed.

Page 10                                                                                   SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE
 Acolytes                                Communion Guild (Christmas Eve)      Ushers (9:00)
 3        Andrew Lee, Sabra Walton       8 & 11 Volunteers Needed             3       Don Friese, Bill Shell
 10       Corey Flack                                                         10      Wes Skibsted, Bob Throop
 17       Griffin Cox, Tori Cox          Crucifers                            17      Robert Allen, Josh Lovell
 24 - 10                                 3       Peter Miars                  24      One service only
      5                                  10                                   31      Keith & Fairy Hales, Gail
      8                                  17      Kyle Rehder                          Cawein
     11                                  24 - 10
 31       Blake Allen, Connor Coupland        5                               Ushers (11:00)
                                              8                               3       Peter Miars, Bob Platt, Emily
 Altar Guild                                 11                                       Clamser, Darrel Schuurman
 3       Marguerite Bellois, Ann         31      Taylor Allen                 10      Acie Kinlaw, Jere Walton, David
         Hutteman                                                                     Robey
 10      Sue Wiechman, Susan Platt       Greeters (9:00)                      17      Betty Huggins, Lynda Shell, Lou
 17      Pearl Foster, Meta Greer        3                                            Minges, Martha Bailey
 24      Anna Cheatham, Helen Romeo,     10      Craig & Karen Riedemann      24 - 10 Chip McGuire, Betty Holt,
         Marjorie Carano                 17      Richard & Jan Jones                  Amber Clamser, Kevin Clamser
 31      Anna Cheatham, Kathy Parker,    24      One service only                     Sr., JR Best
         Alice Hovis (incl. Christmas    31      Don & Susan Butzin                5 Larry Wessell, Carl Korb, John
         Eve)                                                                         Talley, Reed Higgins, Dale Houk
                                         Greeters (11:00)                          8 Lee Taylor, Allen Mason, Jack
 Caregivers                              3       Kevin & Emily Clamser                Wilson, John Best
 3       Melissa Talley                  10      Lee & Angie Taylor               11 Mike Walton, Grady Beck, Lee
 10      Susan Platt                     17      Jim & Martha Bailey                  Weddle, Dan Phelps
 17      Linda Ploehn                    24 - 10 Anne & Billy Mason           31      Larry Hovis, Bill Turnquist,
 24      Fairy & Keith Hales                   5                                      Nicky Grubbs, Jim Tyson,
 31      Melissa Talley                        8 Jessie Miars, Kathy Parker           Chuck Collins
                                              11 Dan & Betty Huggins
 Communion Guild (9:00)                                                       Worship Assistants (9:00)
 3-31 Debbie Mason, Jinx Mason           Readers (11:00)                      3
                                         3        Betty Huggins               10     Eric Mason
 Communion Guild (11:00)                 10       Carol Sanders               17     Billy Mason
 3-31 Anne Mason, Jessie Miars           17       Joyce D’Angelo              24     One service only
                                         24 - 10                              31     Keith Hales
                                               8 Ron Jamieson
                                               11 Clarence Hales
                                         31       Allan Pellnat

                                         10       Linda Fisher
                                                  Dorothy Newber              20       Lina Smith
                                         11       Beverly Ayscue              21       Cindy Farr
 1       M.J. Fuhrman                             Allison Gaither                      Smokey McDowell
         Rose House                      12       Elizabeth Arrington         22       Teresa Coleman
         Nancy Johansson                          Becky Beasley                        Steve Mastro
         Susan Weichman                           Laura Parks                 23       Robin Herion
 2       Hollis Hales                             Kristin Sandlin                      Carla Wiechman
         David Kesterson                 13       Bill Moore                  24       Coy Norris
         Lawrence Lewis                  14       Jason Rogers                26       Ethel Phelps
 3       Kyle Flack                      15       Marilyn von Oesen           27       Joe Mickley
         Allan Pellnat                   17       Brooke Graham                        Lou Minges
 4       Betty Holt                               Judy McGuire                28       Staci Avery
 5       Dan Huggins                              Scott Sandlin                        Philip Leeseberg
 7       Amaryallis Rehder               18       Kathy McClintock            29       Jon Hall
 8       Amanda Dunn                              Thomas Moore                         Trey Horton
         Sybil Russ                      19       Jean Credle                          Patrick McGuire
 9       Jeff Coleman                             Lori Flack                           Rebecca Vance
         Jonathan Krieps                          Larry Knott                 30       Brenda Michael
                                                  Anna Marie Raines                    Paul White

SAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE                                                                                              Page 11
                     St. Paul’s December 2006 Calendar
            Sun                              Mon                               Tue                             Wed                               Thu                          Fri                           Sat
                                                                                                                                                                   1                              2
                                                                                                                                                                   7 p.m. Via de Cristo Ultreya   10 a.m. Celebration Choir
                                                                                                                                                                   (Keever)                       Practice (Marcia Bremer)

3                                  4                                 5                             6                                     7                         8                              9
9 a.m. Celebration Service         10:30 a.m. Circle 1 (Carolyn      7:30 p.m. Circle 4 (Melinda   12 p.m. Circle 3 (Keever)             12—2:30 p.m. Wilmington   6:30 p.m. Enchanted Airlie     10 a.m. Chrismon Tree
10 a.m. Sunday School Breakfast                                                                    5 p.m. Youth/Christian Ed Committee
                                   Augustine)                        Hales)                        Mtg
                                                                                                                                         Lions Club (Keever)                                      Decorating (Sanctuary)
11 a.m. Traditional Worship
                                                                     8 p.m. Narcotics Anony-       6 p.m. Wednesdays Together
3 p.m. WELCA Party (Parlor)                                                                        7 p.m. Advent Service
                                                                     mous (Keever)
3 p.m. New Member Class                                                                            7:45 p.m. Church Choir
                                                                                                             Prayer Group

10                                 11                                12                            13                                    14                        15                             16
9 a.m. Celebration Service                                           7:30 p.m. Touched by Sui-     6 p.m. Wednesdays Together            12—2:30 p.m. Wilmington
9:45 a.m. Sunday School
11 a.m. Traditional Worship
                                                                     cide                          7 p.m. Advent Service                 Lions Club (Keever)
12 p.m. Children—Polar Express                                       8 p.m. Narcotics Anony-       7:45 p.m. Church Choir
3 p.m. New Member Class                                              mous (Keever)                           Prayer Group
5:30 p.m. Congregational Forum

17                                 18                                19                            20                                    21                        22                             23
9 a.m. Celebration Service         9 a.m. Project Linus (Keever)     8 p.m. Narcotics Anony-
9:45 a.m. Sunday School            6:30 p.m. Council Meeting
11 a.m. Traditional Worship
                                                                     mous (Keever)
12 p.m. New Member Reception
4 p.m. Cape Fear Chamber Players
                                   7:30 p.m. Compassionate Friends
5 p.m. Progressive Dinner          (Keever)

24                                 25                                26                            27                                    28                        29                             30
10 a.m. Worship                            Office Closed                    Office Closed                                                                                                         11 a.m. Youth—First Fruits
5 p.m. Christmas Eve Pag-                                                                                                                                                                         at Grace
                                   2—4 p.m. Christmas Dinner         8 p.m. Narcotics Anony-
8 & 11 p.m. Candlelight
                                   (Keever)                          mous (Keever)
Christmas Eve Services

                                           ST. PAUL’S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH STAFF
       Pastor ..................................................................................................................... Pastor John C. Misenheimer
       Associate Pastor .................................................................................................... Pastor Mark A. Opgrand
       Organist and Director of Music............................................................................... Mr. William H. Remele, Jr.
       Director of Youth & Family Ministries..................................................................... Mrs. Emily Clamser
       Church Choirmaster ............................................................................................... Mr. E. Ray McNeely
       Music Associate ..................................................................................................... Ms. Marcia Bremer
       Office Administrator................................................................................................ Ms. Kathleen P. Kalish

                Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Closed for Lunch 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
                                          Office Phone Number: (910) 762-4882
                                           Office Fax Number: (910) 762-4129
                                       E-mail Address:

                                                        ST. PAUL’S 2006 CONGREGATION COUNCIL

                                                                  Clarence Hales—791-8765
                                                                        Vice President
                                                                   Jack Ploehn—392-5322
                                                                    Norma Flax—612-8965
                                                                    Keith Hales—799-2518
       Jim Bailey—458-5819                                                                                                          Bob Lee—520-5643
       Mike Mason—762-6732                                                                                                      Max Newber—270-4458
       Wynn Nuesse—371-0863                                                                                                     Kathy Raines—395-4841
       Bob Sanders—791-2521                                                                                                      Bob Stroud—799-4536
       Mike Walton—799-9496

 Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church                                                                                                 NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                            US POSTAGE
 12 North Sixth Street                                                                                                                          PAID
 Wilmington, NC 28401-4612                                                                                                                WILMINGTON, NC
                                                                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 395

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