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                                   GENERAL INDEX

    EDITOR'S NOTE: References are to individual code chapters, sections and
    subsections. As additional aids for locating material, users are directed to:
    (a) The Comparative Section Table, which indicates in the 1974 Codified Ordinances
        the disposition of the ordinances or resolutions integrated therein.
    (b) The Table of Contents preceding each component code, and the sectional analysis
        preceding each chapter.
    (c) The cross references to related material following the chapter analysis.

ABANDONING                                 ADMISSIONS TAX Ch. 884
    animals                     618.02 ADULT
    motor vehicles                      404.06, ENTERTAINMENT
                               452.05,          BUSINESSES                 Ch. 1268
                              606.205 ADVERTISING (see
    refrigerators and                               also SIGNS)
         airtight containers    660.06          parking, for 452.09
ABATEMENT (see                                  removal of            1496.02(b)(5)
    NUISANCES)                                  traffic control
ABORTIONS                                           devices, on 414.06
    failure to perform                     AGRICULTURAL TRACTOR              402.02
         viability testing      636.17 AGGRAVATED
ABSENCE, LEAVE OF                               MENACING                    636.033
    Fire Department             240.20 AGGRAVATED
ABUSE OF PROCESS                606.27          TRESPASS                    642.125
ACCESSORY USES                             AIDING AND
    (see under                                  ABETTING                     606.22
    ZONING)                                AIR BAGS                          438.29
ACCIDENTS                                  AIR CLEANER
    motor vehicles                      436.11 required in vehicles         438.255
                                et seq. AIR CONDITIONERS
         removal of after       436.14          noise from                634.03(a)
    snowmobiles, off-highway               AIR POLLUTION (see
         motorcycles and                        POLLUTION)
         all-purpose vehicles   476.06 AIR RIFLE             672.15, 672.16
    stopping after              436.11 ALARM SYSTEMS
                               et seq.,         generally                   Ch. 608

                                                                     2010 Replacement
                                  GENERAL INDEX                                        10

ALARMS                                       AMUSEMENTS (see also
     false          608.07, 648.05, 648.08             ENTERTAINMENT)
     noise from                  634.03(c)        admissions tax                  Ch. 884
ALCOHOL VAPORIZING                                bingo                     624.08 et seq.
     DEVICES                        612.12        motorized vehicle
ALCOHOLIC                                              races and
     BEVERAGES (see                                    programs of
     also DWI;                                         entertainment              Ch. 826
     INTOXICATION)                Ch. 612    ANESTHETIC         660.12
ALL-PURPOSE                                  ANGLE PARKING 452.04
         VEHICLES                            ANIMALS
     bicycle paths on               432.38        assaulting police dog
     generally                    Ch. 476              or horse or
ALLEYS (see STREETS)                                   service dog                 642.29
ALLOWANCES                                        cruelty to; cruelty to
     clothing                                          companion animals           618.05
         firemen                    240.09        freeways, on                               40
         officers and                             generally                       Ch. 618
             employees                            noise
                                                 250.04 from                     634.03(j)
     travel (see TRAVEL                           roadway, on                                40
         EXPENSES)                                running at large                 618.01
AMBULANCE                                    ANTENNAS                            Ch. 1476
     EMERGENCY SQUAD                         APPEALS (see also
     SERVICE                      Ch. 241              particular subject)
AMBULANCES (see                                   zoning               Ch. 1246, 1266.07
     AMBULANCE                               APPOINTMENTS (see
     EMERGENCY                                         also particular
     SQUAD                                             subject)
     SERVICE;                                     firefighters, of                 240.19
     EMERGENCY                               ARCHIVIST          276.02
     AND PUBLIC                              AREA
     SAFETY VEHICLES)                             REGULATIONS (see
AMENDMENTS                                        under BUILDINGS,
     effect of                      202.04        at lots)
     Zoning Code                  1246.06    ARREST,
AMPHETAMINES                      Ch. 622         RESISTING                404.02, 606.16
AMUSEMENT MACHINES,                          ARSON (see also
     SKILL-BASED                                       FIRES; OPEN
         prohibited conduct         624.16             BURNING)
                                                  determining property
                                                       value        642.25
                                                  generally                        642.23
                                                  posting laws                               16

2010 Replacement
11                               GENERAL INDEX

ARTHUR F. WESTFALL                          BICYCLES (Cont.)
     SAFETY CENTER              Ch. 1064         paths for
ASSAULT                                              vehicles on                432.38
     persons               636.02, 636.03   BIGAMY          636.04
     police dog or                          BILLBOARDS
         horse or                                (see SIGNS)
         service dog               642.29   BINGO           624.08 et seq.
ASSEMBLY (see also                               instant                624.12, 624.14
         MEETINGS;                                                              624.15
         RIOTS)                             BIRDS (see
     places of                                   ANIMALS)
         smoking in                660.21   BLASTING (see also
ASSISTANT JAILORS                238.035             WEAPONS
ASSISTANT SOLICITORS               236.04            AND EXPLOSIVES)
ASSURED CLEAR                                    generally                     Ch. 620
     DISTANCE                      434.03   BLASTING AGENTS
ATTEMPTS                           606.21        (see EXPLOSIVES)
AUTOMOBILES                                 BLIND PERSONS (see also                        DI
     (see MOTOR                                      HANDICAPPED
     VEHICLES)                                       PERSONS)
AWNINGS                     1496.02(b)(6)        bicycle riders, duty
BACKGROUND                                           toward                  474.07(d)
         CHECKS                                  guide dog                      618.12
     patrolmen and                               right of way                   416.02
         firefighters, for         250.21   BOARDS (see particular
BARBITURATES                     Ch. 622         subject)
BARRICADES AND                              BOATS (see RECREATIONAL
         WARNING LIGHTS                          VEHICLES)
     generally                     660.13   BONDS
     street excavations          1024.02         altering
BB GUNS                    672.15, 672.16            topography        1246.05(a)(4),(f)
BEER (see                                        Jailor       250.01(i)
     ALCOHOLIC                                   moving buildings        1464.01(c),(d)
     BEVERAGES)                                  officers and
BENEFITS (see                                        employees                             25
     OFFICERS                                    sidewalk construction        1030.03
     AND EMPLOYEES)                              streets excavations          1024.03
BICYCLES                                         subdivision
     freeways, on                  404.05            improvements          1224.07(b),
     generally                   Ch. 474                                    1224.09(b)
     mopeds (see

                                                                    2007 Replacement
                                 GENERAL INDEX                                    12
BONUSES (see                                BUILDINGS (Cont.)
     COMPENSATION)                                enclosed Office
BOUNDARIES,                                            Building, Research
     ZONING                                                Laboratory
        DISTRICTS                 1242.03                  and Light
BOW AND ARROW                      672.16                  Manufacturing
BOXING MATCH                       884.03                  Districts, in       1252.06(a)
BRAKES                     438.18, 474.05         exterior maintenance          Chs. 1490
BRIDGES                                                                            et seq.
     pedestrians on                               foundation
     speed limits, on              434.05              grades            1460.01, 1460.02
BUFFER                                            height limitations
     REQUIREMENTS                Ch. 1266              Business Districts         1250.03
BUILDING CODE            Ch. 1420 et seq.              Country Home
BUILDING                                                   Districts              1248.03
     DEPARTMENT                  Ch. 1422              exceptions                            12
BUILDING                                               Office Building,
     INSPECTOR                                             Research
     generally             1422.02 et seq.                 Laboratory
     Property                                              and Light
        Maintenance                                        Manufacturing
            Officer, as        1494.01(a)                  Districts           1252.04(e)
BUILDING                                          Knox boxes required             1250.08
     PERMIT FEES                 Ch. 1426         lot coverage
BUILDING PERMITS                                       Industrial Districts       1254.05
     (see under PERMITS)                               residential
BUILDING PERMITS                                           professional
     AND CERTIFICATES                   Ch. 1424              offices                        12
BUILDINGS (see also                               lots
        CONSTRUCTION;                                  Business Districts         1250.04
        DWELLINGS)                                     Country Home
     accessory                                             Districts              1248.04
        Business Districts     1250.05(c)              Office Building,
        Country Home                                       Research
            Districts             1248.02                  Laboratory
     conformity with Zoning                                and Light
        regulations               1244.01                  Manufacturing
     corner lots                                           Districts          1252.04(a),
        sidewalk construction                                               1252.09(a),(b)
            on                    1030.11         moving           Ch. 1464
        zoning requirements      1258.03,         naming of                       1422.09
                                  1258.04         public
                                                       dogs in                    618.015

2003 Replacement
12A                              GENERAL INDEX

     setback lines
        Business Districts    1250.05(a)
            Districts         1254.03(a)
        uniform use
            regulations         1258.09
     stop orders; appeals      Ch. 1428
        operation of
            businesses from     1250.07

                                                 2003 Replacement
13                                 GENERAL INDEX

BUILDINGS (Cont.)                            BUSINESS
     variances                     1428.05        parking, for                 452.09(a)
     Village-owned                                pedestrian
         smoking prohibited                           solicitation                416.06
             in                  660.21(e)   BUSINESS DISTRICTS
     waste water treatment                            (see also
         plants           1044.02, 1044.03            ZONING)
     work or occupancy                            generally                     Ch. 1250
         suspension                               signs in
                                                1244.04                 1264.06, 1264.07
     yards                                   CABARETS                           Ch. 1268
         Business Districts        1250.05   CABLE TELEVISION                     642.21
         Country Home                        CAMPERS            440.08, 1258.06
             Districts             1248.05   CAMPING            630.04
         Industrial                          CANVASSERS            Ch. 834
             Districts             1254.03   CAR SEATS,
         Office Building,                         CHILDRENS 438.26
             Research                        CARBON MONOXIDE
             Laboratory                           DETECTORS                     Ch. 1472
             and Light                       CARRYING
             Manufacturing                        CONCEALED
             Districts          1252.04(b)        WEAPONS                         672.02
         projections            1248.05(a)   CARRYING WEAPONS                     672.17
         side yards                          CASH (see MONEY)
             on corner lots        1258.03   CATCH BASINS                  1020.12(b)(3),
BUILDINGS,                                                               1246.05(a)(5)C.
     INSPECTOR OF                            CATTLE (see
     (see INSPECTOR OF                            ANIMALS)
     BUILDINGS)                              CAUCUSES
BUMPERS                             438.25        Council, of                   220.04(c)
BURNERS                   660.01, Ch. 1470   CERTIFICATE OF
BURNING, OPEN                                     OCCUPANCY               1424.03 et seq.
     (see also FIRES)               660.18   CERTIFICATE OF
BUSES (see also                                   REGISTRATION            884.06, 884.07
         MOTOR                               CERTIFICATE OF
         VEHICLES;                                TITLE         436.08, 476.09,
         SCHOOL BUSES)                                                           1224.04
     misconduct involving           642.27   CERTIFICATE
     smoking prohibited on       660.21(e)        OF USE
BUSHES (see                                       COMPLIANCE                     1244.02
     VEGETATION)                             CERTIFICATES,
                                                  PARAMEDIC 240.14

                                                                     2000 Replacement
                                    GENERAL INDEX                                      14

CESSPOOLS (see SEPTIC                          CLOTHING
    TANKS)                                              ALLOWANCES
CHAINS                              440.07          firemen         240.09
CHARGES (see RATES)                                 officers and
CHAUFFEURED                                             employees                            25
    LIMOUSINES                      440.14     CLOVERLEAF
CHEATING                            624.05          SPEEDWAY                                 82
CHECKS, PASSING                                CO DETECTORS                      Ch. 1472
    BAD                             642.14     CODIFIED
CHEMICALS,                                          ORDINANCES                     Ch. 202
    HAZARDOUS                   1252.06(e),    COERCION (see also
                                   1602.08          INTIMIDATION;
CHILD (see MINORS)                                      THREATS)         606.18(c), 636.12
CHILD ENTICEMENT                     630.06    COIN MACHINES
CHILD RESTRAINTS                     438.26         gambling devices                624.06
CHIMNEYS                          1496.01(f)        slugs, using                             64
CIGARETTES (see also                                tampering with                  642.13
          SMOKING)                             COMBUSTIBLE
      sale to minors                              630.05MATERIALS
CIRCUS                              Ch. 884         disposition      240.06
CITATIONS                                      COMMERCIAL AND
      traffic                                           HEAVY
          false information                             VEHICLES
              incident to            404.10             (see also
CIVIL RIGHTS                                            LOADS,
      interference with              606.20             VEHICLE;
      nondiscrimination by                              MOTOR
          telecommunications                            VEHICLES;
              and utility system                        TRAVEL
              providers             1478.12             TRAILERS)
CLASSIFICATION OF                                   buses other than
      OFFENSES                       606.03             school buses                         44
CLERK (see CLERK-                                   driver's licensing
      TREASURER)                                        requirements        442.03, 442.04
CLERK OF COURTS                                     dust and dirt,
      clothing allowance       250.04(b)(10)            tracking     1020.12(d),
CLERK-TREASURER                                                                 1246.05(a)
      absence at                                    generally                Chs. 440, 442
          Council meetings         220.06(b)        grade crossings,
      annual report                                      at                                  43
          to Council                                parking on
              re compensation        250.11             private and
      generally                     Ch. 232                 public property         452.11

2001 Replacement
15                                  GENERAL INDEX

COMMERCIAL AND                                 COMPENSATION (Cont.)
         HEAVY                                     longevity        250.05
         VEHICLES (Cont.)                          minimum wage                             25
    riding in cargo                                overtime (see
         storage areas               416.06            OVERTIME)
    safety lighting                  438.06        paramedic
    school buses                    Ch. 446            certificates, for          240.14
    truck routes                     440.09        Planning Commission           1220.01
COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S                                work during vacation
    LICENSE                  436.01 et seq.,           periods      250.02(b)
                                     442.03        workers' (see
COMMERCIAL TRASH                                       WORKERS'
    CONTAINERS                       660.22                COMPENSATION)
COMMISSIONS (see                               COMPLICITY          606.22
    particular commission)                     COMPOUNDING A
COMMITTEES                                         CRIME                          606.11
    Council, of                      220.10    CONCEALED HANDGUN
COMMUNITY CENTER                                   LICENSES; POSSESSION
    composition and                                OF A REVOKED OR
         compensation                247.02        SUSPENDED LICENSE;
    petty cash fund for            250.09(f)       ADDITIONAL
COMMUNITY                                          RESTRICTIONS; POSTING
    REINVESTMENT                                   OF SIGNS PROHIBITING
         AREAS                      Ch. 890        POSSESSION                     672.20
COMPENSATION (see also                         CONCEALED WEAPONS,
         particular subject)                       CARRYING                       672.02
    Assistant Jailors               238.035    CONFERENCES
    Clerk's annual report                          reimbursement of
         to Council                  250.11            expenses for               250.20
    deferred                         250.18    CONFLICT OF
    Director of Public                             INTEREST                       606.17
         Safety                      237.01    CONFLICTS OF LAWS (see
    employees, not in a                            also particular subject)       202.06
         bargaining unit             250.24    CONNECTIONS
    firefighters, of                               public and private
         fire drills, for         240.05(b)            sanitary
         holidays, for               240.18                sewer systems        1020.03,
         longevity                   240.12                               1044.02 et seq.
         minimum                     250.08        sewer        1040.01 et seq.
         overtime                    240.10        water
         teaching, for               240.17             tap-in fee,
    improper                         606.18                for         1024.06

                                                                      2010 Replacement
                                     GENERAL INDEX                                       16

CONSTRUCTION                                    CORNER LOTS (see
        (see also                                    under LOTS)
        BUILDINGS;                              CORONERS' VEHICLES
        DWELLINGS)                                   (see also MOTOR
    driveway drainage                                VEHICLES)              432.19, 438.165
        pipe                       Ch. 1028          excepted from application
    flood hazard                                         of certain Traffic Code
        areas, in          1228.15, 1228.16              provisions                 404.035
    lawns and                                   COUNCIL (see also
        landscaping                 1468.02              ORDINANCES AND
    noise from                     634.03(b)             RESOLUTIONS)
    private industrial                               approval of fiber optic
        driveways and roadways 1020.12                   cable installation         1474.04
    rules of                  202.03 et seq.,        generally                      Ch. 220
                                     606.05          chambers
    sidewalks              1020.11, 1030.01              smoking
                                      et seq.                prohibited in     660.21(e)
    streets                  1020.07 et seq.         notices of ordinances
    telecommunications                                   and resolutions          222.02
        and utility systems, of     1478.05     COUNTERFEIT
    wireless communication                           CONTROLLED
            facilities, of 1476.04, 1476.06              SUBSTANCES                  622.15
CONSTRUCTION,                                   COUNTRY HOME
    RULES OF                                             DISTRICTS
    (see RULES OF                                            (see also
    CONSTRUCTION)                                            ZONING
CONTAGIOUS DISEASE                   660.02                  CODE)
CONTAINERS (see                                      generally                    Ch. 1248
    RECEPTACLES)                                     signs in                       1264.05
CONTEMPT OF COURT                   606.145     COURTS
CONTRABAND                                           disobeying; failure
    authority of Mayor                                   to appear; contempt        606.145
        to accept                  230.04(c)         Mayor's Court                  Ch. 290
CONTRACTORS                                     CREDIT CARDS                642.15, 642.155
    subcontractors                              CREDITOR,
        information pertaining to1424.015            DEFRAUDING                      642.08
CONTRACTS                                       CRIME (see also
    sidewalk construction           1030.10              FELONY;
    unlawful interest in             606.17                  OFFENSES)
CONTROL, REASONABLE                 434.025          compounding                               60
CONTROLLED-ACCESS                                  failure to                         report
    HIGHWAYS                         432.37     CRIMINAL CHILD
CONTROLLED                                           ENTICEMENT                      630.06
    SUBSTANCES                      Ch. 622

2004 Replacement
17                                   GENERAL INDEX
CRIMINAL DAMAGING                           CUSTODY
     OR ENDANGERING                              interference with            630.08
         (see also PROPERTY                 DAMAGING (see also
         DESTRUCTION)             642.10         PROPERTY
CRIMINAL LAW                                          DESTRUCTION)            642.10
     JURISDICTION                606.055    DANCES         Ch. 842
CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                           DANGEROUS DOGS                    618.19
     (see also PROPERTY                     DANGEROUS
         DESTRUCTION)             642.11         ORDNANCE (see
CRIMINAL OFFENSES                 442.05         WEAPONS AND
CRIMINAL SIMULATION              642.146         EXPLOSIVES)
CRIMINAL TOOLS                              DEADLY WEAPONS (see
     possessing                   672.18         WEAPONS AND
CROPS (see                                       EXPLOSIVES)
     VEGETATION)                            DEAF PERSONS (see
CROSSWALKS                                            also
     moving, in                   416.04              HANDICAPPED
     obstructing                  432.34              PERSONS)
     pedestrians and                             dogs with                    618.12
             drivers,                       DEATH
         duties at                416.01         failure to report                     60
CROWDS                                      DECEPTION (see
     safety at live performances 636.135         FRAUD; THEFT)
CULPABLE MENTAL                             DEFERRED
     STATES                       606.02         COMPENSATION                 250.18
CULTIVATION OF                              DEFINITIONS (see
     MARIHUANA                   622.025              also particular
CULVERTS (see also                                        subject)
     DRAINAGE)                    660.14         alcoholic beverages          612.01
CURB CUTS                                        Exterior
                                               1030.07 Property
CURBLAWNS                         432.22              Maintenance Code      Ch. 1490
CURBS                                            flood damage
     driving, upon                432.22              prevention                       12
     minimum                                     gambling                     624.01
         requirements 1020.08(c)(1),(2)          general Code                          20
     Office Building,                            General Offenses
         Research                                     Code                             60
         Laboratory                              knowingly       606.02
         and Light                               negligently       606.02
         Manufacturing                           noise control                634.01
         Districts, in         1252.09(c)        obscenity                    666.01
CURFEW                            630.02         offenses generally           606.04
CUSTODIAN                                        offenses relating to
     petty cash fund            250.09(d)                                    persons   63
                                                                    2005 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                    18

DEFINITIONS (Cont.)                           DESTRUCTION
     offenses relating to                          OF PROPERTY
     property                       642.01         (see PROPERTY
     peddlers, solicitors,                         DESTRUCTION)
         canvassers                               834.01
     penalties and                                 carbon monoxide            Ch. 1472
         sentencing                                lie (see
     picnic and                                         POLYGRAPH
         picnic grounds             838.01                  TESTING)
     public dances and                             smoke                      Ch. 1466
         dance halls                842.01    DETENTION (see also
     purposely                      606.02              JAIL)
     recklessly                     606.02         possession of deadly
     sex offenses                   666.01              weapon while under     672.025
     snowmobiles, off-                             shoplifters and those committing
         highway motorcycles                            motion picture piracy    606.23
              and all-purpose                 DETENTION
              vehicles              476.01         FACILITY (see
     telecommunications and                             JAIL)
         utility systems and                  DEVELOPMENT
              facilities          1478.03          PERMITS (see
     Traffic Code                  Ch. 402         under PERMITS)
     weapons and                              DIMINISHING OR INTERFERING
         explosives                 672.01         WITH FORFEITABLE
     wireless communication                             PROPERTY               642.205
         facilities               1476.02     DIRECTORS (see
     Zoning Code            1240.02 et seq.        particular
DENTAL INSURANCE                    250.14              director)
DEPARTMENTS (see                              DISABILITY LEAVE                   250.12
     particular subject)                      DISABLED PERSONS (see
DEPOSITS                                                also BLIND PERSONS;
     altering topography                                HANDICAPPED
         of lot under                                   PERSONS)
              two acres       1246.05(j)(5)        snow plowing
     investigation of                                   services for             243.06
         plans for altering                   DISCHARGING
              topography        1246.05(h)         WEAPONS                                67
     investigation and                        DISCRIMINATION (see
         inspection of plats      1224.11          CIVIL RIGHTS)
DERELICTION OF                                DISEASE          660.02
     DUTY                           606.19    DISORDERLY CONDUCT 220.02, 648.04
DESECRATION                         642.07

2010 Replacement
19                                   GENERAL INDEX

DISTRICTS (see also                           DRIVER'S LICENSE
        ZONING)                                      failure to reinstate license 436.075
     generally                      1242.01          generally                436.01 et seq.,
     Light Manufacturing          Ch. 1251                                             442.03
DISTURBING THE                                       restrictions
        PEACE (see also                                   driving under              436.071
        NOISE CONTROL)                               suspension of            408.03, 698.07
     barking or                                      valid license, operating
        howling dogs                 618.15               motor vehicle without      436.072
     Council meetings, at            220.09   DRIVEWAYS
     exhaust noises                                  construction
                                                  432.35,                           1020.12,
                                     438.20                                          1252.09
    generally                       Ch. 648          drainage          Ch. 1028
    noise, vibrations in                             private
        Office Building,                                  speed limits on            434.035
        Research                                          stop signs on              432.205
        Laboratory                                right of way, at 432.20
        and Light                             DRIVING (see also DWI;
        Manufacturing                                     RECKLESS
        Districts                1252.06(g)               OPERATION;
DOG WARDEN                           238.05               SPEED;
DOGS (see ANIMALS)                                        VEHICULAR
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE                    636.13               HOMICIDE)
DOORS, OPENING                       452.07          in violation of
DRAG RACING                          434.07               license restrictions       436.071
DRAINAGE (see                                        motor vehicles                  Ch. 432
        also SEWERS)                                 motorcycles                       474.02
    building sites                 1460.01,                                            et seq.
                                    1460.02          probationary license,
     driveway drainage                                    with                       436.035
         pipes                    Ch. 1028           OVI suspension, under           436.073
     parking areas                                   reasonable control              434.025
         Industrial Districts             1254.03(d) snowmobiles, off-
         Office Building,                                 highway
             Research                                         motorcycles
             Laboratory                                       and all-purpose
             and Light                                        vehicles                476.03,
             Manufacturing                                                             476.04
             Districts              1252.08          suspension, under               436.071
     private                                         temporary instruction
         industrial                                       permit, with                 436.03
         roadways and
         driveways         1020.12(b)(2), (3)
     streets, on                                     1020.08(d)
                                                                          2007 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                    20

DRIVING (Cont.)                               DWI          434.01, 442.05,
     without proof of                                                           442.08
         financial                            EARNED INCOME TAX                Ch. 880
         responsibility          436.074      EARPHONES
DRUGGED DRIVING                   434.01,         use while driving             432.40
                           442.05, 442.08     EASEMENTS      1224.07(a),
DRUGS                                                                        1224.08(a)
     generally                     Ch. 622    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
     fines and forfeitures                        COMMISSION                   Ch. 278
         authority of                         EDUCATION
            Mayor to accept         230.04        reimbursement of
DRUNK DRIVING                      434.01,            expenses for              250.20
                            442.05, 442.08    ELDERLY (see SENIOR
DUI                        434.01, 442.05,        CITIZENS)
                                    442.08    ELECTED OFFICIALS
DUMPING (see under                                (see OFFICERS
     GARBAGE AND                                  AND EMPLOYEES)
     REFUSE; see also                         ELECTRIC PERSONAL
     LANDFILL)                                    ASSISTIVE MOBILITY
DUTIES (see                                       DEVICES, OPERATION OF 416.12
     particular                               ELECTRIC
         subject)                                 SUBSTATIONS                  1258.10
DWELLINGS (see also                           ELECTRICAL CODE                 Ch. 1442
         BUILDINGS;                           ELECTRICAL
         CONSTRUCTION)                            INSPECTOR                               14
     Country Home                             EMBLEMS
         Districts                1248.02         law enforcement
     Exterior Property                                    agency
         Maintenance Code        Chs. 1490            display of                          60
                                    et seq.   EMERGENCIES
     flood hazard                                 compliance with
         areas, in              1228.16(a)            police or firefighters,
     home occupations             1258.13                 in                              40
     main electric                                misconduct at                           64
         service switch           1442.04         misuse of 9-1-1 system        606.29
     minimum size                 1258.11         Service Department
     residential                                      seasonal on-call
         professional                                     service               243.05
            offices               1258.15         snow (see SNOW
     sewage treatment                                 EMERGENCIES)
         plants                   1044.04         use of telecommunications
                                                      and utility systems by
                                                          City during          1478.14

2007 Replacement
21                                GENERAL INDEX

EMERGENCIES (Cont.)                           ENGINEER (Cont.)
    waste clean-up                                 supervision of
         recovery of costs                              installation of
             forCh. 656 EMERGENCY AND                   driveway drainage
         PUBLIC SAFETY                                      pipe     1028.03
             VEHICLES                         ENTERTAINMENT (see
    exceptions to application                           also AMUSEMENTS)
         of certain Traffic                        admissions tax                  Ch. 884
             Code provisions       404.035,        adult                         Ch. 1268
    following and                                  motorized vehicle
         parking, near               432.25             races and programs
    right of way             416.08, 432.19             of entertainment           Ch. 826
    stationary                                     places of
         drivers                                        noise from               634.03(g)
             approaching            432.195   ENTICEMENT
    stop signs or                                  children, of      630.06
         signals, at                 432.18   EQUIPMENT (see
EMERGENCY SIGNALING                                     also VEHICLE
    DEVICES (see ALARMS)                                EQUIPMENT)
EMERGENCY SQUAD                                    fire         1602.10
    SERVICE                         Ch. 241   ENTRY, RIGHT OF (see
EMPLOYEES (see                                     INSPECTIONS)
    OFFICERS AND                              EROSION CONTROL                  1246.05(c),
         EMPLOYEES)                                                                1262.04
ENDANGERING                                   ESCAPES
    criminal                         642.10        animal
    minors                           630.01             reporting of                618.18
ENFORCEMENT (see also                         ETHNIC
         particular subject)                       INTIMIDATION                     636.14
    Building Code                                1422.05
    Fire Code                       1602.04        (see TESTING)
    General Offenses Code           Ch. 606   EXCAVATIONS
    Traffic Code                    Ch. 404        altering
    Zoning Code                   Ch. 1244              topography               Ch. 1246
ENGINEER                                           barricades and
    authority re flood                                  warning lights              660.13
         damage prevention         1228.12,        generally                     Ch. 1024
                                    1228.13        streets        1020.05
    authority re                              EXCREMENT
         sidewalks                  1030.04        (see FECES)
    generally                       Ch. 244   EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT
                                                   to the Mayor                     230.03
                                              EXHIBITIONISM               666.04, 666.127,

                                                                      2008 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                     22

EXHIBITIONS                       Ch. 884        FEES (Cont.)
EXPENDITURES (see also                               housing and feeding
        PURCHASES,                                       prisoners from
        DIRECTOR OF)                                          other political
EXPLOSIVES (see                                                   subdivisions  1060.01
     WEAPONS AND                                     impounding
        EXPLOSIVES)                                      motor vehicles           404.07
EXTERIOR PROPERTY                                    motor vehicle races
     MAINTENANCE CODE               Chs. 1490            and programs of
                                       et seq.           entertainment,
EXTORTION                              636.13            license                           82
FACSIMLE FIREARMS                                    moving buildings           1426.06
     (see WEAPONS AND                                Ohio Fire Code
          EXPLOSIVES)                                    permits                1602.13
FAILURE TO CONTROL                           434.025 operation of picnic
FALSE ALARMS                   648.05, 648.08            grounds, license 838.02, 838.03
FALSE REPORTS (see                                   oversize or overweight
     under REPORTS)                                      vehicle permit           440.01
FALSIFICATION                 404.10, 606.10,        parade or procession
                                     606.105             permit                   412.05
FECES                                                permits issued by
     dog                                                 Fire Chief                        16
          disposal of                618.015         plumbing permits           1426.04
FEES (see also RATES)                                police reports                        23
     billiard and                                    public dances and
          pool table license           810.01            dance halls license      842.02
     building permits                1426.02         scavenger licenses           816.02
     Certificates of                                 sewer connection
          Occupancy                  1426.08             permits                1040.01
     Certificates of                                 sign                       1426.07
          Registration                 884.06        site plan review
     curb cut permits                1030.07             and grade checks       1460.02
     electrical permits              1426.03         street excavation
     exterior property                                   permit                            10
          maintenance                                taxicab driver's
              inspection and                             license                           85
              status reports       1494.03(d)        taxicab license              850.07
     Fiber optic cable                               telecommunications and
          installation license       1474.07             utility systems and
     Fire Department services          240.24                 facilities        1478.04
     fire reports                                    use of
                                                    240.15 picnic grounds,
     heating permits                 1426.05             license                           83

2008 Replacement
23                                  GENERAL INDEX

FEES (Cont.)                                   FIREFIGHTERS (see also
     waste water treatment                              FIRE DEPARTMENT)
         plants                      1426.09        background checks;
     water tap-in                                       psychological and
         connection                                1024.06 polygraph testing for 250.21
FELONY (see also CRIME)                             part-time, requirements for     240.23
     use of vehicles in                             termination of employment
         commission of                442.05            within five years;
FENCES                        1252.04(b)(3),            reimbursement of
                      1262.07, 1266.04(d),              certain costs to Village    240.22
                                     1462.03   FIRES (see also ARSON;
FIBER OPTIC CABLE                                       OPEN BURNING)
     licensing of installers       Ch. 1474         open burning                              66
FINANCE (see                                        setting      1602.07
     particular subject)                            unfriendly
FINANCIAL                                               responsibilities
         RESPONSIBILITY                                 upon discovery of          1602.08
     driving without proof of        436.074   FIREWORKS         672.12,
FINES (see PENALTIES)                                                               672.13
FIRE CHIEF                                     FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS
     use of Village vehicle by        250.22            AND MATERIALS
FIRE CODE                          Ch. 1602         combustible waste
FIRE DEPARTMENT                                         material,
         (see also                                          disposal of             240.04
         FIREFIGHTERS)                              Office Building,
     generally                       Ch. 240            Research
     longevity                                          Laboratory
         compensation                                   and Light
     testing and promotion           Ch. 249            Manufacturing
FIRE HOSE                             432.26            Districts, in           1252.06(b)
FIRE HYDRANTS               642.11, 1020.02,        vehicles transporting
                           1602.20, 1602.22             grade crossings, at         432.32
FIRE PREVENTION                                FLOOD DAMAGE
     Knox boxes required in                         PREVENTION                    Ch. 1228
         buildings                   1250.08   FLUES                             1496.01(f)
FIRE REPORTS                                   FOOD
     (see under REPORTS)                            placing harmful
FIRE SAFETY                                             substance in                636.09
     INSPECTOR                       1602.04   FOOD STAMPS 642.26
FIREARMS (see                                  FORGERY
     WEAPONS AND                                    identification cards           642.145
         EXPLOSIVES)                           FOUNDATION WALLS                 1496.01(e)

                                                                       2008 Replacement
                               GENERAL INDEX                                    24

FRAUD (see also THEFT)                   GARBAGE AND
    cheating                   624.05             REFUSE (Cont.)
    insurance                  642.28        filthy accumulations;
    generally                 Ch. 642             polluting watercourses     660.04
    Medicaid                   642.31        littering and deposit
    motor vehicle sales 440.04 et seq.            of garbage, rubbish,
    prima facie evidence       642.17                 junk, etc.             660.17
    taxicab licenses,                        recovery of costs
        obtaining by           850.22             for waste clean-up        Ch. 656
    workers' compensation      642.30        responsibility of owner
FREEWAYS (see also                                or operator of
    STREETS)                   404.05                 premises re        1496.01(a)
FUNCTIONALLY                                 rubbish dumps in
    IMPAIRED PERSONS                              zoning districts         1258.12
    (see BLIND PERSONS;                      unclean premises                660.14
    DISABLED PERSONS;                    GASOLINE PUMPS                    1258.05
    HANDICAPPED                          GLUE SNIFFING                       622.07
    PERSONS)                             GOLF CLUBS           884.02
FUNDS                                    GOVERNMENTAL FACILITIES,
    Mayor's Court                                  SPECIFIED
        Enforcement and                      conveying intoxicating
           Education Fund      290.01             liquor or cash onto
    petty cash                 250.09                 grounds of             612.10
    Police Confidential                  GRADE CROSSINGS
        Investigation Fund     238.08        (see also RAILROADS)                416.07,
    reward                     232.04                                 432.31 et seq.
    surplus                    232.03    GRADES
FUNERAL LEAVE                  250.16        building         1460.01, 1460.02
FUNERAL                                      sidewalk          1030.06
    PROCESSIONS                432.21        street          1224.07(c), 1224.08(b)
GAMBLING                      Ch. 624    GRADING           Ch. 1246
GARBAGE AND                              GRIEVANCE
        REFUSE                                    PROCEDURE
    combustible waste                        handicapped persons,
        material,                                 for                     606.20(b)
           disposal of         240.04    GOVERNMENT
    commercial trash                         VEHICLES                        404.09
        containers             660.22    GROUNDSKEEPERS                      243.04
    dumping or burying         660.16    GUNS (see WEAPONS
                                         HALLOWEEN            636.09
                                         HALLUCINOGENS Ch. 622

2010 Replacement
24A                           GENERAL INDEX

HANDGUNS (see also
         WEAPONS AND
    concealed handgun licenses 672.20
         (see also
    assaulting service dog     642.29
    dogs with                  618.12
    failing to provide
         for                   636.16
    parking                    452.04
    telecommunications         636.08
    INTOXICANTS                622.07
HAWKERS                       Ch. 834

                                              2005 Replacement
25                                 GENERAL INDEX

HAZARDOUS                                   HOUSE TRAILERS 440.08, 1258.06
          CHEMICALS                         HOUSING
          OR                                      intimidation in 636.15
          SUBSTANCES                        HUNTING            618.16
     Office Building,                       HYDRANTS (see
          Research Laboratory                     FIRE HYDRANTS)
          and Light                         HYPODERMICS                           622.09
          Manufacturing                     IDENTIFICATION
          Districts, in       1252.06(e)              CARDS
     spills or discharges        Ch. 656          forgery or sale               642.145
HAZARDOUS                                   IGNITION
     ZONES                        432.07          INTERLOCK
HAZING                            636.10              DEVICES                     438.28
HEADPHONES                                  IGNITION KEY          440.01, 452.06
     use while driving            432.40    ILLUMINATION (see
HEARINGS (see                                     LIGHTING)
     particular                             IMMOBILIZING OR DISABLING
          subject)                                DEVICE VIOLATION              434.011
HEATERS, GAS                                     660.01
HEIGHT REGULATIONS                                impersonating an
     (see under                                       officer or employee        606.25,
          BUILDINGS)                                                              642.20
HIGHWAYS (see                               IMPOSITION         666.03
     STREETS)                               IMPOUNDING
HIT SKIP                  436.11 et seq.,         bicycles        474.10
                                  442.05          dogs            618.11(b), 618.13
HITCHHIKING                       416.06          motor vehicles         404.06, 452.02
HOLIDAYS                                    IMPRISONMENT (see
     Council meetings on       220.02(c)          DETENTION;
     employees, not in a                              JAIL)
          bargaining unit         250.24    IMPROVEMENTS (see
     firefighters                       240.08, 240.18also particular
     generally                    250.02              subject)
HOMICIDE                                          new streets            1224.07 et seq.
     negligent                    636.01          Subdivision
     vehicular                    434.08              Regulations                          12
HORNS                             438.19    INCARCERATION (see
HORSES (see                                       DETENTION;
     ANIMALS)                                         JAIL)
HOSPITALIZATION           240.11, 250.07    INCITING TO
HOTELS                           642.17,          VIOLENCE                        648.09
                            884.02(b),(c)   INCOME TAX            Ch. 880

                                                                     2010 Replacement
                                  GENERAL INDEX                                       26

INDECENCY, PUBLIC                666.04,     INSPECTOR OF
                         666.128, 666.19              BUILDINGS
INDUCING PANIC                    648.08          generally               1422.02 et seq.
INDUSTRIAL DISTRICTS                              longevity
         (see also ZONING)                            compensation          250.05(b)(4)
     generally                  Ch. 1254          notification by
     signs in                    1264.08              re landscaping            1468.02
INFESTATION                   1496.01(d),         vacation        250.02
                                 1496.05     INSTANT BINGO (see
INJURED-ON-DUTY                                       BINGO)
     LEAVE                         250.12    INSTITUTIONAL PROPERTY
INJURING (see                                     protection of                   606.23
     PROPERTY                                INSURANCE (see also
         DESTRUCTION)                                 particular subject)
INSPECTIONS                                       assignment of
     altering                                         proceeds for
         topography          1246.05(j)(4)                ambulance emergency
     buildings                   1244.04                  squad services          241.01
     excavations                 1024.03          dental       250.14, 250.24
     exterior property                            driving without proof of      436.074
         maintenance             1494.01,         fraud                           642.28
                                  1494.03         improvements,
     fire safety                  1602.09             subdivisions, in        1224.09(c)
     foundation grades            1460.02         Medicaid (see
     improvements,                                    MEDICAID)
          subdivisions, in         1224.09        medical (see
     littering and deposit                            HOSPITALIZATION)
          of garbage, rubbish,                    moving buildings            1464.01(b)
              junk, etc.          660.17(b)       street excavations            1024.05
     mechanical                                   taxicabs        850.05
              waste water                         workers' compensation
              treatment plants                        (see WORKERS'
          existing buildings     1044.03(d)           COMPENSATION)
          generally                1044.05   INTERFERENCE (see
          new buildings          1044.02(d)       OBSTRUCTIONS)
     moving buildings              1464.01
          Fire Safety Inspector           1602.04
     noise violations, of            634.05
     school buses                    446.02
     sewer connections             1040.02
     street improvements           1020.01
     taxicabs                850.04, 850.08

2010 Replacement
26A                               GENERAL INDEX
     bicycles, at        474.07(c)

                                     2003 Replacement
27                                   GENERAL INDEX

INTERSECTIONS (Cont.)                           JUNK VEHICLES (see
      malfunctioning                                also MOTOR
          traffic control                               VEHICLES)           452.05, 660.19,
              signals at             432.155                               660.20, 660.205
      obstructing                     432.34    JUNK YARDS           1258.07
      right of way, at                432.15    JURISDICTION
      turning, at                     432.10         criminal law                    606.055
INTIMIDATION (see                               JUVENILE (see
          also COERCION;                             MINORS)
          THREATS)                              KEYS
      ethnic                          636.14         master
      housing, in                     636.15             access to buildings
INTOXICANTS                                                  for fire prevention
      (see ALCOHOLIC                                             purposes            1250.08
      BEVERAGES; DRUGS;                         KEYS, MOTOR
          GLUE SNIFFING)                             VEHICLE          444.01 et seq.,
INTOXICATION (see also                                                                452.06
          ALCOHOLIC                             KNOX BOXES                           1250.08
          BEVERAGES)                            LANDFILL           Ch. 1246
      disorderly conduct              648.04    LANDSCAPING
      driving             434.01, 442.05,                (see also
                                      442.08             VEGETATION)
      peace disturbance, by           648.04         buffer requirements           Ch. 1266
      pedestrians                     416.10         exterior property
      using weapons                                672.03maintenance
      voluntary                       648.04                 requirements 1496.02(a)(2),
INVESTMENT                            232.03                                           (b)(1)
JAIL (see also DETENTION)                            general requirements          Ch. 1262,
      conveying intoxicating                                                       Ch. 1468
              liquor or                              Office Building,
                   cash onto                             Research
          grounds of                  612.10             Laboratory
      generally                     Ch. 1060             and Light
JAILOR (see JANITOR-                                     Manufacturing
      JAILOR)                                            Districts         1252.04(b)(4),(c)
JANITOR-JAILOR                                  LANES (see also
      appointment                     238.03             STREETS)
      Assistant Jailors              238.035         traffic       414.04, 432.08
      bond                          250.01(i)   LARCENY (see
JAYWALKING                            416.03         FRAUD; THEFT)
JUNK (see alsoGARBAGE                           LAW ENFORCEMENT
          AND REFUSE)                                    AGENCY
      storage of                      660.20         display of emblem                606.26

                                                                         2000 Replacement
                                 GENERAL INDEX                                    28

LAW ENFORCEMENT                            LICENSING (Cont.)
     OFFICERS (see                              party centers                  678.02
     OFFICERS AND                               peddlers                     Ch. 834
     EMPLOYEES;                                 picnic grounds         838.02 et seq.
     POLICE OFFICERS)                           public dances
LAWNS                          Ch. 1468             and dance
LEASED PROPERTY                                         halls                           84
     (see RENTED                                scavengers                     816.02
         PROPERTY)                             snowmobiles, off-
LEAVES (see                                         highway
     particular leave)                              motorcycles and
LEAVES OF                                           all-purpose vehicles       476.05
     ABSENCE                      240.20        solicitors                   Ch. 834
LEAVING THE SCENE        436.11 et seq.,        taxicab drivers        850.10 et seq.
                                  442.05        taxicab operators             850.03,
LEFT TURNS                        432.41                               850.06 et seq.
LEGISLATION (see                                waste water treatment
     ORDINANCES                                     plant operators          1044.10
     AND                                   LIE DETECTORS
     RESOLUTIONS)                               (see POLYGRAPH
LIABILITY                                           TESTING)
     criminal             606.07 et seq.   LIGHT MANUFACTURING
     property                                   DISTRICTS (see
         damage by dogs           618.17            also ZONING)      Ch. 1251, 1252
     unlawful parking             452.08   LIGHTING
LICENSE PLATES           436.09, 436.10         business
LICENSING (see                                      establishments,
         also                                           at night               804.01
         PERMITS;                               illumination of
         REGISTRATION)                              signs                    1264.14
     canvassers                 Ch. 834         Office Building,
     dangerous ordnance           672.07            Research
     dogs                 618.08 et seq.            Laboratory
     drivers (see DRIVER'S                          and Light
         LICENSES)                                  Manufacturing
     exterior property                              Districts             1250.09(d)
         maintenance            1492.05         public dances
     fiber optic cable                              and dance halls            842.05
         installers            Ch. 1474    LIGHTS (see also
     motor vehicle                              VEHICLE EQUIPMENT)             660.13
         races and                         LIMOUSINES,
         programs of                            CHAUFFEURED                    440.14
         entertainment           826.01,   LIMITATION ON CRIMINAL
                          826.05 et seq.        PROSECUTIONS                   606.06

2004 Replacement
28A                                GENERAL INDEX

LIQUOR (see                                   MAP
     ALCOHOLIC                                     final plat, subdivisions            1224.04
     BEVERAGES)                                    Zone            1242.02
LITTER                             Ch. 678    MARIJUANA                           Ch. 622
LITTERING                                     MARQUEES                      1496.02(b)(6)
     generally                       660.17   MASTER KEY
     motor vehicles, from                 432.39   KNOX BOXES                     1250.08
LOADING AND                                   MATRON OF JAILS
          UNLOADING                                AND COORDINATOR                 238.06
     generally                   Ch. 1270     MAYOR (see also PUBLIC
     noise from                  634.03(e)              SAFETY, DIRECTOR
LOADS, VEHICLE (see                                        OF)
          also COMMERCIAL                          authority re noise control      634.05
          AND HEAVY                                automobile expenses             250.03
          VEHICLES)                                Director of Public
     dropping, leaking or                               Safety, as                 237.02
          shifting      440.06, 1020.12(d)         generally                      Ch. 230
     extension             438.08, 438.23          hospitalization                 250.07
     limits                         440.01,   MAYOR'S COURT Ch. 290
                            440.10 et seq.    MAYOR'S COURT
LOCAL AUTHORITIES                                  ENFORCEMENT
     defined                       402.195         AND EDUCATION
LOCKS                      452.06, 474.08          FUND          290.01
LOITERING                 648.04, 666.075     MEDICAID
LONGEVITY                                          defrauding                      642.31
          COMPENSATION                        MEDICAL
     firefighters                         250.05   INSURANCE (see
LOTS (see under                                    HOSPITALIZATION)
     BUILDINGS)                               MEETINGS (see also
LOUDSPEAKERS                      634.03(f)             ASSEMBLY; RIOTS;
LOW-ALCOHOL                                                particular subject)
     BEVERAGES (see                                Council         220.01 et seq.
     also ALCOHOLIC                                disturbing lawful       220.09, 648.06
     BEVERAGES)                      612.11        failure to disperse             648.02
LSD                                  660.10        Planning Advisory
MALICIOUS                                               Committee                                12
     PROSECUTION                     606.27        public        Ch. 206, 220.02(a)
MANSLAUGHTER,                                 MENACING                  636.033, 636.036,
     VEHICULAR                       434.08                                       636.045
MANUFACTURED                                  MILEAGE ALLOWANCES
     HOMES (see                                    (see TRAVEL
     TRAVEL TRAILERS)                                   EXPENSES)

                                                                     2001 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                 28B

MILITARY                                     MOPEDS (see
     services for active                         MOTORIZED
         military personnel        1066.01           BICYCLES)
MINIMUM WAGE                        250.15   MOTELS         642.17
MINORS                                       MOTION PICTURE PIRACY             642.32
     adult entertainment                         detention of those committing 606.23
         establishments,                     MOTIONS
             prohibited on                       Council, of                   220.07
             premises               666.17   MOTOR VEHICLE
     alcoholic beverages 612.02, 612.11          LICENSE TAX                  Ch. 888
     exhibition or display                   MOTOR VEHICLE
         of materials                            LICENSE TAX FUND              888.04
             harmful to 666.126, 666.127     MOTOR VEHICLES
     generally                     Ch. 630           (see also
     matter harmful to      666.10, 666.12           ALL-PURPOSE
     nonsupport                     636.05           VEHICLES;
     obscene material                                BICYCLES;
         involving possession                        COMMERCIAL
             and viewing of        666.125           AND HEAVY
     purchase of firearm                             VEHICLES;
         or handgun by             672.105           EMERGENCY
     unlawful sexual conduct with 666.02             AND PUBLIC
     weapons and                                     SAFETY VEHICLES;
         explosives         672.10, 672.11           MOTORCYCLES;
MINUTES                                              RECREATIONAL
     distribution of                                 VEHICLES;
         copies of                  232.01           SCHOOL BUSES;
MIRRORS                             438.21           SNOWMOBILES)
MISSILES                            672.16       abandoned
MISUSE OF 9-1-1 SYSTEM              606.29           impounding of          404.06(b)
MOBILE HOMES               440.08, 1258.06           parking of                         66
MOBILITY IMPAIRED                                    private or public
     PERSONS (see                                        property on           452.05
     HANDICAPPED                                 accidents             436.11 et seq.
     PERSONS)                                        removal of after          436.14
MONEY                                            alcoholic
     conveying onto grounds                          beverages in              612.04
         of detention                            attaching bicycles,
         facilities or                               motorcycles to            474.03
         other specified                         bicycle paths, on             432.38
         governmental facilities    612.10       concealed identity            444.03
MONUMENTS                                        coroners' vehicles
     desecration of                                  (see
                                                642.07 CORONERS'
     survey                        1020.06           VEHICLES)

2010 Replacement
28C                                GENERAL INDEX

MOTOR VEHICLES (Cont.)                         MOTORCYCLES (see also
    doors, opening                                      under VEHICLE
    driving (see                                        EQUIPMENT)
         DRIVING)                                   generally                   Ch. 474
    equipment                                       noise from
                                                   Ch. 438, 474.02         634.03(i), (k),
    driving (see                                                                 650.10
         DRIVING)                                   off-highway                 Ch. 476
    equipment                                      Ch. 438,
                                               MOTORIZED 474.02
    failure to control             432.30               BICYCLES
    firearms in                                     brakes
                                                   672.04       438.18(c)
    government                     404.09           defined       402.21
    impounding             404.06, 452.02           operation                    452.11
    junk                   452.05, 660.19      MOTORIZED VEHICLE
    license plates         436.09, 436.10           RACES AND
    licensing              436.09, 436.10           PROGRAMS OF
    littering from                 432.39           ENTERTAINMENT               Ch. 826
    nitrous oxide in              622.076      MOTORIZED
    noise from               634.03(i), (k),        WHEELCHAIRS                  416.11
                                   634.10      MOVING BUILDINGS                Ch. 1464
    odometers                                      444.04 et seq.
                                               MUD AND DEBRIS
    parking                       Ch. 452           ON STREETS AND
    Police Chief                                    PUBLIC GROUNDS               660.07
         and Fire Chief,                       MUFFLERS         438.20
             for                   250.22      MUNICIPAL
    recreation            440.08, 1258.06           FIRE SAFETY
    redemption,                                         INSPECTOR                            16
         impounded, of             404.06      MUNICIPAL PROPERTY
    repossession of                404.08           possession of               642.025
    riding on outside              416.06      MUNICIPAL
    selling, washing or                             RECORDS
         repairing, roadway, on    452.09               COMMISSION              Ch. 276
    slow-moving emblem                         MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
             required              438.10           noise from            634.03(g), (h)
         grade crossings, at                   NARCOTICS
                                           432.33                               Ch. 622
         lights of less                        NATIONAL
             intensity             438.15           ELECTRICAL
    unattended                                          CODE
                                                   452.02, 452.06              Ch. 1442
    unauthorized use               642.04      NITROUS OXIDE           622.073, 622.076
    unsafe                         438.01      NOISE CONTROL (see
MOTORBOATS (see                                     also DISTURBING
    RECREATIONAL                                    THE PEACE)                  Ch. 634
    VEHICLES)                                  NO PASSING
                                                    ZONES                        432.07

                                                                       2006 Replacement
                                     GENERAL INDEX                                      28D

NONCONFORMING                                   NUISANCES (Cont.)
    SIGNS                            1264.18         Light Manufacturing
NONCONFORMING                                             Districts, in               1251.04
    USES (see also                                   littering and deposit
    SPECIAL USE                                           of garbage, rubbish,
    DISTRICTS;                                                junk, etc.            660.17(f)
    VARIANCES;                                       premises used for
    ZONING)                         Ch. 1260              disseminating
NONSUPPORT                    636.05, 636.16                  pornography              666.15
NOTICES (see also                                    weeds and litter                 Ch. 678
          particular subject)                   OBSCENITY          Ch. 666
    camping by minors, of                       OBSTRUCTIONS
          Police Department, to       630.04         culverts, drains,
    construction stop                                     watercourses                          66
          orders              1428.01 et seq.        driver's view                              43
    cutting weeds                     678.02         interference with
    fill or drain                                         custody of children          630.08
          lots; remove                               intersections, crosswalks
          obstructions,                                   grade crossings              432.34
          putrid substances           660.15         justice       606.15
    inadequate flow,                                 official business                 606.14
          drainage pipe              1028.03         street        412.01
    lawns and landscaping,                           streets, by railroad              654.01
          re                         1468.02         streets, by
    motor vehicle,                                        vegetation                            12
          repossession of             404.08         watercourse                       660.04
    ordinances and                              OCCUPANT
          resolutions, of                            RESTRAINTS               438.26, 438.27
              Council, to             222.02    ODOMETERS              444.04 et seq.
    suspension of work                          ODORS,
          or occupancy,                              NOXIOUS 660.04, 1252.06(e)
              buildings, on          1244.04    OFF-HIGHWAY
    waste water treatment                            MOTORCYCLES                      Ch. 476
          plants, repair                        OFF-STREET
              of                     1044.06         LOADING (see
NUDISM                      666.04, 666.127,         LOADING AND
                                     666.128         UNLOADING; see
NUISANCES (see also                                  also under ZONING)
          DISTURBING                            OFF-STREET
          THE PEACE;                                 PARKING (see
          GARBAGE AND                                LOADING AND
          REFUSE; see also                           UNLOADING; see
          particular subject)                        also under ZONING)

2008 Replacement
28E                                GENERAL INDEX

OFFENSES (see also                           OHIO PLUMBING CODE                       Ch. 1444
          CRIME; FELONY)                     ONE-WAY STREETS                     432.28
     classification of             606.03    OPEN BURNING (see also
     defined                       606.04              ARSON; FIRES)
     rule of construction          606.05         generally                      660.18
     relating to persons          Ch. 636    OPEN MEETINGS            Ch. 206, 220.02(a)
     relating to property         Ch. 642    OPENING DOORS 452.07
OFFICE BUILDING,                             OPENINGS, STREET                  Ch. 1024
     RESEARCH                                OPERATION OF
     LABORATORY                                   MOTOR VEHICLES
     AND LIGHT                                    (see DRIVING)
     MANUFACTURING                           OPERATOR'S
     DISTRICTS                                    LICENSE                 436.01 et seq.
     (see also                               ORDINANCES AND
     ZONING CODE)                Ch. 1252              RESOLUTIONS
OFFICE HOURS                                           (see also
     Mayor, of                     230.02              COUNCIL)
OFFICERS AND                                      action by Council      220.04, 220.05
          EMPLOYEES (see                          generally                                    Ch
          also POLICE                        ORDNANCE (see
          OFFICERS)                               WEAPONS AND
     civil rights,                                     EXPLOSIVES)
          interfering with         606.20    ORGANIZATIONS
     compensation                                 liability    606.08
          generally (see                          penalty        698.04
              COMPENSATION)                       personal
          improper                 606.18              accountability            606.09
     dereliction of                          OVERTAKING          432.03 et seq.
          duty                     606.19    OVERTIME
     firefighter's benefits 240.08 et seq.        firefighters                   240.10
     generally                    Ch. 250         Street Commissioner            246.05
     impersonating an                        PAINTING                      1496.03(a)(1)
          officer                  606.25    PANDERING         666.11
     obstructing                   606.14    PANIC, INDUCING                     648.08
     permanent part-time                     PARADES           412.05
          category created         250.25    PARALLEL PARKING                    452.04
     personating                   642.20    PARAMEDIC
     political                                         CERTIFICATES
          contributions          606.18(c)        incentive bonus for            240.14
     unlawful interest in a                       required              240.02(e),(f),(g)
          public contract          606.17    PARAPHERNALIA
OFFICIAL                                          drug                           622.14
     STANDARDS           Ch. 204             PARK PATROL                         247.06
OHIO FIRE CODE                   Ch. 1602

                                                                    2010 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                 28F

PARKING                                       PEACE DISTURBANCES
     abandoned vehicles 660.20, 660.205                (see also
     areas buffering of           1266.05              DISTURBING
     bicycles                       474.08             THE PEACE)
     buffer zones               1262.06(d)         public transportation
     commercial and                                    systems, on                      64
         heavy vehicles                       PEACE OFFICERS
             on private and                        (see POLICE
             public property        452.11             OFFICERS)
     emergency or safety                      PEDDLERS          Ch. 834
         vehicles, near             432.25    PEDESTRIANS
     generally                     Ch. 452         control signals             414.05
     handicapped persons            452.04         freeways, on                         40
     off-street (see                               generally                  Ch. 416
         under ZONING)                        PEELING                          432.35
     sidewalks,                               PEEPING TOMS                    666.045
         street lawns                         PENALTIES (see also
         or curbs, on               432.22             particular
PARKING SPACES                                         subject)
     Office Building,                              authority of Mayor
     Research                                          to accept cash
     Laboratory                                         and property 230.04
     and Light                                     Building Code              1428.99
     Manufacturing                                 Business Regulation
     Districts           1252.07, 1252.08              and Taxation
PARKS                                                      Code                804.99
     dogs in                      618.015          Fire Prevention
     persons prohibited in          638.01             Code                             16
PARTY CENTERS                      Ch. 830         general Code                         20
PASSING                      432.02 et seq.        General Offenses
PATROLMEN (see                                         Code                             Ch
     POLICE                                        Ohio Fire Code                       16
         DEPARTMENT;                               organizational              698.04
         POLICE                                    Subdivision
         OFFICERS)                                     Regulations                      12
PAVEMENT (see                                      Traffic Code                         Ch
     under SIDEWALKS;                              Zoning Code                          12
     STREETS)                                 PENSIONS (see PERS)
PAY (see COMPENSATION)                        PERMITS (see also
                                                   alcoholic beverages         612.05

2007 Replacement
28G                                GENERAL INDEX

PERMITS (Cont.)                                PERSONS, OFFENSES
    altering                                        RELATING TO                   Ch. 636
         topography                 1246.05    PESTS
    boxing or wrestling                             (see INFESTATION)
         match                       660.03    PETTY CASH FUNDS                    250.09
    building                                   PHOTO-MONITORING                    414.13
         generally                  1424.02         DEVICES, TRAFFIC LAW
         Zoning Code 1244.02, 1244.03          PHYSICAL CONTROL                    434.01
    curb cuts                       1030.07    PHYSICAL
    dangerous ordnance               672.07         EXAMINATIONS                   250.17
    development                                PICNIC AND OUTING
         flood hazard                               GROUNDS                       Ch. 838
              areas, in             1228.11    PINBALL GAMES 624.07
    driveway drainage                          PISTOL           618.16, 672.15
         pipes               1028.01 et seq.   PLANNING
    exterior property                               COMMISSION                  Ch. 1220
         maintenance                1492.05    PLANS (see also
    fireworks display                672.13             SITE PLANS;
    moving buildings                1464.01             SUBDIVISION
    Ohio Fire Code                  1602.13             REGULATIONS)
    oversize or                                     buffering, for                1266.05
         overweight                                 landscaping          1468.01, 1468.02
              vehicles               440.01         signs, for                    1264.16
    parades or processions                     PLANTINGS (see
    public dances or balls                 842.07   VEGETATION)
    recreation facilities            247.03    PLATS            1224.02 et seq.
    sewer connections               1040.01    PLAY STREETS                        412.03
    sidewalk construction          1030.02,    PLUMBING CODE Ch. 1444
                                    1030.05    POLICE CHIEF
    signs, for                      1264.16         use of Village
    street excavations              1024.01             vehicle by                 250.22
    swimming pool                              POLICE CONFIDENTIAL
         construction               1462.02         INVESTIGATION FUND             238.08
    telecommunications and                     POLICE DEPARTMENT
         utility systems, for      Ch. 1478         disposition of property        606.24
    water tap-in for Fosdick                        generally                     Ch. 238
          Rd. and Murray Rd.                        hospitalization                250.07
              water main            1048.01         longevity
PERS                                                    compensation         250.05(b)(1)
    pick-up of contribution          250.19         seizure and
PERSONAL INFORMATION                                    destruction of gambling
    failure to disclose              606.28                 devices                624.06
PERSONATION (see                                    testing and promotion         Ch. 245
                                                                       2008 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                      28H

POLICE DOGS                                   POLLUTION (Cont.)
          AND HORSES                               Office Building,
     assaulting                     642.29             Research
POLICE OFFICERS (see also                              Laboratory
          OFFICERS AND                                 and Light
              EMPLOYEES)                               Manufacturing
     authority re                                      Districts,
          drunk driving     434.01, 442.08             in                1252.06(c) et seq.
     background checks;                       POLYGRAPH
          psychological and                            TESTING
              polygraph                            for victims, restrictions        666.05
              testing for           250.21         patrolmen and
     compliance with                                   firefighters, of             250.21
          lawful order             404.01,    PORNOGRAPHY                                     66
                             606.13 et seq.   POSSESSING
     eluding                      606.165          CRIMINAL
     employment                                        TOOLS                        672.18
          provisions and                      POSTING PLACES 222.01
              benefits       250.04 et seq.   POULTRY (see
     failure to aid                 606.13         ANIMALS)
     fleeing from                 606.165     PRESCHOOL CHILDREN
     noise control, by      634.05, 634.10         vehicles transporting          438.167
     part-time; special             238.04    PRESIDENT PRO
     personating                    642.20         TEM OF COUNCIL               220.06(a)
     presence at party                        PRESIDING
          centers                                830.05OFFICER
     required at                                   Council, of                      220.03
          motor vehicle                       PRISON (see JAIL)
          races and                           PRIVATE
          programs of                              PROPERTY (see
          entertainment             826.04             PROPERTY)
     resisting                     404.02,    PRIVY VAULTS (see
                             606.14 et seq.        SEPTIC TANKS)
POLITICAL                                     PROBATIONARY
     CONTRIBUTIONS               606.18(c)         DRIVER=S LICENSE               436.035
POLITICAL SIGNS                   1264.12     PROCESSIONS          412.05, 432.21
POLLUTION                                     PROCURING          666.06
     culverts, drains                         PROFESSIONAL
          or watercourses          660.04,         OFFICES,
                             660.14 et seq.        RESIDENTIAL                    1258.15
     garbage, rubbish,                        PROJECTIONS,
          junk, by                  660.17         YARD 1248.05(a)
     open burning, by               660.18

2008 Replacement
28I                                 GENERAL INDEX

PROPERTY                                       PROSECUTING
    disposition by police             606.24       ATTORNEY                                   23
    forfeitable,                               PROSTITUTION                         666.08
        diminishing or                         PSYCHOLOGICAL
             interfering with       642.205            TESTING
    Exterior Property                              patrolmen and
        Maintenance                                    firefighters, of             250.21
             Code          Chs. 1490 et seq.   PUBLIC ADDRESS
    Municipal                                      SYSTEMS                        634.03(f)
        information re                         PUBLIC DANCES
             vandalism of             232.04       AND DANCE
    offenses relating to            Ch. 642            HALLS                       Ch. 842
    private                                    PUBLIC EMPLOYEES
        parking on                                 RETIREMENT
                                                  452.055, 452.11
        shortcutting across           432.36           SYSTEM (see
    public                                             PERS)
        dogs on                     618.015    PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT
        parking of                                 (see ENTERTAINMENT)
             commercial                        PUBLIC HEARINGS
                  and heavy                        (see particular
                  vehicles on         452.11           subject)
    receiving stolen                  642.09   PUBLIC MEETINGS          Ch. 206, 220.02(a)
    rented (see RENTED                         PUBLIC OFFICIALS
        PROPERTY)                                  (see OFFICERS
    transfer of                     1224.05        AND EMPLOYEES;
    valuation of              642.24, 642.25       POLICE
PROPERTY                                           OFFICERS)
        DESTRUCTION                            PUBLIC SAFETY,
    by dogs, owner liable                  618.17  DIRECTOR OF (see
    generally                       Ch. 642        also MAYOR)                     Ch. 237
    prosecutions for theft                     PUBLIC SAFETY
        of utilities                  642.22       VEHICLES (see
    public transportation                          EMERGENCY AND
        systems, on                   642.27       PUBLIC
    reward for information                         SAFETY
        re vandalism of                            VEHICLES)
             Municipal property       232.04   PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION
    traffic control devices                414.08      SYSTEMS
    vehicles, by                      436.13       misconduct involving             642.27
    vehicular vandalism               642.10   PUBLIC WAYS
PROPERTY                                           (see SIDEWALKS;
    MAINTENANCE                                    STREETS)
        OFFICER                  1494.01(a),   PUBLICATION OF
                                    1494.02        LEGISLATION                      222.01

                                                                       2007 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                   28J

PURCHASE                                     RECORDS (Cont.)
     ORDERS                        248.04        final plats,
PURCHASES                                            subdivisions,
     orders                        248.04                in                    1224.04
     purchases                     248.01        fires        240.02
QUARANTINE                         618.11        Municipal Records
QUIET ZONES                        412.02            Commission                           Ch
QUORUM (see                                      tampering with                 642.18
     particular                                  taxicab driver's
        subject)                                     license                              85
RABBITS (see                                 RECREATION
     ANIMALS)                                    BOARD                         Ch. 272
RABIES                                       RECREATION
     QUARANTINE                    618.11            DEPARTMENT
RADIOS                                           generally                     Ch. 247
     noise from             634.03(g), (h)       petty cash fund                          25
     use while driving            432.40     RECREATION DIRECTOR                247.01
RAILROADS                                        general use policy for         247.04
     generally                    Ch. 654        permit required for use of     247.03
     grade crossings              416.07,        persons prohibited in          638.01
                            432.31 et seq.   RECREATIONAL
RATES (see also                                      VEHICLES (see
        FEES)                                        MOTOR
    sewer (editor's note)        Ch. 1040            VEHICLES)        440.08, 1258.06
    taxicabs, disputed            850.21         flood hazard areas, in     1228.16(d)
REASONABLE                                       noise from                   634.03(i)
    CONTROL                       434.025    REFRIGERATORS,
RECEIVING                                        ABANDONED                      660.06
    STOLEN                                   REFUSE (see
        PROPERTY                   642.09        GARBAGE
RECEPTACLES                                          AND REFUSE)
    commercial trash              660.22     REGISTRATION (see
    garbage                     660.17(e)            also
RECKLESS                                             LICENSING)
    OPERATION                      434.02        Certificate of                           88
RECORDS (see also                                dogs           618.08, 618.095,
        particular                                                              618.10
           subject)                              motor vehicles                 436.09
    building inspections          1422.07        peddlers, canvassers
                                                     and solicitors     834.03 et seq.

2008 Replacement
28K                                 GENERAL INDEX

REIMBURSEMENTS (see                            RESTITUTION           698.02(e)
     particular subject)                       RESTRAINT,
REMUNERATION (see                                    UNLAWFUL                                      63
     COMPENSATION)                             RESTRAINTS,
RENTED PROPERTY                                      CHILD 438.26
     cars                             642.17   RESTRAINTS,
     evidence of theft of           642.035          OCCUPANT                                      43
REPAIRS (see                                   RETIREMENT (see
     CONSTRUCTION)                                   PERS)
REPEAL                                202.04   REVIVOR           202.04
REPORTS (see also                              REVOCATION (see
          particular subject)                        SUSPENSION
     accident                 436.11 et seq.,        AND
                                      476.06         REVOCATION
     animal escapes                   618.18         OF LICENSES
     crime                            606.12         AND PERMITS)
     false                                     REWARD FUND                           232.04
          alarms              608.07, 648.05   RIFLE          618.16, 672.15
          falsification      404.10, 606.10,   RIGHT OF ENTRY (see
                                    606.105          INSPECTIONS)
          inducing panic              648.08   RIGHT-OF-WAY (see
     fire                                                also STREETS)
          fees for                    240.15         bicycles, yielding                            47
     rabies; animal bites                  618.11(a) blind persons                                 41
RESEARCH                                             motor vehicle (see
     LABORATORY                                          DRIVING)
     DISTRICTS (see                                  pedestrians                   Ch. 416
     also ZONING                                     public safety
     CODE)                         Ch. 1252              vehicle             416.08, 432.19
RESIDENCE                                            streets, limitation
     DISTRICTS (see                                      on increase                     1020.09
     COUNTRY HOME                                    use by telecommunications
     DISTRICTS)                                          and utility providers    Ch. 1478
RESIDENTIAL BUILDING                           RIGHT TURNS
     CODE OF OHIO FOR                                ON RED                                        41
          ONE, TWO AND                         RIOTS (see also
          THREE-FAMILY                               ASSEMBLY;
          DWELLINGS                Ch. 1440          MEETINGS)                                     64
RESIDENTIAL                                          use of force to suppress      648.025
     PROFESSIONAL                              ROAD DEPARTMENT
          OFFICES                   1258.15          petty cash fund                               25
RESISTING ARREST              404.02, 606.16   ROAD WORKERS 404.03
RESOLUTIONS                         Ch. 222    ROADS (see STREETS)

                                                                       2010 Replacement
                                   GENERAL INDEX                                      28L

ROADSIDE STANDS                   1258.14    SALES (Cont.)
ROBBERY (see                                        traffic control
    FRAUD; THEFT)                                        devices                   414.11
ROBERT'S RULES                                      underage purchase
    OF ORDER                    220.07(h)                of firearm or
ROCKSIDE ROAD                                                 handgun             672.105
    trucks on                      440.13           weapons and
RODENTS (see                                             explosives                          67
    INFESTATION)                             SANITARY
ROOFS                       1496.03(a)(2)           SEWERS              1020.03, 1020.04,
ROTARY TRAFFIC                                                                   Ch. 1040
    ISLANDS                        432.28    SANITATION (see
RUBBISH (see                                        GARBAGE AND
    GARBAGE AND                                     REFUSE; see also
    REFUSE)                                         particular subject)
RULES OF                                     SCAVENGERS                           Ch. 816
    CONSTRUCTION           202.03 et seq.,   SCHOOL BUSES                                    43
                                   606.05           stopping for                  432.295
SAFETY DIRECTOR                              SCHOOLS
    (see PUBLIC SAFETY,                             firefighters,
         DIRECTOR OF)                                    for                                 24
SAFETY ZONES               432.27, 672.19           reimbursement of
SALARY (see                                              expenses for              250.20
    COMPENSATION)                                   safety zones
SALES                                                    (see under
    alcoholic beverages                  612.02 et seq., ZONES)
                          612.08, 612.09,    SCRAP (see JUNK)
                                   612.11    SCREENING                           Ch. 1266
    animals                        618.06    SEAT BELTS           438.26, 438.27
    cigarettes, of                           SECRETARY TO
         minors, to                630.05                THE MAYOR
    drug paraphernalia, of                          Executive Assistant            230.03
         minors, to                622.14           longevity
    fire equipment                                1602.10compensation         250.05(b)(5)
    forged identification                    SEDIMENT
         cards                   642.145            BASINS                                   12
    master vehicle                           SELF DEFENSE
         keys                      444.02           limitations on duty to         606.30
    motor vehicles                                    retreat
         odometer                            SEMINARS
             violations     444.04 et seq.          reimbursement of
    peddlers,                                            expenses for              250.20
         solicitors and
             canvassers, by       Ch. 834

2008 Replacement
28M                                GENERAL INDEX

SENIOR CITIZENS                              SEWERS (Cont.)
    snow plowing                                  improvement plans,
        services for                243.06            subdivisions, in                 1224.07(d)
SENIOR CLERK-                                     installation,
    TREASURER                       232.02            subdivisions, in         1224.08(c)
SENTENCING (see                                   storm and sanitary
        also PENALTIES)           Ch. 698             sewer standards            1020.04
    sexually oriented offenses, for 666.99   SEX OFFENSES
SEPARABILITY                        202.07        adult entertainment
SEPTIC TANKS (see also                                businesses                Ch. 1268
        SEWERS;                                   generally                      Ch. 666
        WASTEWATER                                sentencing for                   666.99
        TREATMENT                            SEXUAL PREDATORS;
        PLANTS)                                   REGISTRATION                     666.99
    abandoned                                     persons
                                                 1044.11 prohibited in
    barricades and                                    playgrounds, parks and
        warning lights, at          660.13            recreation facilities        638.01
    lots accessible                          SHAM LEGAL
        to public                                 PROCESS,
        sewerage system,                              USING                        606.27
        on                    1044.09(b)     SHOPLIFTERS (see also
    lots inaccessible                             FRAUD;
        to public                                 THEFT)                           606.23
        sewerage                             SHORTCUTTING 432.36
        system, on                               1020.03
                                             SHOTGUN            618.16, 672.15
    private                                  SHOWS            Ch. 826, 884.02
        replacement or maintenance           SHRUBBERY (see
            of                    1040.06         VEGETATION)
    subdivisions, in          1224.07(e)     SICK LEAVE
    unsanitary                    1044.12         PAY                   250.10, 250.12(b)
SERVICE                                      SIDEWALKS (see
        DEPARTMENT                                    also STREETS)
    generally                     Ch. 243         bicycles on      474.06
    longevity compensation 250.05(b)(3)           driving upon                                    43
SERVICE DIRECTOR                    243.01        generally                     Ch. 1030
SETBACK LINES (see                                maintenance                                     66
    under BUILDINGS)                              pavement
SEWERS (see also                                      specifications             1020.10
        DRAINAGE;                                 pedestrians on           416.05, 416.09
        SEPTIC TANKS)                             subdivisions, in                                12
    connections to public                    SIDING
        or private sewerage                       maintenance of            1496.03(a)(2)
            systems               1020.03         reconstruction of              1496.04
    editor's note                Ch. 1040

                                                                     2010 Replacement
                                    GENERAL INDEX                                    28N

SIGNALS (see also                              SIMULATION,
        TRAFFIC                                     CRIMINAL                      642.146
        CONTROL                                SIRENS           438.165, 438.19,
        DEVICES)                                                                   474.05
    bicycles             474.05, 474.07(e)     SITE PLANS       1244.03, 1460.01
    motor vehicle          432.13, 432.14      SKILL-BASED AMUSEMENT
    preemption devices;                             MACHINES;
        prohibitions                414.12              PROHIBITED CONDUCT          624.16
    school buses           446.05, 446.06      SLINGSHOT         672.16
    traffic law                     414.13     SLUGS            624.07, 642.16
        photo-monitoring                       SMOKE DETECTORS                   Ch. 1466
        devices                                SMOKING (see also
    traffic, placing                                CIGARETTES)                    660.21
        and maintaining             414.09     SNOW EMERGENCIES
SIGNS (see also                                     parking during                 452.12
        TRAFFIC                                SNOW REMOVAL
        CONTROL                                     elderly or disabled
        DEVICES)                                        residents, for             243.06
    Business Districts         1250.02(b),          property owner's
                         1264.06, 1264.07               duties re                  660.05
    Country Home                                    Street Commissioner's
        Districts      1248.02(d), 1264.05              duties re                  246.03
    generally                     Ch. 1264     SNOWMOBILES
    home occupations               1258.13          bicycle paths, on              432.38
    Industrial Districts 1254.06, 1264.08           generally                     Ch. 476
    liquor age                                 SOCIAL SECURITY
        warning                     612.06          recording numbers          642.155
    maintenance of          1496.02(a)(3),     SOLICITING
                              (b)(2), (b)(5)        compensation,
    manufacturing and                                   improper                             60
        industrial areas,                           rides or business              416.06
             height of             1258.16          sexual       666.07, 666.075
    residential                                SOLICITOR
        professional                                addressing Council          220.04(b)
             offices               1258.15          generally                     Ch. 234
    roadside stands                1258.14     SOLICITORS        Ch. 834
    street,                                    SOLID FUEL
        subdivisions, in        1224.08(f),         burning units                Ch. 1470
                                1224.09(e)     SOLID WASTE (see
    temporary                      1258.17          GARBAGE AND
    traffic,                                            REFUSE)
        placing and                            SOUND AMPLIFYING
             maintaining            414.09          DEVICES                      634.03(f)

2010 Replacement
28O                                 GENERAL INDEX

SPECIAL USE                                        explosives
     DISTRICTS (see                                    generally                   672.14
     also ZONING)                  Ch. 1256    STORAGE (Cont.)
SPEED                         434.03 et seq.       explosives (Cont.)
SPILLS                                                 Office Building,
     hazardous                                             Research
         materials, of              Ch. 656                Laboratory
SPRINKLING                                                 and Light
     SYSTEMS                  1252.06(b)(3)                Manufacturing
SQUEALING                                                  District, in       1252.06(b)
     TIRES                           432.35        flammable
STALKING                            636.045            materials              1252.06(b)
STANDARDS                                      STORE FRONTS                 1496.02(b)(4)
     official            Ch. 204               STORM SEWERS             1020.03, 1020.04,
     performance                    1252.06                                     Ch. 1040
STATE HIGHWAY                                  STORM WATER
     defined                        402.385        MANAGEMENT                   Ch. 1050
STATUTE OF                                     STOVES
     LIMITATIONS                     606.06        solid fuel                   Ch. 1470
STEALING (see                                  STREET
     FRAUD; THEFT)                                 COMMISSIONER                  Ch. 246,
STEREOS                       634.03(g), (h)                                   250.02(b),
STOP SIGNS (see also                                                         250.05(b)(4)
         TRAFFIC                               STREET LAWNS                        432.22
         CONTROL                               STREETS (see also
         DEVICES;                                      FREEWAYS;
         YIELD SIGNS)                                  LANES; RIGHT
     emergency or                                      OF WAY;
         public safety                                 SIDEWALKS)
              vehicles at            432.18        closed for repair,
     obedience to            432.17, 432.18            driving upon                432.24
     operation of                                  controlled-access
         vehicle at                  432.17            highway,
     private roads and                                     entering or
         driveways, on              432.205                    exiting             432.37
     through streets, at                           divided
                                                  414.02 roadways                  432.29
STORAGE (see also                                  excavations                  Ch. 1024
         particular subject)                       improvement plans
     abandoned vehicles,                                and installations        1224.07,
         vehicle parts,                                                           1224.08
         scrap, junk                               injurious
         or refuse         660.20, 660.205             materials on                         41
     commercial and                                jaywalking      416.03
         industrial                                obstructions                    412.01
              materials       1496.02(a)(1)        one-way           432.28

                                                                      2008 Replacement
                                    GENERAL INDEX                                      28P

STREETS (Cont.)                                 SUSPENSION OF
    minimum requirements                                 LICENSES AND
       Country Home,                                     PERMITS (see also
          Business                                       LICENSING;
          and Industrial                                 PERMITS;
          Districts              1020.08(b)              REGISTRATION;
                                     et seq.             particular subject)
         right-of-way                                driver's license, of     408.03, 698.07
             width               1020.08(a)     SUSPICIOUS PERSONS
    pavement                                         (see LOITERING)
         specifications     1020.07 et seq.     SWIMMING POOLS                     Ch. 1462
    play                             412.03     TAMPERING (see also
    private                                              PROPERTY
         speed limits on           434.035               DESTRUCTION)
         stop signs on             432.205           coin machines                    642.13
    railroad                                         criminal mischief                642.11
         obstructions                654.01          records           642.18
    snow removal             246.03, 660.05     TAP-INS (see
    through                  412.02, 432.17          CONNECTIONS)
    use by telecommunications                   TAPE RECORDERS
         and utility providers    Ch. 1478           use while driving                432.40
    through trucks                              TAXATION
         prohibited                                  admissions tax                 Ch. 884
             on certain              440.09          community
    toy vehicles on                  412.04              reinvestment areas         Ch. 890
STRUCTURES (see                                      earned income tax              Ch. 880
    BUILDINGS;                                       motor vehicle
    CONSTRUCTION;                                        license tax                Ch. 888
    DWELLINGS)                                  TAXICABS            Ch. 850
SUBCONTRACTORS (see                             TELECOMMUNICATIONS
    CONTRACTORS)                                     telecommunications
SUBDIVISION                                              and utility systems
    REGULATIONS                   Ch. 1224                    and facilities       Ch. 1478
SUBDIVISIONS                                         threatening or harassing         636.08
    flood hazard                                     wireless communication
         areas, in       1228.15(d), 1228.16(f)          facilities                Ch. 1476
SUMMER CAMP                                     TELEPHONES
    PROGRAM                          247.05          exchanges permitted,
SUNSHINE LAW                       Ch. 206,              all districts              1258.10
                                  220.02(a)          recording numbers              642.155
SURPLUS FUNDS                        234.01          threatening or
                                                         harassing calls              636.08
                                                     usage policy, employee           250.23

2007 Replacement
28Q                                 GENERAL INDEX

TELEVISIONS                   634.03(g), (h)   TINTED GLASS 438.225
TEMPORARY DRIVING                              TIRES          440.07
     INSTRUCTION                               TITLE, CERTIFICATES
          PERMITS                    436.03         OF                      436.08, 476.09,
TENTING                              630.04                                        1224.04
TESTING (see also                              TOBACCO (see
          particular                                CIGARETTES;
              subject)                                  SMOKING)
     failure to perform                        TOOLS
          viability testing          636.17         criminal (see
     police department             Ch. 245              CRIMINAL
     polygraph (see                                         TOOLS)
          POLYGRAPH                            TOPSOIL
              TESTING)                              REMOVAL              Ch. 1246, 1258.08
     psychological (see                        TOW-AWAY ZONES
          PSYCHOLOGICAL                             private        452.055
              TESTING)                         TOWERS
THEATERS                             884.02         wireless communication
THEFT (see also                                         facilities                Ch. 1476
          FRAUD)                               TOWING                                440.05
     child stealing                  630.07    TOY VEHICLES 412.04
     generally               642.02, 642.03    TRACKING MUD           440.06,
     livery or hostelry,                                                        1246.05(a)
          from                       642.17    TRAFFIC CONTROL
     offenses                                           DEVICES
          determining                               generally                      Ch. 414
              property value         642.24         malfunctioning
     rented property, of           642.035              intersections, at          432.155
     utilities, of                   642.22    TRAFFICKING
THEFT ALARM                                         marihuana, in                    622.02
     SIGNAL                          438.19    TRAILER CAMPS
THREATS (see also                                   AND HOUSE
     COERCION;                                          TRAILERS           440.08, 1258.06
     INTIMIDATION)           636.08, 642.02    TRANSACTION SCANS                     630.05
THROUGH                                        TRASH (see
     STREETS                 414.02, 432.17         GARBAGE
TICKETS                                             AND REFUSE)
     admissions tax,                           TRAINS (see
          on                 884.02, 884.04         RAILROADS)
     motorized vehicle                         TRAVEL EXPENSES                       250.03
          races and                            TRAVEL TRAILERS (see also
              programs of                               COMMERCIAL AND
              entertainment          826.05             HEAVY VEHICLES)             440.08,
          traffic (see                                                             1258.06

                                                                       2006 Replacement
                                    GENERAL INDEX                                     28R

TRAVEL TRAILERS (Cont.)                          VACANCIES (see also
      flood hazard areas, in       1228.16(d)             particular subject)
TREASURER (see                                        office of Council
      CLERK-TREASURER)                                    member                  220.06(c)
TREE LAWNS                              432.22   VACATIONS
TREES (see                                            employees, not in a
      LANDSCAPING;                                        bargaining unit           250.24
      VEGETATION)                                     firemen         240.08
TRESPASS                      642.12, 642.125,        officers and
                                        834.03            employees                           25
TRICK OR TREAT                          636.09   VAGRANCY (see
TRUCK ROUTES                            440.09        LOITERING)
TRUCKS (see                                      VANDALISM (see
      COMMERCIAL                                      PROPERTY
      AND HEAVY                                           DESTRUCTION)
      VEHICLES)                                  VARIANCES (see also
TUITION                                                   NONCONFORMING
      reimbursement for                 250.20            USES)
TURNING                                               flood damage prevention      1228.14
      left on red                 414.03(c)(3)        Building Code                1428.05
      left turns                        432.41        noise control regulations,
      right on red                      414.10            from                      634.06
"U" TURNS                               432.11        Zoning Code                             12
UNIFORM                                                                           1246.045
           ALLOWANCE                             VECTOR CONTROL
      firefighters                           240.09   (see INFESTATION)
      generally                         250.04   VEGETATION (see
UNLAWFUL                                                  also LANDSCAPING)
      RESTRAINT                         636.11        buffering requirements      Ch. 1266
UNLOADING (see LOADING                                fences, hedges, trellises    1262.07
      AND UNLOADING)                                  injuring        642.06
USE DISTRICTS                                         lawns and landscaping       Ch. 1468
      (see also                                       obstructing view
      ZONING)                          1242.01            of street                1258.04
USER FEE FOR FIRE                                     responsibility of owner
      DEPARTMENT SERVICES 240.24                          or operator of
UTILITIES                                                     premises re        1496.01(b)
      flood hazard                                    restoration when
           areas, in               1228.15(c)             topography
      prosecutions for                                        is altered                      12
           theft of                     642.22        weeds         Ch. 678
      utility systems and
           facilities generally      Ch. 1478

2010 Replacement
28S                               GENERAL INDEX

VEHICLE EQUIPMENT                           VILLAGE HALL
     bicycles                      474.05        office hours                  1062.02
     motor vehicle               Ch. 438         use and rental policy         1062.01
     motorcycles          Ch. 438, 474.02   VILLAGE JAIL (see JAIL)
     odometers                                  444.04 et seq.
                                            VILLAGE SERVICES
     school buses                Ch. 446         services for active
     snowmobiles, off-                                military personnel       1066.01
          highway                           VILLAGE SOLICITOR
          motorcycles and                        (see SOLICITOR)
          all-purpose                       VINES (see VEGETATION)
          vehicles                 476.02   VIOLATIONS (see PENALTIES;
     unsafe vehicles               438.01        particular subject)
VEHICLES (see ALL-                          VIOLENCE, INCITING TO               648.09
     PURPOSE VEHICLES;                      VOLUNTARY
     BICYCLES;                                   INTOXICATION                   606.07
     COMMERCIAL                             VOLUNTEER FIRE
     AND HEAVY                                   DEPARTMENT                               Ch
     VEHICLES;                              VOLUNTEER FIRE
     EMERGENCY                                   FIGHTERS'
     AND PUBLIC                                  DEPENDENTS
     SAFETY VEHICLES;                            FUND BOARD                    Ch. 274
     MOTOR VEHICLES;                        VOYEURISM                          666.045
     MOTORCYCLES;                           WAGES (see COMPENSATION)
     SCHOOL BUSES;                          WAIVER
     SNOWMOBILES)                                entertainment license,
VEHICULAR HOMICIDE;                                   charitable or
     VEHICULAR                                            educational events    826.02
     MANSLAUGHTER                  434.08        filing plats    1224.06
VEHICULAR                                        parking violations             452.10
     VANDALISM                     642.10   WALLS
VIEWING BOOTHS DEPICTING                         buffering, as               1266.04(d)
     SEXUAL CONDUCT                              exterior                1496.03(a)(2)
       Operation unlawful          666.16        foundation                  1496.01(e)
VENDORS                          Ch. 834         reconstruction of             1496.04
VENTS                          1496.01(f)   WARNING LIGHTS                      660.13
VENTILATION                        660.01   WASTE DISPOSAL (see
VERMIN (see INFESTATION)                         GARBAGE AND
VIABILITY TESTING                                REFUSE; SEWERS)
     failure to perform            636.17   WASTE MATERIAL,
VICIOUS DOGS                       618.19        COMBUSTIBLE
VIDEO SERVICE PROVIDERS                          (see also GARBAGE
     fees                          852.01         AND REFUSE)                   240.04
VILLAGE CLERK                    Ch. 232    WASTES
VILLAGE ENGINEER                                 combustible                    240.06
     (see ENGINEER)

                                                                    2010 Replacement
                                  GENERAL INDEX                                   28T

WASTES, HAZARDOUS                           WELLS           660.13
    (see GARBAGE                            WHEEL PROTECTORS                   440.03
    AND REFUSE;                             WHEELCHAIRS,
    HAZARDOUS                                    MOTORIZED                     416.11
    CHEMICALS OR                            WINDOWS                     1496.02(b)(3)
    SUBSTANCES)                             WINDSHIELDS               438.22, 438.225
WASTEWATER                                  WIRELESS
        TREATMENT                                COMMUNICATION
        PLANTS (see also                         FACILITIES                 Ch. 1476
        SEPTIC TANKS)                       WORKERS'
    generally                   Ch. 1044            COMPENSATION
    Inspector                    244.02          defrauding                    642.30
WATER                                       WORKSHOPS
    distribution system                          Council                    220.01(c)
        standards                1020.02    WRESTLING MATCH                    660.03
    generally                   Ch. 1048    YARDS (see under
    stagnant or polluted          660.14         BUILDINGS)
    swimming pool                           YIELD SIGNS
        requirements             1462.04         (see also STOP
    tap-in fee                   1024.06         SIGNS; TRAFFIC
    water mains,                                 CONTROL DEVICES)                   414.02, 432.1
        subdivisions, in      1224.07(f),   ZONE MAP         1242.02
                              1224.08(d)    ZONES
WATERCOURSES                                     hazardous                                    43
    generally                    660.04,         quiet          412.02
                           660.14 et seq.        school safety
WEAPONS AND                                         possession of
        EXPLOSIVES                                  object
    defaced firearms               672.21           indistinguishable
    explosives in Office                            from firearm in            672.19
        Building, Research                       tow-away
        Laboratory and Light                        private                   452.055
        Manufacturing Districts1252.06(b)   ZONING (see also
    firearm warning signs          612.06           BUILDINGS;
    generally                    Ch. 672            DWELLINGS;
    noise regulations           634.03(d)           SIGNS; see also
    transporting explosives       432.32,           particular subject)
                                   440.04        accessory
WEAVING COURSE                     432.30           buildings                                 12
WEEDS (see also                                  accessory uses
    VEGETATION)                  Ch. 678            Business Districts     1250.02(c)
WEIGHT LIMITS                     440.01,           Industrial
                           440.10 et seq.               Districts    1254.02(32), (37)

2006 Replacement
28U                                GENERAL INDEX

ZONING (Cont.)                               ZONING (Cont.)
    accessory uses (Cont.)                       off-street loading (Cont.)
       Office Building,                              Office Building,
           Research                                      Research
           Laboratory                                    Laboratory
               and                                       and Light
           Light                                         Manufacturing
           Manufacturing                                 Districts          1252.04(c),
           Districts          1252.02(c),                                      1252.05
                              1252.06(a)         off-street parking
      adult entertainment                            buffering                 1266.05
          businesses             Ch. 1268            Business
      altering                                           Districts          1250.02(d),
          topography               1246.05                                     1250.04
      appeals, variances                             Industrial
          and amendments         Ch. 1246                Districts           1254.03(d)
      buffer requirements        Ch. 1266            Office Building,
      building permits             1244.02               Research
      Business Districts         Ch. 1250                Laboratory
      certificate of use                                 and Light
          compliance      1244.02, 1244.03               Manufacturing
      compliance;                                        Districts          1252.04(c),
          enforcement;                                                 1252.07 et seq.
              penalty            Ch. 1244       Office Building,
      Country Home                                   Research
          Districts              Ch. 1248            Laboratory
      definitions; purpose       Ch. 1240            and Light
      designations                                   Manufacturing
          maximum permissible                        Districts                Ch. 1252
              sound levels by       634.04       parking areas and
      hearings, public             1246.07           driveways                            12
      Industrial                                 performance
          Districts              Ch. 1254            standards,
      Light                                          Office Building,
          Manufacturing                              Research
              Districts          Ch. 1251            Laboratory
      nonconforming uses         Ch. 1260            and Light
      off-street loading                             Manufacturing
          generally              Ch. 1270            Districts                 1252.06
          Industrial                             political signs                          12
              Districts            1254.07

                                                                    2001 Replacement
                                 GENERAL INDEX   28V

ZONING (Cont.)
    public hearings             1246.07
    signs                      Ch. 1264
    Special Use
        Districts              Ch. 1256
    temporary signs             1258.17
    temporary structures
        operating business
            from                1250.07
    temporary uses              1256.03
    uniform use
            regulations        Ch. 1258
    water supply and
            sewage disposal
        Business Districts      1250.06
        Country Home
            Districts           1248.06
            Districts           1254.04
        Office Building,
            and Light
            Districts         1252.06(c)

2001 Replacement

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