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					                   SIX PARISHES NEWSLETTER
                                      St Giles’ Church. Badger
                                   St Milburga’s Church. Beckbury
                                     St Andrew’s Church. Ryton

                         Rector: Rev’d Keith Hodson tel 01952 750774
                                    Email: keithhodson@talk21.com
                  Web Site: www.churches.lichfield.anglican.org/shifnal/beckbury/

                             Rota of Services in the 6 Parishes – October 2010
                   Badger         Beckbury        Ryton         Kemberton Stockton             Sutton
Sunday                                                                                         Maddock
                                  9.30 am                       6.30 pm        11 am           8.15 am
Oct 3                             Communion                     Evensong       HARVEST         Communion
                                  KH (new)                      KH             KH              KH (trad)

                   9.30 am        5.30 pm         9.30 am       11 am                          11 am
Oct 10             Communion      Evensong        Communion     Communion                      HARVEST
                   CM (trad)      KH              KH (trad)     CM (new)                       KH

                                  11 am                         11 am          11 am           6.30 pm
Oct 17                            HARVEST                       Morning        Morning         Evensong
                                  KH                            Worship        Worship         KH
                                                                LT             TD
                   9.30 am        9.30 am                       8.15 am                        11 am
 Oct 24            Matins         Matins                        Communion                      Communion
                   KH             TD                            KH (trad)                      KH (new)

                                                  9.30 am                      11 am
Oct 31                                            All Saints                   Communion
                                                  Service                      KH (new)

Abbreviation : KH = Rev Keith Hodson;       CM = Rev “Nene” Mason; TD = Tina Dalton;   LT = Local Team


Lord of the Harvest,
make us more thankful for what we have received;
make us more content with what we have;
make us more mindful of others in need.                           AMEN

Next Newsletter
Contributions for next month‟s newsletter to either –
David Tooth at Havenside, Beckbury – 01952 750324. Email – david.tooth2@btinternet.com
Or Ruth Ferguson at Tarltons, Beckbury – 01952 750267 not later than 14th of this month, please.
                         FROM THE RECTORY

                            Photo Martyn Farnell

Dear Friends

October sees most of our Harvest Thanksgiving Services in the Six Parishes – see front page service details.
“All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin”.

However there are concerns about the global situation which may affect our food prices in this country. Russia
is one of the biggest exporters of wheat but they have had a severe drought which has reduced this year‟s
harvest and threatens the autumn sowing of seeds for next year‟s crop. China is importing more cereal because
their growing affluence has encouraged more meat eating in their diet, and animals have to be fed with cereal
based products. In this country the long winter and dry spring has affected the amount, and therefore the price,
of hay and feed for cattle, sheep and pigs.

It is poorer developing countries whose farming communities suffer poor harvests, whatever is happening at the
international level. So once again our six churches are supporting FARM AFRICA with our Harvest Appeal.
They support farmers in eastern Africa, where 80% of the people living in rural communities rely on the food
they grow and the animals they keep. The donations received by Farm Africa are used for providing training,
tools, seeds and livestock to help people farm their land more effectively. Even at school children learn how to
rear healthy chickens, grow nutritious vegetables and keep crops irrigated when water is scarce. Farm Africa
quote three typical cases:
        In Ethiopia a mother of four struggled to survive with her small plot of land. Now as a member of a
community group set up by Farm Africa, she has two goats and a small breeding business. This has enabled
her to rent more land for growing food which provides more meals for her children, two of whom she can now
afford to send to school.
        In Tanzania Farm Africa have been working to put practical farming skills onto schools‟ curriculum so
that children can share their lessons with family and neighbours in their communities. It is a different world to
ours where at our schools children learn IT computer skills, knowing that there is plenty of food at home and in
the supermarkets.
        In Uganda Farm Africa are introducing a new variety of rice that gives bigger harvests. This allows
farmers to sell the surplus at market and have money for their children‟s education.

This is all very different to “our world” where our children learn such things at IT computer skills, knowing that
there is plenty of food at home and in the supermarkets. But Harvest-time gives us an opportunity, not just to
sing harvest hymns, but also to reflect on food production and to remember those in “our world” who struggle
to survive.

You will all have your own charities that you support; if you wish to join in our Harvest Appeal, either come
along to one of our harvest services with your donation or give it to a church member who will bring it with

With best wishes                                                                                   Keith Hodson

                                  Diary Dates for October
Every Monday to Friday       Oasis Christian Shop in Shifnal open 11 am – 3.00 pm
Every Saturday               Oasis Christian Shop open in Shifnal 11 am to 1 pm
Sunday 3rd    11 am          Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Stockton
Sunday 3      11 am          Badger Bite 6K Race between Badger and Beckbury
Sunday 3rd    11.30 am       Beckbury Village Hall Market in Village Hall
Tuesday 5     10.30 am       2 hour health walk meeting by Beckbury Church
Wednesday 6th 7.30 pm        Beckbury Parish Council meeting in Village Hall
Saturday 9th 10 am           Six Parishes Sponsored 12 mile walk
Sunday 10th 11 am            Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Sutton Maddock
Monday 11th 7.30 pm          Beckbury, Badger & Ryton WI at Worfield School
Tuesday 12th 2 pm            Friendship Club meeting in Beckbury Village Hall
Thursday 14th 7.30 pm        Flicks in the Sticks in Beckbury Village Hall
Thursday 14th 7.30 pm        Pamper Chef evening in Norton Village Hall
Sunday 17th 11 am            Harvest Thanksgiving Service for Beckbury, Badger and Ryton at Beckbury
Tuesday 19th 10.30 am        2 hour health walk meeting by Beckbury Church
Saturday 30th 3 – 5 pm       Halloween children‟s party (0-2 years) in Norton Village Hall
Saturday 30th 7.30 pm        Halloween disco in Norton Village Hall

HARVEST – The Six Parishes Harvest Appeal will again be for Farm Africa, who help communities identify
problems limiting their livelihoods and incomes, and work with them to find solutions. Harvest Thanksgiving
Services are at Stockton on 3rd October; Sutton Maddock on 10th October, and Beckbury on 17th October.
Stockton have their harvest lunch at Norton Village Hall on 3rd October – ticket details from Tina Dalton
730656 and Hilary Blakeley 730205. Sutton Maddock‟s Harvest Lunch is at Sutton Hall Farm – details from
Jacky Butlin. Beckbury, Ryton and Badger join for their Harvest Lunch at Beckbury Village Hall – ticket
details from the church wardens.

OCTOBER SERVICES – The usual service pattern is a little disrupted this month for various reasons. Please
check details on the front page. From November, after the clocks change, there will be no 8.15 am nor 6.30 pm
services through the winter months.
Congratulations to Nerys Elizabeth Pope, daughter of Meyrick and Sarah, baptised at Beckbury Church on 22nd
August 2010.

Congratulations also to Benjamin Michael Allinson, son of Andrew and Lisa, baptised at Beckbury Church on
19th September 2010.

Please pray for them that with help and encouragement they may grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus.

Congratulations to Richard Farrell and Jenny Rowley who were married at Beckbury Church on
21st August 2010.

Also to
Peter Ennis and Laura Adams who were married at Badger Church on 21st August 2010.

And also to
Owen Barton and Katie Taylor who were married at Sutton Maddock Church on 4th September 2010.

                                                     -   3-
Our sympathy is extended to the family of the late Robert Wolstenholm of Sutton, aged 64, whose funeral
service took place on 24th August 2010.

And to the family of the late Agnes Shepherd-Jones of Norton, aged 102, whose funeral service took place on
31st August 2010.

Also to the family of the late Tony Bennett of Norton, aged 82, whose funeral service took place on 9 th
September 2010.

And to the family of the late Lillian Turner of Beckbury, aged 101, whose funeral service took place on 23rd
September 2010.

And also to the family of the late Hilda Rhodes of Higford, aged 102, whose funeral service took place on 25 th
September 2010.

                      AGNES SHEPHERD-JONES 1908-2010
Amazing news! Two ladies living in Stockton Parish were born in the same week and died one hundred and
two years later in the same week during August 2010.

Hilda Rhodes lived in Higford where Agnes Shepherd-Jones also lived for a short time in the early 1950‟s when
working at Crowgreaves Farm for the late Frank Ward. Agnes came to Crowgreaves Farm in 1941 as a
member of the Women‟s Land Army during the Second World War. She stayed on after the war to assist Mr
Ward with his Point-to-Point horses and as his farm secretary. She left this area in 1955 and had various jobs
further afield. She returned in 1976 as companion to Emily Dalton who lived in Norton, where Agnes lived
until her death on 22nd August 2010.

                              HILDA RHODES 1908 – 2010
Hilda Rhodes was born at The Lower Hall, Beckbury in 1908 and her family later moved to Quarry Farm. In
her teens she trained to be a teacher and taught at both Ryton and Beckbury, teaching some of our older
residents. Whilst teaching she met Hector Rhodes whom she later married and they went to live at Higford
Farm with her sister Dorothy Weaver. Hilda‟s daughter Liz was born and they moved again to 9 Higford where
her son Tim was born. She later resumed her teaching career at Cotsbrook Hall School which was a private
boarding school for boys. She remained at No 9 for 65 years until her death on 14th August 2010.

Shoebox Appeal leaflets are now available in all our churches and we do hope you will again support this
appeal which provides gifts for children who are suffering because of war, poverty, natural disaster or disease.
The leaflet explains everything you need to know.
We are working to the deadline of Saturday 13th November. Your shoebox gifts will be much appreciated by
then, or a financial donation, and if you have some spare time to help at the warehouse in late
October/November, please do contact us.

If you live in Kemberton, it might be easier to give your shoebox to Kate Hume or, if you live in Norton, to
Hilary Blakely – by the same date please.                                                     Thank you

Shiona and Alan Ferriday, Old School House, Church Lane, Sutton Maddock.
01952 730313. Ferriday SP@aol.com
                                       FRIENDSHIP CLUB
Twenty nine members left Beckbury in a convoy of cars for our outing to Ironbridge on 14th September. On
arrival we were escorted down to the motor launch “Halfren” for a short cruise up towards Buildwas and our
members were thrilled with the verdant scenery and the sight of glorious kingfishers along the river, it really
was a sight for sore eyes and the sheer number of these exotic birds was a surprise to us all. After our time on
the river we called at a café housed in the Youth Hostel Association building to finish off our afternoon with tea
and cream scones.

Our next meeting is on 12th October at 2 pm in Beckbury Village Hall when we will be playing Bingo. And also
looking at a Christmas Card and wrapping paper display presented by Julie Pleydell.

                            WALK FOR YOUR CHURCH
                           On Saturday 9th October 2010
                      Raise money for one of our six churches

                                     SIX PARISHES
                          SPONSORED WALK AND TREASURE HUNT
                         visit each church - approx 12 miles - at your own pace
                      Beckbury, Badger, Stockton, Sutton Maddock, Kemberton, Ryton
                                  Each church will be open for refreshments
                                          Contact for sponsor forms
                    Badger – David 01746 783517; Beckbury – Rosemary 01952 750268:
                                       Ryton – Caroline 01952 750844;

                                     Saturday 9th October 2010
If you are interested in helping to raise much needed money for Beckbury Church and would like to sponsor
some-one, David and I would be delighted to walk on your behalf. Last year Beckbury raised over £700, and
with your help this year we are hoping to beat this total.
                                                                               Beryl Tooth 01952 750324

Beckbury‟s annual Inter Village Challenge was another roaring success. It was good to see more teams take
part on Saturday, with the trophies for both football and tug of was going to new teams. While the format was
kept the same, more events took place this year and there were lots of things for everyone to do.

The clay pigeon shoot set Sunday off with a bang and the Produce Show further brought out the competitive
spirit. The weekend was nicely rounded off with an auction at The Seven Stars.

We are still waiting for some money to come in, so we don‟t have a total raised yet – but initial reports suggest
we‟ve beaten last year‟s record. If you would like to donate, there‟s still time – please drop off any further
donations with Andy at The Seven Stars, Mick Scriven or Jonathan Field.

I would once again like to thank each and every person who took part in the weekend. I know that the local
causes benefiting appreciate it very much.
                                                                                            Mick Scriven
                     BECKBURY. BADGER AND RYTON WI
                              Meeting held on Monday 13th September 2010

            At our meeting this month we welcomed WI members from Albric and Kemberton
who joined us in looking forward to a Cookery Demonstration by Pauline Greenhough. Pauline proved to be
most entertaining and informative as she prepared and cooked two savoury dishes and two delicious puddings
(one needing no baking), all in the space of just over an hour. Then came the chance to taste these dishes with
our cup of tea and it was agreed by all that the dishes were superb. A vote of thanks was given by Diane
Rawstorne for a most entertaining evening.
The competition for a decorated cup cake was won by Marjorie Lee, 2 nd was Lisa Holt and third was Vera

Our next meeting, entitled Computer Phun, is at Worfield School on 11th October and the competition is “Best
on Night”

                                BECKBURY VILLAGE HALL
A very big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who contributed to our fund-raiser over the last couple of months. It
was really heartening to see how many people appreciate the amenity that the Village Hall represents. The total
runs into several thousand pounds and will certainly give us a breathing space on finances, as well as
accelerating the programme of necessary improvements. Thank you to you all.

The next big item of news is the first of the “Village Markets” to be held in the village hall on Sunday 3rd
October – 11am to 3pm. This is the initiative of Julia Buckley and will, we hope, become a regular feature of
Beckbury village life. It is our intention to have these markets on the first Sunday of each month (except after
Christmas when it will be on the second Sunday), but this depends on two things; firstly that we have a regular
base of stallholders and, secondly, that we have good support from the local area. The first market is receiving
lots of interest and the tables (£5 for a small table, £10 for a large) are going like hot cakes, although you still
have time to reserve one if you are quick. Contact Julia on 750323 or David on 750855. Cosford Grange Farm
is taking a prime spot in the centre and others include Snoggable Garlic, Beez Neez (complete with glass sided
hive). Also stalls with fruit and vegetables, eggs, sauces, soaps, cheese, paintings, jewellery, cuddly toys, hand
made home crafts, bric-a-brac, books etc. Entrance fee is 50p including a cup of tea or coffee!. Our thanks to
Caroline and Andy at The Seven Stars for sponsoring our publicity flyers.

                                             BADGER BITE
The Badger Bite starts at 11 am on Sunday 3rd September. Please turn out and give these runners a big cheer as
they pass (Higford Lane would be a good vantage point). If you miss the race why not call in at the Seven Stars
and join the runners in a celebration drink at 12.30pm.

On Saturday 13th November at 7.30pm a concert by TEMPONILLA, a talented choral group, will be held in
Badger Church.
Tickets £10.00 each to include luxury refreshments are available from Kate Miles 01746 783636; Pat Godbert
01746 783255; David Nixon 01746 783517.
All proceeds will go to the Andy Miles Centre to build a kayak centre on the Severn for all youth groups.

Please support this important cause and book early to avoid disappointment.

The annual Produce Show was held on 12th September 2010. There was a good turnout of entries and visitors,
and the weather was kind. The winners were:
Onions:                     John Shorthouse           Leeks:               Trevor Onions
Carrots :                   Barry Truss               Runner Beans:        Philip Jones
Parsnips:                   Will Hurford              Marrows:             Jane Gearing
Tomatoes:                   Jane Gearing              Funniest Vegetable: John Shorthouse
Overall Vegetables:         Jane Gearing              Box of Vegetables: Trevor Onions
Jams and Preserves:         Linda Round               Flower Arrangements: Jane Gearing
Pastries:                   Barry Truss               Cakes:               Linda Round
Home Made Wine:             Jane Gearing              Children‟s Display: Massie Kinsey

It‟s time to:
Lift and store carrots;                              Prune out fruited blackberry stems and tie in new ones;
Save bean seeds;                                     Pick ripe apples and store in fruit crates;
Dig up strawberry runners and pot them on;           Scrub off greenhouse shading paint;
Pot up herbs to bring under cover for winter use;    Apply an autumn lawn food;
Collect leaves as they fall to make leaf-mould;      Leave out sunflower seed heads for birds to feed on;
Raise the cutting height of the lawnmower;           Lift dahlia tubers or protect those left in the ground;
Plant daffodils and crocus in pots;                  Listen out for weather forecasts of early frosts;

Happy Gardening!                                                                                   Linda Round

                                    FLICKS IN THE STICKS
The Ghost (Cert15) Thursday 14th October at 7.30pm
The critics say Roman Polanski‟s latest is a confident, suspenseful thriller with a touch of Hitchcock.
According to some, The Ghost is also the director‟s best film for a number of years.
When a successful British ghostwriter, „The Ghost‟, agrees to complete the memoirs of former British Prime
Minister Adam Lang (any similarities to Tony Blair are purely coincidental!), his agent assures him it‟s the
opportunity of a lifetime. But the project seems doomed from the start – not least because his predecessor on
the project, Lang‟s long-term aide, died in an unfortunate accident.

Resonating with topical themes, this atmospheric and suspenseful policital thriller is a story of deceit and
betrayal on every level – sexual, political and literary. In a world in which nothing, and no one, is as it seems,
The Ghost quickly discovers that the past can be deadly – and that history is decided by whoever stays alive to
write it. To summarise, a modern day Hitchcock thriller that has full-bodied characters, a tight plot and a
wonderfully ironic ending.
                                                                                         David Edwards 750855

              Cheb Jones, Michelle, Malcolm Junior and their families would like to say thank you
           all so much for the cards, messages and condolences received whenMalcolm passed away.
                 Thank you also to all of you who attended Malcolm‟s funeral. It meant so much
                              to all of us to know how much you all though of him.

           The collection raised was £582.00 and has been shared between The Heart and Lung Unit,
                             New Cross Hospital and The British Heart Foundation.

                        BRIDGNORTH HOSPITAL THEATRE
Shropshire County Primary Care Trust (PCT) has announced that Bridgnorth Hospital theatre will reopen, after
agreeing the business case to provide funding for its refurbishment.
The PCT‟s funding will come together with a donation of £250,000 from the Bridgnorth Hospital League of
Friends, combining to make a total investment of half a million pounds covering both hi-tech medical
equipment and building work to bring the day surgery and diagnostic unit up to modern, safe standards.

                            2010 NATIONAL ROAD RALLY
In our pile of post waiting for us on return from holiday, was a letter from the Chief Marshal of the National
Road Rally congratulating „St Mary‟s Angels‟ at Sutton Maddock on achieving the „Best Control Award‟. You
may recall our article in the last newsletter, reporting on this year‟s event at the beginning of July, being the
best ever, and we are delighted that the riders have once again voted us the best control, with Wisbech second
On behalf of the National Road Rally Committee, the Chief Marshal thanked all the team for our help with this
year‟s event. Look out for our photos on the rally webside; www.nationalroadrally.co.uk
Shiona and Alan Ferriday

A demonstration by The Pamper Chef, providing you with an opportunity to try, view and purchase this
fantastic range of high quality kitchen and table ware on Thursday 14th October at 7.30pm at Norton Village
Hall. Tickets £2.50 to include light supper from Beck Bagnall on 730397.
Proceeds from the evening donated to Breast Cancer UK and Stockton Church.

A day of spooky goings on for all with a children‟s afternoon party and a family evening Disco.
Saturday 30th October in Norton Village Hall
3pm – 5pm Children’s Party (for 0-11 yrs). Activities to include apple bobbing, fancy dress competition,
best carved pumpkin, bat and spider decorating, followed by The Animal Man, an hour‟s display of all things
creepy and crawly. Tickets £1.00, to book call Kathryn Ward on 730823 by 25 th October. All children must be
supervised; this is not a drop and leave your children event.
7.30pm to 12pm Halloween Disco. Do the Monster Mash in your fancy dress all night, supper included, grand
raffle, some games and a fancy dress competition, all for only £2.00 (children under 14 free), pay on the night.

                                  ENERGY SAVING PLUGS
Last month readers were advised about an energy saving initiative by British Gas, aimed at priority groups, in
the form of a plug which, when programmed to your remote control, will switch off your television rather than
leaving it on standby, thereby saving energy and money. These plugs are now available to everyone – free of
charge- limited to one per household. The plugs would normally retail at £19.99. If you would like to receive a
plug, please contact me on 750855 – or pop in to Church View House, 50 Beckbury, or come and see me at
Beckbury Village Hall Market on Sunday 3rd October, when I will have a supply available.
                                                                                                 Ewa Edwards

                               This month’s newsletter is sponsored by
                                      John and Sue Whitham


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