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									                                                               Capital Projects Process

Capital Projects Process

Annex 3

The Full Case

1. The purpose of the Full Case is for the PRC to satisfy themselves that so far as
   they are concerned the project may proceed to implementation after any further
   conditions or dependencies have been met. The Full Case will set out the
   business plan, the financial element of the business case, in detail. The PRC is
   not bound to approve the Full Case, or the Full Case un-amended or
   unconditionally. A Second Report may follow approval of the Full Case.

2. The main strategic purpose of the Project will have been set out in the
   Registration Paper, and – subject to any changes in the intervening period -
   endorsed in the Concept Paper. Alternative methods of delivering the Project will
   have been explored in the Concept Paper and the financial viability of the chosen
   project will have been demonstrated, at least in outline. Potential funding will
   have been identified, but possibly not yet guaranteed and PRC will have
   established the expected level of departmental contribution from fund raising or
   other sources.

3. With the exception of the financials, these matters do not need to be rehearsed
   again in detail in the Full Case, provided the Project is not significantly different
   from that approved at Concept. But if there have been changes, for example
   because the availability of funds is not as anticipated, the Full Case should
   explain the changes and how the project will continues to fulfil its aims. And if the
   aims have changed, whether they have the same support as the Concept. Too
   great a change may signal a different project.

4. There is often a delay between Concept and Full Case. Schools in their annual
   Planning Round submissions should review the status of all capital projects. If
   CPP projects have remained at the same stage for three years, and there are no
   imminent plans for progression to the next state the PRC may require submission
   of an updated Registration or Concept.

Content of the Full Case

5. The Full Case will normally include:

       A signed cover sheet;
       The summary of the business case including a summary financial
       The business plan (with financial details and other supporting material as
       Project plan with milestones against which reports of progress at regular
        intervals (eg quarterly) will be made and the evaluation of the project as a
       Clear recommendations;
       A draft Report, if a Report is required;

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                                                                    Capital Projects Process

       Risk Management forms.

6. The cover sheet is available at the end of this document; guidance on signatures
   is given below.

7. The summary business plan will be updated from the Concept Paper; the
   financial presentation will be in greater depth. Guidance on the financial element
   is in Annex 5.

8. Officers should be consulted in good time about whether a Report is needed and
   when, and the content and format.

9. The Risk Management Forms are available at the end of this document and will
   be updated from those returned with the Concept.

Risk Management

10. Risk management forms will have been returned with the Concept Paper, but
    because further work will have led to improved risk management the risk
    management forms should now be reviewed, revised and resubmitted.


11. The Full Case includes a cover sheet on which various signatures provide
    assurances to the PRC, in the terms described below, on aspects of the project
    and business plan. The PRC may place considerable reliance on these
    assurances. Project Leaders will wish to ensure the Full Case adequately
    covers the relevant matters so that the assurances can be provided without
    difficulty or reservation.

12. Project Leaders are advised not to leave the signatures until just before a PRC
    meeting. Signatories may raise issues which should be addressed within the Full
    Case as a condition of signature. Projects may be delayed if concerns are not
    addressed and the assurances provided by each signature are set out below.
    Reasons for declining to sign will be reported to the PRC – in some cases
    signatures may not be relevant because the project proposal does not fall within
    their area of responsibility but it is for the signatory to state this, not for the project
    sponsor to assume it. The Project Sponsor is advised to circulate simultaneously
    to all the signatories a final copy of the Full Case with the blank cover sheet (see
    annex 4) and to collect and assemble the returns and deal with any comments
    before arranging for the Full Case to be circulated to the PRC.

13. Although the point of these last steps is so far as possible to address comments
    and to resolve any differences of opinion before the PRC meets, Project
    Sponsors are not bound to accept comments or reservations with which they
    disagree or to follow through with changes. If they disagree with dissenting
    comments which will be included with the Full Case they may include a reply.
    This position should, however, be exceptional.

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                                                                Capital Projects Process

14. In seeking signatures the Project Sponsor must include a copy of the supplement
    to this annex with the request. The Project Sponsor will, of course, wish to
    ensure that the appropriate assurances are included in the full case to any
    comments raised.

   The Full Case must conclude with clear, complete and unambiguous
   recommendations to the Planning and Resources Committee.

15. The Full Case should be sent to: Ben Warn, Planning and Statistics, The Old
    Schools (baw32@admin.cam.ac.uk; [01223 3]39911

Supplement to Annex 3

Full Case signatures: guidance to signatories

(1) The purpose of the signatures is provide certain assurances to the PRC at the
    time they consider a Full Case.

(2) The Project Sponsor should seek signatures in sufficient time for account to be
    taken of any comments you may make in finalising the Full Case.

(3) Unless explicitly stated in the Full Case, signature does not imply acceptance of
    ownership of, or of responsibility for, any part of a project beyond that which the
    nature of the project places within your area of responsibility within the University.

(4) If the project does not and in your opinion will not have any aspect within your
    area of responsibility then signature is not required and the papers should be
    returned drawing attention to this provision.

(5) Whether or not signatures are sought in time, and assuming the project or an
    aspect is within your area of responsibility, you are not required to sign but may
    sign, or may sign and provide comments or provisos which the PRC will take into
    account in considering the Full Case, or you may draw the attention of the PRC
    to any issues that they should, in your opinion, be aware of.

(6) If you cannot sign, the reasons should be taken up immediately with the Project
    Sponsor, copied to the Secretary to the Planning and Resources Committee. If
    you have very serious reservations they should be addressed to the Chairman of
    the Planning and Resources Committee.

(7) The Project Sponsor is not bound to accept comments about the project or to
    change the Full Case to take account of them. If comments will be included with
    the Full Case the Project Sponsor may include a reply.

(8) The Full Case is normally made in advance of implementation and detailed plans.
    It may not be possible to provide complete assurances until further details are
    available. In which case, you are asked to confirm that you are satisfied that
    arrangements have been made to engage you in further development to the
    extent you require.

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                                                             Capital Projects Process

Signatory              Assurances provided by signature
Project Leader         The documentation is in a final form, subject to further
Project Sponsor        The case is well made; ownership of the project is correct;
                       the project conforms to institutional strategy
Project Champion       The project is an institutional priority; the risks, including
                       the financial risks, are accepted.
Director of Finance    The presentation of the financials has been reviewed (but
                       not necessarily the underlying numbers), including a
                       check for completeness and calculation. Financial
                       assumptions are robust. Financial risks have been
                       identified. VAT and other taxation issues have been
Head of PRAO           Planning assumptions, including any in relation to student
                       numbers, research staff, HEFCE funding etc., are
Academic Secretary     The academic case is consistent with University strategy.
Director of EM         Consistent with Estate Strategy; Space implications;
                       Approval of Design Development info and Cost Estimates
                       produced to date; Estate Management Project Risk
Human Resources        Adequate initial HR planning has been carried out (eg
Director               resourcing, training, relocation); initial HR risks have been
                       identified. Arrangements have been made for engagement
                       with the HR Department if and when appropriate.
Head of Research       Research funding and IPR assumptions are reasonable.
Development Director   Funding assumptions are reasonable; CUDO’s role in
                       fundraising has been adequately and appropriately
Head of Registrary’s   Legal issues have been considered; the proposal is not
Office                 inconsistent with Statutes; assurances have been
                       provided that the legal department has been or will be
                       involved if and when appropriate.
Director of Health &   Health and Safety issues have been considered so far as
Safety                 possible at this stage. Arrangements have been made for
                       engagement with H&S if and when appropriate

20 August 2011

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                                                                            Capital Projects Process

                University of Cambridge: Planning and Resources Committee
                                     Capital Projects Process:
                                              Full Case

   The papers comprise:
   1. A Proforma Cover Sheet
   2. Risk Management Form
   3. The Business Case: see annex 3 to CPP guidance
   4. A project plan with clear milestones against which quarterly reports of progress will be
   5. A Comments Sheet for PRC guidance

                             1. PROFORMA COVER SHEET TO FULL CASE

Project Title                                                                    Project ID:
Project            Name                                                          Date:
Contact            Tel.                             Fax                          e-mail:
Dept. / School /                                                         Signature

Sponsor:    Name                                              Position
            Signature, confirming the              Date       Comment:
            academic / administrative
            case and overall ownership
            of the project.

Champion        Name                                          Position
                Signature, Confirming              Date       Comment:
                coherence with
                Institutional strategy and
                devolved budgeting

                                                   For PRAO Use:
Concept Approval          Reference:                 Minute                          Date:

Grace                     Initial Report/ Notice     Date / Reference                Grace:
Requirements                                                                         Reference
                          Second Report /            Date / Reference

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                                                                        Capital Projects Process


Director of Finance                                             Signature:
Review of presentation of financials (but not of underlying
numbers), including for completeness and calculation.           Date:
Financial assumptions are robust. Financial risks have been
identified. VAT issues. Comments:
Head of PRAO                                                    Signature:
Confirming planning assumptions, on student / research
numbers, HEFCE funding etc reasonable. Comments:                Date:
PRAO (Grace/Notice):                                            Signature:
Current status and requirement
As Appropriate:
Academic Secretary:                                             Signature:
Academic case consistent with University strategy.
Comments:                                                       Date:
Director of EM:                                                 Signature:
Consistent with Estate Strategy; Space implications;
Approval of Design Development info and Cost Estimates          Date:
produced to date; EM Project Risk Register. Comments:
Human Resources Director:                                       Signature:
Confirmation that adequate HR planning has been carried
out – eg resourcing, training, relocation, etc. HR risks have   Date:
been identified. Comments
Head of Research Office:                                        Signature:
Research funding and IPR issues and assumptions are
reasonable. Comments                                            Date:
Development Director:                                           Signature:
Assumptions on funding are reasonable and, if necessary, a
statement of CUDO’s role in fundraising. Comments               Date:
Head of Registrary’s Office:                                    Signature:
Legal issues; conformation with Statutes. Comments
Health & Safety:                                                Signature:
Confirmation that Health & Safety issues have been
adequately addressed. Comments.                                 Date:

PRC DECISION                    Minute:
Requires further
                                              Chair, Planning and Resources Committee

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                                                                                      Capital Projects Process

RM1 (Risk Management 1)

             RISK MANAGEMENT FORM                                       REFERENCE Completed by:

 Risks identified/What can go wrong?
 List what the risk is under categories such as:

 Reputation, Governance, Finance, Operational (staff, compliance, estates)

 What are the possible consequences if the risk were to emerge?


 What is the predicted severity of       What is the predicted likelihood of the     What is the total risk score?
 the risk? (Scale 1 –5, see Impact       risk? (Scale 1 – 5, see Impact Guide)       (severity x likelihood, Scale 0 –
 Guide)                                                                              25)

 What actions could be taken to reduce the likelihood and severity of the risk to an acceptable level?

 What risk indicators could be used to monitor the risk? (These provide early warning, minimum of 3)


 Signature:                                                                        Date:

                         Guidance on risk management can be found on the Risk Management website

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