What Characters Won't Benefit From The DC Comics

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					What Characters Won't Benefit From The DC Comics Reboot?

As I mentioned yesterday, the DC comics reboot is creating a large buzz in the comics industry right now.
With 52 titles hitting stores next month, DC is going full out in their attempts to bring in new readers.
The relaunch will surely benefit characters such as Superman and Green Arrow, who have long needed
an overhaul. However, there are sure to be some characters that don't benefit from the relaunch, and
just who do I think they will be?

1) Damian Wayne (Robin)

The Batman and Robin series is one of the lucky few titles able to escape total relaunch. Instead, the title
will be given a sense of restricted continuity, where old readers will be able to follow the new books
fine, whilst the revamped title will also serve as an entry point for new readers. With Bruce Wayne back
as Batman, he is set to battle evil alongside his son Damian. Having Damian as Robin in the relaunch
might not be DC's greatest idea. For many readers, Damian is a marmite character. Some say he's a bad
ass assassin who adds a whole new dynamic on the Robin character, whilst others say he's nothing more
than a bratty ten-year old. I enjoyed his dynamic with Dick Grayson as Batman, but with Bruce back as
The Caped Crusader, it's definitely going to have a father/son theme, and unlike the interesting reverse
dynamic between Dick and Damian, it's fairly easy to see where Damian and Bruce's relationship is
heading. Only time will tell if Damian gains more or less popularity after the reboot.

2) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

The Green Lantern books are in no danger. Writer Geoff Johns constantly delivers one of the best comic
book series on the shelves. Older fans aren't going anywhere, now that fan-favourite Sinestro is back in
the picture. The only problem is, Hal probably isn't going to benefit from the reboot at all. The likely
hood is any potential new readers for Green Lantern would have already seen this year's disastrous
movie on the character. Whilst I'll admit, the Green Lantern movie did not do justice for such a great
character, but it's likely left a stink in any one's mouths looking to know more about Hal and Corps.
Some say movies don't really influence comic book sales massively, but I have a feeling the Green
Lantern series won't benefit from a massive influx of new readers.

3) BatGirl (Barbara Gordon)

Barbara Gordon is back as BatGirl in a series that see's her facing old secrets and new villains. Regarded
by many as the definitive BatGirl, the decision is to put her back in the role has likely pleased many fans.
I personally feel it's a shame we won't be seeing her as her wheel chair bound Oracle character
anymore. I mean this in the sense that, Barbara represented a minority that rarely gets any treatment in
comics. Her story of coming from being shot by the Joker, to becoming one of Batman's most valuable
allies, giving him crucial support from the Bat-Cave was a welcome break. Having Barbara back fighting
crime (no matter how DC explain her recovery) seems a little cheap, and it's personally thrown away any
interest I had in her character. The new Batwoman series starring Kate Kane looks far more appealing,
and it's a horror/espionage tale that will likely make Kate the preferred female Bat character on the
So there you have it. These are the top three characters I feel won't benefit from the DC comics reboot.
Their books won't crash and burn by any means, but with such high expectations on the first two I
mentioned, if new readers didn't flock in, I wouldn't be surprised to see another shake-up in the future.

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