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									                           Barst w Log
                                                                  Serving the Corps since 1943
                                                           Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif.

Vol. 13, No. 27                                                                                                                                           July 16, 2009

    ‘Good Job’
Marine Golfer
  Lance Cpl.

   Meeting II
                                                                                                                                          Photo Courtesy by Lance Cpl. Darlene Diaz

                           Children participants of the Drug Education for Youth program conducted in Big Bear, Calif., receive instruction from Marine
                           Corps Logistics Base Barstow Marines, on how to manipulate a bow-and-arrow properly, July 8. Several Marines and saliors
                           volunteered to help educate the children about drugs and alcohol and the negative affects they can have if abused.
 Check out the             Marines steer children away from
                           drugs, toward a better future
 Marine Corps
  Web site:

    or the MCLB                        By                   place in Big Bear, Calif.,        combined with fun activities       for the week.
 Barstow Web site at:       Lance Cpl. Noel Gonzalez        benefited from the efforts of     used by the volunteers as             Shortly after being assigned
                             Combat Correspondent           the compassionate Marines         learning tools.                    to a group, Diaz noticed the
                                                            from July 6-10.                      The majority of the youth       children were timid and very
                               While Marines have forged       “We taught them what drugs     were between the ages of 7         quiet, but she was confident
                           an identity for more than        and alcohol are and how they      and 13, who were separated         the children would come
                           230 years as tough, intense      could negatively affect them      into four teams, which picked      around.
   Tune in                 warriors, the leathernecks
                           of Headquarters Battalion
                                                            and their families,” said Lance
                                                            Cpl. Darlene Diaz, an admin-
                                                                                              their own team names and
                                                                                              designed their own unique
                                                                                                                                    “We made the camp fun for
                                                                                                                                 the kids by acting out skits
   to cable                showed a softer side recent-     istrative clerk for HQBN          flags.                             and having other fun activi-
                           ly.                              aboard Marine Corps Logis-           Every Marine who par-           ties,” explained the Illinois,
  Channel 80                   The Drug Education for       tics Base Barstow, Calif.         ticipated in the event had their   native. “Some of them got
                           Youth program, a drug pre-          The camp consisted of sev-     own specific duty; for Diaz, it          vention program that took        eral drug educational classes,    was taking charge of a group                See D.E.F.Y. page 5
2 July 16, 2009

                                                    loves going to daycare                      I know it is the best                        Two gentlemen, Scott                        Facilities Maintenance
                                                    and they always have his                 place for him to be while                     Mullikin and Eric For-                        personnel concerning the
                                                    well-being at heart.                     I am at work.                                 tin, complete all of the                      electrical project near C
                                                      I would also like to                      Again, thank you so                        work orders in a timely                       Street and Oasis Club:
                                                    give special thanks to                   very much.                                    manner and provide ex-                        Dale Peabody, Ernie
                                                    Nakita Fowler, who is                       Numerous work or-                          cellent customer service,                     Taylor and in particular,
                                                    always there with a smile                ders have been submitted                      which is a continual pro-                     Bill Payne.
      I would like to thank                         when I pick my son up.                   from various customers                        cess.                                            It is great to see that
  t h e P r e - To d d l e r R o o m                  Even when he has had                   on base for pest control--                      Thank you Scott and                         genuine customer service
  (Pixie, Karen and Naki-                           a bad day, she always has                everything from ants and                      Eric for the excellent                        still exists.
  ta) for the great care they                       something positive to say                spiders, to snakes and                        service.
  provide to my son. He                             about him.                               gophers.                                        Thanks go out to Nebo

                              Chaplain’s Corner                                                                                                 Just doing my job...
  Giving to Our Generation
            By Lt. Allen Presser                          nificent flow-
               Base Chaplain                              ers the other
                                                          d a y, a n d n o -
     It is amazing the vast potential,                    ticed that two
  the endless possibilities, and the                      were not open
  huge potential of a newborn that                        and the pollen
  comes into the world. The gift                          shoots were
  of life is special and beautiful,                       beginning to
  and there can never be too many                         grow longer and protrude out of
  people.                                                 the closed flower.
     As some would say, if all of                            As the few days passed, the
  the people were put in one loca-                        flowers began to die, and those
  tion on the earth spaced three                          two closed flowers also died
  feet or arms length apart, they                         without ever opening to see
  would either fill up the largest                        its full, slender, potential, and
  city in the state of Florida or the                     beauty.
  state of Florida, and a society is                         As it was with those flowers
  designed to function optimally as                       that never bloomed, unfortu-
  it increases in population.                             nately, many people live their
     Each person is special and                           lives or slip into eternity without
  invaluable. Each person is a                            ever reaching their full poten-
  beautiful and unique gift from                          tial. Certainly our lives are like
  God, and wonderful in his or her                        a mist that appears for a little
  own way.                                                while then vanishes, and All flesh
     Further, it is a privilege to be                     is as grass, and all the glory of
  able to help each person expand                         man as the flower of the grass.
  and bloom to his or her greatest                        The grass withers, and its flower
  potential in life.
     I was looking at some mag-                                         See CHAPLAIN page 9

                              Catholic Mass                               Protestant Services                                                                                                              Photo by Pfc. Thomas A. Bricker

     Chapel                   St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
                              505 E. Mt. View Barstow
                                                                          Sunday 9:00 a.m.
                                                                          Jewish Services
                                                                                                                    David Velasquez, a heavy mobile equipment mechanic with the 717, Humvee
    Services                                                                                                        Assembly, works with the equipment by taking off and replacing ball joints at
                              Sundays, 7:30 a.m. Misa En Espanol          Call 252-0148
                              9:30 - 11:30 a.m. English                   for more information                      Maintenance Center Bastow. Thirty-year-old Velasquez, a Barstow, Calif., na-
                                                                                                                    tive, keeps active by working out and playing sports during his free time.

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                                                                                                                                                                     July 16, 2009   3

                                                                               News Briefs
       Blood Drive                    also three relaxation meet-
  Marine Corps Logistics              ings for a half hour during
Base Barstow is having a              the lunch break for anyone
blood drive in Bldg. 204              interested.
and at T-598 at the Yermo                 Come and take time
Annex from 11:30 .a.m.                out, minimize stress and
to 3:30 p.m. August 13.               r e c h a rg e o v e r t h e l u n c h
Contact your supervisor               break.
or Staff noncommisioned                   Learn to become more
officer in charge for per-            efficient by letting go of
mission to donate.                    stressful thoughts and in
                                      return increase ability your
      Big Bear Fun Run                to focus. Remember that                              Greenside
                                                                                       Created by Jeff Bacon
   The Fourth Annual Big              life is a joyous experi-
Bear Fun Run will take                ence.
place in Barstow, August                  Contact Cynthia Mosque-
22.                                   da 577-6533 for more in-
   The event is scheduled to          formation.
begin at Tom’s Burgers and                We are interested in the
end at La Montana Bar and             quality of service you re-
Grill in Lucerne Valley.              ceived from the MCCS
The run will begin at 9 a.m.          -Marketing Department
and end at 2:30 p.m.                  and would appreciate you
   The entry fee is $20 per           taking the time to complete
player.                               our ICE Survey @ www.
   For more information     
contact Jim Dube at 760-                Creative Leadership
267-2325 or 760-577-                  A creative leadership work-
7147.                               shop sponsored by the Civilian
   Marine & Family Ser-             Career and Leadership Devel-
        vices presents              opment Program is reserving
   A Demystifying Anger seats for possible participants
c o u r s e w i l l b e h e l d i n now. This workshop shows you                  • Inspire employees who are        • Implement a reward plan        ing. Please obtain supervisors
Building 129’s Conference how to:                                              just punching the time clock to   that keeps employees motivated       approval prior to enrolling.
Room July 28.                         • Acquire and keep the cred-             get enthused about their jobs     and reaching their goals                Maintenance Center par-
   This is the final class ibility all creative leaders pos-                   and reach new and higher ob-          • Build a work environment       ticipants must get approval from
of the month and there are sess                                                jectives                          where employees laugh, work          their supervisor and the Training
                                                                                                                 hard and leapfrog the competi-       Center. Please contact Janet

        Security tip of the week
                                                                                                                 tion                                 Towery at 577-7296 for further
                                                                                                                     • Coach employees regularly      information on the MC approval
                                                                                                                 and one on one to become as          process.
                                                                                                                 successful as they can be
     Consider applying the travel security tips that are most relevant to your particular situation or expand        • Ignite passion in every em-     Next week’s...
  and modify them to suit your specific needs and situations.                                                    ployee by resolving issues that
     Don’t place valuable information on computers - unless you secure that computer like you secure             cause poor morale
  your ID card or driver’s license. Individuals and businesses need to understand the identity theft risks           • Tackle burnout, apathy and
  associated with taking laptops containing sensitive information with them when they travel and develop         negativity so your team can
  policies and procedures to properly address the security of their information.                                 solve problems with a new at-
     Carry the minimum – don’t carry all your personal information with you when you travel. Limit               titude and new success
  yourself to only a few necessary credit cards and documents as you consider travel security and you will           • And much more!                         Coming July 23
  limit your identity theft risks.                                                                                   Don’t miss out on what will
     Take the copies – Carry photocopies instead of the originals when necessary and possible. For example,      most certainly be one of the most
  copies of passports are not acceptable forms of identification; however, copies of birth certificates may be                                                  Editor’s Note
                                                                                                                 productive and eye-opening ex-
                                 in some cases when presented with other original                                                                         “News Briefs” are designed
                                                                                                                 periences of your career.
                                 documents. So, it is not necessary to carry all                                                                       to disseminate information to
                                                                                                                     There are 30 seats available      the MCLB Barstow commu-
                                 originals all the time. I usually carry a copy of my                            and all requests to attend must
                                 marriage certificate when traveling with the family                                                                   nity. Any submissions to be
                                                                                                                 be received NLT 12 p.m. July          used in the paper should be
                                 overseas; however, I never take the original ones                               22.
                                 if I don’t have to. Of course, the copies also reveal                                                                 received Fridays by noon for
                                                                                                                     Base side participants: Please    the following week’s issue.
                                 one’s personal information; however, originals                                  e-mail Ms. Kelly Johnson at           Submit briefs via e-mail to
                                 can inflict a much bigger identity theft damage if                                 BSTW_PAOLIST@usmc.
                                 lost or stolen.                                                                 to reserve a seat for this train-     mil.
4   July 16, 2009

Marine golfer creates lasting legacy
             By                                   Marine Oscar Valenzuela.              Corps Recruit Depot San Diego        were headed to Barstow, which          tor transport driver, Valenzuela
Staff Sgt. Houston White Jr.                         Currently celebrating his 60th     during July of 1947, the young       was strange because none of            returned to the base fire depart-
   Chief of Public Affairs                        anniversary working aboard            Mexican-American recruit en-         us had ever heard of Barstow
                                                  base, the Corpus Christi, Texas,      tered the service during the final   before,” he said. “By the time
   When it comes to government                    native’s journey to the Mojave        stages of legal segregation in the   I began working at the base fire
service aboard Marine Corps Lo-                   Desert installation began back in     military—a policy he was all too     department in 1949, my friends
gistics Base Barstow, Calif., few                 his hometown in 1947, where at        familiar with and wouldn’t see       and I were finally able to work
can claim the legacy of Civilian                  the age of 16, he made the criti-     the end of until he was stationed    together regardless of race.”
                                                  cal decision to join a branch of      in Barstow.                              Although extended a year
                                                  the military he had barely come          “Growing up in segregated         past his original three-year
                                                  into contact with.                    Texas, all my black friends I used   contract due to the onset of the
                                                     “I remember being in high          to work and caddy with at the        Korean War, Valenzuela ended
                                                  school when I met the Marine          local golf club in Corpus Christi    his active duty service in 1951
                                                  Corps recruiter for the first time,   went to separate schools,” he        and immediately transitioned
                                                  he said. “Before then, I didn’t       remarked. “We all joined the         to civilian employment aboard
                                                  even know the Marine Corps            service together thinking things     base, thanks to a newfound
                                                  existed, but the recruiter said       would be different there, but it     motivation.
                                                  the Marines were tough and I          wasn’t until President (Harry            “I met my wife in town
                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Staff Sgt. Houston White Jr.
                                                  wanted to help my family out,         S.) Truman passed the laws to        in 1950 while I was on
                                                                                                                                                                   MCLB Barstow golf instructor Oscar
                                                  so I decided to join.                 desegregate the military.            weekend liberty,” reminisced          Valenzuela (left) looks on as student
                                                     “I was so young I actually            After serving in a segregated     the Marine Veteran. “We were          John Howard, a New Orleans native,
                                                  had to wait a week to turn 17 so      Fleet Marine Force platoon in        married three months later and        practices on the putting green. The 78
             Photo courtesy of Oscar Valenzuela
                                                  that my parents could sign the        Guam at the tail end of World        she wanted to stay here. I loved      year-old Corpus Christi, Texas, native
As a 20 year-old Marine cor-                                                                                                                                       is currently celebrating his 60th anni-
                                                  paperwork giving their consent,       War II from 1947-49, Valenzuela      the Barstow weather because           versary aboard the installation.
poral in 1950, Corpus Christi,
Texas, native Oscar Valenzu-                      even though my mom didn’t             eventually saw the social change     my hometown was so humid,
ela was extended an additional                    want me to go,” added the 78          he originally anticipated when       so I figured staying here was my       ment in 1968, where he served
year aboard MCLB Barstow                          year-old golf instructor.             he joined the Corps.                 best option and as soon as I was       for an additional 17 years—
due to the onset of the Korean                       Leaving behind the Gulf               “World War II was just set-       a civilian, I went straight to work    collecting numerous awards for
War. The avid golfer met and
married his wife Maria, a Bar-                    Coast of South Texas for the          tling down and my platoon            at the base motor pool.”
stow native, the same year.                       yellow footprints of Marine           from Corpus Christi was told we          Following 17 years as a mo-                See GOLFER page 9
                                                                                                                                                                    July 16, 2009 5
D.E.F.Y. from page 1

a chance to play paintball
                                 children’s shyness at the
                                 beginning of the week and
                                 sought to alleviate it right
                                                                Barstow Marine captures triple crown
too, which helped ease the       away by interacting with       By Pfc. Thomas A. Bricker                compete for Marine of
tension and make them more       them.                            Combat Correspondent                   the Quarter, it’s almost a
comfortable.”                       According to Jimenez and                                             unanimous decision,” he
   Many of the activities        Diaz, the children adapted        The entrance hallway of the           added. “I use the tradition
were educational and gave        well and really enjoyed        Headquarters Battalion building          and history of the Marine
the kids valuable informa-       themselves at the camp.        aboard Marine Corps Logistics            Corps to motivate me to
tion about drug and alcohol         “Overall, it was a very     Base Barstow, Calif., holds pic-         achieve my goals.”
prevention and some were         good experience for every-     tures of esteemed faces, including          According to the Long
just to get them to relax and    one,” he said.                 a Marine who wants his photo             Beach Polytechnic High
have a good time.                   As the week came to an      to remain a part of the wall of          School graduate, he is
   In addition to the games,     end, Diaz noticed a change     distinction.                             close to completing his
the children were given dif-     in the children’s behavior        Lance Cpl. Brian Singam, a            tour of active service in
ferent responsibilities daily    compared to their first day.   separations clerk with HQBN,             the Marine Corps and is
to help build their confi-       The children had become        was named Marine of the Quarter          planning on moving on to
dence and self esteem.           comfortable with the Ma-       recently, earning his third such title   pursue higher education.
   From taking charge of         rines around them as the       while stationed at MCLBB.                   Singam added that he
formation to making sure         week advanced and actually        Singam, a Long Beach, Calif.,         believes his status as a
everyone got to their classes    were disappointed to leave     native, has been nominated for           Marine will be looked                                      Official File Photo

on time, nearly every child      the camp.                      the award numerous times and             upon by prospective                Lance Cpl. Brian Singam
had their chance to shine.          “At the beginning, some     has beaten out his competitors           employers as a positive.
   Alongside Diaz, Pfc. An-      of the kids were shy and       each time.                                  “When I get out, I plan          Diaz, a HQBN administrative
gel Jimenez, also a HQBN         were still getting used to        The Laotian-American Marine           on getting a degree and hopefully clerk and Singam’s co-worker.
administrative clerk from        the environment,” Diaz ex-     attributes his current award to          become successful in business,” The 19 year-old Belvidere, Ill.,
Hollywood, Calif., enjoyed       plained. “By Friday, they      many different things.                   he said.                            native added that the Marine of the
his time at Big Bear.            were all sad to leave; some       “I was motivated, dedicated              Although the end of his enlist- Quarter makes the office environ-
   “I wanted to help the kids,   of the kids even cried the     and I stayed true to myself,” he         ment is quickly approaching, he ment less stressful and easier to
because when I was growing       last day.”                     said.                                    continues to demonstrate his dedi- work in.
up I wished I had a program                                        The 21-year-old is extremely          cation and devotion to the Corps.
like this to guide me,” he       For more on this story         motivated by winning the MOQ                “Lance Corporal Singam stays For more on this story con-
explained.                       contact the author at noel.    selection boards, he said.               motivated and is very confident in tact the author at thomas.
   Jimenez also noticed the                 “It feels great. Every time I         his work,” said Lance Cpl. Darlene
6 July 16, 2009

Community Issues/Concerns
   In September 2008 and on          Clothing Store. If assistance       confidential they would not use      job fairs for the United States at
June 4, 2009, then Base Com-         is needed with uniform items,       our services and two it is a legal   the Career Resource Center.             9 to 11 a.m. mommy, baby
manding Officer Col. Kenneth         please feel free to contact any     requirement that client infor-                                            time at the pool. More ac-
D. Enzor, held a Town Hall           exchange personnel and ask          mation be kept confidential.            MCLB Barstow - Lifelong           tivities for mom and babies.
meeting allowing housing resi-       about special orders. Most                                               Learning Education Center            Trips to the zoos to learn
dents to voice their concerns        special order uniform items are        There are exceptions to con-      and Career Resource Center           about the different animals.
and issues. Base Special Staff       received within 7 to 10 days.       fidentiality that require external   hosts a Career and Information       More pre-school activities.
representatives were on hand to                                          reporting to authorities and         fair every July. The Career and
provide answers to those com-          Pool pavement needs to            those exceptions are clients         Information Fair will be held           Mommy & Baby time will
munity issues and concerns and       be fixed                            who are: suicidal, homicidal,        tomorrow in the base gym . The       be offered 9-11 on Tues/Thurs-
here is what came out of both                                            gravely disabled, abuse chil-        fair will be open from 10 a.m.       days beginning 9 Jun 09. This
meetings:                              A work ticket has been sub-       dren, or abuse the elderly. The      - 2 p.m., and it will be open to     time will be available with the
                                     mitted to repair the pavement       military has other exceptions: if    the public.                          exceptions of the swim lesson
  MCCS                               and loose rocks around the pool     a client is involved in domestic                                          times, and will resume after the
                                     deck. (Submitted 6-1-09)            violence, abuses drugs, or abus-        Barstow Community Col-            lessons are over.
  MCX prices are too high!                                               es alcohol, client confidentiality   lege hosts a job fair every
Not compatible with out-in             Pool slide and diving board       is lost and we are required to       March. This past job fair had           It would be awesome to
town prices                          are too old, they need to be        notify command. Another ex-          more than 900 participants           have another water park
                                     replaced                            ception is if the base command-      and 53 vendors. The number           where moms/dads could take
   MCX merchandise prices                                                ing officer or the commanding        of participants was an increase      their kids any day of the
are adjusted at HQMC. Local             A work ticket has been sub-      Officer of the service member        of over 300 from the previous        week. The CDC only offers
Price Surveys are conducted          mitted to repair the diving board   requests information about a         job fair.                            the water park on Saturdays
monthly on consumable items          and with budget availability it     client; he has a right to know                                            for parents and their kids
to adjust local pricing. These       will be replaced as well as the     that information. The bottom            Fort Irwin, Calif., hosts a
surveys include consumable           slide. (FY10)                       line is this; that if you come       job fair every September. The           The Water Spray Park is
items such as sodas, chips,                                              for counseling all information       last job fair had more than 400      available for use during the
alcohol and tobacco. Addi-              Why do we not have out-          will be confidential with the        participants and 38 vendors.         week days for children enrolled
tionally the MCX Price Match         side food vendors on base           exceptions mentioned above. If                                            in care at CDC. Children can
Policy can be utilized by bring-     (example: Starbucks, Mc-            anyone believes their confiden-         Victor Valley College (Vic-       use the facility with their sched-
ing in a current advertisement       Donalds, Subway, etc.)?             tiality has been breached please     torville, Calif.) hosts a job fair   uled age group if they are under
from a local competitor.                                                 let me know and I will               every April. There were more         contracted or hourly care. The
                                        As to why we do not have            personally investigate the        than 1500 participants at the        park will be open on Saturdays
  Every Marine needs a hair          outside vendors on base, we         issue.                               last job fair. This is an increase   for any child eligible for Re-
cut on Monday morning yet            would love for them to come on                                           of more than 500 participants        spite Care (dependant children
The Barber Shop is not open          board but the base population          The pool should have fam-         from last year’s job fair.           of active duty military aboard
on Sundays. The Barber               does not support a franchise or     ily time.                                                                 this installation, age 6 weeks
Shop needs to be open on             owner/operator to cover costs                                               We need good advertise-           to 5 years)
Sundays.                             to do business. If ever one does       Family Swimming is avail-         ment; we never know when
                                     make themselves available we        able from 1-7 p.m. With only         events are going on. Stay at            We would like to have
   We tried this before for two      would be more than happy to         one pool available, we must          home moms are not informed           TGIF back on Fridays instead
months, two years ago and the        bring them aboard.                  allow time for lap swimming as       of events, please do not rely        of Thursdays. Thursday is the
most customers Jay saw was                                               well as swim lessons and other       on our husbands to pass the          day the Marines clean the
five this is not good business                                           aquatic activities.                  information.                         barracks and are inspected.
practices to be here for only five     Issues are not kept confi-                                                                                  We never know when Ka-
and at that time the base popu-      dential when seen by Marine            Base should sponsor family           We currently advertise all        raoke is here because there
lation was 70 more Marines.          & Family Services Person-           trips (ex. Zoo, aquarium, wild       upcoming events and programs         is no or little advertisement
                                     nel                                 animal parks).                       through the following media;         on this event. When there is
  Insufficient supplies for                                                                                                                        advertisement the dates are
male/female uniforms at the             In regard to this question:        HRO                                   Barstow Log – MCCS Col-           wrong, several of us showed
exchange. I have gone to             Issues are not kept confidential      We need job fairs!                 umn Base Widest Dissemina-           up on a Friday for TGIF and
Camp Pendleton to purchase           when seen by Marine & Fam-                                               tion e-mail Electronic Marquis       it was moved to Thursday.
uniforms!                            ily Services Personnel. As the         Each year, surrounding com-       Sign on Boll Ave iNeighbors
                                     clinical supervisor of Marine       munities and military installa-      email distribution list Posters         Due to the lack of participa-
   MCLB Barstow does not             and Family Services Division,       tions hosts “job” or “career and     and fliers at all MCCS facilities,   tion on TGIF it was decided
have the military personnel          I can assure you that we have       information” fairs. The fairs        Commissary, and other base of-       to hold it on an alternate date.
to rate a Military Clothing          highest standards for client        are spread out throughout the        fices, including Yermo.              Thursday was chosen due to
Store, however the MCX will          confidentiality. There are many     calendar year (March, April,            Quarterly Connection Publi-       RDO Friday having been the
special order any uniform item       reasons for the high standard.      July, and September) to support      cation           issue previously. There was
requested. The MCX does not          One reason is if clients do not     all employment eligible mem-         Web site. Please let us know         30 days of advertisement prior
have the space to carry every        feel that what they say in a        bers of our society. Patrons can     where else you would like us         to the change of date. We cur-
uniform item like a Military         counseling session will be kept     acquire a listing of all the major   to advertise.                        rently have a survey in progress
                                                                                                                                                              July 16, 2009    7
on our Web site asking for input    ible schedules with no benefits         I would like the gym/pool        working moms and working            have had too much theft of the
on the best date, and what types    (sick days, leave, or holidays)      to offer a daily time for the       parents. There are a lot of pro-    towels no matter how we try to
of entertainment you would          and have to wait one year to         small children and parents          grams that the City of Barstow      police them. It is just not cost
like to see on this event.          be eligible for a permanent          before “open swim” because          offers.                             effective for us to continue to
                                    position with supervisor’s           the pool is busy and crowded.                                           provide towels as our budget
  Can anyone arrange for            approval?                            My son is small and when the                                            cannot support it. We have
dance classes to be offered                                              Marines and the teenagers              We do not utilize the CDC        purchased new gym wipes for
here on base at the parent’s           MCCS operates on a bud-           are there I don’t feel it’s safe    Center because of on going          the gym which are antibacterial
expense, the closest one is in      get that relies largely on rev-      and he doesn’t like it.             issues, incidents and inves-        wipes.
Apple Valley (it’s a drive).        enue generated by its facilities.                                        tigations. What kind of cre-
                                    Given the size and population           Mommy & Baby time will           dentials and training does the        Can the pool be open in
   Semper Fit                       of MCLB Barstow, it is not           be offered 9 -11 a.m. on Thurs-     CDC staff have?                     the morning for swim at your
   If you are referring to chil-    possible to compare a NAF            days beginning June 11. An                                              own risk?
dren’s ballet or other dance        salary on this base to any other     additional day may be added            CDC staff has a minimum
classes, then we do not offer       base in the local area. Ft. Ir-      depending on the interest. This     of a high school diploma but           The pool must have a life-
that because of certification and   win, Twentynine Palms and,           time will be available with the     many staff have Associate           guard on duty at all times for
liability issues as well as space   of course, Camp Pendleton are        exception of the swim lesson        Degrees in Early Childhood          the safety of all. Per MCO
availability.                       much larger installations with       times, and will resume after the    Education. Staff undergoes          1700.29, para. 4010 #2b: A
                                    a larger customer base. The          lessons are over.                   a training schedule for a pe-       lifeguard must be on duty
   However, if you are requir-      services offered on these bases                                          riod of 18 months and then is       anytime swimming is per-
ing about adult dance classes       are possible due to the popula-         I would like the gym to of-      required to complete further        mitted in Aquatic Facilities.
such as Ballroom, hip hop, etc.,    tion and these services generate     fer child care so I can workout     training of 24 hours per year
then yes we have advertised in      revenues that support the bud-       there. I like going to the gym      of professional development.          Can there be more than
the past for instructors and are    get. We simply do not have that      but it’s hard to go because         Each incident that occurs at        two sessions of swim lessons,
always open to referrals. To        budget to operate from.              childcare is hard to find and       the Children, Youth and Teen        perhaps afternoon for work-
date there have been no instruc-                                         I don’t like leaving my son at      program is taken very seriously.    ing parents?
tors trained on specialties but I      It is a common business           the CDC. It would be very           If necessary, formal investiga-
continue to advertise. Please       practice in both the government      convenient to have at least a       tions are done to insure that          Swimming lessons will be
drop by at the gym to fill out      and the private sector to hire       couple of hours of child care       the program is run according        offered beginning July 7 for
a survey of which dance style       employees on a probationary          at the gym every day.               to MCO 1710.30E.                    two weeks and again July 28
you would like to have.             basis. All of our employees                                                                                  for two weeks, 30-minutes ses-
                                    are hired this way no matter             We offered the basketball         The gym is not open enough        sions, four days a week from 8
   Marketing                        what the status or position.         court to be available with su-      hours on the weekends               -10:30 a.m.
   Currently there are two          Most non-supervisory posi-           pervision for children two or
dance studios located in Bar-       tions are hired as flexible as a     three times a week from 9 – 11         Although this is quite fre-         Evening Swim lesson class
stow: Barstow Academy of            matter of policy. There are a        a.m. as per the request of the      quently looked at, there just is    will be offered being July 7 and
Dance, and Kim Harris Dance         couple of reasons for this.          mothers, right after the town       not enough usage on the week-       again July 28 the time will be
Studio. There were previously       First, as mentioned above, we        hall meeting in September.          ends to justify hiring additional   from 7 - 7:30 p.m. and again
salsa dance lessons offered for     are constantly working within        Only a couple of people took        staff to cover longer hours.        from 7:30 – 8 p.m. (depending
free at the Oasis Club, however     budget constraints. The more         advantage of this a couple of                                           on the interest, we must have a
it did not continue due to lack     positions we start at permanent      times. During the summer               The gym should purchase          least three participants per class
of participation.                   status with benefits, the fewer      season the gym is too busy          an industrial size washer and       to offer this)
                                    positions we have to offer. It is    throughout the day and cannot       dryer and start handing out
  Can yoga classes be offered       paramount for us to maintain         accommodate it. We can how-         towels at the front desk. I            We need more activities for
here on base?                       the service standards for our        ever, offer it again in September   realize that the gym atten-         pre-school ages, 3-6 years old,
                                    active duty service members,         if the interest is still there.     dants stay busy with keeping        ie. T-ball, soccer, karate.
   Currently, there are no other    retirees and their families and                                          the place clean and putting
yoga instructors other then         reducing our workforce would            We need more activities          weights away but I think               We just hired a Sports Co-
Shelley Hines, and it has been      directly impact the service level    for mom and their kids. This        that it would make the gym          ordinator who is actively ar-
offered on and off at the lunch     we would be able to offer. We        base offers a lot more sup-         more sanitary if everyone           ranging clinics and workshops/
schedule. We can offer it again     have to find a balance between       port for working parents but        was required to have a towel        activities for kids of all ages.
but need to know the time slot      the number of positions we can       there are not much for stay at      with them while working out.
requested. Not all hours are        offer, the pay rates, the benefits   home moms to do. It’s nice          The spray bottles and pa-              We would like a facility/
conducive during the work           and the organizational staffing      that there are activities to do     per towels work and I think         location that would accom-
day. As above, we continue to       needs.                               without our children but I          most of the people are pretty       modate us to have indoor
advertise for instructors. There                                         don’t like leaving my children      good about wiping down the          activities with our children
is yoga now offered in the town        We are currently working          at the CDC or in childcare          equipment after use, but this       when the weather does not
of Barstow on Main Street at        with headquarters to create          so much. More daytime ac-           is about the only military          allow us to be outside.
the new gym.                        an MCCS wide benefit pack-           tivities would be nice and the      gym that I have been to that
                                    age designed specifically for        programs that are already in        doesn’t issue towels.                  MCCS has just acquired
   Why isn’t the NAF pay            flexible employees with the          place could be catered more                                             the old ceramics shop which
compatible to other bases and       potential for leave accruals. As     to stay home parents.                  We currently do have a           we will be utilized for a mul-
installations in surrounding        information becomes available                                            washer and dryer that serve our     tipurpose room for families
areas, or local businesses?         we will make it available.              The programs we have in          purposes. As far as the towels      and staff.
Why are many hired at flex-                                              place do accommodate both           are concerned, in the past we
8 July 16, 2009
                                                                                                   577-6812 or 577-6898.                           appropriate). The more times you bowl,
                                                                                                                                                   the more times your name is entered.
                                                                                                                                                   Entries begin now! Drawing is on Sep-
                                                                                                      Glow Ball Golf Tournament                    tember 3rd, 2009. For more information,
                                                                                                      July 31st                                    please call Desert Lanes at 577-6264.
                                                                                                      Join us at the Tees & Trees Golf
                                                                                                   Course on Friday, July 31st for the first          Family Bingo Night
                                                                                                   evening Glow Ball Golf Tournament.                 Every 2nd Tuesday; August 11, Sep-
                                                                                                   Sign-ups begin at 7pm with tee off at           tember 8. Add some excitement to your
                                                                                                   8:15pm. There is a 60-person maximum            summer evenings by joining us for Family
                                                                                                   and it will be a 4-man scramble format.         Bingo! For only $10 per person, you can
                                                                                                   The cost is $35.00 for two players and          enjoy a delicious meal and play two hours
                                                                                                   $17.50 per single player and includes           worth of Bingo games. All winners choose
                                                                                                   cart and green fees. Tickets are avail-         their own prizes! Best of all: you don’t have
                                                                                                   able at the Tees & Trees Golf Course,           to do the dishes. For more information, call
                                                                                                   the MCCS Marketing Department (bldg.            Marketing at 577-5893/6968.
                                                                                                   319), and Lanzer’s Lounge. For more
                                                                                                   information, please call MCCS Market-              Oasis Pool – Swim Lessons
         Texas Hold ‘Em Poker                     Family Services Division will host its 2nd An-   ing at 577-5893.                                   Session 1: July 7-17; Session 2: July
             Tournament                           nual Career & Information Fair at the Semper
                                                                                                                                                   28 – August 7
    The next Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tourna-         Fit Gymnasium, in Building 44. With more
                                                                                                      Semper Fit Gym –Volleyball                      Swim lessons at the Oasis Pool have
ment Series of 2009 will be tonight, July 16th,   than 20 colleges and companies in attendance,
                                                                                                       Every Wednesday                             begun! The class schedule is as follows:
at the Major General James L. Day Confer-         you will have the opportunity to obtain
                                                                                                       From 5pm to 7pm every Wednesday, prac-      July 28th – August 7th morning class from
ence Center. Sign in begins at 5:30 p.m. with     information from companies that might be
                                                                                                   tice and tune up your volleyball skills while   0800 to 1030 and evening class from
play beginning promptly at 6:00 p.m. There        hiring as well as information on furthering
                                                                                                   having fun at your Semper Fit Gym. For more     1930-2000. Children will be placed in an
is a 30-minute late show cut-off and re-buys      your education. Job seekers come dressed
                                                                                                   information, call 577-6812 or 577-6898.         appropriate level based on their swimming
for the first hour of play. The $25 sign-up       for success with copies of your resume! For
                                                                                                                                                   skills: Guppies (beginners), Pollywog (ad-
fee includes dinner. For more information,        more information, call 577-6118.
                                                                                                     Desert Lanes Bowling Center                   vanced beginners), and Fish (intermediate).
visit or call                                                                                                            There must be at least three participants to
Marketing at 577-5893.                               Semper Fit Gym – Slam-n-Jam                   Backpack Giveaway                               hold a class. Lessons cost $20 per child or
                                                                                                      Now through September 3rd
                                                     July 27th -29th                                                                               ask about our family rates. Sign-up and
   2009 Career & Information Fair                                                                     Bowl a game at Desert Lanes Bowling
                                                     Who has the team to beat? 3 on 3-basket-      Center and your name will be entered in         pay at the Oasis Pool during regular pool
   Friday, July 17, 10:00am – 2:00pm              ball tournament! Sign up now at building 44.                                                     hours. For more information, call Brenda
                                                                                                   a drawing to win a backpack filled with
   Tomorrow, Friday July 17th Marine and          From 5pm to 7pm. For more information, call      school supplies (backpacks will be age          Petruncio at (760) 577-6971.
                                                                                                                                                  July 16, 2009   9
CHAPLAIN from page 2                   generation is on our shoulders         GOLFER from page 5                           the Santa Fe Railroad,” he continued.
                                       regardless if we realize it or not,                                                 “At that time Fort Irwin wasn’t fully
                                                                              superior performance— before retiring
falls away, but the word of the        and it is up to us to give to others                                                established and they didn’t even have a
                                                                              in 1985. His retirement was short-lived
LORD endures forever (1 Peter          for their development as it has                                                     golf course yet. The base had three sec-
                                                                              however, as shortly after his firefighting
1:24-25).                              been given to us.                                                                   tions; Nebo, Yermo and Daggett, which
                                                                              days ended, he returned to his lifelong
   Fortunately however, we can            Moreover, Jesus said, “Freely                                                    was closed back in 1962.”
                                                                              passion at the base golf course, where
go to work together to make a          you have received, freely give”                                                         Today Valenzuela’s journey has not
                                                                              today he resides as the Barstow course’s
positive difference in the lives       (Matthew 10:8), and Peter the                                                       surprisingly lead him back to the lush
                                                                              golf professional and ambassador.
of others.                             Apostle said, “Silver and gold I                                                    greens of the MCLB Barstow golf
                                                                                  “When I was 13 years old I was a
   People need people; we need         do not have, but what I do have                                                     course, where at 78 he still provides
                                                                              caddy at the Corpus Christi Country
each other; and we are nourished       I give you: In the name of Jesus                                                    lessons to anyone authorized to use the
                                                                              Club, where my friends and I would
as we nourish others, as it is writ-   Christ of Nazareth, rise up and                                                     facility, all while extending his legacy
                                                                              play golf every Monday,” he said. “I
ten in God’s Holy Word: “The           walk” (Acts 3:6).                                                                   aboard the base.
                                                                              caught on to how to judge wind and
generous man will be prosperous,          We are to give according to                                                          “Oscar and I have always been good
                                                                              distance, read greens, and hit the ball
and he who waters will himself         what we do have, not according                                                      friends since I arrived in Barstow,”
                                                                              pretty quickly.”
be watered” (Proverbs 11:25).          to what we do not have. So, the                                                     said 89 year-old retired Marine Master
                                                                                  “While I was stationed in Guam, the
Together we can water and impact       question remains, “What is it that                                                  Sgt. Roy Kastner, a Los Angeles native
                                                                              Marine Corps pilots would fly us to the
the generation to which we have        we do have to give?” For one, it                                                    who served as the brig warden aboard
                                                                              island of Saipan on the weekends to play,
been called to serve.                  may be money, to another it may                                                     base in 1954 and ran the Marine Corps
                                                                              so I have had the chance to play a lot of
   Further, according to former        be knowledge, to another it may                                                     Exchange at MCLBB from 1956-1958.
                                                                              golf over the years,” he added.
Chief of Naval Operations Admi-        be time, and yet to another and                                                     “We played our first round of golf
                                                                                  Over the course of six decades, Valen-
ral Vern Clark, leadership is more     may be the love and knowledge                                                       together in 1954 and he’s a very good
                                                                              zuela has also seen the physical growth
about influence than authority;        of God.                                                                             golfer who I could always ask for advice
                                                                              of a town that in the late 1940s was no
leaders are supposed to influence         Jesus said whoever believes                                                      if I had something in my game I needed
                                                                              more than a few small structures along
their environment, and success         will in Him will have eternal                                                       to fix.”
                                                                              historic Route 66.
begets success.                        life. “For God did not send the                                                         “I have been in Barstow since the end
                                                                                  “I’ve been in Barstow most of my
   `We can therefore use our God-      Son into the world to judge the                                                     of World War II,” concluded Valenzuela.
                                                                              life and seen a lot of changes,” he said.
given success to influence people      world, but that the world might be                                                  “I’m a proud grandfather thanks to my
                                                                              “When I got here in 1949, there was
around us for their betterment         saved through Him” (John 3:15,                                                      daughter Judy and my wife Maria is
                                                                              only one road that went through the
and success, thus impacting our        17). May we work together, give                                                     crazy about Barstow. I really like it here
                                                                              base. Out in town there was just a hotel,
environment for the greater good.      of ourselves, and give the love                                                     and this is where my family is.”
                                                                              a restaurant and a gas station and noth-
It is our duty and job to support      and knowledge of God from our
                                                                              ing else.”                                   For more on this story contact the
and uphold this generation. This       hearts to this generation.
                                                                                  “The only business off the base was      author at

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