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					                  HaZamir College Credit Course Description

Songs of My People
Throughout history, Jewish communities around the world have used music to
express their values and to preserve their traditions. In this class, students will
explore the diverse languages, texts and sounds that are part of Jewish culture, and
discover the ways in which music has evolved in the wake of geographic location
and historical circumstance.

Special attention will be paid to the role and development of choral music in
Jewish tradition, with particular focus on the repertoire selected for performance
by HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir. Participants in this
class will combine their rehearsal time in local HaZamir chapters with online
study and special forums devoted to discussion of the music and reflections on the
experience of creating Jewish community through choral singing.

Dr. Marsha Bryan Edelman earned degrees in general music, Jewish music and
Jewish studies from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary,
and has taught Jewish music to students of all ages for more than 40 years. In
addition, she has been affiliated with the Zamir Choral Foundation in various
musical and managerial capacities since 1971, and currently serves as
Administrator of the Foundation. She is also the conductor of HaZamir
Philadelphia and HaZamir South Jersey. Professor Emerita of Music and Education
at Gratz College, where she served on the faculty for some 25 years, Dr. Edelman
is also the author of numerous articles on Jewish music, as well as program notes
attendant to concert and recorded performances of Jewish music. Her book,
Discovering Jewish Music, was published by the Jewish Publication Society in
June, 2003.
                7605 Old York Road                            Jewish Community High School of Gratz College
                Melrose Park PA 19027
                                   Gratz-JCHS Online Program / HaZamir
                215 635 7300 x 267                            Fall 2011 REGISTRATION FORM

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 This year-long course is offered in conjunction with the Zamir Choral Foundation and is open to entering HaZamir 11th and 12th graders.
 Participation in HaZamir rehearsals and performances, in addition to on line coursework is expected.

Check         Course Title                                 Instructor                  Credits            Tuition             Fee          Total
              Songs of My People*                          Dr. Marsha Bryan                    4               $610              $65
              (College Credit)                             Edelman

 ❒ Financial aid request (Form will be sent upon receipt of application)
      ❒ Attached: Check or money order, made payable to Gratz College –
         7605 Old York Road, Melrose Park PA 19027
      Credit Card: ❒ DISCOVER ❒ MASTERCARD ❒ VISA
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