Athletics by hedongchenchen


									Athletics: Tot and Youth                                                                                                            AGES 3–14

Mark Miller’s Parent and Me
Munchkin Soccer and Football                                                         Dodgeball Bonanza NEW!
                                                                                     AGES: 8–14 YEARS (GRADES 3–8; SEE BELOW)
                                                                                     Are you ready to dodge, duck, dive, and dip? This program takes dodge
The Parent and Me Munchkin Soccer/Football program gives you and your
                                                                                     ball class a step further by giving players the opportunity to not only
child an opportunity to bond and have fun together while learning soccer
                                                                                     play the classic game, but also learn and play many different variations
or football. Our goal is for each child to have fun, experience success, and
                                                                                     of one of America’s fastest growing sports. Different games include:
learn the basic fundamentals. For more information, call 847-236-1571.
                                                                                     scatter ball, backboard bombardment, S.P.U.D., and many others.
(Min/Max: 8/12).
                                                                                     (Min/Max: 10/20). Instructor: BPD-Staff.
Fee: $100/$115 (8 wks)
                                                                                     Fee: $53/$66 (1 wk)
Location: Langendorf Lagoon, BHS–Gym (rain location)
                                                                                     Location: LAC–Gym
Ages 3–5 with parent
                                                                                     Actv.#          Sec.#     Day           Date             Time
Actv.#                    Sec.#       Day     Date        Time
                                                                                     Grades 3–5      01        Mon–Fri.      7/11–7/15        2:00–3:00pm
Parent & Me Soccer        01          Sat.    6/18–8/13   10:00–10:30am
                                                                                                     02        Mon.–Fri.     8/8–8/12         2:00–3:00pm
                          05          Tue.    6/21–8/9    6:00–6:30pm
                                                                                     Grades 6–8      03        Mon.–Fri.     7/11–7/15        3:00–4:00pm
Parent & Me Football      03          Sat.    6/18–8/13 11:00–11:30am                                04        Mon.–Fri.     8/8–8/12         3:00–4:00pm
                                              No class 7/2
Ages 4–8 without parent
Actv.#                    Sec.#       Day     Date        Time
Soccer                    02          Sat.    6/18–8/13   10:30–11:00am
                          06          Tue.    6/21–8/9    6:30–7:00pm

Football                  04          Sat.    6/18–8/13 11:30am–12:00pm
                                              No class 7/2

Mini Sports Mania
This is your chance to bond with your child while they experience basketball
or a variety of other sports and work on large motor skill development. Mini
Sports Mania focuses either on basketball (Section 01) or on a different sport
each week that may include basketball, soccer, T-ball, football, and more
(Section 02). We use fun and creative drills; kids get lots of practice with the
fundamentals! (Min/Max: 10/30).
Fee: $65/$80 (8 wks)
Location: F&RC–Gyms                                                                Beginning Foil Fencing
Actv.#           Sec.#         Day           Date         Time                     AGES: 11 YEARS–ADULT (AGES 9–10 WITH PARENT)
204398                                                                             En garde! Do you fancy yourself a swashbuckler and crave the sound of
Basketball       01            Sat.          6/18–8/13    1:00–1:30pm              steel on steel? Learn the Olympic sport of fencing (swordfighting), starting
Sports Mania     02            Sat.          6/18–8/13    1:30–2:00pm              with the basics: footwork, lunges, parries, rules, and etiquette. Students
                                             No class 7/2                          must wear athletic shoes and workout clothes to sessions. Students should
                                                                                   supply their own equipment (can be ordered through the Barrington Fencing
                                                                                   Club for $110 per set at the first session). Fee includes complimentary mem-
                                                                                   bership to the Barrington Fencing Club for the balance of the calendar year.
                                                                                   Students must provide e-mail address. (Min/Max: 10 students). Instructor:
                                                                                   Barrington Fencing Club Officers.
                                                                                   Fee: $80/$100 (12 wks)
                                                                                   Location: TBA
                                                                                   Actv.#         Sec.#      Day        Date        Time
                                                                                   204355         01         Tue.       6/21–8/9    6:30–7:30pm

                                                                                                                                                                    Athletics: Tot/Youth
                                                                                   Skyhawks Sports Camps
                                                                                   AGES 3–7 YEARS
                                                                                   Designed for beginner to intermediate level players, Skyhawks
                                                                                   Sports Camps deliver quality programs that develop skills, refine
                                                                                   talents, and prepare young athletes for future endeavors and com-
                                                                                   petition. Skyhawks teach the fundamentals in an appropriately com-
                                                                                   petitive environment where winning and losing are not everything,
                                                                                   but are a simple part of the game. Our experienced staff is trained
                                                                                   to share their knowledge and love of the sport with a young audi-
                                                                                   ence. All campers receive a free T-shirt and merit award. For more
                                                                                   information, visit (Min/Max: 12/24). Instructor:

                                                                                   Tiny-Hawks (Soccer & Basketball)
                                                                                   AGES 3–4 YEARS
Football Training Camp
                                                                                   Tiny-Hawk programs help 3- and 4-year-olds fine-tune their motor
                                                                                   skills. No pressure, just lots of fun while these tiny athletes learn the
This camp introduces the basic fundamentals of football through interactive        basics through unique Skyhawks games with the help of an adult.
drills and games in a fun-filled, safe environment. The class will focus on        Our Tiny-Hawk coaching staff is trained to meet the special needs
teaching participants techniques on passing, blocking, running patterns,           of young children and creating a positive introduction to sports.
catching, and more. (Min./Max: 10/50).                                             Participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 10:1. Parent participant is
Fee: $70/$85 (4 days)                                                              encouraged. Children must be potty-trained to attend. Pull-ups are
Location: Ron Beese Park–Field 3                                                   not allowed.
Actv.#          Sec.#      Day              Date          Time                     Fee: $50/$63 (1 wk)
204390          01         Mon.–Thur.       6/27–6/30     10:00am–12:00pm          Location: Roslyn–Gym
                                                                                   Actv.#       Sec.#     Day           Date           Time
                                                                                   204489       01        Mon.–Fri.     6/20–6/24      12:30–1:30pm
                                                                                                02        Mon.–Fri.     8/1–8/5        12:30–1:30pm

                                                                                   Mini-Hawk Multi-Sport
                                                                                   (Soccer, Baseball & Basketball)
                                                                                   AGES 4–7 YEARS
                                                                                   Mini-Hawk programs are designed to introduce young athletes to a
                                                                                   number of sports These programs are designed to motivate children
                                                                                   to have fun, be active, and get healthy while giving them the funda-
                                                                                   mental skill sets needed to succeed and grow in whichever sport
                                                                                   they choose. Participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 8:1.
                                                                                   Fee: $99/$124 (1 wk)
                                                                                   Location: Roslyn–Gym
                                                                                   Actv.#       Sec.#     Day           Date           Time
Sportsters Camp                                                                    204493       01        Mon.–Fri.     6/20–6/24      9:00am–12:00pm
AGES: 6–11 YEARS (GRADES 1–5)                                                                   02        Mon.–Fri.     8/1–8/5        9:00am–12:00pm

This incredibly fun camp focuses on the fundamentals of basketball, base-
ball, whiffle ball, floor hockey, tennis, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and
much more! Each day, a different sport will be highlighted. Fee includes a
camp T-shirt, all athletic equipment needed for daily activities, snacks, and
drinks. Participants will be required to bring a sack lunch each day. (Min/Max:
Fee: $110/$136 (1 wk)
Location: BPD–H Shelter (Langendorf Park)
Actv.#        Sec.#       Day        Date             Time
204407        01          M–F        6/13–6/17        9:15am–1:15pm
              02          M–F        6/20–6/24        9:15am–1:15pm
              03          M–F        6/27–7/1         9:15am–1:15pm
              04          M–F        7/11–7/15        9:15am–1:15pm
              05          M–F        7/18–7/22        9:15am–1:15pm
              06          M–F        7/25–7/29        9:15am–1:15pm
              07          M–F        8/1–8/5          9:15am–1:15pm

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                                            63
Skate Park                                                       AGES 6–ADULT

Warp Skatepark’s Action                                                                 Bash Skate Park at Langendorf Park
Sports Programming                                                                      Opens Spring Break (weather permitting)
                                                                                        The Bash Skate Park is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm daily (hours are
We’re stoked to bring Warp Skatepark to Barrington.                                     subject to change due to holidays, inclement weather, and building
Warp’s 20+ years of experience will bring a fresh and                                   closures).

exciting new approach to these amazing sports. From                                     Skate at your own risk; the Bash Skate Park is not supervised.
                                                                                        Protective gear is highly recommended (helmets, wrist guards, knee
teaching the basics to honing advanced riding skills,                                   and elbow pads). The Park District is not responsible for accidents,
they make sure it’s done right.                                                         injuries, or lost or stolen items.

Skateboarding Clinic                                                                  Guided Mountain Biking Adventures NEW!
                                                                                      AGES: 13 YEARS AND UP
Focusing on safety first, we provide a positive learning environment for skat-
ers at any level. From the basics of just getting started to advanced contest         Take a guided day trip to one of our area’s many miles of quality single–track
skating, we cover it all. Our teams of trained instructors are among the              mountain biking trails. You’ll ride with locals who know the areas, ensuring a
best AM’s in the nation. AJ Steadman and Miles Canevello bring a youthful             safe and positive experience for all participants. We offer two day-trips per
learning experience to anyone who has the desire to skate. (Min/Max: 6/10).           month (depart 10:00am and return 6:00pm same day). Riders must bring a
Instructor: Warp Skatepark.                                                           lunch and water for the trips. Helmets are mandatory! Bring your bike and
Fee: $105/$131 (4 wks)           Location: Langendorf–Bash Skatepark                  get ready to have a challenging ride you won’t soon forget. Day trips include
Actv.#        Sec.#       Day        Date          Time                               Veterans Acres, Deer Grove, and Rock Cut State Park. (Min/Max: 5/10).
204302        05          Sat.       6/4–6/25      10:00am–12:00pm                    Location: Depart Langendorf Park 10:00am; return 6:00pm
              06          Sat.       7/9–7/30      10:00am–12:00pm                    Fee: $100/$120 per student per day
              07          Sat.       8/6–8/27      10:00am–12:00pm                    Actv.#       Sec.#       Day       Date        Time
                                                                                      204291       06          Sat.      5/7         10:00am–6:00pm
                                                                                                   07          Sat.      5/21        10:00am–6:00pm
                                                                                                   08          Sat.      6/11        10:00am–6:00pm
Intro to Long Boarding Clinic NEW!                                                                 09          Sat.      6/25        10:00am–6:00pm
AGES: 10 YEARS AND UP                                                                              10          Sat.      7/9         10:00am–6:00pm
Long boarding is one of the fastest growing action sports! To make sure you                        11          Sat.      7/23        10:00am–6:00pm
get started safely, instruction includes what type of board is best for you, un-                   12          Sat.      8/6         10:00am–6:00pm
derstanding safety gear, and basic skill sets needed, from flat ground riding to                   13          Sat.      8/20        10:00am–6:00pm
bombing your first hill. Long boards will be available to students for familiariza-
tion and basic instruction in this clinic. Students must provide their own safety
gear; helmets, gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads required. (Min/Max: 5/10).
                                                                                      Warp Mentoring Programs NEW!
Fee: $105/$131 (4 wks)            Location: Langendorf–Bash Skatepark                 AGES: 12 YEARS AND UP
Actv.#        Sec.#       Day        Date          Time                               Today’s young people face an unbelievable amount of outside influences.
204302        01          Sat.       5/7–5/28      10:00am–12:00pm                    From the internet to the media, our kids need a fresh new approach in
              02          Sat.       6/4–6/25      10:00am–12:00pm                    learning not only how to cope with opportunities they have, but to maximize
              03          Sat.       7/9–7/30      10:00am–12:00pm                    them. The Warp Mentoring Program uses creative communication, fitness,
              04          Sat.       8/6–8/27      10:00am–12:00pm                    adventure sports and music in a reality-based program that covers most
                                                                                      situations and choices many kids and young adults often struggle with. From
Intro to Mountain Biking Clinic NEW!                                                  drugs and alcohol to teen pregnancy, from finding a job to deciding if college
                                                                                      or the military is the right option, our creative communication helps youth
AGES: 6–15 YEARS                                                                      make clear and sound decisions that will affect their lives. Parents are asked
There’s a massive amount of mountain biking terrain to be explored in the             to participate in this program whenever possible. (Min/Max: 5/20). Instructor:
Midwest! This course covers safety, type of bikes required, fitting the rider         Rob Mutert.
to the bike properly, and basic instruction to balance, ascend and descend            Location. F&RC–Barrington-A
hills, single-track riding and land navigation, fitness reviews, and hydration        Fee: $85/$105 (4wks)
training to ensure the best riding experience. (Min/Max: 3/10).
                                                                                      Actv.#       Sec.#       Day       Date           Time
Fee: $50/$80 (2 wks)               Location: Langendorf–Bash Skatepark
                                                                                      204290       01          Thur.     5/5–5/26       6:00pm–8:00pm
Actv.#        Sec.#       Day        Date          Time                                            02          Thur.     6/2–6/23       6:00pm–8:00pm
204291        01          Sat.       5/7–5/14      1:00–2:00pm                                     03          Thur.     7/7–7/28       6:00pm–8:00pm
              02          Sat.       5/21–5/28     1:00–2:00pm                                     04          Thur.     8/4–8/25       6:00pm–8:00pm
              03          Sat.       6/4–6/11      1:00–2:00pm
              04          Sat.       7/9–7/16      1:00–2:00pm
              05          Sat.       8/6–8/13      1:00–2:00pm

Martial Arts

                                                                                                                                                                        Athletics: Skate Park/Martial Arts
   W. Kim Taekwondo                        Because respect is built into martial     of personal satisfaction. We teach
                                           arts, children develop the ability to     the fundamentals by combining the
                                           listen, learn, and achieve within a       time-tested Eastern philosophy of
                                           highly regulated environment of trust     martial arts with a modern approach
   Martial arts is great fun for kids…
                                           and encouragement. With a right           of Western teaching philosophy. We
   and a great way to give them
                                           balance of exercise and skills training   offer a well-balanced program for
   a head start in life. For over 25
                                           that will build endurance, strength,      adults and children that emphasizes
   years, the masters and instructors
                                           flexibility and mental toughness,         respect, self-esteem, fitness, and
   at W. kim Taekwondo have been
                                           students learn the principles of          integrity. We follow a 1:8 ratio –
   teaching the positive benefits of
                                           respect and willpower, and the sat-       when there are more than eight
   self-discipline and confidence to
                                           isfaction of doing their best. When       students, an additional instructor
   help the children develop coordi-
                                           they have the determination to step       will be added. Please visit www.
   nation and increase their strength
                                           up and give it their best effort, they for more
   and flexibility.
                                           are always rewarded with the prize        information. (Min/Max: 4/16).

   W. Kim Taekwondo Registration & Fees (10 weeks)

   CLASS                         Actv.#         Sect.#       Day        Dates           Time                Fee                Location
   Tiny Tigers                   204437         01           Mon.       6/20–8/22       6:30–7:00pm         $100/$125          W. kim–Palatine
   (Ages 2½–4 )                                 02           Tue.       6/21–8/23       3:45–4:15pm         $100/$125          W. kim–Palatine

   Little Tigers/Tigers          204437         03           Tue.       6/21–8/23       6:00–6:45pm         $100/$125          F&RC–Multi-Purpose A
   (Ages 4–7 )/(Ages 8-14)                      04           Thur.      6/23–8/25       5:45–6:30pm         $100/$125          F&RC–Multi-Purpose A
                                                05           Sat.       6/25–8/27       8:30–9:15am         $100/$125          W. kim–Palatine

   Little Tigers Advanced        204437         06           Tue.       6/21–8/23       6:45–7:45pm         $150/$188          F&RC–Multi-Purpose A
   Orange Belt & Up
   (Ages 4–14)

   High Advanced                 204437         07           Tue.       6/21–8/23       7:45–9:15pm         $225/$281          W. kim–Palatine
   Red Belt or higher

True Power Martial Arts                                                              The Brave Way: Self Defense NEW!
AGES: 7 YEARS AND UP                                                                 AGES: 12 YEARS TO ADULT
True Power Martial Arts is a combat system that draws techniques from Aiki-          This class is great for teens, including those who have trained in a martial art
do, Boxing, Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Tae kwon Do, and Wrestling.           or other self-defense system. In just 2 hours, you will learn how to defend
The philosophy of the system is to combine the most effective aspects of             yourself and help your family and friends be safer and more secure at home,
these Martial Arts into a superior form of personal combat. Participants must        work, school, and many other situations. This class teaches extremely effec-
re-register for this program every 4 weeks.            tive rape defense/prevention principles and techniques. The Brave Way self
(Min/Max: 6/40). Instructor: True Power Martial Arts staff.                          defense system has been taught to thousands of students, teachers, police
Fee: $43/$54 (4 wks.)                                                                officers, family members, and business professionals. Sign up with a friend
Location: F&RC–Multi-Purpose A                                                       or family member and train together. This class could save your life.
                                                                                     (Min/Max: 2/20) Instructor: The Brave Way.
Actv.#         Sec.#      Day            Date           Time
                                                                                     Fee: $29/$37
104311         05         Wed.           5/4–5/25       6:30–7:30pm
                                                                                     Location: Multi-Purpose Room A
204311         01         Wed.           6/1–6/22       6:30–7:30pm
               02         Wed.           6/29–7/27      6:30–7:30pm                  Actv.#        Sec.#      Day       Date       Time
                                         No class 7/6                                204634        01         Mon.      6/6        7:00–9:00pm
               03         Wed.           8/3–8/24       6:30–7:30pm                                02         Mon.      7/11       7:00–9:00pm
                                                                                                   03         Mon.      8/8        7:00–9:00pm

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                                               65
Softball/Baseball                                                                             AGES 5–ADULT

                                                                                                                               for A ister no
                                                                                                                                    dult      w
                                                                                                                                  Leag Softball
                                                                               Adult Softball Leagues
                                                                               AGES: ADULT AGES 18 AND UP
                                                                               Gather up your friends and neighbors and form a softball team! It’s a ton of
                                                                               fun and a great stress-reliever after work. Teams interested in playing should
                                                                               contact Jamie Dioguardi at 847-304-5276. The leagues fill quickly, so don’t
                                                                               be left out! Cash prizes of $400 to the league champions, and $100 to the
                                                                               tournament champions! All leagues play a 10-game schedule through the
                                                                               spring with a maximum of two rain-outs. Sorry, specific game time requests
                                                                               will not be honored. (Min/Max: 6/12).
                                                                               Fee: $500/$550 per team (14 wks)
                                                                               Location: Langendorf Park–Main and Pony Fields
                                                                               Actv. #104622         Sec.#     Day      Date       Time           Field
 ImPORTANT DATES TO REmEmBER                                                   Men’s 16”             01        Mon.     4/4        6:45–10pm      Main/Pony
 SUPER SLUggERS & mIgHTY mITES                                                 Women’s 12”           02        Tue.     4/5        6:45–10pm      Main
                                                                               Men’s 30+ (12”)       03        Wed.     4/6        6:45–10pm      Main/Pony
                                                                               Men’s 12”             04        Thur.    4/7        6:45–10pm      Main/Pony
 Coaches will contact participants after June 1.
                                                                               Co-Rec                05        Fri.     4/8        6:45–10pm      Main/Pony
 Any parents interested in coaching,please fill out a coaching application
 online at
                                                                               Fall Softball Leagues
                                                                               AGES: ADULT AGES 18 AND UP
                                                                               Can’t play this summer? Then gather up some friends and play under the
 Mighty Mites: 5-Year-Old T-Ball                                               lights this fall! It’s a ton of fun and a great stress-reliever after work. Teams
                                                                               interested in playing should contact Jamie Dioguardi at 847-304-5276. The
 AGES: 5 YEARS (GIRLS AND BOYS)                                                leagues fill quickly, so don’t be left out! All leagues play a 10-game schedule,
 Mighty Mites is a great introduction to baseball/T-ball for first-time        with a cash prize for the league champion and tournament winners. (Min/
 players. Parent coaches will help boys and girls learn the fundamentals       Max: 6/12).
 while emphasizing both safety and fun. All participants must have their       Fee: $500/$550 per team (14 wks)
 own glove, shoes, and practice uniform. A complete game uniform               Location: Langendorf Park–Main and Pony Fields
 will be provided (T-shirts, hat, and baseball pants). Participants must be    Actv.# 204621
 five by August 1, 2011. If you would like to volunteer to coach, fill out a   League               Sec.#      Day      Date      Time            Field
 coaching request form on our web site (        Men’s Over 30        01         Mon.     8/8       6:45–10pm       Main/Pony
 and submit it to kent Hengels. In case of rain, call the rainout hotline at   Men’s 12”            02         Thur.    8/11      6:45–10pm       Main/Pony
 847-381-0881. (Min/Max: 40/80).                                               Co-Rec               03         Fri.     8/12      6:45–10pm       Main/Pony
 Fee: $80/$100 (7 wks)
 Location: Langendorf Park (game times vary)
 Actv.#       Sec.#       Dates         game Day/Time
 104319       01          6/6–7/20      Mon. & Wed. 6:00 or 7:00pm

 Super Sluggers: 6-Year-Old T-Ball
 T-Ball gives your six-year-old the best start in baseball. Parent coaches
 teach the fundamentals while emphasizing safety and fun. All par-
 ticipants must have their own glove, shoes, and practice uniform. A
 complete game uniform will be provided (T-shirts, hat and baseball
 pants). Participants must be six by August 1, 2011. If you would like
 to volunteer to coach, fill out a coaching request form on our web site
 ( and submit it to kent Hengels. In case
 of rain, call the rainout hotline at 847-381-0881. (Min/Max: 40/80).
 Fee: $80/$100 (7 wks)
 Location: Langendorf Park (game times vary)
 Actv.#       Sec.#       Dates         game Day/Time
 104320       01          6/7–7/21      Tue. & Thur. 6:00 or 7:00pm

                                                                                                                                           Softball / Baseball
  knothole Baseball/Softball League: June 13–July 30
  Barrington’s favorite summer pastime!
  AGES: 6–12 YEARS

  Make tons of new friends and           the lights for a World Series game,    BOYS’ kNOTHOLE REgISTRATION
  have a great time developing your      including commentators. A full
                                                                                Actv.#        Sec.#      Day             Dates
  baseball and softball skills through   schedule will be provided after
  fun games all summer! This is not      Spring Training concludes.
  a competitive league—our knot-                                                Age 6–8        01          Mon.–Thur.     6/13–7/30
                                         Each player receives a complete        Game Times are 11:30am, 12:30pm, or 1:30pm
  hole Baseball/Softball program
                                         uniform (T-shirt, hat, and baseball    Spring Training is 6/13–6/16, 10:00–11:15am)
  welcomes all skill levels with the
                                         pants). Games are played Monday
  goal of making sure every player
                                         through Thursday, with Friday          Age 9–12       02          Mon.–Thur.     6/13–7/30
  has fun while learning the sport.
                                         reserved as a rain make-up day.        Game Times are 11:30am, 12:30pm, or 1:30pm
  We emphasize skill development
                                         Game times vary anywhere from          Spring Training is 6/13–6/16, 11:30am–12:30pm
  through playing games, and we
                                         11:30am to 1:30pm, but you will
  take a teaching approach – we’ll
                                         only play one game per day. You        gIRLS’ kNOTHOLE REgISTRATION
  stop play to help reinforce the
                                         are permitted to submit one friend-
  fundamentals.                                                                 Actv.#        Sec.#      Day             Dates
                                         ship request; all rules must be
  The first week of the program is       followed for the application to be     204325
  Spring Training – you’ll learn the     valid. You may download this form      Age 6–8        01          Mon.–Thur.     6/13–7/30
  basics of the game, be evaluated,      at     Game Times are 11:30am, 12:30pm, or 1:30pm
  make new friends and teammates         In case of rain, the weather hotline   Spring Training is 6/13–6/16, 10:00–11:15am)
  and, most importantly, have fun!       number is (847) 381-0881.
                                                                                Age 9–12       02          Mon.–Thur.     6/13–7/30
  Evaluations are done to ensure         (Min/Max: 30/100).
                                                                                Game Times are 11:30am, 12:30pm, or 1:30pm
  that teams are equal in skill level    Fee: $160/$190                         Spring Training is 6/13–6/16, 11:30am–12:30pm
  across the league; teams will be       Location: BPD–Main, A, B Fields
  picked after the Spring Training
  by your coaches, who are current
  or former high school or college
  level players. Participants play
  knothole four days a week, for
  an hour-long game. The season is
  seven weeks of games and will
  close with the playoffs, where the
  top two teams will meet under

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                   67
Softball/Baseball                                                                            AGES 4–14

                                                                              White Sox Training Center
 Professional Baseball                                                        AGES: 5–12 (SEE BELOW)
 Instruction of Illinois                                                      NEW IN 2011! Exclusive U.S. Cellular Field Experience! This opportunity of
 AGES: 4–14 YEARS                                                             a lifetime for each camp participant and a guest includes a parade on the
                                                                              field and a q&A session with a White Sox personality and current White Sox
 Join us for a week of baseball instruction taught by                         player. Each camper also receives six White Sox ticket vouchers*, Academy
 former college and/or professional players that covers all the funda-        hat, and T-shirt. In these camps, young players will learn basic and advanced
 mentals of the game: hitting, catching, infield, outfield, throwing/pitch-   baseball skills from the best in the business; coaches are primarily collegiate
 ing, base running, sliding and more! This “Spring Training” approach         coaches, ex-professional players, high school coaches, and full-time private
 keeps the experience new and fun. Camp includes T-shirt, Gatorade,           instructors. (*Restrictions apply; experience dates are to be determined;
 and chances to win bats, batting gloves, wrist bands, bat bags and           premium items subject to change). (Min/Max: 20/60).
 more. Visit for more information and to register
 today! (Min/Max: 20/80). Instructor: PBI-IL Staff.
                                                                              Little Sluggers Camp
                                                                              AGES: 5–6 YEARS (BOYS AND GIRLS)
                                                                              This beginner program is open to boys and girls ages 5 and 6. The purpose
 AGES: 4–6 YEARS (BOYS & GIRLS)                                               of the Little Sluggers program is to introduce this age group to the game of
 Coaches will teach the fundamentals of hitting off of a tee, throwing        baseball. We believe the most important thing we do is pass our knowledge
 a baseball, fielding ground balls, and running the bases. Great for first-   and passion for the game onto the players who are just discovering the
 time players!                                                                magic of wearing a uniform, hat and glove. Little Sluggers allows players to
 Fee: $79/$98                                                                 work on throwing, hitting and beginner baseball fundamentals. Our student-
 Location: BPD–Girl’s Softball & Lagoon Field                                 to-instructor ratio of 10:1 or less assures every player of getting the attention
                                                                              they deserve.
 Actv.#       Sec.#      Day              Date           Time                 Fee: $179/$224
 204301       01         Mon.–Thur.       6/13–6/16      9:00am–10:30am       Location: Langendorf–Pony Field
                                                                              Actv.#       Sec.#       Day              Date             Time
 Boys’ Baseball 1 Rec Camp                                                    204308       01          Mon.–Fri.        7/25–7/29        8:30–11:00am

 This program is designed for recreational league players who want to
                                                                              White Sox Training Center Camp (STC-1)
 develop a solid foundation of fundamentals, including hitting, catching,     AGES: 7–8 YEARS (BOYS AND GIRLS)
 infield, outfield, throwing/pitching, base running, sliding. Campers are
                                                                              More than 50,000 youth baseball players have attended one of our Training
 grouped according to ability and participate in skill stations as well as    Centers to focus on essential individual skill aspects including: throwing,
 live game situations.                                                        hitting, bunting, fielding, pitching and base-running. Throughout the week,
 Fee: $149/$185                                                               fundamentals will be reinforced by using fun skill games. On the final day
 Location: RBP–No. & So. Fields                                               all players will get the opportunity to judge their improvement by playing a
 Actv.#       Sec.#      Day              Date           Time                 game. This camp is open to boys and girls ages 7 & 8. If six or more girls
 204301       02         Mon.–Thur.       6/13–6/16      9:00am–12:30pm       enroll, a fast pitch instructor will be added to the coaching staff. Student to
                                                                              instructor ratio will be 10:1 or less.
                                                                              Fee: $199/$249
 Boys’ Baseball 2 Travel Camp                                                 Location: Langendorf–Pony Field
 AGES: U10–U14 YEARS (TRAVEL OR ASPIRING TRAVEL PLAYERS)                      Actv.#       Sec.#       Day              Date             Time
                                                                              204308       02          Mon.–Fri.        7/25–7/29        8:30–11:30am
 This program is designed for current or aspiring travel players, refresh-
 ing players on the fundamentals and focuses on drills for real game
 situations. Campers are grouped according to ability, with emphasis on       White Sox Advanced Player Camp
 more advanced fundamentals including rundowns, bunting, first and
                                                                              AGES: 9–12 YEARS (BOYS AND GIRLS)
 third situations, hit and runs and situational hitting and pitching.
 Fee: $149/$185                                                               This Advanced Camp from the White Sox is just for you. You have special,
 Location: RBP–No. & So. Fields                                               more advanced needs, and the Advanced Camp is just the ticket for
                                                                              the travel player. This camp will build on the basics taught in our STC 1
 Actv.#       Sec.#      Day              Date           Time                 camps. Depending on the skill level of the players, this camp will touch on
 204301       03         Mon.–Thur.       6/13–6/16      9:00am–12:30pm       advanced hitting and throwing techniques, as well as team play, advanced
                                                                              base running and other methods that could be used on the field this
                                                                              season. This camp is open to boys and girls ages 9-12. If six or more girls
                                                                              register, a fast pitch instructor will be added to camp. Just because you are
                                                                              in-season doesn’t mean that you should stop learning the game.
                                                                              Fee: $199/$249
                                                                              Location: Langendorf–Pony Field
                                                                              Actv.#       Sec.#       Day              Date             Time
                                                                              204308       03          Mon.–Fri.        7/25–7/29        8:30–11:30am
Theater Fun!

                                                                                                                                                                    Softball / Baseball / Tennis
                                     AgeS 3–10+

Frank Sacks Tennis Camps, Inc.                                                     Grand Prix Youth Tennis League NEW!
                                                                                   AgeS: 7–17 YeARS
“Be a winner with Frank.” Spring is here                                           The grand Prix provides youth the opportunity to test the skills they have
and it’s time to get outside and into action!                                      learned and apply them during match play. All aspects of matches will be
                                                                                   covered, including scoring, positioning, singles and doubles strategy, tennis
Improve your tennis game with Frank Sacks                                          etiquette, and sportsmanship. This is a great way to supplement their learn-
and his handpicked instructional staff. Frank                                      ing, gain experience, and have fun!
Sacks has provided quality, professional tennis pro-                               Fee: $159/$198 (7 wks)
                                                                                   Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts
grams for more than 30 years. Thousands have enjoyed
                                                                                   Actv.#204352           Sec.#        Day       Date       Time
learning and improving their tennis skills through our                             Ages 7–9               07           Fri.      6/24–8/5   11:00am–1:00pm
programs. Our experienced staff is certified through                               Ages 10–12             08           Fri.      6/24–8/5   11:00am–1:00pm
                                                                                   Ages 13–17             09           Fri.      6/24–8/5   11:00am–1:00pm
the United States Professional Tennis Association
(USPTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).
                                                                                   Friday Grand Prix Option NEW!
GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                AgeS: 7–17 YeARS (MUST PURChASe WITh A YOUTh CLASS)
For class descriptions and more information, please contact Jamie
Dioguardi, Barrington Park District 847-381-0687, Frank Sacks USPTA/PTR,           The Friday grand Prix provides youth the opportunity to test skills learned
Frank Sacks Tennis Camps at 847-933-0002, or online at www.franksack-              and apply those skills during match play. All aspects of matches will be cov- Please bring a tennis racket, gym shoes, and water. Tennis            ered including scoring, positioning, singles/doubles strategy, and sportsman-
balls and instructional equipment will be provided. (Min/Max: 5/12.)               ship. This is a great way to supplement class learning, gain tennis experi-
                                                                                   ence, and have fun!
RAIN HOTLINE: 847-933-9130                                                         Fee: See below
Visit for information on when make-ups                    Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts
will be held. Click on the tab “Rain/Make-up Info,” then scroll down to
Barrington and find your class. All make-ups will be posted as soon as             SESSION 1: June 24–July 8 (3 wks)
they become available.                                                             Actv.#204352       Sec.#        Day        Time                  Fee
For more information, please contact Frank Sacks, Frank Sacks Tennis               7–9                01           Fri.       11:00am–12:00pm       $30/$37
Camps, Inc. at 847-933-0002 or                           10–12              02           Fri.       12:00–1:00pm          $30/$37
                                                                                   13–17              03           Fri.       12:00–1:00pm          $30/$37
                                                                                   SESSION 2: July 15–August 5 (4 wks)
Private and Semi-Private Tennis Lessons
                                                                                   Actv.#204352       Sec.#        Day        Time                  Fee
                                                                                   7–9                04           Fri.       11:00am–12:00pm       $40/$50
Private and semi-private tennis instruction is the ultimate way to improve         10–12              05           Fri.       12:00–1:00pm          $40/$50
your tennis skills and accelerate your game. Our experienced staff of USPTA/       13–17              06           Fri.       12:00–1:00pm          $40/$50
PTR tennis professionals is helpful, knowledgeable, and carefully selected
and trained by Frank Sacks USPTR/PTR. We will help you find the proper
instructor to meet your individual needs and goals. Private lesson fees are
                                                                                   Quick Start Youth Weekend Programs
well below the cost of similar lessons at private clubs and resorts. Instructor:   AgeS: 3–16 YeARS
Frank Sacks & USPTA/PTR professionals.
Fee: See below                                                                     Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts
Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts                                              Fee: $149/$186 (9 wks)

PRIVATE LESSONS (All levels)                                                       JUNE 18–AUGUST 13 (9 wks)

Actv.#204393 Sec.#             Length             Fee                              Actv.#204381                Sec.#          Day           Time
             01                1 hr.              $55/$69                          Parent/Child (Ages 3-5)     01             Sat.          1:00–2:00pm
             02                5 hr. package      $249/$311                        Pee Wee (Ages 4-6)          02             Sat.          1:00–2:00pm
                                                                                   Beginner (Ages 7-9)         03             Sat.          2:00–3:00pm
SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS (All levels)                                                  Beg./Adv.Beg. (Ages 10+)    04             Sat.          3:00–4:00pm
Actv.#204393 Sec.#             # in Group Length              Fee                  Adv.Beg.-Int. (Ages 12+)    05             Sat.          3:00–4:00pm
             03                2          1 hour              $60/$75
             04                2          5 hr. package       $275/$343
             05                3          1 hour              $66/$82
             06                3          5 hr. package       $305/$381
             07                4          1 hour              $72/$90
             08                4          5 hr. package       $335/$418

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                                            69
Theater Fun!                        AgeS 3–ADULT

Quick Start Youth Tennis Four-Week Camps                              Intensive Quick Start Youth Tennis
AgeS: 4–17 YeARS                                                      Two-Week Camps
Location: Citizen’s Park–Tennis Courts                                AgeS: 4–17 YeARS
Fee: $119/$149 (4 wks)                                                Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts
SESSION 1 (June 13–July 7; no class 7/4; makeup 6/17)                 Fee: $119/$149 (2 wks)
Actv.#204313       Sec.#    Day          Date       Time              SESSION 1 (June 13–23)
Pee Wee            01       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   9:00–10:00am      Actv.#204315               Sec.#         Day          Time
(Ages 4–6)         02       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   2:00–3:00pm       Pee Wee (Ages 4–6)         01            Mon.–Thur.   2:00–3:00pm
                   03       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   9:00–10:00am      Beginner (Ages 7–9)        02            Mon.–Thur.   3:00–4:00pm
                   04       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   2:00–3:00pm       Beg./Adv.Beg. (Ages 10+)   03            Mon.–Thur.   11:00am–12:00pm
Beginner           05       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   10:00–11:00am     Adv.Beg.–Int. (Ages 12+)   04            Mon.–Thur.   12:00–1:00pm
(Ages 7–9)         06       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   3:00–4:00pm
                                                                      SESSION 2 (June 27–July 7; no class 7/4; makeup on 7/1)
                   07       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   10:00–11:00am
                   08       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   3:00–4:00pm       Actv.#204315               Sec.#         Day          Time
                                                                      Pee Wee (Ages 4–6)         05            Mon.–Thur.   2:00–3:00pm
Beg./Adv.Beg.      09       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   11:00am–12:00pm
                                                                      Beginner (Ages 7–9)        06            Mon.–Thur.   3:00–4:00pm
(Ages 10+)         10       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   4:00–5:00pm
                                                                      Beg./Adv.Beg. (Ages 10+)   07            Mon.–Thur.   11:00am–12:00pm
                   11       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   11:00am–12:00pm
                                                                      Adv.Beg.–Int. (Ages 12+)   08            Mon.–Thur.   12:00–1:00pm
                   12       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   4:00–5:00pm
                                                                      SESSION 3 (July 11–21)
Adv.Beg.–Int.      13       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   12:00–1:00pm
(Ages 12+)         14       Mon./Wed.    6/13–7/6   5:00–6:00pm       Actv.#204315               Sec.#         Day          Time
                   15       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   12:00–1:00pm      Pee Wee (Ages 4–6)         09            Mon.–Thur.   2:00–3:00pm
                   16       Tue./Thur.   6/14–7/7   5:00–6:00pm       Beginner (Ages 7–9)        10            Mon.–Thur.   3:00–4:00pm
                                                                      Beg./Adv.Beg. (Ages 10+)   11            Mon.–Thur.   11:00am–12:00pm
SESSION 2 (July 11–August 4)                                          Adv.Beg.–Int. (Ages 12+)   12            Mon.–Thur.   12:00–1:00pm
Actv.#204313       Sec.#    Day          Date       Time              SESSION 4 (July 25–August 4)
Pee Wee            17       Mon./Wed.    7/11-8/3   9:00-10:00am
                                                                      Actv.#204315               Sec.#         Day          Time
(Ages 4-6)         18       Mon./Wed.    7/11-8/3   2:00-3:00pm
                                                                      Pee Wee (Ages 4–6)         13            Mon.–Thur.   2:00–3:00pm
                   19       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   9:00-10:00am
                                                                      Beginner (Ages 7–9)        14            Mon.–Thur.   3:00–4:00pm
                   20       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   2:00-3:00pm
                                                                      Beg./Adv.Beg. (Ages 10+)   15            Mon.–Thur.   11:00am–12:00pm
Beginner           21       Mon./Wed.    7/11-8/3   10:00-11:00am     Adv.Beg.–Int. (Ages 12+)   16            Mon.–Thur.   12:00–1:00pm
(Ages 7-9)         22       Mon/Wed.     7/11-8/3   3:00-4:00pm
                                                                      SESSION 5 (August 8–18)
                   23       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   10:00-11:00am
                   24       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   3:00-4:00pm       Actv.#204315               Sec.#         Day          Time
                                                                      Pee Wee (Ages 4–6)         17            Mon.–Thur.   9:00–10:00am
Beg./Adv.Beg.      25       Mon./Wed.    7/11-8/3   11:00am-12:00pm
                                                                      Pee Wee (Ages 4–6)         18            Mon.–Thur.   2:00–3:00pm
(Ages 10+)         26       Mon./Wed.    7/11-8/3   4:00-5:00pm
                                                                      Beginner (Ages 7–9)        19            Mon.–Thur.   10:00–11:00am
                   27       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   11:00am-12:00pm
                                                                      Beginner (Ages 7–9)        20            Mon.–Thur.   3:00–4:00pm
                   28       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   4:00-5:00pm
                                                                      Beg./Adv.Beg. (Ages 10+)   21            Mon.–Thur.   11:00am–12:00pm
Adv.Beg.-Int.      29       Mon./Wed.    7/11-8/3   12:00-1:00pm      Beg./Adv.Beg. (Ages 10+)   22            Mon.–Thur.   4:00–5:00pm
(Ages 12+)         30       Mon./Wed.    7/11-8/3   5:00-6:00pm       Adv.Beg.–Int. (Ages 12+)   23            Mon.–Thur.   12:00–1:00pm
                   31       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   12:00-1:00pm      Adv.Beg.–Int. (Ages 12+)   24            Mon.–Thur.   5:00–6:00pm
                   32       Tue./Thur.   7/12-8/4   5:00-6:00pm

Junior Tennis Camp                                                              High School Training Camp

AgeS: 7–17 YeARS (Beg./InT.; nTRP 1.O TO 3.4)                                   AgeS: 12–18 YeARS (InT/.ADV.; nTRP 3.5 TO 5.0 AnD ABOVe)
This popular program now in its 31st year offers professional instruction and   This program is designed for high school tennis players and those who
gives students the opportunity to progress at a much faster rate than in the    wish to play tennis on their high school tennis teams and in tournaments.
regular lesson setting. All aspects of the game of tennis are covered: stroke   All aspects of the game are covered: stroke production, singles, and
production, singles and doubles strategy, conditioning, sportsmanship, foot-    doubles strategy, conditioning, sportsmanship, footwork, shot selection,
work, shot selection, mental training, and match play. All players receive an   mental training, and match play. An individualized player profile and evalu-
individualized player profile and evaluation is included. (2 wks)               ation are included.
Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts                                           Fee: $232/$290 (2 wks)
Actv.#204431                                                                    Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts
Sec.#        Day            Date           Time                  Fee            Actv.#204432        Sec.# Day            Date        Time
01           Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/23      9:00am–12:00pm        $348/$435                          01    Mon.–Thur. 6/13–6/23 4:00–6:00pm
02           Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/23      4:00–6:00pm           $232/$290                          02    Mon.–Thur. 6/27–7/7        4:00–6:00pm
03           Mon.–Thur.     6/27–7/7       9:00am–12:00pm        $348/$435                                No class 7/4; make–up Friday, 7/1
04           Mon.–Thur.     6/27–7/7       4:00–6:00pm           $232/$290                          03    Mon.–Thur. 7/11–7/21 4:00–6:00pm
                            No class 7/4; makeup 7/1                                                04    Mon.–Thur. 7/25–8/4        4:00–6:00pm
05           Mon.–Thur.     7/11–7/21      9:00am–12:00pm        $348/$435                          05    Mon.–Thur. 8/8–8/18        4:00–6:00pm
06           Mon.–Thur.     7/11–7/21      4:00–6:00pm           $232/$290
07           Mon.–Thur.     7/25–8/4       9:00am–12:00pm        $348/$435
08           Mon.–Thur.     7/25–8/4       4:00–6:00pm           $232/$290
09           Mon.–Thur.     8/8–8/18       9:00am–12:00pm        $348/$435
10           Mon.–Thur.     8/8–8/18       4:00–6:00pm           $232/$290
11           Sat.–Sun.      6/18–6/19      9:00am–12:00pm        $89/$111
12           Sat.–Sun.      7/16–7/17      9:00am–12:00pm        $89/$111

  Quick Start Adult Tennis Programs                                             Adult Quick Start Weekend Tennis
  AgeS: 16 YeARS AnD UP                                                         AgeS: 16 YeARS AnD UP
  Fee: $112/$140 (5 wks)                                                        Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts
  Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts                                         Fee: $223/$278 (9 wks)
  SESSION 1 (June 13–July 14; no class 7/4; instructor will                     JUNE 18–AUGUST 13 (9 wks)
  provide makeup options)
                                                                                Actv.#204623                Sec.#     Day      Time
  Actv.#204618        Sec.#      Day      Date           Time                   Int.2–Int. 3                01        Sat.     11:30am–1:00pm
  Beg.–Adv.Beg.       01         Tue.     6/14–7/12      1:00–2:30pm            Adv.Beg.–Int.1              02        Sat.     11:30am–1:00pm
  Beg.–Adv.Beg.       02         Tue.     6/14–7/12      6:30–8:00pm            Beg.Adv.–Beg.               03        Sat.     2:30–4:00pm
  Adv.Beg.–Int. I     03         Mon.     6/13–7/11      6:30–8:00pm            Int. 1–Int. 2               04        Sat.     2:30–4:00pm
  Adv.Beg.–Int. I.    04         Thur.    6/16–7/14      9:30–11:00am
  Int.1–Int.2         05         Tue.     6/14–7/12      8:00–9:30pm
  Int.1–Int.2         06         Thur.    6/16–7/14      11:00am–12:30pm        Adult Tennis League (Wednesday Matches) NEW!
  Int. 2–Int. 3       07         Mon.     6/13–7/11      8:00–9:30pm            AgeS: 16 YeARS AnD UP (MUST PURChASe WITh An ADULT CLASS)
  Int. 2–Int. 3       08         Thur.    6/16–7/14      6:30–8:00pm
  Int. 4–Advanced     09         Thur.    6/16–7/14      8:00–9:30pm            Adding Wednesday night matches to your tennis program provides
                                                                                adults the opportunity to test their skills and experience the fun of tennis
  SESSION 2 (July 18–August 18)                                                 games and friendly competition. This program will focus on round robin
                                                                                matches that include both singles and doubles. All aspects of the game
  Actv.#204618        Sec.#      Day      Date           Time                   are discussed: stroke production, singles and double strategy, condition-
  Beg.–Adv.Beg.       10         Tue.     7/19–8/16      1:00–2:30pm            ing, sportsmanship, footwork, shot selection, mental training, and match
  Beg.–Adv.Beg.       11         Tue.     7/19–8/16      6:30–8:00pm            play. (Min/Max: 5/12)
  Adv.Beg.–Int. I     12         Mon.     7/18–8/15      6:30–8:00pm            Fee: $65/$81 (5 wks) Wednesday matches and additional purchase of an
  Adv.Beg.–Int. I.    13         Thur.    7/21–8/18      9:30–11:00am           adult weekday/weekend class is $112/$140 (Wed. matches only)
  Int.1–Int.2         14         Tue.     7/19–8/16      8:00–9:30pm            Location: Citizens Park–Tennis Courts
  Int.1–Int.2         15         Thur.    7/21–8/18      11:00am–12:30pm
  Int. 2–Int. 3       16         Mon.     7/18–8/15      8:00–9:30pm            Actv.#204619                Sec.#     Day      Date          Time
  Int. 2–Int. 3       17         Thur.    7/21–8/18      6:30–8:00pm            Adv.Beg.                    01        Wed.     6/15–7/13     6:30–8:00pm
  Int. 4–Advanced     18         Thur.    7/21–8/18      8:00–9:30pm            Adv.Beg.                    02        Wed.     7/20–8/17     6:30–8:00pm
                                                                                Int. 3.1–4.0                03        Wed.     6/15–7/13     6:30–8:00pm
                                                                                Int. 3.1–4.0                04        Wed.     7/20–8/17     6:30–8:00pm
                                                                                Adv. 4.1+                   05        Wed.     6/15–7/13     6:30–8:00pm
                                                                                Adv. 4.1+                   06        Wed.     7/20–8/17     6:30–8:00pm

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                                            71
Golf               AgeS 5–ADULT

Golf Learning Center
                                                                                  Adult Private Lessons
                                                                                  AgeS: 18 YeARS AnD UP
The Barrington Park District operates a 5-hole, par 3 golf Learning Center
located on Carl Avenue, 2 blocks west of Rt. 59, just south of Rt. 14. From       get ready for a better golf game in 2011 by taking indoor golf lessons
April 1 to november 1, the course is open daily from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00         this summer at the new Fitness & Recreation Center. Let golf pro
p.m., weather permitting. Park District programs have priority over golf          Steve Thompson teach you his simple three-step approach to a better
course usage. Lesson and league times are posted on the Course Informa-           golf swing. Thompson is a former head professional and a 30-year
tion Board at the first tee. All ages are welcome to enjoy the game of golf       PgA Professional golfer. he’ll videotape and analyze your swing, then
at our golf Learning Center. For more information on golf lessons or golf         send you a personalized video with a concise breakdown of the lesson.
programming, email                                Perfect for beginning to intermediate golfers! Days and times will be
                                                                                  arranged with instructor.
                                                                                  Fee: See below
(April 1–november 1)
                                                                                  Location: BPD–golf Learning Center
All fees listed are resident/non-resident.
Youth (12 years & under)         $60/$85                                          PRIVATE LESSONS: Ages 18 yrs. & up
Adult (13–59 years)              $75/$94                                          Actv.#      Sec.# #of People          #of Lessons Fee
Senior (60 years and up)         $60/$85                                          204385      01       One person       One lesson         $40/$50
Family (4-person max)            $200/$250                                                    02       One person       Three lessons      $110/$138
                                                                                              03       One person       Five lessons       $175/$219
DAILy GOLF FEES (10 HOLES/2 ROUNDS)                                               A second student may be added for an additional $20 per lesson.
Youth (4–17 years)       $6/$8
Adult (18–59 years)      $8/$10
Senior (60 years and up) $6/$8                                                    Beginning/Intermediate Outdoor Private Lessons
Family                   $2 discount each person                                  AgeS: 5 YeARS TO ADULT
Must show proof of residency to receive residency rate. Residents may ob-         Calling all beginners and intermediates of any age! Instructor Josh
tain a membership I.D. card for free. Discounted fees will be given to three-     Turk will help you learn the fundamentals that you need to improve
somes or foursomes comprised of parents and immediate family members.             your golf game in a relaxed environment. These enjoyable 30-minute
                                                                                  lessons designed around what you want to learn will have you feeling
                                                       ga                         confident about your golf game. Perfect for kids, beginners, and inter-
                                                   of fr ther a g                 mediates! Days and times will be arranged with Josh Turk.
                                                        ien        rou
                                                    coo ds and p                  Fee: See below
                                                        rdin        let
                                                    outin ate a g us              Location: BPD–golf Learning Center
                                                          g fo       o
                                                               r yo lf
                                               Call                u.             PRIVATE LESSONS: Ages 5 yrs. & up
                                                              -527                Actv.#        Sec.#     #of People #of Lessons               Fee
                                                                                  204385        04        One person  One lesson               $22/$27
                                                                                                05        Two people  One lesson               $37/$46

                                                                                Ladies Golf Made Easy
                                                                                AgeS: 15 YeARS AnD UP
                                                                                This class is designed especially for women who want to learn to golf or re-
                                                                                fresh their skills in a non-competitive environment. You’ll learn proper swing
Strength & Flexibility: Golf NEW!                                               motion, etiquette and rules, driving, putting, and the short game. Course
AgeS: 12 YeARS AnD UP                                                           management strategies will be highlighted. (Min/Max: 8/12). Instructor:
                                                                                Josh Turk.
The Barrington Park District offers a new golf Strength & Flexibility program   Fee: $75/$93 (3 wks)
to improve your game on the course. Program will cater to any level of golfer   Location: BPD–golf Learning Center
to strengthen the core for a longer more powerful drive. Program will also
improve range of motion and flexibility. (Min/Max: 4/10). Instructor: Dave      Actv.#       Sec.#      Day               Date             Time
Serowka.                                                                        204644       01         Tue./Thur.        6/7–6/23         9:00–10:00am
Fee: $39/$49 (4 wks)                                                                         02         Tue./Thur.        6/28–7/14        9:00–10:00am
Location: F&RC–gym B
Actv.#           Sec.#      Day      Date              Time
202672           03         Mon.     6/13–7/11         2:30–3:00pm
                                     No class 7/4
                 04         Mon.     7/18–8/8          2:30–3:00pm

                                                                                    Junior Golf League
                                                                                    AgeS 7–12 YeARS
                                                                                    This weekly competition at our golf Learning Center is a great op-
                                                                                    portunity to play the course while learning proper golf etiquette and
                                                                                    the rules of golf. each week features a new “Beat the Instructor”
                                                                                    challenge! Awards are handed out weekly. (Min/Max: 8/40). Instructor:
                                                                                    Josh Turk.
                                                                                    Fee: $50 with pass/$70 without pass (6 wks)
                                                                                    Location: BPD-golf Learning Center
                                                                                    Actv.#          Sec.#       Day        Date          Time
Wee Links (Tots)                                                                    Ages 7–8
                                                                                    Ages 9–10
AgeS: 4–6 YeARS                                                                     Ages 11–12      03          Fri.       6/17–7/29    2:30–4:30pm
This class will introduce youngsters to the basics of golf in a relaxed, enter-                                            No class 7/1
taining, and safe environment. The proper swing action and FUndamentals
will be taught. The basics will assist students in developing good golf habits      Junior Golf Open
and will help them to enjoy the game for many years to come. All equipment          AgeS: 8–14 YeARS (gRADeS 3–8)
is provided (5-iron, 9-iron, putter, and driver), along with one T-shirt. (Min/
                                                                                    Calling all Junior golfers! Join us for a day on the golf course by par-
Max: 10/16). Instructor: Josh Turk.
                                                                                    ticipating in this tournament. This is a great chance for kids to practice
Fee: $68/$85 (3 wks)
                                                                                    proper etiquette in tournament play and have fun at the same time.
Location: BPD–golf Learning Center
                                                                                    Participants will play the course twice and compete for awards, and
Actv.#       Sec.#      Day                 Date             Time                   everyone will receive a prize! This event will also feature “Beat the
204318       01         Mon./Wed.           6/13–6/29        9:00–9:50am            Instructor” challenges. Instructor: Josh Turk.
             02         Mon./Wed.           6/13–6/29        4:00–4:50pm            Fee: $10 with pass/$20 without pass
             03         Wed./Mon.           7/6–7/25         9:00–9:50am            Location: BPD-golf Learning Center
             04         Wed./Mon.           7/6–7/25         4:00–4:50pm
                                                                                    Actv.#          Sec.#       Day        Date          Time
             05         Wed./Mon.           7/27–8/15        9:00–9:50am
             06         Wed./Mon.           7/27–8/15        4:00–4:50pm
                                                                                    grades 3–4      01          Thur.      7/21          12:00pm
                                                                                    grades 5–6      02          Thur.      7/21          1:00pm
Tee Level Clinic (Beginner)                                                         grades 7–8      03          Thur.      7/21          2:00pm
                                                                                    Rain Date: July 28
AgeS: 7–11 YeARS
This class teaches basic fundamentals of the golf swing, rules, and etiquette       Junior Drive, Chip, and Putt Competition
in a fun environment. Participants receive Tour edge golf clubs and bag ($125
                                                                                    AgeS: 7–12 YeARS
value), rule book, bag tag, three golf balls, and one T-shirt. (Min/Max: 8/12).
Instructor: Josh Turk.                                                              You don’t want to miss the first annual Barrington Junior Drive, Chip,
Fee: $200/$250 (3 wks)                                                              and Putt Competition! This one-day event includes competition in
Location: BPD-golf Learning Center                                                  driving, chipping, and putting. Contestants compete in these events
                                                                                    two times each, with scores combined from each round to determine
Actv.#       Sec.#       Day                Date             Time
                                                                                    the winners. Prizes will be given to all contestants; winners will receive
204317       01          Mon./Wed.          6/13–6/29        10:00–11:00am
                                                                                    additional prizes. (Min/Max: 8/40). Instructor: Josh Turk.
             02          Wed./Mon.          7/6–7/25         10:00–11:00am
                                                                                    Fee: $15 with pass/$20 without pass
             03          Wed./Mon.          7/27–8/15        10:00–11:00am
                                                                                          ($5 discount for those enrolled in Junior golf League
                                                                                          or Junior golf Open)
Green Level Training (Advanced)                                                     Location: BPD-golf Learning Center
AgeS: 7–11 YeARS                                                                    Actv.#          Sec.#       Day        Date        Time
This program is designed for youngsters who have already been introduced
                                                                                    Ages 7–8        01          Wed.       6/29        11:30am–12:30pm
to golf. On-course play emphasizes all aspects of golf: swing instruction,
                                                                                    Ages 9–10       02          Wed.       6/29        12:30–1:30pm
course management issues, rules, and etiquette. Participants receive a per-
                                                                                    Ages 11–12      03          Wed.       6/29        1:30–2:30pm
sonalized bag tag, ball, tees, divot repair tool, training handbook, and T-shirt.
                                                                                    Rain Date: July 6
(Min/Max: 8/12). Instructor: Josh Turk.
Fee: $75/$93 (3 wks)
Location: BPD-golf Learning Center
204316          Sec.#     Day              Date             Time
Ages 7–9        01        Tue./Thur.       6/14–6/30        10:00–11:00am
                04        Tue./Thur.       7/5–7/21         10:00–11:00am
                07        Tue./Thur.       7/26–8/11        10:00–11:00am
Ages 10–12      02        Tue./Thur.       6/14–6/30        11:00am–12:00pm
                05        Tue./Thur.       7/5–7/21         11:00am–12:00pm
                08        Tue./Thur.       7/26–8/11        11:00am–12:00pm
Ages 13–17      03        Tue./Thur.       6/14–6/30        12:00–1:00pm
                06        Tue./Thur.       7/5–7/21         12:00–1:00pm
                09        Tue./Thur.       7/26–8/11        12:00–1:00pm

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                                              73
Soccer                                   AgeS 3–ADULT

Try out a wide variety of soccer camps from the area’s
most noted soccer organizations! Register by May 6                                   Major League Soccer Camps
to receive a FRee jersey!                                                            & Chicago Fire Soccer
                                                                                     Major League Soccer Camps is the official camp
                                                                                     program of Major League Soccer, America’s premier
Challenger Sports First Kicks                                                        professional soccer league. MLS Camps provide structured, grassroots
Soccer Camp for Preschoolers                                                         development and professional coaching for every age and ability. Your
                                                                                     Barrington Park District camp is tailored to provide safe, fun, and chal-
AgeS: 3–5 YeARS                                                                      lenging soccer to all players. go to for info.
Start little ones out right and cultivate a love for soccer! Fun games, competi-     each player will receive:
tions, and challenging skill-building activities will captivate and enlighten your   • Soccer Ball and Camp T-shirt
youngest players. A magical soccer experience! (Min/Max: 5/30). Instructor:          • Individual Evaluation
Challenger Sports staff.                                                             • Graduation Ceremony at Toyota Park
Fees: See below (1 wk)                                                               • Free Companion Ticket to an MLS Game
Location: Ron Beese Park–Soccer field #9
Actv.#        Sec.#      Day           Date           Time             Fee           Recreational Camp
204468                                                                               AgeS: 5–6 YeARS (BOYS AnD gIRLS)
Ages 3–4      01         Mon.–Fri.     6/20–6/24      11am–12pm        $78/$98
              02         Mon.–Fri.     6/20–6/24      3:00–4:00pm      $78/$98       The Recreational Camp utilizes the Play S.A.F.e. curriculum and is
204460                                                                               structured to meet both the physiological and psychological needs
Ages 4–5       01          Mon.–Fri. 6/20–6/24   9:00–10:30am $91/$114               of each age group. each camper will ultimately develop soccer skills
               02          Mon.–Fri. 6/20–6/24   1:00–2:30pm $91/$114                while having a fun time with our professional coaching staff. (Min/Max:
To receive a FREE jersey you must register by May 6. There will be a $10             30/90).
late fee for registrations after June 10.                                            Fee: $85/$106 (1 wk)
                                                                                     Location: Ron Beese Park–Soccer field #9

Challenger Sports Soccer Camp                                                        Actv.#       Sec.#        Day           Date              Time
                                                                                     204459       01           Mon.–Fri.     6/27–7/1          5:00–6:30pm
AgeS: 6–14 YeARS
Let the Challenger Sports staff help you push your game to the next level. A
three-hour daily program provides technical and tactical instruction in all areas
                                                                                     Recreational and Competitive Camp
of the game, with emphasis on individual skill development and fundamental           AgeS: 7–10 YeARS ReCReATIOnAL (BOYS AnD gIRLS)
tactical awareness. Our coaching mix of maximum participation, progressive                 11–14 COMPeTITIVe (BOYS AnD gIRLS)
practices, and small-sided games makes this a fun camp all week long. For
                                                                                     Recreation players follow our Play S.A.F.e. curriculum based on
the novice players, “Learning Through games” provides lots of touches on
                                                                                     developing skills to enhance their confidence and individual play with
the ball, under limited pressure, allowing more success for the player and
                                                                                     the ball. The camp is structured around themed sessions to allow the
increased confidence. (Min/Max: 5/30). Instructor: Challenger Sports staff.
                                                                                     players to have fun while learning key skills. The Competitive camp
Fee: $125/$156 (1 wk)
                                                                                     is designed for advanced recreational and travel team players. The
Location: Ron Beese Park–Soccer field #9
                                                                                     A.T.T.A.C.K. curriculum covers the more advanced technical skills
Actv.#        Sec.#       Day          Date       Time                               and the tactical aspect of the game required at each age level. Our
204461                                                                               competitive camps are structured for 3 hours per day with in-camp
Age 6–9       01          Mon.–Fri. 6/20–6/24     9:00am–12:00pm                     tournaments and small-sided games. (Min/Max: 30/90).
Age 10–14 02              Mon.–Fri. 6/20–6/24     1:00–4:00pm                        Fee: $105/$131 (1 wk)
To receive a FREE jersey, you must register by May 6. There will be a                Loc: Ron Beese Park–Soccer field #9
$10 late fee for registrations after June 10.
                                                                                     Actv. #      Sec. #       Day           Date             Time
                                                                                     204459       02           Mon.–Fri.     6/27–7/1         5:00–8:00pm

Professional Soccer Academy Camp

AgeS: 3–9 YeARS (BOYS AnD gIRLS)
Professional Soccer Academy summer camps offer an outstanding opportu-
nity for boys and girls to develop and improve their soccer skills. Players will
learn techniques to enhance their individual skill level from an experienced
staff of coaches. During camp, we’ll work on all facets of soccer (dribbling,
passing, receiving, shooting, and defense). Whether you’re an experienced
soccer player or only a beginner, we’ll help you take your game to the next
level. Friday of the last day of camp will be spent at the Fun Zone at Soccer
City Indoor Arenas. each camper will experience our inflatable obstacle
course, 20-foot slide, and the jumper. We’ll also have a Soccer Olympics
and our ever-popular water fight! (Min/Max: 20/100). Instructor: Professional
Soccer Academy. you must register online for this class at or call 847-788-5312.

“LIL” CAMPER (AGES 3, 4 AND 5): $60/$75
Location: Ron Beese Park
                Day             Date         Time
Age 3           Mon.–Fri.       6/13–6/17    9:00–9:50am
                Mon.–Fri.       7/18–7/22    9:00–9:50am
Age 4           Mon.–Fri.       6/13–6/17    10:00–10:50am
                Mon.–Fri.       7/18–7/22    10:00–10:50am
                                                                                   Spirit Soccer Camp: Grades 3–5
Age 5           Mon.–Fri.       6/13–6/17    11:00–11:50am
                Mon.–Fri.       7/18–7/22    11:00–11:50am                         AgeS: 8–11 YeARS (enTeRIng gRADeS 3–5; BOYS AnD gIRLS)
                                                                                   The goal of this soccer camp is to provide 10 hours of soccer smiles, in a
“PRO” CAMPER (AGES 6–9): $120/$150                                                 fun, non-threatening, challenging environment. We emphasize skill devel-
Location: Ron Beese Park                                                           opment and game situation competence. This camp is great for players
                Day             Date         Time                                  of all skill levels looking to become better soccer players. Several current
Ages 6–9        Mon.–Fri.       6/13–6/17    9:00am–12:00pm                        and former BhS varsity soccer players, many of whom are still compet-
                Mon.–Fri.       7/18–7/22    9:00am–12:00pm                        ing nCAA college soccer, will also be assisting. To facilitate individual and
                                                                                   personalized instruction, the camper to coach ratio will not exceed 10:1.
                                                                                   (Min/Max: 10/no limit). Instructor: BhS head Varsity Coach Scott Steib &
                                                                                   Location: BhS-Fields of Dreams-Soccer Fields
                                                                                   Fee: Dist. #220: $100/$125 (1 wk)
                                                                                   Actv.#       Sec.#       Day          Date           Time
                                                                                   204438       01          Mon.–Fri.    7/18–7/22      11:00am–1:00pm
                                                                                                02          Mon.–Fri.    7/25–7/29      11:00am–1:00pm

                                                                                   Spirit Soccer Camp: Grades 6–8
                                                                                   AgeS: 11–14 YeARS (enTeRIng gRADeS 6–8; BOYS AnD gIRLS)
                                                                                   This soccer camp provides 10 hours of coaching to challenge players of
                                                                                   all levels to become more skillful, more intelligent and stronger soccer
                                                                                   players. Skill development and enhancement will be a major emphasis,
Soccer Made in America Training Camp                                               along with improvement of tactical “soccer sense.” Campers will be
                                                                                   exposed to an environment typical of our high school teams. Several
AgeS: 4–17 YeARS (BOYS AnD gIRLS)
                                                                                   current and former BhS varsity soccer players, many of whom are still
The Soccer Made in America Training Camp is a fully integrated program             competing nCAA college soccer, will also be assisting. This camp should
covering technical and tactical training for five consecutive half-day sessions.   give you a nice preview to our high school program and staff. To facilitate
The program emphasizes psychological dimensions such as motivation,                individual and personalized instruction, the camper to coach ratio will not
confidence, leadership, and game smarts. Players are divided into groups           exceed 10:1. (Min/Max: 10/no limit). Instructor: BhS head Varsity Coach
of ten or less according to ability first and age second. Beginning players        Scott Steib & Staff.
will be introduced to the fundamental techniques and apply them in games.          Location: BhS-Fields of Dreams-Soccer Fields
Intermediate players who have mastered basic techniques will be chal-              Fee: Dist. #220-$100/$125 (1 wk)
lenged to higher-level competition. each participant receives a camp T-shirt,
                                                                                   Actv.#       Sec.#       Day          Date           Time
Certificate of Achievement, participation in contests, with awards given to
                                                                                   204438       03          Mon.–Fri.    7/18–7/22     11:00am–1:00pm
winners on “Awards Day” (Friday). Participants must bring their own soccer
                                                                                                04          Mon.–Fri.    7/25–7/29     11:00am–1:00pm
ball, shin guards, and a water bottle to camp. (Min/Max: 5/50). Instructor:
Aleks Mihailovic & Staff.
Fee:        $129/$161 (first family member)
            $115/$144 (second family member)
            $99/$124 (third family member
Location: Ron Beese Park–Soccer field #9
Actv.#        Sec.#       Day           Date            Time
204456        01          Mon.–Fri.     7/18–7/22       2:00–5:00pm

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                                                75

EVP Tour Beach Volleyball Camps
AgeS: 8–16 YeARS (BOYS AnD gIRLS)
Take your volleyball game to the beach! A camp hosted by the Volleyball
Professionals features all the latest drills and training techniques that build
your skills for the next level. Lots of contests and games too, with fun and
active instructors! The camp will concentrate on the fundamentals of pass-
ing, setting, serving and spiking. You will learn to overhand serve and play
organized games. The lesson plan directs individual training that helps each
student reach a new level. (Min/Max: 8/24). Instructor: Volleyball Pros Staff
Fee: See below (4-day camp; cancelled classes made up on Friday)
Location: BPD–Sand Courts east & West
Actv.# 204372
Sec.#       Day                  Date            Time                 Fee
grades 3–5
01          Mon.–Thur.           6/20–6/23       1:00–2:00pm          $93/$116
04          Mon.–Thur.           7/11–7/14       1:00–2:00pm          $93/$116
grades 6–8
                                                                                     EVP Beach Camp
grades 9–10                                                                          AgeS: 5–8 YeARS (gRADeS K–2)
03          Mon.–Thur.           6/20–6/23       4:30–6:30pm          $134/$168      Volleykidz is an introductory class for children in grades K–2. The lesson plan
06          Mon.–Thur.           7/11–7/14       4:30–6:30pm          $134/$168      introduces the pass, set and spike using a very light volleyball. Volleykidz
                                                                                     will improve each child’s hand/eye coordination and left/right coordination
EVP Indoor Volleyball Camp                                                           through the use of fun drills and gross motor games. The camp also incorpo-
                                                                                     rates short educational drills including spelling, math & science. (Min/Max:
AgeS: 8–14 YeARS (gRADeS 3–8; See BeLOW)                                             8/24). Instructor: Volleyball Pros Staff (312-287-5988).
Come indoors for a special camp session taught and directed by Volleyball            Fee: $93/$116 (4-day camp; cancelled classes made up on Friday)
Professionals. The four-day camp will concentrate on the fundamentals of             Location: BPD–Sand Courts east & West
passing, setting, and spiking. The lesson plan directs the use of self-mastery       Actv.#       Sec.#      Day               Date              Time
training that helps each student reach a new level. The knowledge of the             204326       01         Mon.–Thur.        6/20–6/23         12:00–1:00pm
instructors will give the participants a head start on their skills in preparation                02         Mon.–Thur.        7/11–7/14         12:00–1:00pm
for the next upcoming volleyball season. (Min/Max: 8/24). Instructor: Volley-
ball Pros Staff (312-287-5988).
Fee: See Below (4-day camp; cancelled classes made up on Friday)
Location: F&RC–gym
Actv.# 204466
Sec.#        Day             Date             Time              Fee
grades 3–5: Indoor Volleyball Camp
01           Mon.–Thur.      8/15–8/18        2:00–3:00pm       $113/$141
grades 6–8: Indoor Volleyball Camp
02           Mon.–Thur.      8/15–8/18        3:30–5:30pm       $134/$168
grades 6–8: Spiking Camp
03           Mon.–Thur.        8/15–8/18      5:30–7:00pm       $113/$141

High-Performance Indoor Volleyball Camp

AgeS: 8–14 YeARS (gRADeS 3–8; See BeLOW)
Join college-level players and coaches for a fun indoor camp! These fun
coaches use their knowledge to help prepare your child for competitive play
while having a fun and educational time. We’ll help improve overall skills and
gain an understanding of the game. Over the five-day camp, every player will
be instructed on how to pass, set, serve, and hit properly, which will be used
in game play during the camp. Three-year varsity player and current Universi-
ty of Kentucky player Coach nick Leiding will make sure each camper leaves
the camp with an unforgettable experience. For more information, e-mail Be sure to bring athletic gym shoes and knee pads if
needed. Min/Max: 4/15 (3–5); 4/20 (6–8). Instructor: nick Leiding, University
of Kentucky volleyball team.
Fee: See Below
Location: F&RC–gym
Actv.# 204416
Sec.#      Day                Date           Time                 Fee
grades 3–5
01         Mon.–Fri.          6/13–6/17      10:00–11:30am        $60/$75
03         Mon.–Fri.          7/11–7/15      10:00–11:30am        $60/$75
grades 6–8
02         Mon.–Fri.          6/13–6/17      11:30am–1:30pm $75/$94
04         Mon.–Fri.          7/11–7/15      11:30am–1:30pm $75/$94

Adult Indoor Volleyball League (Men and Women)
AgeS: 18 YeARS AnD UP
Be a part of a fast-paced, competitive indoor volleyball league. We will play a
full 8 weeks, with a season-ending tournament. This is an intermediate level
league. (Min/Max: 6 teams/12 teams).
Fee: $280/$350
Location: F&RC-gyms
Actv.#       Sec.#        Day        Date           Time
204673       01           Mon.       6/13–8/22      6:30, 7:30, 8:30pm
                                     No class 7/4

  Information for Residents with
  Disabilities: NISRA
  Northern Illinois Special               grams, along with camps, special
  Recreation Association                  events and trips offer enjoyment
  Do you know someone with a              for children, teens and adults of
  disability who would like to go         all ability levels. nISRA also offers
  out, have fun and make friends,         Special Olympics training and com-
  but needs a little special assis-       petition in 15 sports. nISRA’s full
  tance? Since 1976, the northern         time professional recreation staff
  Illinois Special Recreation As-         hold college degrees in therapeutic
  sociation (nISRA) has provided          recreation or related fields, along
  recreation programs for people          with various certifications. Part-time
  with disabilities, with the objec-      staff and volunteers help people
  tive of enriching the lives of          with disabilities learn new skills
  people with disabilities through        and have fun. Do you have a talent
  meaningful recreation experienc-        to share and some time to give?
  es. Socializing, building physical      Contact nISRA to learn more about
  skills, learning, relaxation and        part-time work or volunteering. Ask
  fun are some of the benefits            for the nISRA brochure at the Park
  gained from participating in            District office, or call (815) 459-0737
  nISRA’s year round activities.          or go to for more
  Sports, fitness, social, cultural,      information.
  outdoor and preschool pro-

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                 77
Lacrosse                                            AgeS 7–14

Lacrosse America: Boys’ Spring Travel League                                        GAME AND PRACTICE INFORMATION
                                                                                    For all league information including dates, times, locations and equipment,
AgeS: 7–14 YeARS (gRADeS 2–8)                                                       please visit your town’s webpage at
The Barrington Park District will be working in conjunc-                            EqUIPMENT NEEDED
tion with Lacrosse America this spring to coordinate                                All players must rent/purchase all equipment prior to the first practice,
travel lacrosse teams from the Barrington area. These                               equipment WILL nOT be available at the field. Rental/purchase information
teams will participate in the Chicagoland Lacrosse                                  can be found at
League. This league provides a fun and exciting playing
environment for everyone from the beginner to the elite lacrosse player.            REGISTRATION IS A 2-STEP PROCESS:
Teams will be grouped by grade and ability level, with program emphasis             1. Register and pay at the Barrington Park District
on skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship, and equal playing time               2. Register (FRee) at to receive your program
(provided there has been good practice attendance). All programs are ideal          information updates. IMPORTAnT: You will not receive any communica-
for beginning and experienced players. All players receive a custom team            tions from Lacrosse America until you are registered on the Lacrosse
jersey and team shorts.                                                             America web site.
                                                                                    Parent Meeting: TBA – see
BOyS SPRING PROGRAMS                                                                Fee: See below; Location: Ron Beese Park
Grades 2-3 (Bantams) and Grades 4-5 (Lightning): Beginning and
experienced players learn about the game and develop their skills through           Actv.# Sec.# Day                 Date       Time             Fee
drills, team-building activities, scrimmages and games. Lightning practices         104351
twice a week, while Bantams practice once a week. Both divisions play               Bantams 01        Sun.           4/17–6/12  12:30–1:45pm     $215/$263
games on the weekend.                                                                                 Mon.           4/18–6/12  6:15–7:45pm
                                                                                    Lightning 02      Sun.           4/10–6/12  12:30–1:45pm     $260/$325
Grades 6-7 (Juniors) and Grade 8 (Seniors): These teams have two                                      Mon./Thur. 4/4–6/12       6:15–7:45pm
practices a week and games each weekend. Players learn about the game               Juniors    03     Sun.           4/3–6/12   2:15–4:00pm      $260/$325
and develop their skills through drills, team building activities, scrimmages                         Mon/Thur.      4/4–6/12   6:15–7:45pm
and games. These programs will have upper and lower divisions; players will         Seniors    04     Sun.           4/3–6/12   2:15–4:00pm      $260/$325
be placed depending on skill, attitude, and knowledge of the game. Tryout                             Mon./Thur. 4/4–6/12       6:15–7:45pm
dates for upper level teams will be posted at              Times and dates are subject to change depending on team placement.
                                                                                    No lacrosse 4/24.

     Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association                                            Registration, Practices, and Games
                                                                                    Registration is a two-step process: 1) Register below through the
     AgeS: 8–14 YeARS (gRADeS 3–8)                                                  Barrington Park District; and 2) go to and click on the
     Be part of a youth lacrosse league exclusively for girls from Chicago, the     registration tab to SUBMIT uniform sizing and participant information.
     north, northwest, west, and south suburbs. The emphasis of this program        Practice locations and schedules will be determined and posted at www.
     is to develop the girl within the sport of lacrosse. The goals of the pro- All important information during the lacrosse season is posted
     gram are to understand the rules of lacrosse, active teamwork, sports-         at – visit our website periodically for updates.Practices
     manship, and fostering personal development in a respectful environ-           are Wednesdays and Tuesdays from 6:30–8:00pm at Ron Beese Park.
     ment led by positive coaching. All players will receive equal playing time.    games will be played on Sunday afternoons at Ron Beese Park and other
     Practices are Wednesdays from 6:30–8:00pm at Ron Beese Park. games             nearby suburbs.
     will be played on Sunday afternoons at Ron Beese Park and other nearby
     suburbs. If you have an interest in being a “Parent Volunteer Coach,” click    Fee: $165/$180 (grades 3–8, Regular Level; 8 wks)
     on our volunteer tab on the website ( no experience is               $250/$265 (grades 7–8 Advanced Level; 8 wks)
     necessary, and training classes are available. (Min/Max: 20/80). Instructor:   Location: RBP–Lacrosse Field
     IgLA-Staff.                                                                    Actv.#                 Sec.# Day               Date         Time
     Equipment Needed                                                               104348
     each player must have goggles, a stick, and a mouth guard for practices        grades 3–4             01      Wed./Sun.       4/20–6/12 6:30–8:00pm*
     and games. go to for general equipment information and           grades 5–6             02      Wed./Sun.       4/20–6/12 6:30–8:00pm*
     recommendations. equipment packages are available for purchase un-             grades 7–8 (Beg.) 03           Wed./Sun.       4/20–6/12 6:30–8:00pm*
     der our tab: get Ready to Play; equipment link at Please        grades 7–8 (Adv.)** 04         Tue./Wed./Sun. 4/20–6/12 6:30–8:00pm*
     note: The participant must bring the park district receipt to the first day    *Games are played on Sunday afternoons.
     of the league as proof of payment.                                             **This level is for the experienced 7th/8th grade players. Requirements
                                                                                    can be found at under the registration tab.

Lacrosse America Camp for Boys

AgeS: 8–15 YeARS (BOYS enTeRIng gRADeS 3–9)                                       Ice Skating & hockey
Lacrosse, “the fastest sport on two feet,” combines the best of basketball,
hockey, and soccer. Lacrosse America staff and special guests will instruct       BARRINGTON ICE ARENA
new and experienced players in stick handling, dodging, shooting, and             28205 W. COMMERCIAL DRIVE (OFF PEPPER RD.)
defense. The emphasis for both camps will be skill development, learning          BARRINGTON, IL
the rules, sportsmanship and fun contests and scrimmages. The camp is
open to boys entering grades 3-9 in September. FRee loaner equipment is
available. All skill levels welcome to come out and get some sun while play-      Learn-to-Skate: Once a week
ing the hottest sport in the area! Players should bring their own water bottle.   Scooters: Twice a week
All participants will get a camp shirt. For more information, call Lacrosse       Skate rental $3.00
America (847-412-5LAX) or visit our web site at          (available on a first-come, first-served basis)
Both beginners and experienced players will learn from individual instruction,    Please refer back to the Winter/Spring brochure
game situation drills and daily scrimmages.                                       for registration, complete schedule of days, times,
Fee: $165/$203 (1 wk)                                                             and class descriptions.
Location: RBP–Lacrosse Fields A–D
                                                                                  Fall 2011 – dates to be announced in the fall brochure.
Actv.#            Sec.#     Day          Date           Time
Boys 3rd–6th      01        Mon.–Fri     6/13–6/17      9:00–11:30am
                  02        Mon.–Fri     7/18–7/22      9:00–11:30am
Boys 7th–9th      03        Mon.–Fri.    6/13–6/17      9:00–11:30am
                  04        Mon.–Fri     7/18–7/22      9:00–11:30am

Illinois Girls Lacrosse
Association Summer Camp
AgeS: 8–15 YeARS (gRADeS 3–9; BegInneRS AnD eXPeRIenCeD)
Our camps will be run by an experienced coaching staff that knows how
to make learning fun! Quality coaching is our #1 priority at IgLA Summer
Camps. Our highly skilled and experienced coaches are made up of women
with high school, collegiate, and post collegiate playing experience, current
college athletes, and current varsity high school athletes.
Camps will be divided by Beginners and Experienced, and then
by Grades 3-9 (girls).
BegInneRS will learn the skills of the game in a fun, fast-paced, and dy-
namic environment with drills and games. There is also opportunity for more
advanced skill development such as offensive and defensive positioning and
simulated game play.
eXPeRIenCeD PLAYeRS will fine tune their skills, correct positioning,
and learn advanced techniques for improving her game. With small group
instruction, there will be much opportunity for one-on-one personal expertise
sharing. experienced players will engage in game play with instruction—all in
a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
goggles, sticks and mouth guards are required equipment to play. (Min/Max:
20/80). Instructor: IgLA staff. For detailed information visit
Fee: $140/$155 (1 wk)
Location: RBP–Lacrosse Field
Actv.#            Sec.#     Day          Date           Time
Beginner          01        Mon.–Fri.    6/20–6/24      10:00am–12:00pm
experienced       02        Mon.–Fri     6/20–6/24      10:00am–12:00pm

2011 Summer Brochure (847) 381-0687                                                                                                         79
Basketball                                               AgeS: gRADeS 1–8

  Barrington Area Basketball Camp
  by Bryan Tucker (Grades 4–8)
  AgeS: 9–14 YeARS (enTeRIng gRADeS 4–8; BOYS AnD gIRLS)
  This camp is a great opportunity to learn basketball fundamentals from
  Barrington high School men’s coaching staff. Shooting techniques,
  individual offense, defense, passing, dribbling and ball handling skills,
  and rebounding techniques will be taught every session. This is a
  three-week progressive camp, but you may sign up for one week only.
  Week one is Shooting Camp; week two is Skills Camp; week three
  is Competition Camp. (Min/Max: 10/75 per week). Instructor: Bryan
  Tucker & Staff.
  Fee: Dist. 220: $60 (per week)
  Location: BhS–Main gym
  Actv.#        Sec.#   Day            Date          Time
  grade 4       01      Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     2:30–4:30pm
                06      Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     2:30–4:30pm
                11      Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     2:30–4:30pm
  grade 5       02      Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     2:30–4:30pm
                07      Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     2:30–4:30pm              Barrington Area Basketball Spring Training NEW!
                12      Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     2:30–4:30pm              AgeS: 9–14 YeARS (gRADeS 4–8; BOYS AnD gIRLS)
  grade 6       03      Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              Barrington Youth Basketball and the Barrington Park District are joining forces
                08      Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              to provide this all new basketball skills training. The first 30 minutes of each
                13      Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              session will focus on the following skills: dribbling, passing, shooting, and
  grade 7       04      Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              team defense. The last hour is dedicated to in-house officiated games. All
                09      Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              instructors are Barrington Youth Basketball coaches. This program’s philoso-
                14      Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              phy and direction is taken from Barrington high School Men’s Varsity head
     grade 8    05      Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              Coach, Bryan Tucker. (Min/Max: 10/100).
                10      Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              Fee: $100/$125 (6 wks)
                15      Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     2:30–4:30pm
                                                                              Location: F&RC–gyms A & B
                                                                              Actv. #      Sec. #     Day      Date             Time
                                                                              grade 4      01         Sun.     4/10–5/22        6:00–7:30pm
All Skills Basketball Camp (Grades 1–3)                                       grade 5      02         Sun.     4/10–5/22        6:00–7:30pm
AgeS: 6–9 YeARS (enTeRIng gRADeS 1–3; BOYS AnD gIRLS)                         grade 6      03         Sun.     4/10–5/22        6:00–7:30pm
                                                                              grade 7      04         Sun.     4/10–5/22        6:00–7:30pm
This camp is designed to teach your basketball player the fundamental         grade 8      05         Sun.     4/10–5/22        6:00–7:30pm
skills needed to play competitively. Learn such basics as dribbling, shoot-                                    No class 4/24
ing, passing, defense, rebounding, and more. each session will include a
similar lesson plan, but the 2nd and 3rd weeks are designed to build
upon what has already been taught in the 1st session. (Min/Max: 8/20).        High School Basketball League
Instructor: BPD–Staff.                                                        AgeS: 14–18 YeARS (gRADeS 9–12)
Fee: $60/$75
Location: F&RC–gyms                                                           This recreational league is perfect for boys and girls who like to play bas-
                                                                              ketball in a fun and relaxed environment. There are no player evaluations;
Actv.#         Sec.#    Day            Date          Time                     players can form their own team. Participants play eight league games and
204481                                                                        conclude with a tournament. Team jerseys will be provided. For further
grade 1        01       Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     2:00–3:00pm              information, contact the Barrington Park District at 847-381-0687. (Min/Max:
               04       Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     2:00–3:00pm              6 teams/12 teams).
               07       Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     2:00–3:00pm              Fee: $110/$130
grade 2        02       Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     3:00–4:00pm              Location: F&RC–gym
               05       Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     3:00–4:00pm
               08       Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     3:00–4:00pm              Actv. #      Sec. #     Day      Date             Time
grade 3        03       Mon.–Thur.     6/13–6/16     4:00–5:00pm              204337       01         Sun.     6/19–8/28        game time varies
               06       Mon.–Thur.     6/20–6/23     4:00–5:00pm                                               No games 7/3     between 12:00–5:00pm
               09       Mon.–Thur.     6/27–6/30     4:00–5:00pm


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