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Winter 2009-2010                                                                                                         The Newspaper of the Glen Park Association
Volume 27, No. 4                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                       One hundred and
                                                                                                                                                       eleven years after
                                                                                                                                                       it was first built,
                                                                                                                                                       the Sunnyside
                                                                                                                                                       on Monterey
                                                                                                                                                       Boulevard is
                                                                                                                                                       reopening and is
                                                                                                                                                       sure to be a new


Rebirth of the Sunnyside Conservatory
In late 1997 Arnold Levine moved to a       its own observatory tower.                   purchased the .19-acre site for $226,000.   1999 he posted a notice in the Sunny-
house on Mangels Street, and on a ram-           On Saturday Dec. 5, 2009, from          Partial rebuilding of the landmark struc-   side Association newsletter and called a
ble around the hilly neighborhood’s steps   11 – 2, rain or shine the entire neigh-      ture was completed in 1986.                 meeting to start Friends of the Sunnyside
              and stairs he saw a some-     borhood can make the same discovery,             But by the time Levine found it 12      Conservatory.
           what dilapidated gate.        when the newly renovated conservatory        years ago it was once again covered with
                                                                                                                                          CONTINUED ON PAGE 15
                 “I stepped through and     and garden are unveiled at a gala reopen-    graffiti and infected with wood rot. In
Weise         suddenly saw this octago-     ing after a years’ work (and 10 years of
              nal building, and I was       advocacy!). Ribbon-cutting will be at
asking myself, “What? Why? What is          noon.                                              Glen Park Association Winter Meeting
this?”                                           The privately owned conservatory
     He’d stumbled upon the Sunnyside       began to fall into disrepair in the 1950s.
                                                                                                  Town Meeting with Supervisor Bevan Dufty
Conservatory, an eight-sided landmark       In 1975 the Sunnyside Neighborhood
at 236 Monterey Blvd., built circa 1898     Association and Ken Hoegger won it
by W.A. Merralls, at a cost of $7,000.      landmark status. Then in 1978 the                               St. John’s School, 925 Chenery St.
It was part of a seven-lot site that also   owners tried to tear it down, but were                           Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2010, 7:00 pm
contained a large Victorian house with      stopped by neighbors. In 1980 the City

I N S I D E:
M E E T I N G,
W H I S P E R E R,
Glen Park News                                                                          Page 2                                                                Winter 2009-2010

Another year has come and (almost) gone       burglaries, auto break-ins and graffiti,       gardening column for us is in this issue.
in Glen Park, and we seem to be hanging       are still present, but at least our district   Susan’s volunteer work and dedication
on in this precarious economy. Some           police station been given more resources       are greatly appreciated. In 2010, look
might even argue we’re thriving as an         to tackle crime.                               for a new garden columnist (from the
emerging destination neighborhood.                 Glen Park’s own Bob Pritikin, the         Glen Park Garden Club).
     While some commercial enterprises        former advertising man who owns                     Also watch for a new police-beat
in our village have closed, others are pre-   the Chenery House mansion between              columnist, who will have the daunting
paring to open—most notably Manzoni,          Randall and 30th streets, is trying to         task of filling the space left by the irre-
the new Italian restaurant taking over the    convince City Hall to grant him spe-           placeable Officer Mike Walsh, who died
storefront on Diamond Street once occu-       cial permission to turn his digs into a        earlier this year.
pied by Bird & Beckett Books, and Red         museum. He wanted to name it the                    Finally, the editors of the Glen Park
and White, a wine bar that will occupy        Only-in-San Francisco Museum, but              News wish our all-volunteer staff of writ-
the Chenery Street space last used by         the San Francisco Convention & Visi-           ers, photographers, columnists, ad sales
Sangha restaurant.                            tors Bureau has a web site by that name,       representative and delivery crew—as
     We’ve been fortunate—knock on            so now “The Pritikin Museum” name is           well as you, our readers—a Very Happy
wood—that the rash of street robber-          being floated.                                 New Year. See you around the neighbor-
ies has been tamped down in Glen Park              Chenery House, replete with an            hood.                                    n
this year. Our new top cop, Capt. David       indoor swimming pool, is reputedly the
Lazar of Ingleside Station, has been          largest residential property in the city
overseeing an experimental approach           and is full of, well, only-in-San Francisco
to policing in San Francisco, with a lot      art and memorabilia. Among its unique
more emphasis on community involve-           features: the blue neon sign that once                 Correction
ment. Problems, notably residential           adorned the front of the old Moose’s
                                              restaurant in North Beach; an exterior             A photograph in the fall 2009
                                              mural with depictions of notable San               issue, accompanying a story
      Glen Park News                          Franciscans ranging from Dianne Fein-              about an Arlington Street clean-
       2912 Diamond St. #407                  stein to Carol Doda; and a tree that spits         up project, was erroneously
      San Francisco, CA 94131                 fire. We’ll keep an eye on this proposed           credited. The picture, showing
          (415) 908-6728                      project as it moves through the City               residents Michael Banda and Jen-              bureaucracy.                                       nifer Gunn, was taken by Glen-
                                                   The Glen Park News staff extends a            non Sutter.
 Editor-in-Chief   Elizabeth Weise            big thank-you to Susan Evans, whose last
 Deputy Editor     Rachel Gordon
 Photo Editor      Elizabeth Mangelsdorf
 Design Editor     Mary Mottola                 The mission of the Glen Park Association is to promote the collective
 Copy Editor       Denis Wade                   interests of all persons living in Glen Park, to inform and educate about
 Advertising       Nora Dowley                  neighborhood and citywide issues, to promote sociability and friendships
                                                and to support beneficial neighborhood projects.

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 Photographers     Gail Bensinger                                                                    lished quarterly by the Glen Park
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                   Paula Levine                                                                    opinions of the authors and not
                   Elizabeth Mangelsdorf        Recreation & Park                 Richard Craib                          648-0862          necessarily those of the Glen Park
                   Ellen Rosenthal              Traffic, Parking & Transportation Lewison Lem                   Association.
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Winter 2009-2010                                                                    Page 3                                                                     Glen Park News

About 30 years ago, my wife and I and            We’ve seen other changes over the
our 1-year old son moved into a small       years. Glen Park is nestled in the hills
Edwardian row house just off Mission        around us: Fairmont Heights, Bernal
             Street in Bernal Heights.      Heights, Mt. Davidson and Miral-
             We could see the V-shaped      oma, and back around to Diamond

             Mission-Valencia conver-       Heights.
             gence.                              Roadways take us around or over
                  The day we moved          the hills. The streets need to meet a
in, the used-car dealer on that corner      balance of traffic flow vs. a safe and
closed, and a sign went up: “Church’s       welcoming environment. The Mission-
Fried Chicken coming soon!” We had          Valencia-San Jose Avenue corridor is a
just bought a house across from fast-       different scale than Glen Park, but still
food fried chicken.                         connects us to other neighborhoods.
     Well, we made friends with our              San Jose Avenue, once destined to
neighbors, and found that the wind          be a freeway route, has been reduced
patterns mostly carried the frying          from six traffic lanes to four, with bike         O’Shaughnessy Boulevard, a good       is being narrowed from four lanes to
odors away from our house. Fast for-        lanes and new signals, crosswalks and        route to the Sunset, West Portal and       two along selected stretches, with some
ward: We moved to Glen Park, and            a planted median. Valencia Street will       Golden Gate Park, years ago was four       turning lanes. The new configuration
Church’s is completely gone from the        soon have wider sidewalks.                   lanes between Portola Drive and Bos-       will work better.
scene. (I like to think it could not sus-        Driving, I would assert, is still not   worth Street, and I knew people who             Let’s look back at how good land
tain business with San Francisco’s local    a problem on those routes. Looking           were victims of accidents clipped by a     use and transportation changes have
eating habits.)                             in other directions, Monterey Boule-         passing car. Now there are two lanes and   been made, and work together to do
     The site was an empty lot again.       vard brings lots of traffic to, from and     striped medians, but Bosworth between      more.                                 n
Then a Planning Department notice           through our neighborhood. Do we use          Elk and Diamond still carries lots of
went up. Now the location has a row of      it to get to I-280? City College? The        traffic.
bay-window apartments. No used cars,        beach? That median has been replanted,            Diamond Heights Boulevard, a
no neon signs and no fried-chicken          but it’s probably time to look at traffic    busy route to Portola and Upper Mar-       Michael Rice is president of the Glen Park
odors.                                      patterns and speeds.                         ket, the Castro and downtown, also         Association.

                                                                                                                                    The Glen Park
                                                                                                                                    Plan Enters
                                                                                                                                    New Phase
                                                                                                                                    The virtue of patience has been put to
                                                                                                                                    the test in Glen Park. Since 2003, when
                                                                                                                                    residents and merchants attended a
                                                                                                                                                    series of workshops and a
             draft Community Plan was
 developed, the ever-busier
                                                                                                                                    Waldstein neighborhood has awaited
                                                                                                                                                    needed changes in traffic,
                                                                                                                                    transit, city streets, pedestrian safety, open
                                                                                                                                    spaces and parking.
                                                                                                                                         The pace of the environmental review
                                                                                                                                    process, begun in spring 2009, stalled the
                                                                                                                                    Plan. The next draft is due in December
                                                                                                                                    or January and there will be a meeting to
                                                                                                                                    discuss it.
                                                                                                                                         Meantime, the San Francisco Munic-
                                                                                                                                    ipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA),
                                                                                                                                    which operates Muni, unveiled con-
                                                                                                                                    cepts for improvements at a meeting at
                                                                                                                                    the Glen Park School on November 4.
                                                                                                                                    Sixty or so people showed up to see what
Kim Walton, Transportation Feasibility Project Manager with the San Francisco Municipal Transportatin Agency,                       might be in Glen Park’s transit future.
describes possible transit changes in Glen Park.                                 Photo by Michael Waldstein                                          CONTINUED ON PAGE 18
Glen Park News                                                                         Page 4                                                                   Winter 2009-2010

                                                                                                                                        4 weekly prenatal classes
                                                                                                                                        2 weekly postnatal series
                                                                                                                                     over a dozen drop in classes
                                                                                                                                  plus pilates & feldenkrais series
                                                                                                                                                  or call 415 587 KIKI


                                                                        Courtesy of
                                                                        Bob Davis

Glen Park N o v e l i s t
Crafts a Col d - Wa r
Murder Mys t e r y
Bob Davis once played ping-pong with              To Davis, his hero’s search reflects
              Fidel Castro.                  the radical-left politics of the 1960s—an
               His big game came in       attempt to answer the key question of
         the summer of 1963, when       how to get from where we are now to a
Bensinger Davis, a longtime Glen             better society, a question he says still has
              Park resident and a retired    resonance today. Fidel Castro and Che
teacher, joined a group of young left-       Guevara both make guest appearances
wing radicals who broke the U.S. ban on      in his tale.
travel to Cuba that had gone into effect          Davis remains an admirer of the
in December 1960.                            physician-revolutionary who, he says,
     The delegation also had a long          constantly refined his radical ideals based
question-and-answer session with Che         on real-life experiences. “For a leader of
Guevara, then a high-ranking official in     that stature not to get stuck was pretty
Castro’s Marxist government, and met         remarkable,” he says. “He was break-
with Raul Castro and other Cuban lead-       ing through all the old Stalinist non-         San Francisco State before graduating         children, only one of whom still lives in
ers. Those experiences have given rise to    sense that the left movement was filled        from UC Berkeley, Davis says he has           the Bay Area.
a new murder mystery, Among the Lost,        with.”                                         “been writing forever.” He was involved            To his neighbors on Whitney Street,
by Robert Davis, which is on sale at Bird         Among the Lost is Davis’ second           in radical 1960s politics, especially the     Bob Davis is well-known as the guy with
and Beckett Books.                           mystery. The first, Kimura, about the          anti-Vietnam War and civil rights move-       the three collies. He walks them every
     The novel’s sleuth is a reporter with   1943 murder of a young Japanese-Amer-          ments, and was one of the organizers of       day in Glen Canyon Park, which is one
the musical name of Dante Aucielo,           ican woman whose body was found in             the huge anti-war march in Golden Gate        of his favorite things about the neighbor-
who works at a San Francisco alterna-        Golden Gate Park, came out in 1989.            Park in 1971. He says his activism faded      hood. And another? “We have a great
tive newspaper. Following the murder of      For his second work, a 1995 comic novel        over the years.                               bookstore.”                             n
a political activist that the police don’t   called Iz, he founded Lost Books Press,             He taught a variety of subjects before
seem to be investigating, the journalist     which also is the publisher of Among the       retiring in 2005 as an English teacher at
begins his own search, which eventually      Lost and next spring’s sequel, Iz Too.         Lowell High School. He and his wife,          Robert Davis will give a reading from
leads him to Cuba at a time of Cold War           A San Francisco native who grew           Carole Seligman, moved to Glen Park in        Among the Lost at Bird and Beckett
intrigue.                                    up mostly in the Sunset and attended           1975, and are the parents of three grown      Books on Sunday, Dec. 6, at 2:30 p.m.
Winter 2009-2010                                                                          Page 5                                                                         Glen Park News

New Eatery and Wine Bar
Set to Open for Business                                                                                                                                                  Manhal
                                                                                                                                                                          Jweinat of
This holiday season, Glen Park wine-and-       wine bar at the back of the room. Sconces                                                                                  the soon-
              diners have two additional       along the walls offer soft light, while large                                                                              to-open
           places to celebrate: A new       windows face out onto Diamond Street                                                                                       Manzoni
         Italian restaurant, Manzoni,     by way of a planter where a grapevine will                                                                                 shows off
Bensinger and a new cafe and wine              grow.                                                                                                                      his new
              bar, Red and White.                   Already well known to Glen Park                                                                                       restaurant.
                                               residents for his Higher Grounds coffee
Italian Cuisine                                house, Jweinat plans to be the full-time                                                                                   Photo
     Manzoni is named for the 19th cen-        chef at Manzoni, where the specialty will                                                                                  by
tury Italian poet-novelist Alessandro Man-     be pastas. In mid-November he showed                                                                                       Chris
zoni, and was also the nickname of Manhal      off the special pasta cooker he imported
Jweinat when he was studying set design        from Italy; it sat next to a brand-new stove    interior painting is finished, some of his      cheeses, charcuterie and chocolates.
in art school in Milan. In those years, he     and other kitchen equipment. Everything         own artwork will be hung on the walls.               One unexpected hurdle, Flores said,
worked in restaurants to support himself       was just waiting for the grand opening to            Manzoni will be open seven nights          has been the backlog of applications at
while he attended the Academy of Fine          spring to life.                                 a week, and menu items can be ordered           the state alcohol-licensing board because
Arts of Brera.                                      Jweinat was still working out details of   to go, Jweinat said. Higher Grounds will        of furloughs of state employees caused by
     The eye of a set designer is evident in   his menu, but said it will feature not only     remain open as long as he has a lease, and      California’s budget crisis.
Jweinat’s renovation of the space that once    pastas but other dishes from all over Italy,    will be operated by his son Raja, his sis-           Indeed, the state of the economy these
housed Bird & Beckett Books at 2788 Dia-       not just the Milan region. Wine choices will    ter Lena and current employees. Jweinat         days offers a challenge to any new business.
mond St. He says he got the idea for the       include Italian and California vintages.        doesn’t have to worry about losing his lease    But with Glen Park gaining a reputation as
wooden ceiling while watching a program             The space is designed to seat about        for Manzoni—he owns the building and            a destination dining spot, the proprietors
about Verdi on the Italian television net-     40 – 50 patrons, including those at the bar,    lives upstairs.                                 of both Manzoni and Red and White were
work. An elegant arch faced with stone         and there is room for a couple of outside                                                       looking forward enthusiastically to open-
and vertical bricks draws attention to the     tables in a niche by the front door. Once       Wine and Treats                                 ing their doors and welcoming patrons
                                                                                                     Red and White, the new cafe and wine      before the end of the year.             n
                                                                                               bar in the space most recently occupied by
Rec Center Activities                                                                          the sushi restaurant Sangha at 678 Chen-
                                                                                               ery St., was introduced to readers in the
The Glen Park Recreation Center in             day Tiny Tot classes offer varied types of      fall 2009 issue of Glen Park News. This
Glen Canyon Park has become a full-            activities. After-school activities are non-    November it too was getting a paint job
service site.                                  competitive games and arts and crafts.          in anticipation of its first day of business.
     The new hours of operation are as         In the future the staff would like to add       Co-owner Peter Bell applied a dark, rich
follows: Monday: 11 am–7 pm, Tues-             cooking classes for kids.                       shade of brown-gray to one wall, leaving
day – Friday: 9 am–9 pm, Saturday and               For adults 18 and over there are free      the others white. Wooden wine racks line
Sunday: 9 am–5 pm.                             guitar lessons, trail trekking, adult fitness   the wall behind the bar.
     New staff members have been in place      (fitness boot camp and stretch-and-tone)              Juliana Flores, Bell’s partner in busi-
since October: Veronica O’Boyle and            and senior aerobics.                            ness and impending parenthood, talked
Briana Calabrese are full-time employees            Continuing activities include adults’      about the sort of ambiance the wine bar
                and Khaldun Rucker and         and children’s tennis lessons, basketball       will offer. She pointed out comfortable-
             Oskar Rosas are working        teams, baseball teams, volleyball, bad-         looking upholstered sofas and armchairs,
         part time. Returning full-     minton and senior bridge.                       still in their plastic wrapping while the
Moss            time employees are Bart             Visit the Rec Center, behind the ten-      finishing decorative touches took shape.
                Borg and Tommy Max.            nis courts on Elk Street, and pick up a         She had been busy lining up small winer-
     The abbreviated fall programming          Community Programming Survey so you             ies and vendors for Red and White’s menu
ends on Nov. 25—appropriately, the day         can give your input as to the kind of pro-      of quiches, gourmet grilled sandwiches,
before Thanksgiving. Drop over, say            gramming you would like to see added to
hello and check out their activities. No       the schedule. The new staff looks forward
registration is required for the short-term    to meeting Glen Park neighbors and serv-
fall programming.                              ing the needs of the community.
     Winter programming begins Jan. 1,
2010 and ends Feb. 26. Spring program-         Final Funding after 2013?
ming will run from March 3 – June 4.               So far there has been no further word
Summer programming dates are June 19           on the sale of Phase 2 bonds from the 2008
– Aug. 27, 2010.                               Park Bond. Community meetings for the
     You can register online for classes in    renovation of Glen Park will not take place
the winter program, in December, at www.       until after the sale of the Phase 2 bonds. or you can go directly to          I stay in touch with Rhoda Parhams,
Glen Park and register with a director.        who is Capital Program manager for all
                                               park renovations. If you are interested in
Programs for All Ages                          forming a group to discuss your vision of
    Many new programs have been put            the renovation and the priorities please
into place. The Monday through Fri-            contact me at n
Glen Park News                                                                       Page 6                                                                 Winter 2009-2010

Discovering Glen Park Elementary
                                                                                                                                      class, the Karams got a spot, so their
                                                                                                                                      daughter could go in the neighborhood.
                                                                                                                                      Karam has been very pleased with the
                                                                                                                                      school, but has noted that it seems to
                                                                                                                                      lack some resources compared with other
                                                                                                                                      schools that raise tremendous amounts
                                                                                                                                      of money or that have many parents
                                                                                                                                      who volunteer. She has entered into the
                                                                                                                                      schoolyard fray—the area where she saw
                                                                                                                                      the greatest need—with several other
                                                                                                                                      parents to help supervise during one of
                                                                                                                                      the more challenging hours of the school
                                                                                                           Glen Park                  day: recess.
                                                                                                           Elementary is                   While their parents are volunteering
                                                                                                           becoming more              and fundraising, the kids have started on
                                                                                                           popular with               the real meat-and-bones of elementary
                                                                                                           neighborhood               school: reading, writing and arithmetic,
                                                                                                           parents.                   while having fun. Grady says her goal is
                                                                                                                                      to create and encourage “joyful learn-
                                                                                                           Photo                      ers,” and it’s an apt description of what
                                                                                                                                      happens at GPE.
                                                                                                                                           With the process under way to
                                                                                                                                      “green” the schoolyard and turn it into
Like Christopher Columbus discover-          and computer lab. In addition to having      making a difference here.                   an outdoor learning and play area, with
ing America, this year several Glen Park     an “artisan-in-residence,” GPE is one             Glen Park native Marina Karam did      a new and enthusiastic Parent-Teacher
families, including mine, discovered         of the first in the city to participate in   “the crazy one million school tours,” but   Organization, and with strong leader-
Glen Park Elementary (GPE), joining          School Loop, which allows students,          had her hopes dashed during the pre-        ship and a strong teaching staff, we
a school that has served the neighbor-       teachers and parents to interact using       liminary rounds of the SFUSD’s annual       look forward to seeing more families
             hood since 1910. Bucking        the internet. Principal Grady has long       lottery for a school farther from home.     from the neighborhood joining us next
          the historic trend among San    encouraged Glen Park residents to seek       However, when GPE opened a second           year.                                  n
      Francisco parents of sending    assignment at GPE, and her efforts
 their children off to private       appear to have hit their stride this year.
Smith        schools or a handful of “tro-        Friedman shocked and surprised
             phy” public schools, many       many of her friends when she selected
Glen Park parents have opted to send         GPE as her first-and-only choice in the
our children to the “Big Blue” school        San Francisco Unified School District
on Lippard Street.                           “lottery” — the complicated school
     School administrators hope that         assignment system whereby children are
this year’s enrollment by several Glen       assigned to schools in a lottery format
Park families signals the beginning of a     based on a variety of factors, giving only
trend.                                       minor weight to where they live.
     Local mom and photographer                   “Someone has to go first. I consider
Amy Friedman lives across the street         myself an urban pioneer,” said Friedman,
from GPE. While touring elementary           but she was pleasantly surprised to dis-
schools for her kindergartner during         cover that she and her son were not the
the annual selection process in autumn       only locals enrolled.
2008, she liked what she saw right at             As a lawyer-turned-stay-at-home
home—a clean and neat facility, happy        mom, I relish the ease and convenience
and engaged children and talented teach-     of a quality local school with a dedicated
ers.                                         teaching staff. My daughter is having
     “I was very impressed by Glen Park      a great time and learning an amazing
Elementary, but somewhat distressed          amount. The school is just blocks from
that no one from Glen Park sent their        our home. The school has strong funda-
children to the school. I asked about        mentals and my husband and I—both
it on the tour, and I learned about the      products of public schools—did not feel
school’s push to attract more local stu-     that it made any sense to send our kids
dents,” noted Friedman.                      anywhere else.
     Friedman was impressed by GPE’s              I have helped organize a kindergar-
principal, Marion Grady, who has served      ten fall picnic and an upcoming movie
at GPE with her exacting standards for       night. I’ve really enjoyed volunteering
more than 40 years. Mrs. Grady has           at the school and getting to know the
long stressed the basics, and has worked     students and the parents. It’s a wonderful
tirelessly with the school staff to add a    community that offers a rich diversity
bounty of extras such as a staffed library   of experience. We’re looking forward to
Winter 2009-2010                                                                    Page 7                                                     Glen Park News

                                                                                             While she’s writing Santa...

                                                                  Buck Tergis
                                                                  (left) and
                                                                  his dad Turk,
                                                                  patriarch of a
                                                                  storied Laidley
                                                                  Street clan.


Hunger for Food and Love
Sparks a Family’s Odyssey                                                                                      ...We’re writing you.
Family legend has it that Turk Tergis,      to the barren 2000 block of Castro Street.
96, hopped a freight train in New Jer-      During the depths of the Great Depres-
                                                                                                        We just want to wish each one of you
              sey, hoboing his way across   sion, Sarah scavenged lumber from a
              the country to arrive in      dairy barn in Glen Canyon, using the
                                                                                                the best in the New Year. We are truly blessed to
           San Francisco in 1938.        clapboard to build a house on the 200                live in Glen Park and to be able to call it HOME.
       Befriended by an American     block of Beacon Street. The house was                        Here’s to a successful life in work,
Schneider Can Company machinist,            one of the few dwellings within eyesight                       family, relationships and play…
              they climbed windswept        of Billy Goat Hill, a name probably given
Castro Hill. There, on its working class    to the hummock because Esther tethered
bluffs, Turk saw a young woman, Sarah       her goats there to forage.                              Happy Holidays to all of our friends and
Benezra, whose Sephardic-Jewish family           Paul Tergis, 67, was born there in                       neighbors in Glen Park!
owned two cows, several goats and lots      1942. Because the boy reminded him of
of chickens.                                a proud deer, Turk nicknamed him Buck.
     A footloose Greek-American, Tergis     Except for a sojourn to Manhattan to
hadn’t eaten all that well on his odyssey   earn his PhD in chemistry from Hunter
across the continent. He stared at those    College, Buck, who now lives on the first
cows, took an even longer look at Sarah     block of Laidley Street in a house once
and knew he had reached a West Coast        fittingly owned by feminist, leftist labor
Ithaca.                                     activist and author Tillie Olsen, never                         Beth Kershaw
    “Turk saw those milk cows,” says        really left Billy Goat Hill.                                    (415) 260-2321
Luke Tergis, 31, Turk’s grandson and a           “We had the hill to ourselves,” says             
U.C. Santa Cruz anthropology graduate,      Buck, whose boyhood memories of his
“and knew he’d never have to look for a     early Glen Park idyll include watching
                                                                                                                      Donald Gable
                                                                                                                       (415) 350-3854
meal again.”                                red-tail hawks swoop down for meals of                        
    Turk and Sarah married and had two      ground squirrels, playing near a 30th
sons, Paul and Jerry, who eventually gave   Street quarry that housed derelict Model
Turk and Sarah six grandchildren and        Ts and abandoned kitchen stoves, and
one great-granddaughter.                    descending the steep dirt path that even-
    And therein lies the story, a quint-    tually morphed into the Harry Street
essential American one. It began when       steps.
Sarah’s mother, Esther, fleeing Ottoman          “Beacon Street was a dirt road then.”
Turkey before the beginning of World        recalls Buck, a building contractor. “It
War I, arrived in San Francisco in 1914.    was apart from the city but in the city
She married Joseph, a tailor, and moved                    CONTINUED ON PAGE 10
Glen Park News                                                                               Page 8                                                                              Winter 2009-2010

Beautify for holiday gatherings!
                                                  Holiday Time in Glen Park:                                                                                      Centered Body Pilates
                                                                                                                                                                  Gift certificates available.

5-Star Nail Spa
                                                    Gift Giving and More!                                                                                         648 Chenery St., 333-9133
2920 Diamond St., 333-6920                                        by
                                                                                                                                                                  East-West Integrative
Dalere’s Beauty Salon                  The holidays are a joy for some and a hectic                on any budget!                                                 Medicine Clinic
660 Chenery St., 586-3980              hassle for others, but regardless of your take on                Here is our list of Glen Park merchants,                  Enjoy a massage or acupuncture
                                       this time of the year, be sure to check out what            alphabetical by category, with address and con-                treatment. Vitamins, supplements,
Dior Hair Salon                        Glen Park has to offer this season!                         tact information.                                              herbal ointments and gift certifi-
2964 Diamond St., 586-3467                  Most of us have felt the tightening of our                  Keep this list in mind for a creative lift                cates available. Visit the web site
                                       belts in this struggling economy, but the holiday           while making your own holiday list. A stroll                   for full list of services.
Glen Park Nails                        season is upon us and gift-giving and celebrating           around Glen Park might save time and effort                    605 Chenery St., Suite C
652 Chenery St., 585-6844              are inevitable. Glen Park merchants and busi-               and produce unexpected treats.                                 585-1990 or 987-7578
Gift certificates available.           nesses really do have something for everyone,                    Season’s greetings!                             
                                                                                                                                                                  Eyedentity Vision Optometry
The Park Salon
669 Chenery St., 469-7976              Hong Sing Restaurant                    SPECIALTY SHOPS:                         Canyon Market
                                       Traditional Chinese cuisine; eat in     For anything, everybody, and             Shopping for food or
Sassy Salon                            or take out.                            everything on your list.                 gifts is easy here – so
704 Chenery St., 587-8087              2794 Diamond St., 333-1331                                                       much to choose from.                                                             Critter Fritters                         Catering platters, large
                                       La Corneta Taqueria                     Treats and plush holiday toys for        & small, made to order.
Sunshine Nail Salon                    Mexican food for all palates.           all those loveable critters. Gift cer-   Gift cards available
2966 Diamond St., 334-5167             2834 Diamond St., 469-8757              tificates available.                     2815 Diamond St.
                                                                               670 Chenery St., 239-7387                586-9999
Urban Soul Salon                       Le P’tit Laurent
                                          Wonderful place to dine for a        Glen Park Hardware                       Cheese Boutique
                                           French food feast. Gift certifi-    Find what you need for that fix-it       The perfect place for seasonal cakes,     Consider using your flexible spend-
                                           cates available.                    job, or pick up a practical gift.        custom gift baskets or made-to-           ing account here for an eye exam
                                           699 Chenery St., 334-3235           685 Chenery St., 585-5761                order party platters. Home-made           or contact lenses - take advantage
                                                                                         hummus a specialty. Gift certifi-         of your benefits before year’s end!
                                                                               ModernPast                               cates available.                          Gift certificates available.
                                          Manzoni                              Unique collection of items bound         666 Chenery St., 333-3390                 2786 Diamond St., 334-2020
                                          Authentic new Italian res-           to please the person who has every-                                      
                                          taurant, planned opening in          thing! Gift certificates available.      Destination Bakery
630 Chenery St., 239-5858              December. 2788 Diamond St.              677 Chenery St., 333-9002                Homemade Italian Panettone - it           Kiko-yo Personal Training, Fitness
Cafés & Restaurants:                                                                        doesn’t get better than this! Spe-        and Yoga studio
Lots of choices for festive gath-      Osha Thai Cafe                                                                   cialty pies, signature tarts and holi-    A little time out for some yoga can
erings over a meal, or meet for a      Traditional Thai cuisine.               Perch                                    day cookie platters.                      do wonders during a hectic sched-
drink, including two soon-to-open      2922 Diamond St., 586-6742              A beautifully eclectic mix of gifts      598 Chenery St., 469-0730                 ule. Gift certificates available.
establishments to watch for.                                                   & home accessories, from soap                                                      605 Chenery St., 587-5454
                                       Pebble’s Café                           and candles to dinnerware, baby          Eggettes                        
Café Bello                             Grab a sandwich made-to-order           clothes & bracelets.                     For authentic Asian fruit drinks
Wide range of specialty coffees &      during your busy shopping day.          654 Chenery St., 586-9000                and food. Kids love the toy vend-         Sol Gym Personal Training & Fitness
teas. Gift certificates available.     2852 Diamond St., 333-2270                              ing machines.                             Work off stress or burn off those
2885 Diamond St., 585-3457                                                                                              2810 Diamond St., 839-5282                extra calories. Gift certificates
                                       Red and White                           MARKETS & FOOD SHOPS:                                                              available.
Chenery Park Restaurant                A wine bar and café with light          For gift giving and gourmet enter-       Glen Park Corner Market                   2838 Diamond St., 334-7697
Something for everyone on the          gourmet treats; watch for grand         taining.                                 Quick & easy stop for beverages &
menu. Available for private parties.   opening. 678 Chenery St.                                                         snacks. 2299 Diamond St.
Gift certificates also available.                                              Buddy’s Market                                                                     OTHER SERVICES:
683 Chenery St., 337-8537              Tyger’s Coffee Shop                     Beer, wine & everything in-              HEALTH AND WELLNESS:                    Meet here for breakfast, brunch         between.                                 Don’t forget to take care of yourself !   Clean ‘N Save Dry Cleaning
                                       or lunch.                               696 Chenery St., 584-9700                                                          647 Bosworth St, 584-8827
Gialina Pizzeria                       2798 Diamond St., 239-4060                                                                         D r. C ow a n ,
A great choice for out-of-town                                                                                                            Holistic Family         Diamond Dental
guests or those hectic days. Open 7    BOOKSTORE:                                                                                         Medicine                2790 Diamond St., 333-1877
nights a week, with take-out. Gift     Bird & Beckett                                                                                     Make an appoint-
certificates available.                Books & Records                                                                                    ment for preven-        Glen Park Cleaners
2842 Diamond St., 239-8500             An eclectic collection of cards, cal-                                                              tive health or a        Don’t forget about that tablecloth that
                                       endars, journals, CDs and DVDs,                                                                    nagging ailment.        might need cleaning and pressing.
Higher Grounds                         with weekly jazz and other cultural                                                                661 Chenery St.         701 Chenery Street, 329-8247
A cozy place for crepes & coffee –     events. See “Community Calen-                                                                      334-1010
breakfast or lunch.                    dar” for information.                                                                              www.fourfold-
691 Chenery St., 587-2933              653 Chenery St., 586-3733                                                                
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Winter 2009-2010                                                                           Page 9                                                                        Glen Park News

                                                                                                toward the top, where trees of McLaren         the Blue Prize, we see streets that are even
                                                                                                Park stand. This is the direct route, but      more twisted than Glen Park’s. La Grande
                                                                                                it is not terribly interesting. Here is the    heads uphill from Avalon to our objective,
                                                                                                last chance to buy a snack.                    the tower. It’s looming above us, at Ina
                                                                                                Walk one block up Excelsior. The homes         Court and Mansfield Street.
                                                                                                here are from the 1920s, more or less. Just          Reaching Big Blue, gentle paved
                                                                                                to your left is a complex of school build-     paths beckon us around a bend to the
                                                                                                ings, the Excelsior Youth Center and the       base, surrounded by a tall blue metal
                                                                                                headquarters of the Boys and Girls Clubs       fence, functional and pretty. The tower
                                                                                                of San Francisco. Turn left and walk past      itself rises 80 feet above the hill’s summit.
                                                                                                them to Avalon Street, then continue the       It is connected to the City water supply.
                                                                                                journey uphill.                                      West of the tower is a flat area dot-
                                                                                                      The architecture around here is          ted with big rocks, outlining the site of a
                                                                                                motley, mostly early 1900s, ’20s, ’30s.        previous water tower. You may have seen
                                                                         You can                There are a few Spanish styles and the         the activity when the new tower was built
                                                                         see it in the          occasional older English cottage set back      a few years ago. Neighbors would not hear
                                                                         distance;              a bit. The further up the street, the more     of anything but an exact replacement.
                                                                         why not take           street trees.                                        Admire the view—it stretches from
                                                                         a walk there                 Avalon crosses streets named for         Mt. San Bruno, past the stack of City
                                                                         over the               major world cities, turns northeast at         College buildings, across the Excelsior
                                                                                                the intersection of Moscow and levels          (below us) and Glen Park’s blue elemen-
                                                                                                off (whew!).                                   tary school and Bernal Hill, to downtown
                                                                         by                           In front of us is, of all things, the    and off to Mt. Diablo.
                                                                         Dolan                  Swaminarayan Hindu Temple or Mandir.                 To the east is a parking lot by a cres-
                                                                         Eargle                 It’s super-plain, with well-remodeled old-     cent-shaped lake, called “the Reservoir.”
                                                                                                store architecture. Its teachings are of the   Not far away is the Jerry Garcia Amphi-

The Call of the Blue Tower                                                                      Vedic Bochasanwasi Shee Purushottam
                                                                                                Swaminaryan Sanstha—an old and highly
                                                                                                                                               theater, attainable by a different entry-
                                                                                                                                               way. For details of this second-largest
                                                                                                respected tradition. Consult its web site
Combines Robust Exercise
                                                                                                                                               City park, see
                                                                                                ( for a more thorough         mclaren.html.
                                                                                                description of this far-flung and influen-           We can leave McLaren Park by a less
with Neighborhood Tours                                                                         tial religious group.
                                                                                                      Back to the hike, keeping the eye on
                                                                                                                                               steep route, taking a winding path along
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We’ve all seen that big blue tower with          and-odd-bits route for the curious; it’s a
             a flying train of trees. It’s       bit longer.
          the one on top of that peak              Both routes begin on Bosworth Street
       in McLaren Park, light blue         and duck under the San Jose Avenue and
Eargle       against dark green.                 I-280 overpasses to Alemany Boulevard.
                    It’s a water tower placed    The direct way is to turn right on Ale-
on top of a hill so that it can give a tremen-   many to Silver Avenue, then up to Mis-
dous boost to the water pressure in all the      sion Street. Right in front of you is the
homes and fire hydrants of the Excelsior         Jewish Home for the Aged, where the
district and Visitacion Valley.                  residents live out their lives in relative
     Hike way up there? Of course; we            comfort with good care in a comfort-
must explore our neighborhood and all its        able and artistic home. Inside, we could
beckonings. The height of that hill looks        find a glass-and-wire wall populated by
daunting, but we’re explorers, right? So         many colorful and busy songbirds. You
here we are at Chenery and Diamond,              will not find a sign designating this place,
elevation about 200 feet, and we’re look-        out of consideration for the privacy of
ing at a peak of about 500 feet.                 the residents.                                                                                                CONTINUED ON PAGE 20
     First question: What route to get                Walking up Silver from Mission is
there? The point-to-point distance is            the easy way to the tower. But turn right
about 1.5 miles. That’s the direct assault       on Mission to Excelsior Street; take a
on the summit. Or we can take the scenic-        long look up the ever-narrowing street


Glen Park Dental                                 Glen Park Mail Depot
Gift certificates available in any amount.       This is the place to mail gifts & holiday
590 Bosworth St., 585-1500                       cards.                    2912 Diamond St., 586-1000
                                                                                                                            Custom Framing
                                                                                            Archival Conservation
Glen Park Library                                                                                                              Installation
Check out that book you’ve been meaning to       Glen Park Station Bar
read and enjoy it on your holiday break.         Meet for a drink or catch a football game.                                      Gilding
2825 Diamond St., 355-2858                       2816 Diamond St., 333-4633                 n                               by appointment in Glen Park
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Family                                documentary film about Alaskan native
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7                        Americans.
                                                  “I’m going for the jungle garden
at the same time. When the bus let me effect,” Luke says about his garden.
off at the top of the hill, I walked home         “Luke’s known as an extraordinary
on well-worn trails.”                        cook,” Buck says, dressed in jeans and
     The street was peaceful and rural flannel shirt as he surveys his nephew’s
in the 1940s. With its scenic views of array of vegetables. If you didn’t know
downtown San Francisco, the landscape better, you’d think you were on Buck’s
hadn’t changed all that much when 160-acre Covelo property, northeast of
Buck returned to Beacon Street in the Willits. There, this past summer, Turk
late 1970s with his wife Judy, a Hunter spent three months reclining in his
College geology student.                     native-American kiva adjacent to the
     “Buck was my chemistry tutor and middle fork of the Eel River, reveling
he was wrong when he told                                in therapeutic steam baths
me I would never pass. I did,           The Tergises while devouring the five or
with a B. So I fired and then                            so books he reads weekly.                                                                  EST :                             1990
married him,” Judy jokes.          are arguably the            The outdoors has
“I got a baby instead of a                               always been pivotal in the
degree!” That was Athena,           closest thing to Tergis galaxy. Not wanting
now 32, an accomplished                                  to be consigned to a chemis-
Celtic fiddler who returned         a Rennaissance try laboratory, Buck retreated
to her Mediterranean roots,                              to the Trinity Alps after he
marrying an Italian vintner, family Glen Park earned his doctorate in 1976,
joining her brother, Lars,                               living in a step van while he
29, who lives in Istanbul,            has produced. built a logging road. Each
Turkey where he also plays                               summer for 10 years the fam-
the fiddle for a living.                     ily packed the van and headed for the
     The Tergises are arguably the closest national forests, sequestering themselves
thing to a Renaissance family Glen Park for months at a time in leafy wilderness.
                                                                                                                                                                Receive a
may have produced.                           Buck remains a member of the Lark in
     “We all have our own niches,” says the Morning Camp, a Civilian Con-
Luke Tergis, Buck’s nephew, who grew servation Corps-built music facility 30
                                                                                                                  Free Smart Drip
up with his parents homesteading a minutes east of Mendocino. In family                                                                        Irrigation System
parcel of Clear Lake land. As he tends photographs, Buck and Athena are con-
his Laidley Street garden—nurturing spicuous, pictured fiddling in the glow
organic thyme, oregano, fava beans, of forest campfires.
peas, spearmint, strawberries, cabbage,           Buck’s passion for his Glen Park
                                                                                                                 Now you can save water and money. For a limited time,
a variety of lettuces and cilantro—he natural world is evident by taking a
says: “We all sprang from charismatic turn around the base of Billy Goat Hill                                    Janet Moyer Landscaping is providing a free smart
Turk.”                                       Park. With the help of a neighbor, Chip                             drip irrigation system with a qualified landscaping
     The filial fruit didn’t fall far from Demarest, he planted a Homeric succu-
Turk’s tree. Buck and Judy had two more lent garden that surrounds and reinforces                                purchase. A smart irrigation system can reduce
sons, Benezra, now 27, and Sean, 25, fast a Tergis-designed rock wall and bench.                                 water usage in a landscaped garden by as much as 50
outgrowing Sarah’s Beacon Street house.           About his uncle, Luke says: “He                                percent. Call today to set up a no obligation meeting
They moved a block down Fairmont Hill has an aversion to spending money. He
to Laidley Street.                           and my father kind of grew up in the                                to learn more.
     Entering the Tergises’ Laidley Street Third World. Buck is totally quixotic.
home now is not unlike returning to the He would rather spend six hours of labor
Sixties. In eccentric tandem, a fiddle and than go to Home Depot.”                                                     Janet Moyer                                 One of the       Award winning design -
a guitar lie against a wall alongside stacks      On an afternoon he is scheduled                                   Landscaping is a                          “100 Fastest Growing       “Outstanding
of Dylan CDs. Well-thumbed books sur- to visit Turk, Buck uses Gorilla glue                                            full - service                          Private Companies”    Achievement” Award
                                                                                                                 landscaping company                             in the Bay Area           California
round a comfortable sitting room that to cobble a pair of weathered Italian                                          specializing in                            SF Business Times,   Landscape Contractors
overlooks the Bay Bridge.                    sandals that were probably a decade                                 sustainable landscapes                           2007 & 2008      Association, 2007 & 2008
     Outside, above rock steps Buck old when Constantinople was renamed
engineered to complement his crafted- Istanbul.                                                                     “I am extremely happy with the work that Janet and Michael have
rock walls, past Luke’s verdant garden            As further proof of the pudding,                                  done for me. From design to implementation, they and their crew
and beyond Buck’s several telescopes, Luke points to one of his uncle’s ama-                                            really are efficient, professional, and cost- conscious as well.
                                                                                                                    I highly recommend them for anyone considering landscape work
resides a shed piled with cords of cypress teur telescopes: “He’s been grinding                                                       in the Bay Area.” – Chris Holland
that Buck chops to feed into the wood- the mirror for eight years now,” Luke
burning stove that heats his home. Far- says. “Two years,” Buck corrects his
ther up the backyard hill, past a rainbow nephew.
of California poppies and a thicket of            Turk Tergis was born William Ter-
fava beans, Brussels sprouts and arugula, gis in 1912. “Tergis doesn’t exactly roll
stands a lemon tree. A 10- by 10-foot off the lips,” says Buck. “So Tergis sort                                  1031 Valencia Street, San Francisco .
tool shed, ship shape, fitted with a cook- of became Turk.”                                                                     Landscape Contractor License 853919 . Pest Control License 36389
ing stove, houses Luke’s Santa Cruz               With Sarah gone since 1986, Turk
memorabilia and mementos from his                            CONTINUED ON PAGE 12
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                                                                                                                     Contact. . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael Padgett              Client Name . . . . . . . . . Janet Moyer Landscaping
                                                                                                  EST :   1990       Contact Phone . . . . . . . 415-821-3760                      Job Title . . . . . . . . . . . . Print - Glen Park News
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Winter 2009-2010                                                                         Page 11                                                                          Glen Park News

The Cat Whisperer of Chenery Street
                                                                                               Whittington at Bird and Beckett Books            his perch on his Chronicle box. A passerby
                                                                                               and Records.                                     leans down and pets him. “This little guy
                                                                                                    “I always stop and pet the cats,” Bebb      is so friendly,” he says. “It’s amazing that
                                                                                               fesses up, possibly thinking of Wanda            he’s not freaked out by the traffic.”
                                                                                               Gag’s Millions of Cats, the 1928 children’s           Therein lies the $64,000 question.
                                                                                               book that hops from Eric Whittington’s           How do Marsh’s many, many cats stay
                                                                                               bookshelves with its familiar refrain:           out of harm’s way at the Glen Park cross-
                                                                                               “Cats here, cats there, cats and kittens         roads? Having rescued cats for a decade
                                                                                               everywhere, hundreds of cats, thousands          now, including Rusty, who he saved from
                                                                                               of cats, millions and billions and trillions     being put down, Marsh has his theories:
                                                                                               of cats.”                                        “They give me love and I give it back to
                                                                                                    While Marsh doesn’t come close to           them and so does the neighborhood.”
                                                                                               such exponential numbers, he owns up to          So also does the occasional canine.
                                                                                               being guardian to “many, many cats,” and         Karen Zerrudo, who lives above Critter
                                                                                               neighborhood kids love stopping by and           Fritters, walks over, trailing behind her
                                                                                               befriending Bella and Sweet Pea, Hope and        muscle-bound Doberman, Earl Valen-
                                                                                               Oreo.                                            tine.
                                                                            Lola, age               “I see lots of children and their par-           “Look Earl,” she says. “It’s Rocky.” The
                                                                            7, and her         ents playing with Don’s cats,” says Man-         two, dog and cat, engage in a nose-sniffing,
                                                                            dad Adam
                                                                                               hal Jweinat, owner of Higher Grounds,            cross-species détente that would warm the
                                                                            visit with
                                                                                               preparing his signature French crêpes for        heart of Frenchman Legendre.
                                                                            cats on            a hungry Saturday morning breakfast                   “Glen Park is like a village,” Legendre
                                                                            their way to       crowd.                                           says. “We keep an eye on each other.”
                                                                            breakfast at            Strolling over from across the street,      You’d better believe it.
                                                                            Tyger’s.           fresh from a Tyger’s breakfast, seven year old        Big Nate Greenberg, behind the
                                                                                               Lola and her dad, Adam, say good morning.        counter at Critter Fritters, who is known
                                                                            Photo              “Can I give Rocky a piece of bacon?” Lola        to leave feline care packages on Marsh’s
                                                                            by                 beams, as she picks up Tuffy, a stripped alley   doorstep, believes it: “Don does a great
                                                                            Michael            cat, and begins cuddling him.                    job with his cats, particularly in this down
                                                                            Waldstein               Before Marsh nods, Rocky jumps from         economy.”                                  n

Don Marsh herds cats.                            back of the store, sniff around and then
     Describing himself as the “Cat Man          leave.”
of Chenery Street,” Marsh, a 54-year old              Restaurateur Laurent Legendre,
                 record producer, is a famil-    owner of Le P’tit Laurent, hardly sees
              iar Glen Park presence, seen    Marsh’s cats anymore, they’ve become
          most mornings and after-        so everpresent. “They’re unobtrusive,”
Schneider noons sitting on his stoop             Legendre says good-naturedly.
                 at the corner of Chenery             Undoubtedly. Tot, a Siamese, went
and Diamond streets, corralling cats by his      on a walkabout not long ago. She went
apartment’s front door.                          missing for seven days, heading for Le
     Don Marsh makes herding cats look           P’tit Laurent, no doubt attracted by the
easy. A graduate of John O’Connell High          epicurean aroma of the French bistro’s
School, Marsh has lived one flight above         gourmet sauces wafting from next door.
Le P’tit Laurent for eight years.                A week later, Sonia, one of Legendre’s
     “Growing up in the Mission District,”       servers, returned Tot to her family.
Marsh says, “I always had a soft spot for             It’s wayward felines like her that
cats.”                                           prompted the sign taped to Marsh’s front
     Now he rescues cats—frolicking cats,        door: “Be on the lookout for escaping
frisky cats like Rocky, an acrobatic black and   babies!”
white stray, who entertains indulgent neigh-          The bevy of felines also doesn’t go
bors every morning by testing his agility        unnoticed by weekday commuters hur-
leaping atop a Chronicle newspaper box.          rying along Diamond Street to BART.
     “I don’t do anything special,” Marsh        Sarah Cole, a nurse who lives on Mizpah
says, gently cajoling a circle of milling cats   Street, leaned down one October morning
to remain near. “I treat them with dignity       on her way to work, a quilt of meowing
and they give me joy.”                           balls of fur caressing her. Dora, a purring
     Marsh’s whiskered throng doesn’t go         kitten, nuzzled Cole palm, rubbing her
unnoticed by neighbors on either side            velvet cheek back and forth across the
of him.                                          nurse’s knuckles.
     “Don’s hand-raised them, covering                “Stopping here,” Cole smiled, “is the
all the costs,” says Hal Tauber, co-owner        highlight of my day.”
of Glen Park Hardware. “On sunny days,                The same goes for Blanche Bebb,
he lets them out. Some even walk to the          who frequently spells Eric and Nick
Glen Park News                                                                             Page 12                                                                   Winter 2009-2010

Tower                                   end of the complex. The buff-colored
Muni Budget Woes Doom                                                                            CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9                        buildings (formerly Catholic Ridgemont
                                                                                                                                              High School) are now devoted to the

the Little-used 26-Valencia                                                                      the park margin, to Burrows Street and
                                                                                                 down Madison Street to Silver. Gambier
                                                                                                                                              Cornerstone High School and Middle
                                                                                                 and Cambridge streets are good alterna-           Down Cambridge Street is the bland
The 26-Valencia bus line is scheduled          will not be easy for all of our custom-           tives—they’re not so steep.                  but serviceable gray Fellowship Academy,
to make its final run on Dec. 4 and be         ers, but we are doing what we can to                   If you’re game for more sightseeing     presently unoccupied. Then we pass the
added to the roster of eliminated Munic-       provide alternate service and to make             in this area, go east on Burrows to what     Hillcrest Butterfly Garden (still under
             ipal Railway lines.               the overall Muni system more reli-                I call “Institution Walk.” At University     reconstruction) and adjacent Hillcrest
                The demise of the No.       able.”                                            and Bacon is the University Mound            elementary school (public), and finally a
      26 comes as Muni is looking            To a d d r e s s t h e c o n c e r n s o f   Ladies Home (originally Lick Old Ladies      segment of Cornerstone School itself at
Gordon for ways to save on operating           some Glen Park residents, workers                 Home)—a brick mansion lifted from            Silver. Across Silver is the large expanse
             costs. Faced with a $129 mil-     and visitors, Muni opted to reroute               colonial Virginia. It’s a fine home (my      of more Cornerstone educational, wor-
             lion budget deficit heading       the 36-Teresita line to add the lost              mother-in-law spent her last days there)     ship and administrative buildings that
into the fiscal year that began July 1,        26-Valencia service through the neigh-            overlooking the huge flat expanse of the     at night form a bright pattern on the
the City-run transit agency decided to         borhood. The route will connect the               City’s University Mound Water Stor-          skyline to the east of Glen Park.
purge some lines altogether, truncate the      Glen Park BART station with St. Luke’s            age facility. “University” comes from the         Across the street is the Cambridge
routes and service frequency of others,        Hospital at Cesar Chavez and Valencia             row of streets named for universities.       Market, whose rear wall features a mural
and raise fares.                               streets.                                          Bacon Street, a block uphill from Bur-       with the Golden Gate bridge in an orange
     The budget-driven service changes              Scheduled service will not be as             rows, sports a row of colorful, identical    that leaps out at you.
are the most extensive undertaken by           frequent. The 36-Teresita is scheduled            homes, framed by small trees.                     At Cambridge and Silver you can
Muni in more than 20 years.                    to run every 30 minutes; the 26-Valen-                 Along Cambridge is a collection of      take a No. 44 bus back to Glen Park. Or
     Officials announced in early Novem-       cia, on the other hand, was scheduled             institutions, most formerly something        you can begin your hike up to the Blue
ber that the projected deficit has grown       to arrive every 20 minutes during the             else, but some now a part of the Cor-        Tower here if you prefer to reverse the
since the budget was adopted, and that         day and every 30 minutes at night.                nerstone Evangelical Baptist Church.         itinerary. Either way, average total walk-
additional cost-saving measures will have      And unlike the 26-Valencia, passengers            The most outstanding structure is the        ing time, including sightseeing, is a bit
to be enacted. There’s no word yet on          cannot ride the 36-Teresita all the way           tall Italianate church on the southeast      over 2 hours.                           n
how deep the next round of cuts will           downtown and back.
be. First, Muni must implement those                That leaves transit users heading to
already in the works, including the end        and from downtown with the option of
of the 26-Valencia.                            transferring to a Mission Street bus a
     The bus, which has run along Dia-         block away. Other options include taking
mond, Chenery, Whitney and Randall             BART to and from the Glen Park Station
streets in Glen Park for a stretch of its      or riding Muni’s J-Church streetcar, a
route, landed on Muni’s hit list for two       notoriously slow line. The Muni rail stop
reasons: Its daily ridership hovers just       in Glen Park also is not very convenient.
below 1,700—making it one of the least-        Located on an inhospitable island in the
used lines in the city—and alternative         middle of traffic-heavy San Jose Avenue,                                                                                   A map
bus service can be found nearby.               the open-air platform can be accessed
                                                                                                                                                                          ing Glen
     Supporters of the line launched a         only by a flight of 38 stairs.
                                                                                                                                                                          Park to
petition drive earlier this year to save the        “It’s not going to be the same,’’                                                                                     Blue Tower
route, but it wasn’t enough to convince        said Marisa Mendoza, who lives with                                                                                        routes.
Muni officials to change their minds.          her parents in Glen Park and works as a
     “The SFMTA’s unprecedented                receptionist downtown. “I’ve been tak-                                                                                     Drawing
$129 million budget deficit this               ing the 26 all my life. It doesn’t have                                                                                    courtesy
past spring required some very diffi-          all the craziness like the Mission Street                                                                                  of
cult choices, including one to elimi-          buses. It’s not all crowded and rowdy.”                                                                                    Dolan
nate lower-ridership routes like the           The walk back and forth between home                                                                                       Eargle
26-Valencia,” said Muni spokesman              and the BART Station, she said, is too
Judson True. “We know this change              long, especially at night.                  n
                                                                                                                                              response doesn’t come as a surprise,
                                                                                                 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10                       given his Aegean origins: “Olive oil,”
                                                                                                                                              he says, the sparkle in his eyes becoming
                                                                                                 lives alone. Buck or grandsons Ben and       brighter. Buck begs to differ, offering a
                                                                                                 Sean, also musicians, regularly check in     prescription for long life that has less to
                                                                                                 with the Tergis patriarch. Still light-of-   do with diet and more to do with both
                                                                                                 step, Turk has a perennial twinkle in his    his and his father’s lifestyles: “Curios-
                                                                                                 eyes. He recently completed a 12-volume      ity,” Buck says.
                                                                                                 autobiography that he gave to Judy to             As Buck leaves, his father reaches for
                                                                                                 type.                                        a book about 19th century U.S. imperial
                                                                                                      He doesn’t live in the past and when    expansion in the Philippines. After a few
                                                                                                 asked how he wants to celebrate his          steps, Buck returns, checking the front
                                                                                                 100th birthday, he responds: “I want         door lock. Four years from now there’s
                                                                                                 a big family meeting.” Given the Ter-        going to be a centennial party, a party
                                                                                                 gis clan, scattered across the world, it     from which panegyric myths are spun.
                                                                                                 will be one epic get-together. When          Buck wants Turk there, asking lots and
                                                                                                 asked the reason for his longevity, Turk’s   lots of questions.                       n
Winter 2009-2010                                                                           Page 13                                                                      Glen Park News

                                                                                                                        Dr. Carrie Lee, O.D.

                                                                                                                              2786 Diamond Street
                                                                                                                            San Francisco, CA 94131

                                                                                                                               (415) 334-2020
                                                                   To appreciate
                                                                   the BART station,
                                                                   just look up.                        ● Comprehensive adult and pediatric eye exams
                                                                                                        ● Contact lens fittings ● Screenings for glaucoma,
                                                                   Photo                               cataracts, and macular degeneration ● Emergency
                                                                   by                                   appointments ● LASIK surgery evaluation and co-
                                                                   Elizabeth Weise                    management ● Customized eyeglasses and sunglasses
                                                                                                               ● Eyeglass repairs and adjustments
BART Station Emerges                                                                                                           Vision Service Plan accepted

as Unsung Masterpiece
The average commuter may not pay much
attention to the building, which opened
                                                  is the crown jewel in the BART system.”
                                                       On, best known for its user      BART Lot Development

             in 1973, but there’s growing
             recognition that the Glen Park
                                                  reviews of restaurants and stores, 31 people
                                                  had posted comments about the Glen Park        Dominates Glen Park
 BART station is a masterpiece
                                                                                                 Forum on Future Plans
                                                  BART station by the start of November.
Wade         of 1960s modernist architec-         They generally agree that the station is
             tural design.                        among the system’s best: clean; uncrowded;
     Glen Park resident Tim Kelley and his
partner, Chris VerPlanck, operate a histori-
                                                  free of panhandlers, bums and associated
                                                  noxious odors.
                                                                                                 for the Neighborhood
cal resources consulting firm on Monterey              Even the stairs receive Yelp accolades.   A meeting coordinated by the Glen Park        and integrated into a revised EIR, a pro-
Boulevard, just around the corner from            Matthew J. uses them as his “local gym”        Association to review progress on the Glen    cess of three or four months, leading to
the BART station. They are among the              and never takes the escalator. A similarly     Park Community Plan drew 65 people to         the final report.
station’s biggest boosters.                       energetic rider from Pleasant Hill posted      the Glen Park Recreation Center on Sept.           The entire planning process is meant
     A past chairman of San Francisco’s           this almost-Haiku:                             14, 2009.                                     to create a sense of what the neighbor-
Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board,                      I luv you Glen Park:                      The crowd at the planning meeting        hood wants and then codify it, Bilovits
Kelley initiated the process of adding the                  You work my calves so good           had one major thing on its mind—whether       said. The original Glen Park Plan was
Glen Park BART station to the City’s ros-                   With your 75 stairs.                 the BART parking lot on Bosworth Street       put together after numerous meetings
ter of official landmarks in 2002. But it has          Not all Yelp reviewers appreciate the     at Arlington would be turned into a condo     in 2003, but was not finished because of
yet to work its way to the top of the list.       station’s design: An Oakland rider men-                     complex. Unfortunately for       budget constraints. Picking up the pro-
     Kelley also pointed out the station’s        tions its “weird architecture” and a San                    San Francisco Planning           cess now, after the long hiatus, the City
virtues to Chronicle columnist John King,         Francisco woman posts that it is “nothing      by
          Department staffers John         planners seemed somewhat blindsided
who wrote in an October 2009 “City-               special.” There are comments about the         Elizabeth
 Bilovits and Jon Swae, who
                                                                                                                                               by people who said that the 2003 pro-
scape” feature: “Tucked deep inside the           soot-covered leaves of the plastic plants on   Weise        had come prepared to dis-        cess hadn’t spoken for them and there-
earth, below a muscular, skylighted shell,        the concourse level.                                        cuss the Glen Park Plan, any     fore wasn’t valid. But others said many
trains pull in and out amid a brooding                 Some people point out that the station    future development of the parking lot will    people in the neighborhood took part
grandeur of rough concrete against pol-           was the location for scenes in the 2006 Will   be BART’s project, and they explained that    in the 2003 meetings and that today’s
ished stone, thick structural arches and          Smith movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness.”       they couldn’t really address it.              plan is a reasonable snapshot of what the
sharp shafts of light. BART has 43 stations;           For those interested in enhancing their                                                 community said it wanted six years ago.
this surely is the best.” The architectural       appreciation of our neighborhood mod-          The Glen Park Plan
style, King noted, is Brutalism. That strain      ernist landmark, Radulovich describes              What Bilovits could tell the audi-        BART Development
of modernism was most popular from the            significant aspects of the Glen Park BART      ence was that the environmental review             In terms of a possible building on the
1950s through the 1970s.                          station design in a May 2009 historical        process, one of the steps to creating a new   BART parking lot, Bilovits made it clear
     BART Director Tom Radulovich                 essay, posted on the web site foundsf.         Glen Park Plan, began a year ago. A draft     that nothing can happen there until 2011
voiced his praise this past August: “The          org. More information and photos are           Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is          at the earliest, because the EIR has to be
excellent design of Glen Park station secures     at            expected to be published in 2010. Com-        done first. One audience member asked
its place in the history of architecture ... it   park-bart-station.                        n    ments will be solicited, then considered                      CONTINUED ON PAGE 15
Glen Park News                                                                          Page 14                                                                             Winter 2009-2010

               Memo from City Hall
The San Francisco Municipal Transpor-          Department anticipates the document to
tation Agency (SFMTA) and Planning             be completed in about a year.
             Department met about the               Ultimately, we will use the funds that
          Community Plan at Glen            I was able to secure with the help of the
 Park Elementary school in          late U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos to build some
       October. MTA officials pro-       of these transportation improvements that
Dufty        vided the public with a list      will enhance the experience for pedestrians,
             of ideas for possible trans-      transit users and drivers in Glen Park.
portation improvements. Among them:                 I am encouraged about the potential
                                               improvement these projects can bring to
sidewalk extensions and modifications) at      Glen Park. Your feedback is essential to
the intersection of Bosworth and Diamond       help us identify the most beneficial proj-
streets.                                       ects for both residents and merchants.
                                                    If you were unable to attend the meet-
and Arlington/Wilder intersections.            ing on Nov. 4, please visit http://www.
                                      to see
Street between Arlington and Lyell that        the plan and the potential transportation-
could include speed tables (long, flat-        improvement concepts.
topped speed bumps), a roundabout and               The Planning Department will release
new traffic signals.                           a new draft of the Glen Park Community
                                               Plan later this month or in January. A com-
south side of the BART station to help         munity meeting will be held to discuss
alleviate the traffic congestion that is the   the content of the revised plan early next
norm on Diamond Street in front of the         year. For more information on the updated
BART Station.                                  Community Plan, please visit http://glen-
                                           - or call Jon Swae of the
nection between the J-Church streetcar         Planning Department at 575-9069.
and BART.
     The purpose is to develop a “menu” of     BART Parking Lot
neighborhood improvements that would                While the BART parking lot has            dents and merchants favors retaining the         improve policing in San Francisco, we are
be effective and have a good chance of         received a great deal of attention from the    BART parking, but I will continue to listen      seeing even higher levels of community
clearing the environmental review pro-         Community Planning Process, it is critical     to all voices.                                   engagement. Capt. Lazar has led the effort
cess. While not all the concepts would         to note that BART leadership has vowed to                                                       to have officers ride Muni lines affected by
be enacted, we want to cast a wide net so      engage with Glen Park neighbors through        A Leader in New Approaches                       criminal activity, and I am grateful that he
that the environmental document going          its own process. The Glen Park Commu-              I am continually impressed with the          is offering action rather than excuses.
forward would be both complete and accu-       nity Plan EIR will consider options for        innovation and new ideas coming from
rate. Once the required review is com-         alternative uses of the BART parking lot,      the Ingleside Police Station under Capt.
pleted, we will be able to adopt the plan      but there will not be a project approved as    David Lazar’s leadership.                        Bevan Dufty represents Glen Park and other
and move forward with the envisioned           part of the Glen Park Community Plan.              As the test station for implementing         District 8 neighborhoods on the San Francisco
improvements. At this time, the Planning            Most feedback I’m hearing from resi-      recommendations from several studies to          Board of Supervisors.                     n


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  design/build projects with our licensed,                                                                                 Kevin Wallace offers on-site consultations for prospective
  in-house architect, or general contractor                                                                                properties, providing expert, in-depth, local knowledge.

  services in collaboration with your                                                                                         • for Homebuyers: Details and perspective to help you
  architect/designer.                                                                                                         make informed decisions and guide you toward opportunities.

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         • Historic Restorations

                                                                                                                                                     Since 1973; in the neighborhood since 1982.
                                                                                                                                                                      Contractors Lic. #601656
Winter 2009-2010                                                                   Page 15                                                                             Glen Park News

Conservatory                                     On top of the building is a cop-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                        per finial that’s an exact replica of the
     Completion of the landmark’s res- building’s original redwood finial. When
toration has been a long time coming, the then-owner began to illegally tear it
says Stacy Garfinkel, Levine’s co-chair down (to be replaced by nine condos)             Season’s Greetings! With the weather               read to them. They can read to earn a small
from the beginning. “I have a picture of in the 1970s, the finial ended up with          beginning to turn cold and wet, what               prize and to enter their name in a raffle to
a friend who came with her preschooler neighbor Roger Pacheco as a keepsake.             better time to visit the library for a DVD         win a snowy owl puppet.
to our first workday on the Conservatory He used it as the door stop in his garage       or book to read?                                         Those 12 – 18 years old can win gift
grounds in September, 1999; the daugh- for 30 years. When the Friends of the                  To help you get into the holiday spirit,      cards and other prizes for participating in
ter is now a freshman in high school.”       Conservatory held their first clean-up      here are some books (and their reference           the reading program. Adults who complete
     There were numerous and heart- day in 1999, Pacheco brought it back                 numbers so you can find them easily) that          their reading can enter a raffle to win a gift
breaking funding hurdles. Finally, in the and the architect used it as a model for                         are available at Glen Park       basket. Sign-ups for the program begin
last of the City’s good budget years, the the one that now adorns the very top of        by
               Library. They provide            Dec. 12. The program ends Jan. 16.
Recreation and Park Department got the building.                                         Denise
           some ideas for entertain-              We also are hosting “Studio 101” for
$10 million from the Supplemental Bud-           The garden features a series of fan-    Sanderson ing, cooking and gift-giv-               teens at 3:30 Friday afternoons through
get, and $4 million went to rebuilding tastical creatures made of forged bronze                            ing. Please visit our blog       Dec. 18. Teens can create music on an
of the Conservatory, Levine says.            playfully hidden throughout, by the         to see a more complete list with links. You        Apple laptop using MIDI keyboards,
     It was worth the wait. What was Wowhaus collective of husband-and-wife              also can reserve any of these books online         drum machines, studio microphones,
once a dark, scary-looking wreck of a team Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-             at; you just need your library card       audio interfaces, studio headphones,
building is now a fantastic site that befits Constable.                                  number and pin number to log in.                   Nintendo Wiis + Wii. For ages 12 -18.
its history as a unique neigh-                        The one painful point temper-           Gifts with Meaning: How to Choose             For more information or to register, con-
borhood landmark.                      The newly ing the joy of reopening the            Unique and Thoughtful Presents for Any             tact Marla at 355-2858 or mbergman@
     “It’s been wonderful see-                       newly refurbished space is that     Occasion (394 L9952g).                   
ing people who’ve lived in the        refurbished there’s currently little money for          Simply Handmade: 365 Easy Gifts                     For more Glen Park library events, see
area for 30 or 40 years com-                         Rec and Park to keep it open.       & Decorations You Can Make (745.5941               the Community Calendar on the last page
ing into the space and just         conservatory The Friends of Sunnyside Con-           Si57).                                             of this issue. To find out more about our
being amazed and enchanted                           servatory are raising money for          Holidays: Recipes, Gifts and Decora-          programs and other library news, please
by it,” says Levine.               is sure to be a programming.                          tions, Thanksgiving & Christmas (641.568           visit our Glen Park Library Blog at: http://
     The Conser vator y’s                             Because it’s a premium location,   St49h).                                  
main entrance features a new              wedding the general rental rate for the             The Christmas Table: Recipes and Crafts
staircase and entry plaza on                         Conservatory will be $550 for       to Create Your Own Holiday Tradition                    Glen Park Branch Library
Monterey Boulevard. The              destination. the first two hours and $100           (641.5686 M8216c).                                 2825 Diamond Street (near Bosworth)
locals’ unmarked approach                            per hour after that, says Eric           Hometown Recipes for the Holidays
is along Joost Street, between Baden and Anderson, Neighborhood Service Area             (641.568 H753).                                                  Monday 10-6
Congo. On that seemingly ordinary San 5 manager for Rec and Park. Because of                  Joan Nathan’s Jewish Holiday Cookbook                       Tuesday 10-6
Francisco block, a break in the row of budget constraints, there’s no staff per-         (641.5676 N195jh).                                              Wednesday 12-8
attached houses on the south side of the son regularly assigned to the new facility.          Christmas Cookies: 50 Recipes to Trea-                      Thursday 1-7
street suddenly reveals a black, wrought- However the department is working to           sure for the Holiday Season (641.8654                              Friday 1-6
iron gate, created by neighbor Mary Rev- find ways to allow community access to          Z99c).                                                            Saturday 1-6
elli of One Off Design.                      the building. “For instance, the facility        For the third consecutive year, we are                     Sunday – Closed
     Through the gate is a meandering will be open at a reduced rate to bona             offering our Winter Reading Program.
garden of huge flowering bushes. These fide local community groups for meet-             There will be readings program for chil-
lead down a series of stairs and landings. ings and events” says Anderson, adding,       dren, teens and adults. Children ages birth        Denise Sanderson is the Glen Park Branch
“It’s like Alice slipping down the rab- “They will be required to pay the staffing       – 12 can read on their own or have books           Librarian.
bit hole and discovering a garden from fee of $27 per hour.”
another place and time,” says Garfinkel.         The Conservatory itself will be open
“Some of the trees have been there for for community events up to four times             Glen
Meeting                         Ames said that one local merchant had
                                                                                         CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13
100 years.”                                  per month. But anyone can enjoy the                                                            suggested to him that BART consider
     At the bottom there’s a turn, and sight of the renovated treasure and stroll        how tall a condo or apartment building             putting a commercial parking lot on the
suddenly this astoundingly beautiful through its lovingly restored gardens.              could be constructed within the transit            space. Bilovits said that would be extremely
building, all wood and windows, sur- More information is at www.sunnyside-               corridor around BART. Bilovits replied             unlikely; a parking structure would cost so
rounded by towering palm trees, springs                           n    that normally a building could be 40 to 60         much to build that the owner would have
into view. What was once a green leftover                                                feet, or four to five stories, about the side of   to charge $30 a day for parking to make it
Rec and Park paint job has become a                                                      the library/Canyon Market complex. But             financially feasible. “It doesn’t come close
handsome four-tone makeover.                                                             he reiterated that the Planning Depart-            to penciling out,” he said.
     “We’ve already had people call up          Glen Park                                ment is not proposing any buildings—it                  Besides, he added, “if you want more
and say ‘Please give me the colors of the                                                is tasked only with developing an overall          congestion, build a parking structure.” n
paints,’” says Garfinkel.                       News                                     plan for Glen Park.
     Local arborist Ted Kipping labored                                                       A substantial number of people at the          Community
without pay for years to keep the plant-        C l a s s if ie d s                      meeting—often those who have lived her
ings up and the garden alive. Vera at                                                    for several decades—said that Glen Park is          Updated

Arterra and Edward Chin with the City           End Homework                             plenty dense enough and they don’t want             
are responsible for the gorgeous, low-          Hassles                                  more housing or traffic. Others, often              Presentation

water plant palette. Inside, architect          Family time’s better spent!              newer neighbors, said they would be happy           Update

Andrew Maloney has created a soaring                       with higher housing density and the better          

space of light and redwood. One look            Jane Radcliffe 415-586-4577.             transit connections and businesses it could         Environmental

and anyone contemplating marriage will                                                   attract.                                            

want to snag it for their ceremony.                                                           Glen Park Association officer Mic
Glen Park News                                                                         Page 16                                                                    Winter 2009-2010

park                                                                    digging

October’s rain awakened promise for the
              canyon’s native plants after
                                              and now is established worldwide. As
                                              open spaces are being developed, urban
              they slumbered through a        forests are becoming the major arbori-

              droughty summer. Soon coy-      cultural component of our landscape.           Wha? Who? Me? Tipsy? In the gar-              wild fennel bulbs for this infusion. It’s

              ote brushes’ creamy sprays           Sadly, in a city that prides itself on                   den?                           a plant that is too fibrous to eat, but the
              and flowering currants’ pink    beauty, the lack of concern in San Fran-                          Yes, my garden drives      flavor might just be right for cocktails.

pendants cheer winter mornings.               cisco for our urban forest is startling.                      me to drink sometimes.         And wouldn’t it be good to finally find

     Along the paths and up the hills,             Despite the efforts of city Urban                        This is the season of enter-   a use for it?
blue-gum eucalyptus, Monterey pines           Forester Carla Short, the Urban Forestry                      taining, and wouldn’t it be         Don’t forget that your garden’s
and cypresses, buckeyes, coast live oaks,     Council and such other San Francisco                          great to bring a little of     edible flowers, such as nasturtiums
willows, holly-leaf and Catalina cherries     nonprofits as Friends of the Urban For-        your garden expertise into the house          and violets, float very nicely on many
hold evening dew, drip from downpours,        est, complicated politics come into play       for real “terroir” at your party?             drinks to add a dash of color.
steam and shimmer when the sun pops           and contribute to the demise of our                 Fresh-squeezed juices, garnishes              Now that I’m loosened up, I’d like
out. Dotting the canyon and punctuat-         necessary and healthy urban forest and         at their peak and fresh herbs can make        to ask: Have you ever thought about
ing the hillsides, the canyon’s overstory     ecosystem.                                     otherwise “decent” cocktails spectacu-        your yard as a Greek amphitheater?
(tallest) trees play an essential role.            The urban forest is a major capi-         lar, and you cannot get any fresher than      Since this is my last column, here’s my
     Originally, San Francisco’s trees grew   tal asset that offers invaluable benefits.     harvesting fruits, vegetables and herbs       pet peeve: wind chimes. Our houses are
only in sheltered canyons and along           Its trees provide us with air to breathe;      from your own garden.                         way too close together for them. When
waterways. Probably along Islais Creek        absorb storm-water runoff; create wind-             I’m thinking of mint. It will grow       I hear them—and they keep me awake
in the canyon, the Ramaytush tribe of         breaks; provide nesting and landing for        almost anywhere in your garden—so             on those rare occasions when there’s a
the Ohlone Indians who lived here trans-                                                     well that you might want to give it its       light breeze, the weather is hot and my
formed the willows’ branches into baskets,                                                   own pot so it doesn’t take over. Mint         windows are open—I want to climb the
harvested the coast live oaks’ acorns, and                                                   can be muddled with rum, limeade and          three fences separating me from the
used the hundreds of understory (lower)                                                      sugar syrup to make a mighty mojito. It       noisemakers and use them for target
plants for food, medicine, cosmetics and                                                     can be calmed down with fizzy water           practice.
shelter. When the Europeans came, the                                                        or a lemon-lime soda. It’s good in iced            I like the idea of wind chimes—
land was cleared for cattle grazing and                                                      tea or hot tea for the sedate.                ones that make a small, sweet sound.
later, in the 1850s, Adolf Sutro had blue-                                                        Rosemary is a great utility plant.       But in reality, the loud ding-dinging
gum eucalyptus planted.                                                                      Pruned sprigs will enliven an easy mix        drowns out the night’s quiet like an
     Today, blue-gum eucalyptus trees                                                        of simple syrup, vodka and pink grape-        activated car alarm. I’m sure many
still grow in the canyon where every          large birds; offer colors, flowers, forms      fruit juice.                                  people don’t hear their own wind
spring our “celebrity” owl nests and          and textures; screen out harsh scenery;             My backyard has at times been            chimes for whatever reason. But some
fledges. Throughout the year, raptors         focus the eye; and define spaces.              impassable with a bramble that pro-           people have them in the amphitheater
swoop onto their branches between rid-             Trees impact our moods and emo-           duces blackberries. While there have          type backyards that characterize our
ing thermals or searching for prey. In        tions. A healthy urban forest is an integral   been too few for a pie or jam, they add       neighborhood. They are heard much,
places the thick carpet from eucalyptus       element of our mental and physical health      up to just about the right number for         much better by those who live uphill
leaf duff allows only the heartiest exotic    and contributes to a sense of community        drinks. These are good when pureed            from the source, even people a few
invasive species, such as Himalayan           pride and ownership that balances the          and strained for variety in a mojito, or      blocks away!
blackberry and cape ivy, to grow, while       concrete and steel of urban life with the      with vodka, lemon, simple syrup and                Don’t forget that the wonderful
in other sites natives such as toyons and     leafy and soft sensibility of nature.          a sprig of thyme.                             Sunnyside Conservatory opens Dec. 8.
elderberries flourish.                                                                            An infusion of rosemary and lav-         It’s a historical landmark, just redone,
     Blue gums are controversial trees.       Eco-Notes                                      ender can transform vodka. Steeping           and a beauty! Go by and admire it and
San Francisco’s Natural Areas Program              If your trees need pruning, be certain    takes a week usually, but it should be        be proud of our neighborhood his-
has a citywide plan calling for both the      to have it done by a certified arborist.       tested every day starting with the sec-       tory.                                    n
removal of healthy—and no replanting          Unlicensed pruners can do irrevocable          ond day. When it tastes good to you,
of dying—blue-gum eucalyptus. His-            harm to your tree and set you up to            strain it, and use it as you would other
torically, urban forest modifications have    receive a minimum $500 fine for every          vodka.                                        Susan Evans is a member of the Glen
been introduced by controlled measures        tree that is mutilated. The dollar you save         Fennel also can be infused in            Park Garden Club, which welcomes
with new trees planted to replace those       today with a cheap fix threatens the tree’s    vodka. Then mix it with lemon juice,          new members. We’re sad to say that
removed. However, as it stands today,         healthy future and is a case of “penny-        sour mix and muddled basil leaves with        this is her final column for the Glen
there is no San Francisco plan for a dif-     wise and pound-foolish.” A tree reacts to      sugar. I dare the adventurous among           Park News. E-mail Susan at ske1@
ferent species of tall trees to replace the   such treatment by sprouting numerous           you to mash up our neighborhood’s   
blue-gums.                                    twig-like branches at the cut that look like
     Eucalyptus, together with Monterey       No. 2 pencils and require more frequent
cypress and pines, comprise the back-         maintenance. Check the International           meets Wilder, Natick and a San Jose           work gloves and enjoy this wonderful way
bone trees of the greater San Francisco       Society of Arboriculture’s web site, www.      Avenue exit? For more information, or         to be part of your community.         n
urban forest. A widely used definition to learn more.         to plant a tree, open your existing tree’s
of “urban forest” developed by Robert              Planted bump-outs (bulbs) in large        well, and/or green your block with side-      Alma Hecht is a member of Friends of
W. Miller (1997) is “an integrated, city-     intersections mitigate pedestrian haz-         walk pocket gardens, check out the web        Glen Canyon Park, a neighbor, and owner
wide approach to the planting, care and       ards, look great and build community.          sites and        of Second Nature Design, http://second-
management of trees in the city to secure     Why not become a neighborhood urban                 Remember that Friends of Glen Can- She developed Friends of the
multiple environmental and social ben-        forester and spearhead one for the giant       yon Park meet every Wednesday morning         Urban Forest’s Tree Care program. Alma
efits for urban dwellers.” Urban forestry     intersection on Chenery at Miguel, or          and every third Saturday of the month         can help with your tree questions; e-mail
was initially developed in North America      the wide crossing where Arlington Street       from 9 a.m. to noon. Just show up with        her at
Winter 2009-2010                                             Page 17                                      Glen Park News

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Glen Park News                                                                                               Page 18                                                                      Winter 2009-2010

Glen Park Celebrates Halloween                                                                                    Community
Plan                                        Other concerns were raised but were
                                                                                                                  CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3                           not within the scope of the discussion: traf-
                                                                                                                                                                  fic flow along the entire O’Shaughnessy/
                                                                                                                  Also attending were representatives of          Bosworth corridor, the traffic light at Elk
                                                                                                                  the Planning Department, BART and               and Bosworth, bicycle lanes, and a sugges-
                                                                                                                  Supervisor Dufty’s office.                      tion for 45-degree parking on Joost Street.
                                                                                                                       This presentation was aimed only at              Ms. Walton and Darton Ito, capital
                                                                                                                  transportation projects, which will need to     planning manager for SFMTA, pointed
                                                                                                                  be analyzed in the environmental review of      to diagrams that depicted possible solu-
                                                                                                                  the Glen Park Community Plan. Review            tions for several traffic and transit head-
                                                                                                                  is expected to take 18 months, after which      aches: The intersection of Bosworth and
                                                                                                                  the Planning Commission and the Board           Diamond streets; traffic calming at the
                                                                                                                  of Supervisors must approve the plan. It        Joost/Monterey and Arlington/Wilder
                                                                                                                  will then become the guiding document           intersections as well as Bosworth Street;
                                                                                                                  for future investments in neighborhood          and making better transit connections
                                                                                                                  transit-related improvements.                   at the BART station and the J-Church
                                                                                                                       The money for upgrades originates          streetcar line. When someone asked for
                                                                                                                  with the $3 million federal grant obtained      the pros and cons of each proposal, Wal-
                                                                                                                  by the late Congressman Tom Lantos. It          ton said they would be fully worked up
                                                                                                    The home of   has to be matched by City funds and is to       in the environmental review, as well as in
                                                                                                    the Dalere    be doled out in $800,000 increments.            a stand-alone transportation study.
                                                                                                    family, of
                                                                                                                       The SFMTA’s purpose in this phase                Putting it all in perspective, Lisa
                                                                                                                  was to strip out those items from the Com-      Gibson of the Planning Department
                                                                                                    Salon,        munity Plan that addressed problem inter-       reminded residents that state law man-
                                                                                                    is one of     sections, traffic calming and making better     dates environmental review, and it is a
                                                                                                    several in    transit connections, and to give alterna-       long process. Although there are concerns
                                                                                                    Glen Park     tives for Glen Park residents’ consideration.   about many of the concepts presented,
                                                                                                    known for     These would then go into environmental          she said, we have to start somewhere with
                                                                                                    Halloween     review and be ready by the end of 2010.         project descriptions and make refine-
                                                                                                    displays.     Another update is expected to be presented      ments as we go along.
                                                                                                                  to the neighborhood next summer.                      Diagrams of concepts for traffic
                                                                                                    Photo              Parking was not supposed to be             improvements will be posted at www.
                                                                                                    by            addressed in this go-around, though    Traffic calming is
                                                                                                    Liz           many residents felt that this issue is inte-    a citizen-initiated activity; details are at
                                                                                                                  gral to solving the other problems and
                                                                                                                  they voiced this concern persistently over            For information about the Glen Park
                                                                                                                  the course of the evening. Kim Walton,          Community Plan and Environmental
                             project manager for SFMTA, assured the          Review, go to
                                                                                                   group that parking would be taken up in         ning and search “glen park community
                                                                                                                  the January meeting.                            plan.”                                    n

                                                                                                                      Real estate activity in Glen      properties are selling above or below ask-

                                                                                                               Park has been picking up.         ing price. One house hit the mark exactly.

                                                                                             The results have been mixed       Listed below are the 12 properties that sold
                                                                                                               when it comes to whether          in Glen Park in late summer/early fall.
                                                                                                                 Address                     List Price                  Sold Price

                                                                                                                  40 Brompton                 $1,195,000                  $1,075,000
                                           Center for Child & Family Development                                  179 Brompton                $829,000                    $825,000
                                           36 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, California 94131                     195 Beacon                  $1,650,000                  $1,600,000
                                                                                                                  204 Chenery                 $819,000                    $795,000
                      Counseling to Adults, Couples,                                                              331 Chenery                 $999,000                    $1,100,000
                     Adolescents, Children & Families                                                             1874 Church                 $829,000                    $875,000
                                                                                                                  556 Laidley                 $850,000                    $850,000
                                                                                                                  590 Laidley                 $689,000                    $720,000
                                                                                                                  1733 Noe                    $849,000                    $738,000
                                                                                                                  38 Wilder                   $710,000                    $720,000
                                                                                                                  53 Wilder #301              $799,000                    $750,000
                                                                                                                  136 Whitney                 $849,000                    $832,000
                                                  Sliding-Scale Fees                                              Realtor Vince Beaudet is a Glen Park resident who works for Herth Real Estate. He can
                     Conveniently located close to Glen Park BART station, freeway and MUNI lines                 be reached at 861-5222, ext. 333 or
Winter 2009-2010                                               Page 19                                                   Glen Park News

       Vince Loves the Holidays in Glen Park
        Wishing you & your family a joyous holiday season!

                                  al                                                                   Park
                         e    stiv                                                                            Asso
                 a   rk F                                                                                          c  iati
           Glen P                                                                                                         on
                                             rs                                          SF A
                                       lto                                                     part
                               f   Rea                                                                men
                        ation o                                                                           t As
               s   soci                                                                                                atio
           SF A                                                                                                              n

                                 vis   ory                                                     Glen
                            t Ad                                                                       Park
                       arke                                                                                   Gard
                 nM                                                                                               en C
          Ca nyo                                                                                                         lub

                                                                                        SF P
                                     atch                                                   rope
                             fi   ti W                                                              rty
                     rk Graf                                                                             Own
                Pa                                                                                                    Asso
           Glen                                                                                                            c.

                                                  National Association of Realtors

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                   Vince Beaudet
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Glen Park News                                                                          Page 20                                                                     Winter 2009-2010

Association                          Glen
Library                       and caregivers paint using non-toxic and        month; participants choose the next
Quarterly meetings are held in January,              Denise Sanderson, manager of the         age-appropriate media (dress for a mess!)       month’s selection. Dec. 2 - Who Would
April, July and October. Everyone is wel-      Glen Park Branch at 2825 Diamond St.,               Push, Pull, Rock and Roll: Ages 1–5;       Have Thought It, by Maria AmparoRuiz
come, members and non-members alike.           lists other coming events in her column        cars, trikes and balls fill the gym so tots     de Burton.
Annual dues of just $10 support the Asso-      on Page15. Check with the library for a        can explore balance and strength in the              Political Book Discussion Group:
ciation’s important work on behalf of the      full schedule. All programs at the library     large space.                                    2nd Thursdays. Call for the title.
neighborhood.                                  are free.                                           Tot Gym: Ages 1–3; motor and social             Eminent Authors’ Birthdays: 4th
     Next meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 13, 7–9             Here are a few more planned events:      skills development, using the stage play        Thursdays. For these open readings, bring
pm, St. John’s School, 925 Chenery St.               Baby Rhymes & Playtime: Every            area, art projects, parachute play and circle   a short piece from the works of a favor-
                                               Tuesday, 10:30 am. Rhymes, sto-                song time.                                      ite writer born during the month to read
Park                    ries, fingerplays & music, for ages                 Tot Time: Ages 2½–5; free play, art,       aloud.
     Meetings and Plant Restoration            birth–3 years.                                 music, motor-skill development, snacks, and          ØLive Jazz in the Bookshop: Every
Work Parties: Third Saturday of each                 The Great Teen Book Swap: Sec-           story time to prepare kids for preschool.       Friday, 5:30–8 pm. Dec. 4 - Don Prell’s
month, 9 am–noon.                              ond Thursday, 3 pm; Dec. 10, Jan. 14,               Tumble, Dance and Prance: Ages             SeaBop Ensemble. Dec. 11 - The Jimmy
     Next dates: Dec. 19, Jan. 16, Feb. 20.    Feb. 11. Ages 12–18.                           3–5; toddlers are encouraged to use their       Ryan Quartet. Dec. 18 - Don Prell’s
     Meet behind the Recreation Center.              How-To Holiday Workshop for              imagination in movement games, dancing          SeaBop Ensemble.
Tools, gloves and instruction are provided.    Teens: Thursday, Dec. 17, 4 pm, for ages       and tumbling.                                        ØWhich Way West?: Every Sunday,
     Weekly Work Parties: Every Wednes-        12–18. Teens will make bath scrubs and              Little Athletes: Ages 2½–4; introduc-      4:30–6:30 pm. This concert series fea-
day, 9 am–noon. For the current week’s         tub teas, pour soaps, decorate contain-        tion to a variety of sports while learning      tures Americana roots bands, jazz groups,
meeting place contact Richard Craib,           ers and make instructional tags for their      basic motor skills.                             world music performers, classical music,
648-0862.                                      products. For more information, con-                Tot Picasso: Ages 2–5; paper art           and more. Dec. 6 - the Studio 5 jazz quin-
     To join Friends of Glen Canyon Park       tact Marla Bergman, Teen Librarian, at         projects.                                       tet featuring Glen Park resident Mark
or learn more about their activities, con- or 355-2858.                      Play Group: Ages 2–5; the stage is         Reynolds on guitar. Dec. 20 - A Winter
tact Richard Craib at 648-0862 or Jean               Gingerbread Craft Class: Saturday,       open for free play.                             Lute & Vocal Concert.
Conner at 584-8576.                            Dec. 19, 3 pm, for ages 5–up. Kids will        Youth Activities (Ages 6–12)                         óPoetry with Open Mic: 1st & 3rd
                                               make their own oversized Gingerbread                After School Games: Sock hockey,           Mondays, 7–9 pm. Featured readers, then
Conservatory                         man or woman that they can decorate            capture the flag, foosball and much more,       open mic. Dec. 7 - Poets Clark Coolidge
     Saturday, Dec. 5, 11–2: Dedication        and take home. Sign up in advance at the       led by the director.                            & David Meltzer accompanied by jazz
of the restored 19th century landmark at       reference desk or call 355-2858.                    Drawing and Painting: Express your cre-    bassist Don Prell.
236 Monterey Blvd. Ribbon-cutting at                 Library Databases: Saturday, Feb. 13,    ative side with director-instructed projects.        ó Literary Talks: Last Sundays. Sept.
12 noon. Take this special opportunity to      2 pm. Learn how to use the Rosetta Stone            Youth Art Expression: Projects include     27 - 2 pm, Walker Brents III explores
admire the Conservatory, which will not be     language learning database and the Ances-      textiles, paper crafts, clay, beading and       the idea of India in the Western literary
open to the public on a regular basis due to   try database for genealogical and historical   decorative seasonal projects.                   imagination.
budget constraints. See story on page 1.       research. If time permits, other databases     Adult Courses (Ages 18–up)                      Special Events:
                                               will be explored. Sign up in advance at             Glen Park Fitness Boot Camp:                    Tuesday, Dec. 1, 7 pm - A World Aids
Showcase                           the reference desk or call 355-2858.           Includes circuit training and body con-         Day presentation by photographer Karen
    The Jazzcracker and Other Delights:              Woody Guthrie and the Great Ameri-       ditioning in the canyon.                        Ande.
Friday, Dec. 4, 8 pm., St. Aidan’s Episcopal   can Folksong: Saturday, Feb. 20, 3 pm.              Morning Stretch and Tone: Bring                 Sunday, Dec. 6, 2:30 pm - Glen Park
Church, 101 Gold Mine Dr. $18 advance,         Tim Holt will present a musical perfor-        a yoga mat or beach towel for floor             resident Robert (Bob) Davis reads from
$20 (cash only) at door. The Terry Disley      mance and discussion celebrating the life      exercises.                                      his new mystery novel, Among the Lost.
Experience performs Tchaikovsky “with          of Woody Guthrie and the history of the
a jazz twist.” Advance tickets at www.         American folksong.                             Bird
Events or                                                               Bird & Beckett Books & Records, 653             Santa
800-838-3006. Web site: www.perfor-                                                           Chenery St., presents a potpourri of literary                                   Holiday
Drive                        and musical events under the auspices of the    On Dec. 8, from 4:30– 7:30, Santa
                                                                                              nonprofit Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy        Claus will appear at ModernPast at 677
Forums                          The Kiki-Yo studio at 605B Chenery             Project. Admission is free, but requested       Chenery St., courtesy of the Glen Park
    Third Tuesday of every month, 7 pm.        St. continues its 13-year tradition of         donations make the series possible, and         Merchants Association. Bring your kids
During even months—February, April,            collecting toys for the S.F. Fire Depart-      your purchases help keep the bookstore          and your camera.
etc.—meetings are held at Ingleside Police     ment’s annual Toy Drive. Drop off              open. Tax-deductible contributions to the
Station, John Young Way off San Jose           unwrapped toys, appropriate for ages           Cultural Legacy Project help keep cultural
Avenue. In odd months meetings rotate          3–13, at the studio through Dec. 18.           programming alive in Glen Park.                 St.
among various community locations.             Call first to make sure someone’s there:            Check online for the latest informa-            St. Aidan’s, 101 Gold Mine Drive
For details call the station at 404-4000,      587-5454.                                      tion at, pick up a monthly      at Diamond Heights Boulevard, offers a
or subscribe to the captain’s daily e-mail                                                    events schedule at the bookshop, or call        variety of programs that may be of inter-
newsletter at                                                          owner Eric Whittington at 586-3733.             est to their Glen Park neighbors. For
    All residents are encouraged to partic-    Glen
Center                    Shop hours are 10 am–9 pm Monday–               information, please contact the church.
ipate in these informative monthly Com-             The Rec Center, off Elk Street in Glen    Saturday, 10 am–7 pm Sunday. Check for          Programs include these:
munity Relations Forums hosted by Capt.        Canyon Park, has been reinvigorated by         early closings on holiday weekends.                  After-School Program: For children
David Lazar. Keep up to date on neigh-         additional staff, who offer drop-in courses    Coming Events:                                  in the neighborhood and beyond. St.
borhood police issues, get acquainted          for all ages. For days and times of winter          ß Three book groups meet monthly,          Aidan’s is partnering with Si Se Puede.
with the dedicated people who keep our         sessions, and possible fees, call 337-4705.    at 7 pm:                                             Food Pantry: Every Friday, 1–2:30
neighborhood safe.                             Early Childhood Development                         Bird &Beckett Book Club: 1st               pm, for low-income and disabled clients
    Next date: Dec 15.                              Pitter Patter Painters: Ages 2–5; kids    Wednesdays. A book is discussed each            who live in the 94131 ZIP code.       n

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