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									                                     JRC NEWS
                                                                                                               Winter 2008
  The Jesuit Retreat Center
        of Los Altos                                                                                           Vol. 84 No. 1

                                            A Word from the Wise
     On November 8, a new Jesuit Retreat Center
Advisory Board had its initial meeting. The eighteen
members, women and men rooted in the Ignatian
spiritual tradition and in the life of the Retreat Center,
bring to the service of the JRC wide professional
experience. The Board will assist Fr. Tom Carroll with
the development of the Retreat Center and its ministry.
     The Advisory Board resumes an early Retreat
Center tradition. The founding of El Retiro in 1925 was
inspired by the Laymen’s Retreat League then active
in the Bay Area. Having the League’s encouragement
and support, the Jesuits made their commitment to the
ministry of the Spiritual Exercises here. The League
Board played an integral role in the Retreat Center                 Second Row: Fr. Mario Prietto, S.J., Susan Accornero, Fr. Lawrence
                                                                    Percell, William Meehan III, Michael Romo, Marx Cazenave II,
through the first decades of its history.                           Michael Karns, Bro. Thomas Koller, S.J. (Executive Secretary)
     Over recent decades, the retreat and training                  First Row: Walter Bankovich (Chair), Sr. Anne Hennessy, C.S.J.,
offerings of the JRC have become more varied and our                Fr. Thomas Carroll, S.J., Jennie Go, Loretta Fennell, Cristine
constituency more diverse. Given the new opportunities              Goodman (Recording Secretary)
                                                                    Missing from photo: Mark Scott Collins, Paul Filice, Albert “Bert”
at this point, Fr. Carroll and Fr. John McGarry, S.J.,              Keane, Martin P. “Pete” Murphy, Fr. Chi Ngo, S.J.
Provincial, want to engage again the collaboration of
an Advisory Board. The wisdom of our friends on the                     We are grateful to these women and men of the
Board will expand our vision and creativity as we plan              Retreat Center family for their generous willingness to
toward the future of the JRC.                                       serve on the Advisory Board.

                                            Counting on the Spirit
    “I feel blessed to work here,” says Patty Subick.               parish, St. Simon’s in Los Altos, serving four years as
The newest addition to the JRC Operations Staff, Patty              administrative assistant and caring for finances.
                          stepped into the position                     St. Simon’s continues to benefit from Patty’s
                          of bookkeeper in October,                 active engagement. She participates in their music
                          2007. She brings a wealth                 ministry (singing soprano in the choir) and volunteers
                          of experience in accounting,              her assistance in a number of parish ministries and
                          developed in the secular                  activities. A San Bernardino native, Patty has been in
                          world and in her work for                 Northern California since she was 22. She shares
                          the Church.                               her Sunnyvale residence with her daughter Christine
                              Patty enjoyed 17 years                (also a soprano in the choir) who works for a local
                          at Northrup Grumman.                      biotech firm.
                          As a senior administrator                     Patty enjoys the sacred ambience of the JRC, which
       Patty Subick
                          with that firm, she was                   she finds sets her efforts for the Retreat Center in the
responsible for payroll. She next took her skills into her          context of gratitude and praise.

Winter 2008                                                  JRC News                                                                1
                The Mustard Seed                                                  St. Joseph’s Corner
    An update on JRC financial development                                             From a variety of projects addressed since the
                                                                                  last JRC News, a few highlights:
      “The mustard seed the smallest of all, yet when full-grown it is
    “The mustard seed is is the smallest of all, yet when full-grown it                Rossi Chapel has a new look. The sanctuary is
      is the largest of plants, becoming so big a shrub the the birds of
    the largest of plants, becoming so big a shrub thatthat birds of the          edged in contrasting carpet, similar to the burgundy
      the sky come and their their nests branches.” Mt 13:32
    sky come and build build nests in thein the branches.” Mt 13:32
                                                                                  of the chairs, to make the step more evident.
      Annual Appeal: We have received $99,284                                     The addition of spots on altar and ambo and of
      in response to the 2007 Annual Appeal, in the                               twelve new floods on the assembly—and, perhaps
      categories listed below.                                                    more importantly, on their (now larger-print) song
      Loyola Elevator Project:         $21,476.00                                 books—has shed new light on our liturgy.
      General Fund:                    $58,998.00                                      Work at the south porch of Loyola continues.
      Scholarship:                      $7,925.00                                 The porch is again level and safe. Our crew has re-
      Endowment:                          $335.00                                 aligned the porch roof and re-attached it to Loyola,
      Otherwise Specified:             $10,550.00                                 replacing the original nails with quite substantial
                                                                                  bolts. Next, they will install new retaining walls,
      Bequests: Since the last issue of the JRC News,
                                                                                  with French drains, preparing a gracious new
      we have received from the estate of Aidan A.
                                                                                  entrance to the offices of the Jesuit Institute for
      Shea, $5,000; from the Arthur J. Mott Trust,
                                                                                  Family Life, just below the porch.
      $37,111.90; and from the Betty Morgan Johnson
                                                                                       Work on the walk leading up to the dining room
      Trust, $29,840.51.
                                                                                  entrance to Pereira has been put off, as the sinking
      Grants: In January we received a gift of $2,000                             of the walk is related to the lack of drainage in
      from The Filippi Foundation towards scholarships                            the central courtyard. Another effect of that lack is
      for our retreats in Spanish and $2,500 from                                 occasional basement flooding (yes, the water comes
      The Geschke Foundation, an advised fund of                                  right through the concrete walls) in Pereira and
      Silicon Valley Community Foundation for general                             Loyola. A drainage project will soon be in the works.
      operating expenses.

      Gifts: Since August 2007, friends of the JRC have                                  Take a Chance on the JRC
      given $6,000 for benches, $3,540 for Scholarships,                              We will hold our 26th Annual Drawing on
      $10,950 for the Pierre Favre Program, $8,160 in                             Sunday, April 20, 2008. Following long tradition,
      other specified donations, $7,430 with their All                            we will offer a first prize of $10,000, a second
      Souls remembrances, and $76,244.01 in other                                 prize of $3,000, and a third prize of $1,500.
      general donations. The Jesuit Community of the                                  500 raffle tickets only are available at $100
      JRC donated $191,144.74.                                                    each. Please place your order using the envelope
      Estate Planning: Steve Welch, Certified Financial                           enclosed in this issue of the JRC News. We are
      Planner and JRC benefactor, can consult with                                grateful for your support of the Retreat Center.
      our friends who are interested in discussing their
      charitable goals. Tax laws offer opportunity
      for wealth protection and advantageous estate
      transfer. In concert with your tax adviser and estate
      planning attorney, Steve can help you identify what
      you might achieve by including the Jesuit Retreat
      Center in your family’s estate plan. You may talk
      with Steve confidentially and without obligation at
      Our generous benefactors are remembered daily and
      gratefully in our Masses and prayers.                                        Father Jim Hanley gives the First Prize winning ticket for the
                                                                                              2007 drawing to Father Tom Carroll.

2                                                                      JRC News                                                          Winter 2008
                                                    Upcoming Retreats

2/29-3/2         Zacchaeus, Come Down! Lazarus,                         5/14           The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me
                 Come Out!                                                             Pentecost Day of Prayer
                 Silent Retreat for Knights of Columbus                                ~ Rev. Jerry Hudson, S.J.
                 ~ Rev. Kevin Ballard, S.J.
                                                                        5/16-18        The Christian Vocation in the Business
3/7-9            Raising the Bar                                                       Environment
                 Silent Retreat for the Legal Profession                               Silent Retreat for Business Professionals
                 ~ JRC Fathers, Women Religious &                                      ~ Rev. Dennis Parnell, S.J.
                   Justice, Court of Appeal (Ret.) J. Parrilli
                                                                        5/23-25        A Journey Through Grief to Healing
3/14-16          Discernment in the Tradition of                                       Non-Silent Retreat for Men and Women
                 Ignatius Loyola                                                       ~ Rev. Joseph Fice, S.J.
                 Silent Retreat for Men
                 ~ Rev. Julio Giulietti, S.J.                           5/30-6/1       The Gift of Awareness
                                                                                       12-Step Retreat in the Language of Al-Anon
3/20-23          What Were They Thinking?                                              ~ Rev. Patrick Mullin, C.M.
                 Silent Retreat for Triduum
                 ~ The JRC Fathers & Women Religious                    6/4            Preparation for Summer
                                                                                       Healing Service
3/28-30          Los Caminos Del Peregrino                                             ~ Rev. Bernard Bush, S.J.
                 Ejercicios Espirituales en Español
                 ~ Rev. Anastacio “Tacho” Rivera, S.J.                  6/6-8          The Four-Part Journey — the Spiritual
4/9              The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of Israel                            Silent Retreat for Men and Women
                 Bible Day of Prayer                                                   ~ Rev. Jerry Hudson, S.J.
                 ~ Rev. Joseph Fice, S.J.
                                                                        6/13-15        One Day at a Time, but Are the Days
4/11-13          Walking on the Water                                                  too Long?
                 A Non-Silent Retreat By and For                                       Recovery Retreat for Men and Women
                 Young Adults, ages 20-40                                              ~ Rev. Tom Weston, S.J.
                 ~ A Team of Young Adults, Mary Jansen
                   & Rev. Tom Carroll, S.J.                             6/22-7/29      Ignatian 36-Day Retreat Program
                                                                                       Silent Retreat for Men and Women
4/25-27          My Soul Magnifies the Lord!                                           ~ Rev. Bob Fabing, S.J., & Guest Directors
                 Non-Silent Retreat for Women
                 ~ Sr. Ursula Bomholt, O.P., &                          6/26-7/5       Ignatian 8-Day Retreat
                   Rev. Joseph Fice, S.J.                                              Silent Retreat for Men and Women
                                                                                       ~ Rev. Joseph Fice, S.J., & Guest Directors
5/2-4            Zacchaeus, Come Down! Lazarus,
                 Come Out!                                              7/6-15         Ignatian 8-Day Retreat
                 Silent Retreat for Men                                                Silent Retreat for Men and Women
                 ~ Rev. Kevin Ballard, S.J.                                            ~ Rev. Joseph Fice, S.J., & Guest Directors

5/9-11           Growing in Relationship With God                       7/16-25        Ignatian 8-Day Retreat
                 and One Another                                                       Silent Retreat for Men and Women
                 Non-Silent Retreat for Mothers & Daughters                            ~ Rev. Joseph Fice, S.J., & Guest Directors
                 ~ Rev. James Hanley, S.J., E. Preciado,
                   L. Sebastian & daughters

         For more information about these retreats and for a full listing of the Spring 2008 Jesuit Retreat Center schedule,
                                        please visit our website at www.jrclosaltos.org

Winter 2008                                                      JRC News                                                            3
    Dear Retreatants and                                                                                         y to be
                                                                                     Center. We are happ
                                                       es  sings for the Retreat
                           ar filled with God’s bl                                                   tics, on the year.
    2007 has been a ye                                                      ons, and some statis
                            u in this Annu    al Report some reflecti                                           ar 2007.
    able to share with yo                                                             ring the calendar ye
                                                       fts  we have received du
                            List will record the gi
    As usual, the Donor                                                       ed on June 30, 2007
                             ll reflect the fis cal year which conclud
     The other statistics wi                                                                                          God
                                                                                         ople seeking to know
                                                             dr aw a spectrum of pe
                                y retreats continue to                                                         ain, high
     Weekend and weekda                                                            authenticity. Once ag
                             live their Christian    discipleship in greater                                         d two
      more deeply and to                                                                  the future! We hoste
                                                            ns ituency—the hope of
                                ted for our largest co                                                      d a second
      school retreats accoun                                                    r first for women, an
                                 ss in 2007, our     third for men and ou                                             selves
      retreats for the homele                                                            good futures for them
                                                           im  agine and to choose
                                g the participants to                                                            ople and
       for homeboys. Helpin                                                          year, prepares lay pe
                                Pierre Favre Prog     ram, now in its second                                             tal
       is a great grace. The                                                                ercises, the fundamen
                                                           ld)  to give the Spiritual Ex
                                ty participants, all to
        Jesuits together (twen
        Ignatian experience.
                                                                                                          r his second
                                                                              m just after Easter, fo
                                 Kevin Ballard    to join our retreat tea                                             an
         The Province sent Fr.                                                            rously invests its hum
                                                              t the Province so gene
                                C. We are grateful tha                                                  l, as well, for the
         tour of duty at the JR                                              here. We are gratefu
                                   s in the min  istry of the Exercises                                             of this
         and financial resource                                                         ced on the first page
                                   bers of our new Ad        visor y Board, introdu
          generosity of the mem                                              e for the benefit of the
                                 aring their wi   sdom and experienc
          issue, who will be sh                                                                                        re, just
                                                                                           ent of the ministry he
                                                              se ntial to the developm
                                   nefactors remains es                                                            of many of
           The support of our be                                                     ired by the enthusiasm
                                    stained us since     1925. I am most insp                                            Many
           as that support has su                                                          experiences to others.
                                                                 ty to share in retreat
                                    tending the opportuni                                                      cess because
           our benefactors for ex                                                  treat do have such ac
                                    not have access      to the blessings of re
            who might otherwise
          of your generosity.                                                                       on behalf
                                                                             treat Center staff and
                                 r benefactors, on   behalf of the Jesuit Re                               ains
          Again, I thank you, ou                                                    well, our Retreat Capt
                                                          ur kindness. I thank, as
                                ts who benefit from yo                                                ry. You
          of our many retreatan                                                y phases of our minist
                                 teers for their esse ntial assistance in man                             noon
          and our team of volun                                                      ch Wednesday after
                                                         pray er, particularly in ea
                               and cherished here in
          are all remembered
                                  All God’s blessings!
           Mass in Rossi Chapel.
            Sincerely yours in Ch

                                       ll, S.J.
             Rev. Thomas J. Carro
             Executive Director

4                                                               JRC News                                                          Winter 2008
                                                                         Annual Report

                                                                                                                                    The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los
      Retreats                             $1,147,611.25                                                                            Altos and the Jesuit community
                                                                                               Other Income                         of the Jesuit Retreat Center
      Bequests                                529,622.80                Investment
                                                                          Income                                                    are a single 501c3 non-profit
      Individual Gifts                        440,113.891                                                                           corporation. The financial
                                                                                                                                    information recorded here
      Foundation Grants                       312,860.50                                                                            abstracts from the 2006-2007
      Investment Income                       358,000.962           Grants                                                          financial review to provide a
                                                                                                                                    look specifically at the finances
      Other Income                            188,092.06                                                                            of the Retreat Center.
      Total                                $2,976,401.46                                                                            Footnotes
                                                                                                                                        These individual gifts include
                                                                      & Taxes                     Bequests                              contributions from a number
                                                                                                                                        of Jesuit sources, of which
                                                                                                                                        $191,144.74 was given
                                                          Plant,                                                                        by the Jesuit Community of
                                                           Maintenance                                        Salaries                  the Jesuit Retreat Center of
                                                                               Insurance                                                Los Altos. (Salaries have
      Salaries                                       Administration
                                           $1,471,212.993                      & Taxes
                                                                                                                                        long been established for
      Program Expenses                        455,297.58                                                                                the members of the Jesuit
ats                                                                   Plant,                                                            Community on staff at
      Depreciation                            304,975.00
                                                           Depreciation                                                  Salaries       the Retreat Center, now
      Administration                          293,536.94                                                                                numbering seven. These
                                                                Administration          Program                                         salaries totaled $357,228.00
      Plant, Maintenance                      230,368.22                                Expenses
                                                                                                                                        in fiscal 2006/07. Through
      Insurance & Taxes                       221,010.73                                                                                            2000
                                                                                                                                        the kindness of the Provincial
                                                                                                                                        Superior of the California
      Total                                $2,976,401.46            Depreciation
                                                                                                                                        Province of1500Society of

                                                                                                  Program                               Jesus, the Jesuit Community
                                                                                                  Expenses                              has been allowed to donate
                                                                                                                                        back to the Retreat Center
                                                                                                                                        each year the bulk of its
                              Our Retreats & Hosted Programs                                                                                          500
                                                                                                                                        surplus income. Jesuit
                                                                                                                                        Community payments to
                2500                                                                                                                    the Retreat Center, for rent,
                                                                                                                                        meals, and other Community Our       H
                2000                                                                                                                                             in the
                                                                                                                                        expenses, are included Retreats
                                                                                                                                        summary above.)
                1500                                                                                                                2
                                                                                                                                        Forestry work over the

                           2500                                                                                                         course of the fiscal year,
                                                                                                                                        involving an asset transfer
                           2000                                                                                                         of $255,505.00 from the
                                                                                                                                        endowment, was capitalized
                 500                                                                                                                    as an improvement to the

                     0                                                                                                              3
                                                                                                                                        The Retreat Center’s full-time
                           1000 Our               High School       Other Religious        Other Non -Profit                            staff includes seven Jesuits
                                Retreats           Retreats            Groups                  Groups                                   and 28 lay people. Regular
                            500                                                                                                         on-call staff occasionally
                            Description                                                             Persons
                                                                                                                                        assists in housekeeping and
                           Our Retreats
                             0                                                                     1,894                                food services.
                                       Our              High School         Other Religious       Other Non -Profit                 4
                                                                                                                                        Most of our guests stay for
                           High SchoolRetreats                                 Groups              2,378
                                                         Retreats                                                                       two days or more, some as
                           Other Religious Groups                                                  1,665                                many as 36 days.
                           Other Non-Profit Groups                                                  1,237
                           Total                                                                    7,1744

      Winter 2008                                                                   JRC News                                                                             5
                                            In Thanks to Our Donors
St. Ignatius Loyola Club                    Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fennell                       Dr. Eugene E. Bleck
Anonymous                                   The Filippi Foundation                       Mr. & Mrs. Giulio P. Boeri
The California Province                     Mr. & Mrs. John Finnegan                     Mr. William E. Britt
  of the Society of Jesus                   Anonymous                                    Mr. Victor L. Burner
Anonymous                                   Mrs. Mary C. Gallo                           Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Carlson
The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation     Anonymous                                    Ms. Catherine E. Carroll
Anonymous                                   The Geschke Foundation, an advised fund      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carroll
The Jesuit Community at                        of Silicon Valley Community Foundation    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chinchiolo
  The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos    Mr. & Mrs. John Ghiselli                     Dr. Mary V. Clemency
The Betty Morgan Johnson Trust              Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Gibson                     Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Deatsch
The Marini Family Trust                     Mr. & Mrs. John W. Glynn, Jr.                Mr. John F. Etcheverry
The Arthur J. Mott Trust                    Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Go                         Mr. Louis P. Etcheverry
The Robert and Helen Odell Fund             Mrs. Cristine Goodman                        Mrs. Hulda Eylders
The Late John & Mildred Prusky, through     Mr. & Mrs. James E. Graber                   Ms. Stephanie Flaharty
  the Prusky Family Living Trust            Ms. Judith A. Grassilli                      Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Gennaro
                                            Mrs. Louise B. Helleck                       Mr. & Mrs. Gene C. Giannotti
St. Francis Xavier Club                     Richard F. Hoedt, D.D.S.                     Mr. John Hagar
Mrs. Anne Anderson                          Mr. & Mrs. Don Imwalle                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hall
Anonymous                                   The Jesuit Community at                      Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Hanley
Mr. Marx L. Cazenave ll                        Loyola Marymount University               Ms. Josephine G. Hardin
Mr. Thomas F. Coyne                         The Jesuit Community                         Msgr. John Hyland
Mr. Stephen D. Crane                           at the University of San Francisco        Mr. John M. Jurica
Christine B. Evans, R.N.                    Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jones                      Mrs. Jane King
Mr. Robert R. Granucci                      Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, in honor of   Mrs. Joan Kuczma
The Jesuit Community at Santa Clara            Frank J. Crosson, M.D.                    Mr. Ernest Lascola
  University                                Komes Foundation                             Mr. John V. Lowney
The Jay McEvoy Trust                        Ms. Ann T. McElwain                          The Late Eugene V. Luttrell &
William F. Meehan III, through the Schwab   Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGaraghan                    Mrs. Anily Luttrell
  Charitable Fund                           Dr. & Mrs. John R. McNeel                    Mr. Joe Marchetti
Mr. & Mrs. Martin (Pete) Murphy             Mr. Kevin McWeeney                           Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Nann                  Mr. Robert F. Miller                         Fr. Brendan McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Pileri                   Ms. Barbara J. Nelson                        Mrs. Valerie C. Meehan
Mr. Emmet J. Purcell                        Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Nunes                   Mr. W. J. Nicholson
Anonymous                                   Mr. Barry O’Sullivan                         Mr. William E. O’Brien
The Late Aidan A. Shea                      Fr. Paul E. Perry                            Ms. Kerry A. Odell
Mrs. Elizabeth Treadwell                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Peters                  Mr. Ciaran O’Donnell
                                            Anonymous                                    Dr. Kyung Sook Park
St. Joseph Club
                                            Ms. J. Evangelina Preciado                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Patten
Ms. Phyllis Annett
                                            Anonymous                                    Mr. & Mrs. Stan Poncetta
                                            Mr. Michael D. Schneickert                   Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Ravizza
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Baumel
                                            Mrs. Joanne Schott                           Mr. William M. Reardon
Dr. & Mrs. Denis Baylor
                                            Mr. C. Michael Smith                         Mr. Donald G. Riley
Mrs. Rooney Blach
                                            Ms. Antonia Tu                               Ms. Kathryn E. Ringgold
The Late Michael J. & Marie Bowler,
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Veuve                  Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Robinson
   through The Bowler Charitable
                                            Anonymous                                    Ms. Eun Row
   Remainder Trust
                                            Mrs. Elaine J. Walsh                         Dr. & Mrs. Melvin F. Russi
Mr. Angus Brunner
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Wang                      Mrs. Gretchen Schmeeckle
Mr. & Mrs. Terrell A. Cole
                                            Mr. & Mrs. G. M. Watters                     Ms. Teresa Shin
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Collier
                                            Ms. Margaret A. Williams                     Mr. & Mrs. Gail B. Siri
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Scott Collins
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Paul Yee                          Mr. Creed D. Smith
Mr. William G. De Mers
                                                                                         Mr. Peter T. Sommer
Ms. Joan M. Dematteis                       El Retiro Club                               Mr. & Mrs. Don Specht
The Diocese of San José                     Ms. Sanie Agcaoili                           Lt. Col. & Mrs. Joachim J. Speciale
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Doyle                     Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Angelo                   Mrs. Lyn C. Isbell
6                                                            JRC News                                                    Winter 2008
                                  In Thanks to Our Donors
Ms. Bernadette C. Troyan          Dr. & Mrs. Carl J. Johnson                   Mr. Arthur Velardo, Sr.
John A. Vaillancourt, M.D.        Anonymous                                    Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Walsh, Jr.
Ms. Jean M. Vandevort             Knights of Columbus,                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Weseloh
Ms. Susan Votaw                      California State Council                  Ms. Catherine Wolff
Mr. Charles A. Wagner             Ms. Kim Kubal
Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Wall, Sr.    Mr. Mario J. Lee                             Montserrat Club
Ms. Helen Higgins Weingart        Mrs. Susan Lewis                             Mrs. Sang Soon Absher
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Welch          Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lozowicki                  Mr. & Mrs. Giulio Accornero
Dr. Harry G. Whelan               Mr. Charles D. Ludlum                        Mr. Gregory G. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wilcock           Ms. Cristina I. Mack                         Ms. Luz Alcaraz
Mrs. Anne T. Young                Anonymous                                    The Late William G. Aldrich
                                  Russell J. Marino, Ph.D.                     Msgr. Marc R. Alexander, S.T.D.
Manresa Club                      Ms. Mary Jane McConville                     Mr. Raymond J. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Almon       Mr. & Mrs. William E. McDonnell              Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ambrose
Mrs. Rachel E. Alvelais           Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm McHenry                   Ms. Joan Lee Andel
Mr. James B. Arbios               The Honorable & Mrs. John S. McInerny        Mr. Doug M. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. John Archer            Ms. Ailene E. McManus                        Mr. John Anderson
Fr. John K. Bain                  Mr. & Mrs. John Medulan                      Ms. Sherry Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Ball        Mr. Donald S. Miles                          Sr. Armida Andrade, M.F.P.
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Bankovitch   Fr. Robert Moran                             Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ang
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Border       The Honorable &                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Anspach
Anonymous                            Mrs. Joseph P. Murphy, Jr.                Mr. Philip J. Arendt
Mr. & Mrs. John Burdoin           Ms. Julia P. Nord                            Ms. Valerie J. Armento
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Campany          Mr. & Mrs. Louis O. Normandin                Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Arnoldy
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Capodanno    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Olsen                     Ms. Rosemary D. Bacy
Mr. Thomas X. Christian           Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Ortiz                  The Honorable Patricia
Robert M. Cody, M.D.              Mr. Bruno P. Pardini                            Bamattre-Manoukian
Ms. Catherine Collins             Fr. Rick C. Parker                           Ms. Maria Gabriela Barreto
Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Colombo         Joanne C. Parrilli, Justice,                 Ms. Linda L. Batton
Mr. Alan A. Cukla                    Court of Appeal (Ret.)                    Mr. Jeff Baumsteiger
Mr. John L. Cunnie                Fr. Larry Percell                            Mr. Richard Baumsteiger
Fr. Frederick Cwiekowski, S.S.    Mrs. Virginia W. Perkins                     John Beare, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Dino De Ranieri        Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Racchi                    Mr. William R. Becker
Dr. & Mrs. André L. Delbecq       Anonymous                                    Mr. Robert F. Begley
Mr. & Mrs. Concezio Di Gregorio   Mr. Laurens H. (Larry) Reyburn, Jr.          Mrs. Mary E. Benjamin
Mr. John G. Dooling               Mr. David M. Rose                            Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Bianco
Ms. Jacqueline Drummond           Ms. Salome (Sally) C. Samaniego              Mr. John E. Bianco
Mr. Layton Michael Duffy          Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Schaefer                  The Honorable John J. Bible
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dulatre         Mr. Konrad Schoebel                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Birss
Mr. Kevin F. Eck                  Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Schoendorf              Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Blach
Mr. Michael Elliott               Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Selmi                   Ms. Betty Jean Bo
Ms. Deborah Ferry                 Mr. George M. Serban                         Mr. Michael F. Bowler
Dr. Mary Anne Fifield             Mr. James V. Simoni                          Mr. Herman W. Bracey
Mr. Paul G. Filice                Mr. David Sonnenberg                         Ms. Kit Bradford
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Finamore       Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Straub                       Ms. Sheila Bradford
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Fiorito     Mr. Robert E. Sullivan                       Mr. Bob Braham
Mrs. Cathleen Gillies             Mr. Chris T. Suter                           Ms. Mary Ann Brautigan
Mr. Jack R. Gonsalves             Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan P. Sweeney               Ms. Susan A. Brenner
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Graham       Ms. Susan D. Thomas                          Mr. & Mrs. Brenton Britschgi
Mr. Albert Grenier                Mr. & Mrs. William Tiedje, in part through   Mrs. Ann A. Brown
Ms. Anne E. Grycz                    the Schwab Charitable Fund                Ms. Kathleen Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hegarty          Mr. & Mrs. Albert Y. Torres                  Mr. Tony Brown
Mr. Francis J. Hughes             Ms. Ana Tsai                                 Ms. Patricia M. Bruketta
Jesuit High School, Sacramento    Mr. A. J. Van Dierendonck                    The Late Peter J. Brusati

Winter 2008                                        JRC News                                                      7
                                       In Thanks to Our Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bunje                  Ms. Theresa Doan-Nguyen                  Ms. Onee Granado
Mr. Rodger Burkart                     Mr. & Mrs. John A. Doherty               Mr. & Mrs. Derek Granath
Mr. William W. Burke                   The Honorable & Mrs. Frank Domenichini   The Honorable Jack Grandsaert
Mrs. Mary D. Burns                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Donohoe                Mr. Robert Grassilli, Jr.
Mr. Mario J. Buttignol                 Mr. Paul Dorian                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Greeley
Mr. Edward Bystran, Jr.                Mr. Peter E. Doyle                       Dr. & Mrs. John M. Gregson
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Cahill              Msgr. Bruce A. Dreier                    Mr. Robert D. Griffin
Ms. Patricia C. Campbell               Dr. Larry Drew                           Anonymous
Dr. Patricia G. Campbell               Mr. Michael R. Dunn                      The Late Richard Gross &
The Honorable & Mrs. Robert E. Carey   Mr. & Mrs. Henry Duque                      Mrs. Jane C. Gross
Mr. David Carpenter                    Mr. Richard T. Dwyer                     Mr. Chad Hagen
Ms. Alexandra Carter                   Ms. Alexandra Edwards                    Ms. Rebecca Haggerty
Mr. Richard F. Casey                   Mr. David K. Edwards                     Ms. Evonne Haik
Mrs. John Casterman                    Mr. Thomas Egan                          Mr. & Mrs. Louis P. Halamek
Mr. Jack Cecconi                       Mrs. Valerie Endter                      Mr. & Mrs. Enborg B. Halle, D.D.S.
Mr. Peter J. Cerri                     Mr. & Mrs. Gerard C. Esker               Mr. & Mrs. John Hammett
Ms. Carol M. Christ                    Mr. Paul E. Evans                        Dr. David Hammons
Mr. Frederick J. Clegg                 Ms. Marguerite Fadhl                     Mr. Lester E. (Gene) Hance
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Clifford                Ms. Gloria Fahy                          Ms. Eileen T. Hangley
Ms. Nancy H. Cole                      Fr. Timothy Fairman                      Mr. John I. Hannon
Ms. Patricia Colet                     Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Farbstein           Deacon Ronald T. Hansen
Mr. James E. Collins                   Mr. Anthony M. Farrell                   Ms. Loytavian Harrell
Ms. Jane Collins                       Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Farrell             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hastings
The Late Robert D. Conlan              Mr. Don Feehan                           Mr. & Mrs. John Heagerty
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Connolly              Mr. & Mrs. Anuevo U. Felix               Ms. Nancy E. Heim
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Conroy                Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Fenady              Mr. Louis J. Helmuth
Fr. Robert T. Cooper                   Mr. Guy V. Ferry                         Mr. Savon Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo B. Cordero         Mr. Robert A. Figone                     Mr. & Mrs. A. Kerin Heney
Ms. Denise Cornu                       Mr. Vincent P. Finigan, Sr.              Anonymous
Mr. Frank J. Cox                       Mr. Joe N. Flores                        Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Hoffman
Mr. John A. Cox                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Formichi            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hogan
Mr. Arthur V. Crandall                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Fox                Mr. & Mrs. Harry Holt
Mr. Frank Cucuzza                      Mr. & Ms. Michael A. Franchetti          Mr. & Mrs. Harry N. How II
Ms. Mary J. Curry                      Mr. James L. Francis                     Mr. David C. Hudson
Mr. John J. (Jack) Curtin              Mr. Robert M. Frayn, Jr.                 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Hughmanick
Mr. Thomas X. Cuyegkeng                Ms. Maybelle Frazier                     Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd G. Hyndman
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Czosnowski              Mrs. Joan D. Freitas                     Ms. Sharon Irving
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Daigle                  Ms. Lisa Fullam                          Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jadallah
Mr. Jim Daly                           Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Gagan                Ms. Eleanor E. Jean
Mr. John J. Daly                       Mr. Gene H. Gallagher                    Mr. Richard L. John
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert G. Davis            Mrs. Margaret Gallagher                  Mr. Robert L. Johnson
Ms. Magdalena R. De Guzman             Ms. Alice Gandara                        Dr. Frances Johnston
Ms. Priscilla De Guzman                Mrs. Patricia Gawen                      Mr. Donald R. M. Jones
Ms. Rosita De Luca                     Ms. Linda M. Gemello                     Ms. Doris B. Jordan
Mr. John S. De Regt                    Mr. & Mrs. Gene Gerwe                    Ms. Louise R. Joseph
Ms. Norma Deato                        Mr. Victor J. Giacalone                  Ms. Ruth I. Kaiser
Mr. Ralph Del Prete                    Mr. Jack Gigliotti                       Mr. & Mrs. Albert P. (Bert) Keane
Mr. Paul DeMartini                     Mr. James F. Gilheany                    Mr. Tom Kelly
Ms. JoAnn DeSpain                      Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gilwee, Jr.        Mr. Roger Kennedy
Mrs. Donna Devincenzi                  Fr. Julio Giulietti, S.J.                Mr. David Kirkpatrick
Mr. & Mrs. Brent M. Dezember           Mr. & Mrs. E. Jackson Going, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. James Kiser
Mrs. Ann S. Dickson                    Mr. James F. Golden                      Anonymous
Mr. Frank D. Difu                      Ms. Yvonne Goodman                       Mrs. Mitzi Konevich
Mr. Steve A. Difu                      Mr. Gordon Lee Graham                    Mr. Stan Kosinski

8                                                     JRC News                                                Winter 2008
                                   In Thanks to Our Donors
Anonymous                          Ms. Novelle Miller                        Mr. Paul Prudhomme
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Krouse          Mr. Pat Milligan                          Ms. Anna H. Pryor
Ms. Jane P. Kunde                  Mr. Arthur J. Mischeaux                   Mr. Lawrence H. Putman
Mr. Robert Kunst                   Msgr. Michael J. Mitchell                 Mr. Rudy A. Quijance
Mr. Terry LaCroix, Jr.             Mr. Robert W. Mitchell                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim Raccanello
Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Lampe         Dr. John C. Moon                          Mrs. Dayna K. Ramlan
Ms. Marie T. Larsen-Darr           Ms. Eleanor Moran                         Mr. & Mrs. David B. Rao
Mr. Donald R. Laudano              Fr. Thomas D. Moran                       Mr. & Mrs. Stan Redmond
Mr. John R. Laughlin               Mr. & Mrs. Jim Morandi                    Mr. Joseph A. Renati
Mr. Frank E. Lawson, Sr.           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Morgan                  Ms. Susan C. Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lazar              Fr. John F. Morrison                      Dr. & Mrs. Richard Riley
Mr. Donald C. Leach                Mr. Thomas A. Mullaney                    Mr. Robert Riley
Ms. Phyllis L. W. Lee              Mr. Jeffrey J. Mulvihill                  Fr. Vincent D. Ring
Mr. Russell J. Leonard             Mrs. Ellen M. Murphy                      Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Ringer
Ms. Carolyn J. Leontos             Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Murphy               Mr. & Mrs. William D. Roache
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lessing           Fr. Frank J. Muscolino                    Ms. Angela Robbiano
Mr. Douglas N. Leurey              Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Napolitan, Jr.         Mr. P. Paul Robbiano
Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Logan         Mr. Jack Noonan                           Mr. James M. Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Loney             Ms. Lisa Norcia                           Mr. & Mrs. C. Peter Robison
Mrs. Betty Anne Lourdeaux          Mr. & Mrs. Ragnar W. Nordgren             Ms. Diana L. Rogers
Mrs. Rosemary A. Lucier            Mr. & Mrs. Creighton Norris               Ms. Isabelle G. Roldan
Ms. Elena M. Luiz                  Mrs. Anne O’Brien                         Mrs. Louella I. Romero
Dr. Francis V. Macaulay            Mr. & Mrs. James D. O’Brien               Mr. & Mrs. Michael Romo
Ms. Courtney R. Macavinta          Ms. Mary E. O’Byrne & Mr. Scott Donahey   Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ronchelli
Mr. Gerald Mackay                  Ms. Gertrude O’Connor                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Rossi, Jr.
Mr. Timothy V. Magill              Mr. Martin J. O’Connor                    Mr. Eugene J. Rush
Mr. Francis J. Maher               Mr. Joseph E. O’Dea                       Mr. Kevin J. Ryan
Mrs. Berkeley Malm                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. O’Donnell            Mr. William E. Ryan
Mr. Clarence L. Mandala            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. O’Donnell            Mr. Donald F. Sabatini
Mr. & Mrs. Silvano B. Marchesi     Mrs. Rosalia O’Grady                      Mr. & Mrs. Mario Salvestrin
Mr. Steve Marconi                  Mr. Mark O’Leary                          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Sarto
Mr. & Mrs. Girard N. Marcotte      Ms. Patricia Olson                        Mr. Jeffrey M. Scales
Mrs. Mary Ellen Martinelli         Ms. Evangeline Oribio                     Ms. Catherine J. Scattini
Dr. Luis Wm. F. Martinez           Mr. Ralph Oswald                          Mrs. Pat Schmutz
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Massod   Mr. & Mrs. John Ottoboni                  Mr. Guillermo Selva
Ms. Carol A. Mateus                Ms. Cecilia Ouspensky                     Anonymous
Mr. John McAuliffe                 Mr. Stanley J. Padden                     Mr. & Mrs. Al Shultz
Mr. James E. McCaffrey             Mrs. Marilyn Panelli                      Deacon Donald Sifferman
Mr. Walter McCarthy                Mr. Joseph W. Parker                      Mr. Thomas C. Silva
Ms. Tillie F. McCullough           Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Passarino              Ms. Maria Siordia
Mr. George E. McDonald             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Pausner, Jr.         Mr. Frank R. Siroky
Ms. M. Patricia McInerny           Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Pavlina               Ms. Annabelle L. Smith
The Honorable Sandra S. McKeith    Mr. Jeffrey Peak                          Mr. Anthony M. Smith
Ms. Peggy McKleroy                 Mr. Tom Peck                              Mr. Bud Smith
Mr. Hugh E. McLoone                Mr. & Mrs. Ron Pecoraro                   Mr. Paul Smith, Sr.
Mr. Sean K. McNally                Mr. Richard Pfaff                         Ms. Karen Smyrl
Ms. Pamela A. McNamara             Ms. Janice Phillips                       Ms. Renee Snow
Mr. Gary V. Meegan                 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Phillips            Mrs. Mary E. Somers
Ms. Barbara Menard                 Mr. Charles Pickolick                     Mr. & Mrs. Larry U. Spinosa
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Mendizabal      Mr. & Mrs. Matt Plescia                   Mr. David J. St. Louis
Mrs. Ardeen L. Merry               Mr. Eugene Plevyak                        Mrs. Lois E. Storz
Mr. Kenton Miller                  Ms. Lucy M. Poueu                         Mr. Dennis Sullivan
Mr. Lynn J. Miller                 Ms. Rosella M. Prelsnik                   Mr. John J. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Miller          Mr. & Mrs. Jerzy Prokop                   Ms. Anita Swanson

Winter 2008                                       JRC News                                                     9
                                  In Thanks to Our Donors
Mr. George A. Sweeney             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Baker           Mr. Joseph W. Doctorchik
Mr. & Mrs. Donato Tapia           Mr. & Mrs. John Baptista             Fr. Erwin J. Dodge, O.S.A.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Taricco     Ms. Helene C. Barber                 Mr. Ed Donati
Ms. Rose M. Taricco               Mr. Andrew E. Barshay                Mr. Thomas (Tom) A. Doub
Ms. Mary Ann Tham                 Mr. J. Rosario Batres                Mrs. Winifred M. Downing
Mr. Hank Thierry                  Mrs. Catherine Bauknight             Mr. William J. Drzymalla
Mr. Hugh L. Thomas                Fr. Anthony E. Bawyn                 Mrs. Patricia Dubrow
Mrs. Helen M. Thompson            Mr. Bob Beers                        Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Dugan
Ms. Susan Tonnesen                Ms. Teresita Beltran                 Mr. Douglas V. Duncan
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Tsai               Mr. Richard G. Berberich             Mr. Patrick M. Dundon
Dr. Judith Turian                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Bergson        Ms. Charlotte A. Echeverria
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Uelmen       Mr. & Mrs. Suresh Bhaskaran          Mr. Frank Edlund
Mr. Luis C. Vallejos              Mr. Robert Bohna                     Mrs. Glennda Erickson
Ms. Virginia Varela               Mr. & Mrs. William A. Bolstad, Jr.   Mr. Warren P. Eustace
The Honorable José A. Velasquez   Mr. Howard J. Boteilho               Mrs. Marilyn M. Evans
Ms. Carmen Vigo                   Ms. Judith M. Boulad                 Ms. Brenda A. Everett
Ms. Gloria P. Villaroman          Mr. James F. Bowe                    Mr. Steven J. Fajardo
Mr. Plauche F. Villere, Jr.       Mrs. Betty Bowers                    Mr. Joseph H. Finigan
Dr. & Mrs. Clyde V. Von Der Ahe   Fr. John Brady, S.J.                 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Finnerty
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Wade               Mr. & Mrs. Walt Brophy               Ms. Lucia R. Flaherty
Mr. John P. Wagner                Mr. Ron Brown                        Mr. Charles F. Floyd
Mr. Arthur E. Wallace             Mr. Louis Brusatori                  Mr. Robert Ford
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Ward           Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Buckenmeyer     Mr. Benjamin T. Frana
Mr. Richard M. Watson             Mr. Richards E. Bushnell             Mrs. Barbara A. Franceschi
Mr. Michael G. Watters            Mr. Richard Cabrera                  Mrs. Nancy Franich
Mrs. Tracy Weiss                  Mrs. Albina Caimotto                 Mr. & Mrs. Lionel W. Fuqua
Mrs. Bette Welch                  Mr. & Mrs. John A. Cartelli          Ms. Gail Gavello
Mr. Charles C. Werdel             Mr. Bruce O. Carter                  Dr. Ronald E. Gee
Bishop John C. Wester             Ms. Lynn Carter                      Mrs. Carmen E. Gilson
Mr. John W. Whisman               Mr. William P. Cassidy               Mr. Robert J. Giugliano
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wimer          Mr. George J. Casson                 Ms. Elizabeth K. Goodell
Ms. Cessie Wismann                Ms. Marge Chiuminatto                Mr. & Mrs. Bryce P. Graybill
Mr. William T. Wiswall            Mrs. Irmgard Chu                     Mr. Jack W. Grehan
Mr. Andrew Witkowski              Mrs. Elaine Cilia                    Mr. & Mrs. John Grilli
Mr. Robert W. Worley              Mr. Joseph A. Cisper                 Mrs. Mary M. Guenther
Ms. Jan Wright                    Ms. Rita Clark                       Mr. Gilbert R. Guzman
Mrs. Diane C. Yandell             Ms. Josefina Claudio                 Mr. Jim Hagan
Fr. Daniel J. Zak                 Mr. Andrew W. Clay                   Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Haley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Zanger       Mr. Watt B. Clinch                   Ms. Evelyn M. Hall
Mr. Ernest A. Zeiter              Mr. & Mrs. John Colburn              Ms. Laverne T. Hall
Msgr. B. J. Zientek               Mrs. Christina M. Collins            Ms. Anita K. Halton
                                  Ms. Marlene Connell                  Mrs. Jayzie Hammond
Companions Club                   Ms. Mary Connors                     Mrs. Josephine Healy
Mr. Fred L. Agee                  Mr. & Mrs. Chito Corpus              Mrs. Joan M. Heck
Mr. Doug Akin                     Mr. Dan B. Costello                  Ms. Mary E. Hogan
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Albanese        Ms. Marie Côté                       Anonymous
Mr. Ken Alongi                    Ms. Helen M. Crisman                 Mr. Donald W. Holsten
Mrs. Julie B. Alvarado            Mrs. Lorraine M. Croft               Ms. Karen B. Hopkins
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Amaral            Ms. Linda J. Davis                   Miss Jane W. Hunter
Mr. Aldo Argenti                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Davis           Mr. John Hurst
Sandra M. Arita, D.D.S.           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. De Natale       Mr. Robert C. Huttlinger
Mr. & Mrs. William Lowry Backus   Anonymous                            Mrs. Victoria E. Jackanich
Mr. Cliff Bailey                  Ms. Judy Diedrich                    Msgr. Anthony Janelli
Ms. Catherine A. Bain             Mr. John Diego                       Mr. Michael J. Jordan

10                                                JRC News                                               Winter 2008
                                      In Thanks to Our Donors
Mr. Robert E. Juleson, Jr.            Mrs. Sachi Motumal                 Ms. Barbara Scheele
Mrs. Clare Juster                     Ms. Ana Munda                      Mr. Raymond P. Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Istvan Kadar               Mrs. Leticia V. Munda              Ms. Laura L. Schroeder
Dr. Edmund F. Kal                     Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Murphy           Ms. Karen E. Scott
Ms. Anne T. Kangas                    Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Murphy        Mr. Phillip J. Sheridan
Mrs. Patricia J. Keenan               Mr. Jack Murphy                    Dr. Richard B. Sheridan
Mr. & Mrs. F. Paul Kelly              Mrs. Marguerite E. Murphy          Mr. Robert D. Shiner
Ms. Patricia Kelly                    Ms. Mary Sullivan Murphy           Ms. Veronica Siemanski
Mr. Tom Kelly                         Mr. John T. Neville                Anonymous
Ms. Sharon Keplinger                  Dr. Linda E. Nishigaya             Mr. James C. Skelton
Ms. Carol Ann Kern                    Ms. Virginia Nousse                Mr. Francis Small
Mr. Tim Kerwin                        Ms. Elianne (Linda) Obadia         Ms. Kristie Smith
Mr. & Mrs. John Keyes                 Sr. M. Kieran O’Connor, P.B.V.M.   The Honorable & Mrs. Peter A. Smith
Ms. Marilyn A. Kirvin                 Anonymous                          Mrs. Sue Smith
Mrs. Katherine Krause                 Ms. Ann T. Olson                   Ms. Dorothy Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Teodoro T. Laguatan        Anonymous                          Mr. James M. Sobolewski
Ms. Elsie K. Lam                      Mr. James W. O’Sullivan            Mr. Walter J. Spaelti
Dr. & Mrs. Alfred T. Lane             Mr. Timothy C. O’Sullivan          St. Elizabeth’s Parish, Oakland
Ms. F. E. Langdon                     Mr. Clay Pardo                     St. Monica’s Parish, San Francisco
Mr. Del Lazaro                        Mr. & Mrs. Joe Passanisi           Pat Stalteri, M.D.
Mr. Dominic Lazzarino                 Mr. David Paul                     Mr. Peter W. Stein
Sr. Rose-Han Le, O.P.                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Perlenda      Mr. & Mrs. Terry D. Stephens
Mr. Hector V. Lee                     Mr. Alphonse P. Peters             Ms. Susan E. Stevick
Mr. Michael H. Libera                 Mr. & Mrs. Karl (Pete) Petersen    Mr. Thomas J. Swartz
Mr. Paul J. Livingston                Mr. Leonhard Pfister               Ms. Lina Taskovich
Mr. & Mrs. Elson C. Lourenco          Ms. Annie Phillippi                Mrs. Melissa Thomson
Ms. Jean Lovell                       Ms. Joanne Marie Phillips          Mr. Detlev H. Tiszauer
Ms. Ann Lynch                         Mr. James Pidgeon                  Ms. Selina P. Totanes
Ms. Bernadette Lynch                  Mr. Clarence J. Platt              Mr. & Mrs. Joe Trovato
Ms. Jean A. Mackay                    Mr. Edmond K. (Ned) Power          Ms. Virginia H. Vanoni
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Main                   Ms. Vicky Powers                   Ms. Matilde Vargas
Ms. Elizabeth Mandranis               Mr. Ryan I. Pratt                  Mr. J. Malcolm Visbal
Ms. Rosalie Mangan                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim Promessi            Mr. John G. Ward
Mr. & Mrs. John Martinez              Mr. & Mrs. Richard Provost         Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Washington
Sr. Bernadette R. Mascarenhas, F.C.   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Puorro           Mr. & Mrs. Chris Watters
Mr. John Matits, Jr.                  Mr. Robert J. Purcell              Mr. Don Watters
Anonymous                             Mr. Mitchell J. Radycki            The Late Robert C. Wehner
Ms. Michelle McCarthy                 Mr. & Mrs. Denis Ragan             Ms. Gale L. Wentworth
Mr. Matthew E. McConville             Ms. Mardena Ragsac                 Ms. Gillian Wheelock
Mr. & Mrs. James McGee                Ms. Kimberly Reeves-Parker         Mr. Kenneth S. Wilkins
Ms. Kathleen McGinley                 Mr. Edward J. Ritelli, Sr.         Ms. Caitlin C. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Paul McKiernan             Mr. Victor Romero                  Mr. Paul Willihnganz
Mrs. Jane E. McKillop                 Mr. George G. Rosko                Sr. Gemma Wilson, P.B.V.M.
Mr. Randall D. McMahon                Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rossi              Mrs. Rosa J. Winkelman
Mr. & Mrs. William McSweeney          Mr. Paul S. Rossi                  Ms. Carolalee Winter
Mr. Clyde Medeiros                    Mr. Cletus P. Roth                 Mr. Shamson Wong
Ms. Mary L. Medeiros                  Ms. Helena Songja Row              Mrs. Cindy Woods
Mr. Matthias Mendezona                Dr. Mario Ruiz                     Mr. Michael A. Yambra
Mr. Paul Mendoza                      Mr. & Mrs. Lance Russum            Mr. John Yu
Mr. Karl A. Mertz                     Mr. Henry J. Sanchez               Mrs. Virginia T. Ziomek
Ms. Evelyn J. Miller                  Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Sanchez         Ms. Anne M. Zoormajian
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Mitchell              Ms. Antoinette Sarraille
Ms. Margaret (Madge) Montague         Sr. Consiglio Scanlan, I.B.V.M.
Mrs. Nellie Montano                   Ms. Kathy Scepura

Winter 2008                                           JRC News                                                 11
     In Memoriam
     William G. Aldrich            Alice M. Lussier
     James Edward Arnold, M.D. Eugene V. Luttrell
     Fr. John R. Becker, S.J.      Fr. David W. MacDonald, S.J.
     Oscar G. (Tiger) Bertram      John W. Mark
     Nancy Ellen Biagini           Tosca Maria Massoni
     Fr. John L. Boyle, S.J.       Wim Suitbert Michna, M.D.
     Peter J. Brusati              Fr. Joseph P. O’Reilly
     David C. Casal, Ph.D          Alfred M. Peet
     Eugene Aloysius Coogan        John Francis Petrin
     John W. Flaherty              Carrie Pileri
     Joseph Francis Flanagan       Fr. Luis H. Quihuis, S.J.
     Herbert Wells Foedisch, Sr.   Edward John Reik
     Lorinda Ann (Lori) Foss       Lorraine Mahoney Reilly
     John Thomas (Jack) Geary      Ernest J. Ribera
     Fr. Daniel V. Germann, S.J.   John P. Riordan
     Eugene Gilsdorf               Michel D. Stein, M.D.
     Andrew M. Herceg              Robert Henry Treseler
     Clarence P. Juster            Katherine A. Tully
     Zeta Genevieve Leonard        William G. Van Beckum
     Cristina Lopez                Mary Jane Gordon Walsh
     May their souls, and the souls of all the
     faithful departed, through the mercy of God
     rest in peace.

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