Investing in innovation for the future

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					Investing in innovation for the future The
role of the UK Technology Strategy Board

Jim Clipson
Competitions Programme Manager,
Technology Strategy Board
  How we
deliver - Our
Technology Strategy Board
• Business benefit
• Economic growth
• Quality of life

• Leadership role in UK – Connect
• National strategies

• Funding to make things happen – Catalyse
                   £1 billion investment
2008-9   2010-11
                        over 3 years
                     The innovation climate

                     Challenge-led innovation

Technology Inspired Innovation –
Technology areas
• Advanced materials
• Bioscience
• Electronics, photonics and
  electrical systems
• Information and communication
• High value manufacturing
• Nanotechnology
Challenge-led innovation:
Application Areas
•   Medicines & healthcare
•   Energy generation & supply
•   Transport
•   Environmental sustainability
•   Built environment
•   Creative industries
•   High value services
   Innovation Platforms
• Intelligent Transport Systems and
• Low Carbon vehicles
• Low Impact buildings
• Network Security
• Assisted Living
• Detection & Identification of Infectious
          The Innovation Climate
• Building networks within communities with similar skills
  or goals
• Supporting the exchange of knowledge at the individual
  level and developing skills for the future
• Inspiring and enabling people to play their part in the
  innovation economy
• Building business confidence and using successes to
  engage the public
Taking advantage of the upturn
- Our priorities
• Low carbon
 - Vehicles, Aerospace, Buildings, Energy, Manufacturing

• Digital economy
- Ultra-fast broadband, creative media, plastic electronics

• Regenerative medicine/stem cells
             Industrial activism
• ‘New jobs – New Industry’
  – Investing in the businesses/industries of the
  – Developing the skills for the future
  “We now need to focus on the resources, our
  businesses and people need to prepare for the

  “Critical to this will be ensuring that British
  science and technology are at the heart of the
  revolutions in industrial production that will
  define the 21st century.”
Collaborative R & D Competitions...
                What are we funding?

• Circa 900 Business-focused R&D Consortia
• Usually Business led
• 3000 business partnerships
• 826 academic partnerships – 98 HEIs
• £540m invested – of total £ 1,200m
           TSB Strategic Criteria
• Does the UK have the capability?
       Significant research capability/capacity to exploit opportunities,
• Is the idea “ready”?
       Clear opportunity to which this is a timely response.
       Speed progress towards more sustainable economic growth.
• Is there a large market opportunity?
       What is the size of the global market opportunity?
       Will it create added value in the UK, taking into account the global
       market potential?
• Can the Technology Strategy Board make a difference?
       Can we add value?
       Will our investment promote sustainability and quality of life?
           The “Ideal Project”
• A clear commercial opportunity to open up or exploit a
  significant growth market.
• A technical challenge that requires the creation of an
  industrially driven consortium and innovative and risky
  research and development to solve.
• A realistic project with deliverables and applications that are
  innovative, commercially exploitable and of wider benefit.
• A demonstrable need for support.
                   Types of Project
   Blue sky
                            Technology Development
                                           Technology Demo
                                                       System Dev.
                                                                   System Qual.
                                                                             Prod. Prototype

Research                                                                             Commercial Investment
Councils          BAS                       APP                      EXP                Venture Capital
                        Technology Strategy Board and other co-funders

                                           Market readiness
                Funding Thresholds
                               Science to Business Business to Business
       Basic Research                 75%                  50%
       Applied Research               50%                  50%
       Experimental Research          25%                  25%

• Academic costs are based on 80% FEC and must be submitted through Je-S
• SMEs can received 60% of their cost in grant however the total project
  (applied research) cannot exceed 50%
• The exact spread of grant between partners is up to the consortium to
                 Assessment Criteria
• 2 stage 19 week process
• Full Stage Application builds on information given in the Expression of
  Interest form
• Both forms are broken down into 4 parts

  Gateway: Scope                           Section One: Business Proposition
  • Does the project fit the competition   • What is the business proposition that
                  call?                      the applicants are trying to address
                                                         and exploit?
  Section Two: Project & Partners          Section Three: Value Add
  Details :                                   • Is the project value for money?
     • What will the project entail?       • Why should the Technology Strategy
  • Who are the project participants and                 Board invest?
        what is their credentials?
            Application Assessment
All applications are assessed by independent
reviewers drawn from industry and academia

What do they look for?
•Clear and concise answers
•The right amount of information – don’t
give too much detail or making
•Quantification and justification where
•That you’re the right people with the
right bright idea and the means to exploit
its potential
                              Applicants Journey
       Optional Briefing                 Applicants        Compulsory              Applicants
         & Draft EOI                      informed          Applicants             Informed
         Submission        Expression    & feedback          Briefing                               Grant Offer Letter,
                           of Interest    clinics for                                                 Collaboration
                            deadline     successful                      Competition                Agreement, & New
                                         applicants                        closes                   Projects Workshop

                            Expression of                           Full Stage
   Launch Activities                              Review                                   Assessment        Project
                               Interest           Period
                                                                    Application                             initiation

                                                    19 weeks

• A highly competitive process - only the best quality proposals will be successful

• Opportunities for one 2 one feedback and discussion throughout the
Next steps and further information...