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									                                         November/December 2008

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                                                         WAYLAND, MI

       2745 - 136TH AVENUE                                PERMIT #1
       HOPKINS, MI 49328

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          eeS Visit our website at
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Page 2

                                                  IMPORTANT INFORMATION
                                                          Letter from the President                          by Lee VanHarn
                                                             Our 2008 season was a memo-                     between Cove Drive and Iroquois.
 Member Service............616.896.8315                   rable one! The new Recreation                      Our Member Outreach Committee
  Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm                           Station is a huge success, enjoyed                 provides “Welcome Baskets” for
    Saturday and Sunday - closed                          by both existing members and                       our new members. The Golf Com-
 Fax Number .................. 616.896.7409                                                                  mittee has some great new plans to
                                                          the many new families moving into
 Member Service - Mary............... 100
                                                          our Park. Our lake water level re-                 improve the golfing experience for
 Member Service............................101                        mained high. We enjoyed our first                  everyone (watch for Footprints ar-
 Administration                                           Cardboard Boat Races (which will                   ticles). The Bylaws Committee has
  Max/Kathy ................................. 105         be held again, in 2009), and added                 completed an extensive review of                              “50 and Over” softball to our many                 our Bylaws and the Board of Direc-                                recreational activities.                           tors is reviewing its recommenda-
  Dawn...........................................109        People continue to be our great-                 tions during this winter season.                                  est asset. Senior Adult Activities                 Many other volunteers contribute
  Beth.............................................106    is donating funds to purchase new                  in a variety of ways, and we ap-                                                                                    preciate each one!
                                                          chairs for the adult pool area. Park
 Park Inspector - Don....616.896.7286
                                                          staff is working on three new trail                  Our country’s economic crisis is
 Call for Pumpouts ........................ 111           systems for the Nature Center                      also a concern to us. Some of our
 Sales Office.................... 616.896.8315            – a golf cart trail, a nature trail                members have lost jobs or suf-
  Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:00 pm                           and a fitness trail. Our Thursday                  fered financial setbacks, and have
       Saturday and Sunday - closed                       Morning Volunteers have asked to                   had to leave the Park. And, the
          Sales Office or Camping                         help install fitness structures next               costs to operate our Park continue
  Kelli ............................................103   spring. The Garden Club works on                   to rise, just as do your personal
  Denny Johnson .......................... 114            beautiful plantings throughout                     expenses. We are not planning any
  Mary Grill .................................. 113       the Park. Our Long Range Planning                  major projects for the immediate
 Camping ........................................103            BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                          Committee is finishing a design for                future, except that a decision
                                                          a Memorial Garden to be installed                  must be made within two years
 Maintenance ................. 616.896.8317                                                                  concerning our golf clubhouse,
          Open Monday-Friday                                    Board of Directors                           which has been significantly dam-
             8:00 am - 4:00 pm                                            Mission Statement:
                                                                                                             aged by flooding and termites.
    Saturday and Sunday - closed                                                                                We want everyone to continue
                                                           The Sandy Pines Board of Directors will provide
 Ranger Station ..............616.896.9006                 positive leadership and management direction so   enjoying this wonderful place we                                             as to insure the long term                                    continued on page 4
                                                                  viability and success of Sandy Pines
 Recreation Dept ............ 616.896.8318                               Wilderness Trails, Inc.                    Administrative Staff
                                                                                                              Max E. Gibbs ................. Park Director
  Rog Grinwis                                              Lee VanHarn .................. President(09)       Lon Arndt .............. Maintenance Supt.
     Adult Rec....... 616.896.8315 x112                    Jean Richards ..... Vice-President(09)             Dawn Arndt, CPA........Finance Admin.                          Dick Valone ................... Secretary(10)      Steve Deyarmond... Safety Director
 Lake Monterey Golf ..... 616.896.8118                     Tom Aldrich................... Treasurer(11)       Jim Spray ..........................Golf Course
                                                           Jim Schipper(10) Mike Young (09)
                                                                                                                      Management Staff
             Laundromat Hours                                        Gerald Williams (11)
                                                                                                              Mary Cooper ............ Member Service
         6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.                              Terry Derks (10) Stan Robbins (11)
                                                                                                              Kelli Blackman ............. Guest Service
                                                                       Boardofdirectors@                                                         Manager
                                                                                      Denny Johnson........... Sales Manager
                                                                                                              John Parmeter ............ Park & Garden
                                                             Retail Services Phone #’s                                                           Manager
    Web Site:                                                                              Don Weiss ...................Park Inspector
                                                           Just Your Style .......... 616.896.1744            Becki Arndt ...... Aquatics Supervisor
           Member Only Site
                                                           Baker’s Dozen ........... 616.896.6078             Mary Applehof ................. Supervisor
            User ID: member
                                                           Hilltop Dairy Dip ................616.896.0127              Youth/Teen Rec. Activities
         Password: happycamper
                                                           Park & Garden ................... 616.896.9334     Rog Grinwis ............. Adult Recreation
                                                           Pat’s Little Wheel ...... 616.896.8004             Kathy Brott..... . Executive Assistant
                                                                                                            Page 3

                          PARK DIRECTOR UPDATE by Max Gibbs
                       Sandy Pines    courts this year. If you are say-       in Phase Four. Thank you for what-
                     has become       ing, “What in the world is that?”       ever it is you can do to keep Sandy
                     a very qui-      then go to the internet and Google      Pines green.
                     et place to      Pickleball and you will have a pleas-       Something to think about for
                     be since the     ant surprise on how much fun the        next summer…If you have a group
                     middle of Oc-    game can be!                            of friends, or members of your
                     tober. I even      Every fall and winter we have to      office, and you like to play golf,
                     had the oppor-   continue to cut down our dead and       we are going to be offering food,
                     tunity to take   dying pine trees. Please think about    carts and golf, at special rates.
                     a vacation! It   planting a tree or two on your site     Please let us know if this is some-
is always good to leave the work-     next spring. Our pine trees have        thing you would like to schedule,
place and relax. I do think about     reached the end of their lifespan.      as an event.
Sandy Pines, even when I am on        And we have to take many of them          Have a great Christmas and ‘fam-
vacation. I look around to see what   down each year. We continue to          ily time’ over the Holidays. Families
we can add or improve in our Park.    plant trees in some of the Green        are our greatest asset. These hard
It is sometimes easier to think       Areas where they can be watered,        economic times make us appreciate
and plan when I am away from the      but we can’t plant everywhere, be-      what we have, and our families are
every day activities.                 cause we can’t take care of them        number one!!
    We will be adding Pickleball      all. We need your help, especially

Member Service Information                by Mary Cooper

Holiday Hours:                          Fall and Winter Office Hours
On December 19 th, we will be          Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm
closing at noon for our Christmas       Saturday and Sunday – Closed
party. Administration offices will
be closed December 24th, 25th &       Reminder:
26th and December 31st, January       In January, April & July, you will
1st & 2nd.                            have a quarterly electric charge on
                                      your account. This is an estimate.
                                      It is based on your total electric
                                      usage in 2008. In the fall of 2009,
Convenience Centers open this
                                      when your meter is read those pay-
                                      ments will be deducted, and you
       Core – Pavilion – Phase 1
                                      will be billed the difference.
       CC#2 – Phase 2
       CC#3 - Phase 2
       CC#5 - Phase 3
                                      Welcome New Members:
       CC#8 - Phase 4
                                      Kenneth & Karen Koziol,                 Randy & Cheryl Bouwman,
       CC#12 – Phase 5
                                                              Richland                           Hudsonville
       Recreation Station
                                      Dennis & Heather Blockland,             Duane & Betty Overbeek,
                                                             Rockford                            Hudsonville
                                      Chester & Sharon Reed,                  Timothy & Ruth Kleinheksel,
Flea Market Dates for 2009:
                                                              Zeeland                                Holland
May 2, May 23 (Memorial Day),
                                      Tim & Toni Freeland,       Grant
June 6, July 4, August 8 (Christ-
                                      Peter & Lydia Hanse,     Allegan
mas), September 5 (Labor Day) and
                                      Daniel Kendall & Donna Oole,
October 3. You can sign up now for
$25 per space, or all seven Flea
                                      Beth McCullough,      Grandville
Markets for just $20 per space.
                                      Frank & Donna Bower,
Page 4

                                                PARK INFO
                   President’s Letter
               continued from page 2
call Sandy Pines! We will continue      bers, and respond to your needs.
to provide a relaxing atmosphere,          If you have the chance, visit
and quality recreational activities.    Sandy Pines during this winter sea-
We continue to stress good main-        son. It’s a winter wonderland! For
tenance of our existing buildings       now, I just want to wish everyone
and facilities. Energy conservation     a Blessed Christmas, and a healthy
is a priority, and we are investigat-   and prosperous New Year! It’s still
ing geo-thermal opportunities. We       a great time to be a member of
will continue to listen to our mem-     Sandy Pines!
                                                                                                               Page 5

                   Be sure to visit our website at
Senior Adult Activities                by Bill Meyer, President                  Inspector Information
                                                                                          by Don Weiss, Park Inspector
  The 2008 season at Sandy Pines           III. Thanks again for your great
has come to the end, and it was a          support this year. We wish you a        For those of you who need any-
wonderful one! We finished up with         safe and healthy winter, and look     thing during the winter months,
a pancake breakfast, free bingo            forward to seeing you at Sandy        the best way to get a quick reply
and a soup supper on OctoberFest           Pines in 2009. We have our events     would be to email me at Inspec-
Weekend. We had a good turn out.           set for next year, so watch for
Thank you to everyone for your             postings.                                If you do not have access to
continuing support at all of our              I personally would like to thank   email, you can still leave a message
events during the season.                  all of our volunteers that contrib-   on my answering machine. I will be
   As a result of your great sup-          uted their time and energy to help    working third shift in the Ranger
port, we were able to purchase             make 2008 such a great year. We       Station for the winter, so if you
some additional furniture for the          couldn’t have done it without you.    need a call back, please let me know
Recreation Station pool area, we               A special thank you to Carol      if I am able to call you between
also gave money to help upgrade            Hoffman for running all of our        11:00-11:30 pm or 6:30-7:00 am.
the mini-golf course area, two             Bingo games, to Mike Young and          Thank you for your time and we’ll
baby-changing stations will be             Joe Lehner, for heading up the        see you all soon.
installed in the CC in Phase I, and        Poker Runs, and to Lyle and Carol
there will be another bench placed         Sue Morton, and my wife, Cheryl,
by the swings at the Phase I beach.        for all of the extra help they have
We also gave money towards the             given me during the year.
fitness trails upgrade and for a              Thanks again to everyone for a
Memorial Rose Garden in Phase              wonderful year. See you in 2009!

    Patio Rooms and Decks
         by Westhouse
�    Insulated patio covers warranted to
      meet Michigan Snow Load Code.
�    Standard and insulated sidewalls.
�    Sturdy 3-Seasons glass windows,
      warm vinyl insulated windows and
      patio door rooms.
�    Custom built storage buildings.             Scott’s Carts Plus
 Visit us at

                                                     Season’s Greetings
                                                     from your friends at
      4409 Chappell Street                            Scott’s Carts Plus!
      Moline, MI 49335-0126
      Local 616-877-4706                         Call: 269-793-8777
      or 1-800-359-2018                             2756 - 136th Avenue
       Three Generations serving                     Hopkins, MI 49328
       you for over 35 years with
          Quality and Integrity                  We do Boat Repair!
Page 6

                 MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!                                                          by Don

A MESSAGE FROM MEMBER                  approaching traffic, it is appropri-
OUTREACH by Jean Richards              ate to yield the road to them by
  We are still looking for a product   going single file or stepping off to
that can be used to prolong the        the shoulder of the road. Those on
life of the covering on the golf       bikes should ride with the traffic
cart shelters. Two products were       and obey all traffic signs. Riders
brought to our attention: Krylon       should travel single file.
Fusion for Plastic and Champion          I hope all are keeping their legs
Sprayon Clear Finish. I tried the      in shape as the new trip has been
Krylon and it did not fill in any of   laid out. It is “A Capital Idea” and
the pin holes caused by weather-       takes us to the capital cities of
ing. A member says he tried the        the 48 contiguous states as well
Clear Finish spray and said he had     as the District of Columbia, sorry
some success.                          Alaska and Hawaii. It is farther
    If anyone has another idea,        than the last two trips combined
please let me know.                    by almost 1000 miles. It took us
   It was brought to the commit-       two seasons to complete “Sing-
tee’s attention that the topic         ing Our Way Across the USA” @
of safety on the roads in Sandy        9432 miles and the “Historical
Pines needs to be addressed as         Sites of Michigan” @ 1646 miles.
to those who walk, rollerblade, or     Our new trip is 12,048 miles long.
ride their bikes. The roadways         We will need everyone who walks,
must be shared by all, and certain     rollerblades, or rides a bike to get
rules of thumb must be followed to     involved, as we hope to complete
insure all are safe. If you walk or    this trip by the close of the Park
rollerblade, you should do so facing   in 2010. Where, and how to record
traffic so that you are aware of       your mileage will be in later “Foot-
approaching traffic. When you see      prints” articles.


                                                                                       Coverage for
                                                                                   Park Models - Boats
                                                                                       Auto - Home
                                       KP TREE & NURSERY                       Discounts for Ages 50 & over
                                          Ken Prince -“Prince of the Pines”
                                            Spruce, Pine, and Fir Trees
                                               Potted Trees 2’ to 10’              Beukema Insurance
                                                616-895-5813 or                       Agency, Inc.
                                                 616-550-9693                 2155 - 84th Street, Byron Center, MI 49315
                                           Delivery and Planting available             616-583-9442 or
                                         Located 3 Miles West of Allendale             1-800-350-6899
                                                                                                          Page 7

                         PARK RANGER UPDATE by Steve Deyarmond
Snow load:
  Western Michigan and lakeshore      foot. A general guideline of five       job of plowing the roadways in the
communities commonly receive lake     inches of ice is required for snow-     winter. However; winter storms
effect snow. In most cases, the       mobiles. Remember, these are            and lake effect can cause Park
lake effect snow reaches from the     general guidelines and many fac-        roadways to be filled with snow.
lake shore to US 131. Sandy Pines     tors besides thickness determine            If you decide to come to the
commonly is a recipient of lake       the safety of ice. The lake does        Park, be aware of the weather
effect snow. As a result, Sandy       have a constant current and under       forecast, and contact the Ranger
Pines may receive more accumula-      water springs. These can make the       Station to check current condi-
tion than areas further inland.       ice weaker in some areas. Don’t         tions. Lake effect snow can ac-
    Snow accumulation on porch        risk your life to get out on the lake   cumulate quickly, and blowing snow
enclosure roofs, golf cart shelter    to fish or snowmobile.                  can fill roadways. Maintenance is
roofs, golf cart tops, and screen     The water is cold, and hypothermia      not in the Park 24 hrs per day. If
room enclosure roofs, has, in the     can place your life at risk, should     the weather changes, you may want
past, resulted in damage from         you fall through the ice.               to decide to leave before heavy
snow load. Although very uncom-       Snowmobiles usage of the Park:          snow or snow storms, or plan ahead
mon, some trailer roofs have also        Please operate snowmobiles on        to stay in the Park until roadways
been damaged by snow load. Please     Park roadways and abide by the          are cleared. It can be a few days
check, or have a friend check, the    10mph speed limit.                      after severe storms that county
amount of snow load on items at           Operators must have a State         roadways or Park roadways are
your site.                            driver’s license or State issued        cleared.
   The Ranger Station will have       snowmobile safety certificate.             Please do not park in the road-
phone number of persons that will        Please do not cut across member      ways within the Park. This pre-
clean the snow off roofs. Please      sites, or drive in green areas.         vents the plow trucks from plowing
contact the Ranger Station for the      If driving along the lake, be care-   our streets. If you plan to come
phone numbers of those who shovel     ful not to run into a dock or boat      out to the Park, plan to clear your
snow off porch roofs.                 stake along the shoreline.              driveway, park at the nearest
Lake Ice:                                 Snowmobile trails are nearby        convenience center, at the core
   As the days begin to get colder,   Sandy Pines and connect with the        parking lot, or Adult Recreation
ice will form on the lake. Please     nature trails. Local trail maps are     Center parking lot.
use great caution when going out      available at the Ranger Station and             Plan ahead if you have
on the ice.                           local retailers.                        health conditions that will prevent
     A general guideline of four      Park Roads and winter condi-            you from walking distances or pre-
inches of new clear ice is the        tions:                                  vent you from shoveling snow.
minimum thickness for travel on          Maintenance does a very good

  May the spirit of Christmas                                                   Wishing you all
      bring you peace,                                                        a Blessed Christmas
  The gladness of Christmas                                                     and a New Year
        give you hope,
  The warmth of Christmas
                                                                                   filled with
       grant you love.                                                        Peace and Happiness.

                Author Unknown                                                              The Sandy Pines
                                                                                            Recreation Dept.
Page 8

              PARK NEWS

         Our hearts grow tender with
          childhood memories and
               love of kindred,
              and we are better
          throughout the year for
               having, in spirit,
                become a child
                   again at

            ~Laura Ingalls Wilder
            Page 9

Page 10

                                  Top Ten: Christmas Quotes
Christmas creates a happy and pleasant atmosphere for most people, but the Christmas atmosphere
can be hard to describe in words. Here you have a series of great quotes about Christmas phrased
by famous people.
                                          1. Agnes M. Pharo
 What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a
 fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead
                                               to peace.

                                           2. Carol Nelson
                  Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you’re home.

                                            3. Helen Keller
            The only blind person at Christmastime is he who has not Christmas in his heart.

                                            4. Harlan Miller
Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time with the endless unrestrained and often silly
               buying of gifts is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words.

                                          5. Shirley Temple
I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and
                                      he asked for my autograph.

                                      6. Norman Vincent Peale
   Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

                                          7. Mary Ellen Chase
                         Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.

                                          8. W.J. Cameron
                    There has been only one Christmas - the rest are anniversaries.

                                           9. Larry Wilde
  Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.

                                         10. Charles Dickens
                   I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
                                                                                   Page 11

                                                     MORE NEWS
   We hear the beating of wings over
Bethlehem and a light that is not of the
sun or of the stars shines in the midnight
sky. Let the beauty of the story take
away all narrowness, all thought of
formal creeds. Let it be remembered
as a story that has happened again and
again, to men of many different races,
that has been expressed through many
religions, that has been called by many
different names. Time and space and
language lay no limitations upon human
brotherhood.                                                     607 N. Main Street
                      New York Times,                            Plainwell, MI 49080
                      25 December 1937

           professionally Installed by:
 • Each SuntarraTM Sunroom is custom Designed
    and Engineered for your application.
 • Meets or Exceeds your local Building Codes.
 • Heavy-Duty Aero-CoreTM structural reinforcement
    provides a lifetime of reliability.
 • Fully-Insulated for Year-Round enjoyment.
 • All-Glass Knee-Walls, Doors, Windows and
    Transom available.
 • Energy-Star rated to save utility $$$.
 • Increase Living Space at a fraction of regular
    remodeling costs.
 • Highly Durable, Long Lasting Vinyl, components
    absorb sound for a quiet living space.
 • Integrated Electrical Raceway.
                 3333 STICKNEY AVE.
                 TOLEDO, OHIO 43608
             Sandy Pines Member

     (419) 729-1961
Page 12

                 BOARD MEETING MINUTES - October 10, 2008

                                                                             Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                                       October 10, 2008
                                                                                           Open Session
                                                                                     7:30 pm - Pavilion
CALL TO ORDER: President, Lee VanHarn called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
ROLL CALL:        Lee VanHarn, Mike Young, Terry Derks, Jean Richards, Jim Schipper, Gerald Williams and Dick
Absent: Tom Aldrich, Stan Robbins. Staff present: Max Gibbs & Kathy Brott
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: September 12, 2008 minutes were approved with one correction.
APPROVAL OF NEW MEMBERS: Motion by Jim Schipper, seconded by Terry Derks to approve the New
Members (21). All Ayes. Motion carried.
Officer Reports: None
Committee Reports:
Rules Committee: Terry Derks reiterated that the Ranger Department will be enforcing the land sticker rule on
all watercraft. A land sticker permits the member to store the watercraft on his/her site or the bullpen, when
not in use. A watercraft with a land sticker may not be stored in the Green area or on the beach.
PARK DIRECTOR REPORT: Max Gibbs, Park Director, reported that the Senior Adult Activities group as once
again generously donated money to help with Park improvements. Some of that money will be used to purchase
heavy-duty chairs for the Recreation Station area. We are currently checking on lounge chairs that are higher
off the ground, so members don’t have to bend down so far to get in and out of them. A new sign will be installed
at the Adult Pool that clarifies that adults are 18 years or older. The Senior Softball players will be pleased to
hear that the Cherry tree on the right field area will be removed. Max reported that we are working on ways to
upgrade our energy conservation. This process has been going on for many years, and we will continue to look for
ways to conserve energy throughout the Park. Max thanked everyone for a great summer and encouraged people
still in the area to stop back to the Park over the fall and winter months to enjoy the beauty during those
Old Business
New Business
Member Input: President VanHarn read questions from members and answered them.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting adjourned 7:55 pm. The next Board meeting is on Friday, May 8, 2009, in the
Pavilion, at 7:30 pm.

               Merry Christmas and a Prosperous,
            Healthy and Happy 2009, to each of you!
           From Max Gibbs and the Board of Directors
                                                                                                             Page 13

                       WHAT’S HAPPENING AT SANDY PINES
        Sympathy is extended to the following members and their families:
Ray & Sarah Brenner, Site 1303, on the passing of Sarah’s father, Milford Cherrington, on September
Charles (Tony) & Marilyn Dunaway, Site 565, on the passing of Tony’s mother, Loretta, on October 3rd.
Bill Kuhn, Site N-494, on the passing of his wife, Nancy, on October 16th.
Betty Cliffman, Site K-485, on the passing of her husband, Norm, on October 18th.
Mark & Sue Smith, Site 420, on the passing of Sue’s brother, Brian Hoogeveen, on October 21st.
Ralph TerBeek, Site 334, on the passing of his wife, Sarahellen, on November 1st. Sympathy is also ex-
tended to Ralph & Sarah’s daughter and her husband, Karen & Pete Westers, Site 310.
Ken & Deana Crane, Site K-25, on the passing of Deana’s father, Robert Gowen, on November 1st.
Nellie White, Site 398, on the passing of her dear friend and life-long companion, Betty Peters, on
November 2nd.
Bill & Cheryl Meyer, Site D-97, on the passing of Bill’s father, A.G. Meyer, on November 11th.
Susie Zook, Site 799, on the passing of her husband, George, on November 13th.
Lee & Norma VanHarn, Site K-510, on the passing of their grandson, Eric Maki, on November 13th.

                                        Here’s What’s Happening
                           Sandy Pines Florida Winter Gathering Information
The SP Winter Gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, 2009, at 11:30 am at Homer’s Restaurant in Sebring.

                          Sandy Pines 1st Annual Alabama Winter Gathering
Dave Annis, Site 532, has planned the 1st Annual Alabama Winter Gathering for those who winter there! We plan to
gather in Malbis, on January 31st at 3 pm at Ryan’s Steakhouse. Take I-10, Exit 38, and Ryan’s is on the North East
corner, right off the exit. If you have any questions, call Dave at 251-747-5238. Hope to see you there!

                              Michigan Sandy Pines Winter Gathering Info
For those of you who do not go to warmer climates in the winter, we meet for dinner once each month, at the Old
Country Buffet. We meet at 6 pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month, alternating between Grand Rapids (Roger’s Plaza)
and Kalamazoo (Maple Hill Mall). Our schedule is as follows: December 18 – Kalamazoo; January 15 – Grand Rapids;
February 19 – Kalamazoo; March 19 – Grand Rapids; and our final gathering will be on April 16 in Kalamazoo. We’d love
to have you join us!

                         Need a Christmas Gift for someone special?
                                     How about a Gift Certificate
                                  from Lake Monterey Golf Course?
                                    Gift Certificates are available
                                          at Member Service
                                       and can be purchased in
                                  any denomination that you choose.
                              These Certificates can be used for golfing
                                  or merchandise at the Clubhouse.
                             You must pay for them with cash or a check,
                     as we are unable to process credit cards for Lake Monterey.
           Happy Holidays from the Staff at Lake Monterey Golf Course!
                                             See you in the Spring!
Page 14

For Rent: Furnished 2-bedroom,         carpet and new 7 gal. water heat-      Please call 269-349-4561 or 269-
Park Model in Sherwood Forest,         er. 20’ Bass boat and 1989 pontoon     271-7211.
Kissimmee, FL. Four miles from         boat w/30 hp Evinrude motor. Two       For Sale from Site N-7: Six
Disney - $400/week. Call Mike          sheds, one gas and one electric golf   6-volt NAPA Batteries, new in
Site N-296 at 616-437-3691.            cart. Call: 313-319-2836 for more      May, 2007 - $325. Call: 269- 720-
For Sale from Site 280: 2005           information.                           3807.
34’ Wildwood travel trailer. Front     For Sale – Site 977: 2004 Heri-        Wanted at Site N-294: 220
kitchen, super slide, rear queen       tage Park w/3-season porch on lot      lf., of 3” x 7” foam insulation for
bedroom, electric jack, excellent      and a half. New – used one season      a four Season sun room. Mine is
condition. Call: 616-218-5367 for      furnished. One minute walk from        not insulated or covered, and I
more info.                             the CC, beach and playground.          need the insulation and covering.
For Sale – Site 398 – Phase I:         Must sell - Price reduced again to     Call 734-429-3869 after 5:00 pm
Oakland Park one-bedroom, with         $48,000. Call: 616-893-2396.           or see me at N-294 when I am
front kitchen. 30’ glassed-in porch    For Sale – Site 986: Close to the      there.
with blinds - $35,000. Call Nell at    lake and disc golf. 1990 Dutchman,     For Sale – Site N-425: on walk-
616-940-1819.                          1 bedroom and two bunks. 20’x8’        way to lake with lake view. 32’
For Sale from Site 420: Snow-          enclosed porch, deck, patio, fire      Cedar Ridge Park Model with 32’
birds – retire in NW Florida! 2004,    pit, two golf carts, boat stake        Four Seasons Sunroom w/all tran-
16x60, two Bedroom/two-bath            $21,900. Call: 616-822-1435 or         som windows. Unusual floor plan
mobile home. Immaculate condi-         616-822-3660.                          with 2 full bedrooms + loft, side
tion, open floor plan – includes       For Sale – Site 1054 – Phase           kitchen, bay window, side by side
appliances and washer and dryer,       III: 1996 Canterbury, 36x12, new       refrigerator + other upgrades.
on Highway 98, Destin, FL. Small,      porch 10x30, Waterfront, Beach         Has a large brick patio, 2 decks,
pet-happy, Mobile Home Park            and view, customized interior w/       storage shed, landscaped lot and
across from the Gulf - $270/mo.        gas log fireplace, central heat and    golf cart. Second cart available -
lot rent. Many stores and outlet       air, updated deck w/new carpet,        $60,000. Call: 616-527-1497.
malls nearby - $59,999. Call: 616-     turnkey condition. New appliances      For Sale - Site N-465: 1998
550-8614.                              2006, new 32” TV w/DVD, Bose           three-bedroom Park Model with
For Sale from Site 532: 2003           Stereo system, 18’ pontoon w/40        attatched porch, landscaping,
Allegro Bay 36’ Motorhome. 9,000       H.P. Motor w/tilt and trim. Price      shed, boat stake and dock. Also
miles featuring 2 slides, fireplace,   Reduced to $85,000. Call: 616-         includes 1993 Starcraft 135 HP in/
dual heat pump, AC’s, 7000 Onan        896-1965.                              out board and golf cart - $58,000.
Generator, Satellite TV. All op-       For Sale – Site 1131 – Phase           Call: 616-890-1989.
tions – must sell. Call: 251-747-      III: 2004 Dutch Park, sleeps 8         For Sale at K-49: Ready-to-move
5238.                                  comfortably, 3-season porch, fully     free-standing 8x20 glass room
For Sale – Site 642: 1988 No-          furnished and very well maintained.    with tie downs on deck - $2,200.
mad, newer 3-season porch, newer       Large, landscaped, double lot          Call: 616-895-7052.
carpet and flooring, new air condi-    w/single dues. Golf cart shelter       For Sale – Site K-56: 1993 one-
tioner and hot water heater. Close     and shed. Asking $64,500, but we       bedroom Park Model with heated
to CC and Wi-Fi. Golf cart garage,     are very negotiable. If you refer      porch. Nice lot on low traffic cul-
2001 High-riser E-Z Go Golf Cart       a friend and they purchase our         de-sac, with a secluded back yard.
$34,900. Call: 616-240-5197 or         trailer, we will pay YOU $500 as a     One golf cart with golf cart shed,
616-248-5438.                          “Thank you!” For more info. or to      14’ aluminum boat w/boat stake on
For Sale – Site 804 – Shoreline        have us e-mail you pictures, please    the Pointe. New patio in back yard
Circle – Phase II: 1990 Casa           call: 616-644-1783.                    with portable fire pit - $52,500.
Villa Park Model, one bedroom,         For Sale – Site 1141: Site for         Call: 269-207-8872 or 269-744-
front kitchen, furniture included,     sale - backs up to a large green       0999.
large deck and lower blocked patio     area. Includes water, electric and     For Sale from Site K-132: 2004
w/fire pit, upgrades include new       a seepage pit. Brick patio and fire    JAYCO EAGLE BHS 298 BUMPER
hardwood flooring, new bedroom         pit. Wonderful neighbors $14,900.      PULL TRAILER Best Floor Plan ...
                                                                                                          Page 15

Front double bed w/built in TV         for more information. Please be        furniture not included) and shed.
shelf Rear bunks (1 full size & 1      aware that although we could not       Quiet, great neighbors, ample
Single) with TV, Power Slide Din-      get the plastic recycled this year,    parking, close to restrooms. End
ing /Living room DVD 5:1 Surround      plans have already been made for       of season reduced price!! $97,500.
sound system AM/FM CD, 2 TV’s          next season, and there WILL be         Call 616-318-3120 or email kim-
w/remote 13,000 BTU Ducted Cen-        recycling available for all plastic
tral Air and furnace, Dual Batter-     shrinkwrapping in the Park.
ies Microwave/Gas stove and oven,      For Sale at K-366: 1998 14’ Bar-
Large 5 Cu Ft Fridge/ Freezer (LP      nett Sailboat – ‘like new’ condition          If you would like to
or Electric) Outdoor BBQ grill/        $900. Call: 616-531-6494.                place an ad in the Classifieds,
Awning/ Rear Luggage Rack w/Lad-       For Sale – Site K-432: Beige                        call Kathy
der 2 Fantastic Power Vent fans        Club Cars with tops. These cars             at 616-896-8315 x 105
(1 w/ rain sensor) Electric Tongue     are lease release machines re-                           or
Jack/Spare Tire w/cover Equal-i-       conditioned by Club Car. 2002                you can e-mail your ad
zer Anti Sway Control Hitch Sys-       Gas-Powered, and 2000 48V elec-                (be sure to include
tem (awesome) Great Condition,         tric w/chargers. Maintained only               your Site number)
We bought a permanent park home        by Club Car, since new. Better                          to:
at Sandy Pines so we are selling.      than average carts, untouched by  
CALL Herb: 616-890-0854.               back-alley mechanics. Delivered to
For Sale at Site K-49: Ready to        Sandy Pines any weekend. Fred’s
move, free-standing 8x20’ glass        Pro Hardware. Call: 419-729-1961,
room with tie downs and deck -         or Site K-432 at 896-6970, or
$2,200. Call: 616-895-7052.            419-297-3373 (cell).
For Sale – Site K-210: ’98 Jayco       For Sale – Site K-448: Lakefront
32’ trailer w/10’x28’ insulated sun    lot on fishing side of the lake w/
porch. Storage shed and double         seawall and boardwalk. 1994 Tro-
tent garage – both with electric.      phy Home w/large front windows
Close to the new Recreation Sta-       facing the lake. One bedroom,
tion - $39,500 (off-season pricing     gallery kitchen, and porch w/deck
$35,000). Call: 270-257-8980 or        around 3 sides. Located on quiet
616-403-8834.                          wooden cul-de-sac w/large parking              May Peace
For Sale – Site K-327: Spec-           lot. Golf cart shed, wooden shed
tacular view of the lake! 1995 Park    and boat stake. Nice neighbors               be your gift at
Model, two-bedrooms, full size         Asking $109,900 or best offer.
loft, full size porch, all furniture   Call: 269-792-6504 (home) or 616-
                                                                                    Christmas and
included. All new decking and sea      262-6865 (cell).                              your blessing
wall, dock (fishing right off the      For Sale – Site K-497: 2007
dock), 4 Winns Boat, boat slip,        Kropf Park Model, two sheds, golf           all year through!
golf cart, golf cart garage, shed.     cart, boat stake, many extras! Cur-
On shaded lot, cool breeze off the     rent dues are paid, corner lot with
                                                                                  ~Author Unknown
lake all summer. 2008 dues paid -      great neighbors! Asking $65,000
$119,900. Call: 616-863-9252 or        Call 269-388-5347.
616-437-2397.                          For Sale – Site D-79 (Phase 6):
Site K-353 – Mobilized Shrink-         1994 Trophy Park Model w/large
wrapping, In-and-Out and winter-       enclosed glass porch, deck and
izing for boats. Shrinkwrapping is     patio all with an awesome view of
available in blue or green and boats   the lake and lots of beach to enjoy!
are ‘winter watched’. Call Bill Har-   One bedroom, plus loft, nice size
rison at 269-673-4934 or e-mail        kitchen and living room w/sleeper
him at        sofa. Central air, furnished (porch
   Sales      “Michigan’s largest Park Model Dealer”

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