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									                            TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
                            No. 0782/INT.EN
                            Rev.-No. 04/01.2006

                          Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster
                                      Mineral sound absorbing spray applied plaster.

Material description                       • High degree of reflectivity and           Application
                                           • Medium to rough surface                   The substrate should be solid, dry,
                                             structure. Structure may vary             load-bearing and free from grease
                                             according to method of                    or other adhesion reducing
                                             spraying.                                 substances.
                                           • Low weight when dry.
                                                                                       Substrate preparation
                                           • Fire behaviour:                           Even slightly uneven surfaces
                                             non-combustible.                          should be levelled before applying
                                                                                       Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster, as the
                                                                                       material will follow the exact lines
                                           Uses                                        of the substrate without smoothing
                                                                                       any undulations.
Type of material                           Uses
Sound absorbing, single                    For use in rooms where the clarity          Strongly absorbent substrates such
component spray plaster; improved          of speech needs to be improved by           as gypsum plasterboard should be
mineral binder basis, hydraulically        regulating the sound reverberation          primed with undiluted StoSilent
drying.                                    time.                                       Prim. In the case of gypsum
                                                                                       plasterboard substrates, observe
Apply in multiple layers to achieve        Particularly suitable for application       the reduced support beam spacing
a plaster thickness of 15 mm.              to large areas such as in admini-           of 30 cm.
                                           stration buildings, government
Composition                                buildings, schools, universities,           Smooth substrates and gypsum
Portland cement, vinylacetate-             swimming pools (not salt water),            plasterboard should be sprayed
ethylene copolymer, fillers,               factories or churches etc. where            with StoSilent Quartz (art. no.
additives.                                 the sound absorption requirement            0894-001) to improve adhesion.
                                           is not necessarily that high.                Allow sufficient drying time.

Product characteristics                    For use on ceilings and walls not           Material application
                                           subject to mechanical abrasion.             For each batch of material, mix an
                                                                                       entire sack of the product with
• Good sound absorption qualities
                                           Areas of use                                20 - 22 l water and mix slowly for
  in mid- and high-frequency
                                           For interior use                            ca. 6 minutes in a positive mixer
                                                                                       until lump-free. The amount of
• Applicable with a spray pistol           Restrictions                                water to be added depends on the
  (Trichterpistole) or spiral pump         Uses not clearly described in this          planned method of application
  with variable settings and fine          Technical Data Sheet should only            (spray pistol or spiral pump). For
  spray set. Sound absorption              take place after consultation with          spiral pumps, the lower amount of
  qualities vary according to the          Sto AG.                                     water is generally sufficient.
  method of application.
• Anti-condensatory properties as
                                                                                       The material should be sprayed in
  a result of high water absorption
                                                                                       several coats until it reaches a
                                                                                       thickness of 15 mm.
TDS 0782/INT.EN             Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster        04/01.2006        2/5

A minimum of 5 coats will be               Drying / hardening                         double crosswise (e.g. horizontal
necessary for this. Between                Dries hydraulically.                       then vertical) spraying at low
individual coats, allow to dry for                                                    pressure with StoSilent Color.
24 hours. The material must in             Consumption
places be sprayed open-pore. Do            Approx. 15 l dry mass for 15 mm
not allow the material to run!             coating thickness measured at the          Storage and transport
Material that has run is a visible         highest point.
application flaw. The acoustic                                                        Marking
effect is not given for material that      Application temperature                    In accordance with European
has run.                                   Air and substrate temperature              Union guidelines and national
                                           should not be less than + 5 °C,            regulations:
Spraying with a spray pistol               relative humidity below 70 %.
(Trichterpistole):                         (until the material has completely         VbF:              -
We recommend use of a                      set.)                                      EU/GefStoffV:     Xi - irritant
compressor with a suction of at                                                       GGVS/ADR:         -
least 350 l/min and pressure of            Note:                                      UN-Nr.:           -
4 bars. Standard nozzle diameter           In very warm and dry conditions,
8mm or 6mm, to achieve a finer             moisten already applied layers of          GISBAU-Code: ZP01
spraying structure. Spraying               plaster before applying the next in        VVS-Code:    1610
pressure should be ca. 2.5 - 3.0           order to avoid 'burning' of the            BAGT-Nr.:    617300
bars. Spraying distance: at least          plaster.
50 cm. Whilst spraying, move                                                          Storage
continually with a circular motion:        Cleaning of tools and machinery            Store in dry conditions.
do not spray on a single point.            Immediately after use with water.
The material must not form a                                                          Storage life
sealed layer.                              Renovation                                 In unopened sacks, product can
                                           Using an Industrial vacuum                 be stored for a minimum of
Spraying with a spiral pump                cleaner with brush fitting, remove         9 months. (Relevant data: refer to
(Schneckenpumpe):                          built-up dust from the surface.            packaging).
Spiral pumps with variable settings        Finally, spray StoSilent Color
should be used, e.g. PFT N2V or            crosswise 1 - 2 times at low
Strobl 203, or Strobl 326. Where           pressure.                                  Environment and health
possible, use a half-output
stator/rotor. Suction should be at                                                    Risk warnings (R-phrases)
least 400 l/min, output pressure at        Supply                                     R38: Irritating to skin.
least 4 bars. Max. hose length                                                        R41: Risk of serious damage to
10 m with a hose diameter of               Product code and name                            eyes.
25 mm. Fine plaster fitting for            00782 Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster
decorative plaster; nozzle size                                                       Safety precautions (S-phrases)
10mm. Spraying distance                    Packaging                                  S24: Avoid contact with the
50 - 70mm. Move continually                Sack, 50 l (approx. 10 kg)                        skin.
while spraying. Material must not                                                     S26: In case of contact with
be allowed to form a sealed layer.         Colours                                           eyes, rinse immediately
                                           Natural white.                                    with plenty of water and
Note:                                                                                        seek medical advice.
In cases of large connected wall           Colour design is possible with             S36/37/39: Wear suitable
surfaces, it is not recommended to         StoSilent Color (art. 00637-001).                 protective clothing, gloves
spray from the scaffolding itself,         The last two spray coatings of                    and eye/face protection.
but rather from a mobile platform          plaster should be pre-tinted for this      S51: Use only in well ventilated
lift. This avoids leaving the              purpose with the addition of max.                 areas.
'shadow' of the scaffold on the            0,2 l full tint pigment or StoTint
surface, and the correct spraying          Aqua to the water used to prepare          Measures in case of accident
distance can be maintained                 Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster.                Clean up material and dispose of
throughout the spraying procedure.         Equalisation to the exact tint             according to local regulations.
                                           should then take place through a
TDS 0782/INT.EN                           Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster         04/01.2006          3/5

Table 1: Physical data
                                                                Tested to                      Value/Test result              Unit
in supplied form                                                                                                              [kg/dm³]
wet material                                                                                   6,70                           [kg/m²]
dry material                                                                                   2,50                           [kg/m²]
                                                                                               11,0 – 13,5                    [1]
Fire behaviour
Fire protection class                                           DIN 4102                       A2
                                                                                               non combustible
                                                                                               71 *                           [%]
                                                                                               61 *                           [%]
Thermal conductivity
                                                                                               0,10                           [W/m.K]
With the indication of the characteristic values it concerns average values. Due to the use of natural raw materials in our products the actual value can
deviate slightly, without impairment of the product suitability.

* Dependent on spraying structure.

Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster Sound Absorption Values
Plaster Thickness: 15 mm                                           Test Area: 11,72 m²
Volume of Echo Chamber: 171.19 m³                                  Test Sound: Terz
Reception Filter: Terz

                                              Sound Absorption Values of Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster
      Sound Absorption Value


                                      0             1000                  2000                      3000                      4000
                                                                   Frequency f/Hz
TDS 0782/INT.EN      Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster         04/01.2006      4/5

Specification Text:

                                   Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster
 Pos.   m²                                   Description                                      Price   Total
                                                                                             per m²   price
  1          Preparation
             Masking off and protection of floors, walls and other areas.
  2          Scaffold / Access
             Scaffolding or access towers must be so arranged that spraying is carried
             out at a range of 70 cm from the ceiling or wall, so that an even surface
             structure can be achieved.
             Scaffold access required for other works such as levelling the substrate,
             fixing Sto Acoustic Starter Track, spray application of StoSilent Quartz etc.
  3          Substrate testing and treatment
             Test the substrate for dryness and load-bearing qualities. All adhesion
             reducing substances must be removed. Irregularities in the substrate must
             be levelled and left to dry.
             Prime strongly absorbent substrates with StoSilent Prim (Art. No. 0880-
             001). StoSilent Prim must not be allowed to form a shiny film on the
  4          Preparation for Spray Plaster
             Smooth substrates such as fair faced concrete, gypsum boards, smooth
             plaster etc. must be spray coated with the bonding bridge StoSilent Quartz
             (Article Nr. 00894-001) and left to dry for 1-2 days.
             Rough substrates do not need to be primed.
             Cement or lime bound substrates should be lightly pre-wetted.
  5          Application of Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster
             Mix Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster (50 l sack), (Art. No. 00782-002) (white)
             with approx. 20 - 22 litres water in a forced action mixer and spray apply
             using a Sto Spray Gun in 5 coats, each coat separated by 24 hrs. (Only mix
             full sacks).
             Plaster thickness 15 mm
             Spray Structure: fine or coarse

             Additional steps (if necessary)

  6          Levelling plaster
             Levelling uneven areas with lime-cement plaster
             Up to 5mm...................................................
             Up to 10mm.................................................
  7          Colour design
             Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster mixed with water tinted with up to 0,2 litres
             StoColor Tint.
             Once dried, Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster over-sprayed with StoSilent Color
             (Art. No. 00637-001)
TDS 0782/INT.EN            Sto Acoustic Spray Plaster                   04/01.2006        5/5

Disposal                                          Certificates and test reports                         General information
Waste has to disposed considering
the local, official regulations.                  General approval for use as a                         For all contracts - whether made
Material into drains to arrive do                 construction material in Germany:                     verbally or in writing - Sto AG
not leave.                                                                                              general conditions of sale apply.
                                                  • Report P-BWU03-I-16.4.39,
                                                    Allgemeines Bauaufsichtliches
Waste key in accordance with the                                                                        Validity
European Waste Catalog:                                                                                 This Technical Data Sheet is valid
                                                    MPA - Materialprüfungsanstalt
17 09 03.                                                                                               outside Germany, in all countries
                                                    Universität Stuttgart,
                                                                                                        without Sto subsidiary.
For further information on
handling, storage and disposal of                                                                       Sto AG
                                                  Determination of sound
the product, please refer to the                                                                        Ehrenbachstrasse 1
                                                  absorption: Sto Acoustic Spray
current EU material Safety Data                                                                         D-79780 Stühlingen
                                                  Plaster on gypsum plasterboard:
Sheet, available für professional                                                                       Germany
users. (Relevant data).                           • Report                                              Phone: +49 7744 57-1131
                                                    Müller-BBM in Planegg,                              Fax: +49 7744 57-2131
Physical data                                                                                           E-Mail:
                                                  Determination of sound
Physical data                                     absorption: Sto Acoustic Spray                        Internet:
See table 1.                                      Plaster on wood particle board.
                                                  • Report
                                                    Müller-BBM in Planegg,

                                                  Test reports on request.

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