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					                                        Darnell Isom
                                   1323 S.Ridgeley Dr. #5
                                   Los Angeles, CA, 90019
                         Phone 415.971.0643 Fax: 323.932 .9672

Special effects- filmography
(Dates reflect the year I worked on the project, not the films release date)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls (2007)
Watchmen (2007) (quantum effects)
Iron Man (2007) (Stan Winston Studios)
Alien vs Predator 2 (2006) (Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.)
The Deaths of Ian Stone (2006) (Stan Winston Studios)
Resident Evil 3 Extinction (2006)
Spiderman III (2005-2006) (Front Line Designs)
Silent Hill (2005) (Patrick Tatopoulos Designs)
Underworld: Evolution (2004-2005) (Patrick Tatopoulos Designs)
The Curse (2004-2005) (Patrick Tatopoulos Designs)
Venom (2004-2005) (Patrick Tatopoulos Designs)

Commercial production
Comcast Alien (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Sobe Lizard (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Mt. Dew (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Orkin Insects (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Freedent (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Bud Light cave men (2007) (Stan Winston Studios)
Pepsi Monster (2007) (Stan Winston Studios)
Jeep Bigfoot (2007) (Stan Winston Studios)
Dominos (2007) (Stan Winston Studios)
Halo believe (2007) (Stan Winston Studios)
Trojan pigs (2006) (Stan Winston Studios)
Concept artist: pre-visualization, research and development, physical production
Puppeteer, physical production and performance

Comcast Alien (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Involved in the conceptual design of the alien puppet and final build. Was key in helping to
create the output model In the computer for cleanup and molding. Made molds of the
character and Engineered the final silicone skin and placement of the armature .
Orkin Insects (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Involved in the production of the orkin insect puppets. Helped set up the rig
for in shop puppet tests
Sobe Lizard (2008) (Stan Winston Studios)
Helped run the silicone skin for the mech controlled lizard puppet.
Spiderman III (2005-2006) (Front Line Designs)
Involved in the production of the venom puppet in shop
Tested and help in formulating the silicone skin for the remote controlled puppet.
Silent Hill (2005) (Patrick Tatopoulos Designs)
Involved in the production and testing of armless guy gag.
wore and tested the suit and its performance in shop. Involved with the puppet testing for
The chemical spray. Involved in many test for the use of the silicone that would be used for
the end product.
The curse (2004-2005) (Patrick Tatopoulos Designs)
Helped to produce one of the gags in which a wolf symbol burns its way into palm of a
Engineered the silicone skin used for the gag. Did tests runs and was apart of the initial gag
In shop.