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					                                                  B. P. O. Elks
Ask your local golf course to participate in
                 the program
 Enlist the aid of the course “Golf Pro” to
       instruct and show off their skill
  Invite the family to become involved &
                                                     Golf                      Junior
      enjoy their son or daughter’s fun
                       *                           Program
      Offer group or individual lessons
        Hold or sponsor Golf Camps             *******************
Hold “inside” clinics at your lodge (Videos,
   instructions, & practice putting cups)         Building a Junior Golf
      Present rewards for participation
                                                   Program in your lodge
           (caps, tee shirts, etc…)            provides an excellent chance
                       *                       to reach area youth through
Hold “Awards Presentations” at your lodge
           with the families invited
                                                     fun, teaching, and
                       *                               participation.
    Remember to publicize ALL events
     Check the web site            Golf is not a “contact” sport
     for possible help and more ideas.          involving injuries but is a
                                                  lifetime sport that can
                                                 involve the entire family.
     For Elks program help
         or information,
 Visit, select “Youth
Activities” on the left, select “GL Youth               Sponsored by
 Activities Committee”, select “Roster”
 at the top, and contact your GLYAC                  Grand Lodge
           committee member
                                               Youth Activities Committee
              B.P.O.E                                                               2007 P.G.A. “Sections”
                                                                                     Details & information on
                                                                                  Aloha              North Florida
                                          Talk to your local golf course
                                                                                  Carolinas          Northeast New York
                                          about helping sponsor events that       Central New York   Northern California
                                          will bring future golfers, and
         Junior Golf                      money, back to their facility.
                                                                                                     Northern Ohio
                                                                                                     Northern Texas

          Program                         Prepare a brochure about your
                                                                                                     Pacific Northwest
       --------------------------------   activities and ask area businesses      Georgia            Rocky Mountain
Our youth are our future and today        to buy ad space (in the brochure        Gulf States        South Central
is the perfect time, and an excellent     or on banners) or to sponsor a          Illinois           South Florida

opportunity, for us to reach those        child in the program.
                                                                                  Indiana            Southern California

youth through a fun program that                                                  Iowa               Southern Ohio
                                                                                  Kentucky           Southern Texas
will last a lifetime. We urge all         Competition will quickly expose         Metropolitan NY    Southwest
Lodges to participate in promoting        the need for tournaments on a           Michigan           Sun Country
the Junior Golf Program that utilizes     local, district, and state level.       Middle Atlantic    Tennessee
a fast growing sport, that can            While the youth are golfing, you        Midwest            Tri-State
involve participation by the entire       can be talking to parents about the     Minnesota          Utah
family.                                   benefits of Elkdom.                     Nebraska           Western New York
                                                                                  New England        Wisconsin
                                                                                  New Jersey
                                          The      golf    camps,     clinics,
                                          instructional sessions, as well as       The above web site has very
                                          practice on the putting green &          helpful information and offers
Start your program by asking              driving range, will also give you           links to other web sites
someone in your lodge who enjoys          one-on-one time to talk to these             promoting Junior Golf.
the sport to become chairman of           kids about the dangers of drug         ****************************************
the committee. From that point on,        abuse.                                 More information, and grant money,
all efforts can be coordinated to
                                                                                   are available at
make the best impact on youth and
                                                                                            (719) 471-4810
their families in your area.

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