Fix Google Chrome Crashes

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					Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers and other browsers, like
many people complain about problems with it crashing. This article leads
you to this particular problem to solve.

Follow the methods below:

•   Re-install Google Chrome
•   Disable Sandbox
•   Error Registry Clean
•   Avoid add-ons and plugins

Install Google Chrome

Google Chrome crashes when it is damaged. Install the browser may resolve
the problem. Before you reinstall, first to uninstall properly. If a
program from the team to leave behind some information from the root.
This information is often referred to as registry entries. The
registration of Windows operating systems in the root directory of the
most important information for all computer programs are stored.
Therefore, after removing the browser is also recommended to run a scan
with a good registry cleaning software. Follow these steps:

1st   Click Start
2nd   Go to Control Panel
3rd   Click Programs and Features Control Panel
4th   Right-click on Google Chrome, and click Uninstall
5th   Follow the instructions on the screen
6th   Restart the PC

Sandbox Off

Chrome accidents can also be fixed by disabling the sandbox. You can
disable the sandbox, the following steps:

1st Right-click the shortcut on the desktop of Chrome
2nd For Properties
3rd Click the Shortcut tab
4th You will see an option on the control target
5th Here you should add the command without-sandbox-or-not-process-
6th Click OK

Clean Registry Errors
Many PC users would not believe that the Windows registry can cause a
problem, but the truth is that it lead to problems if it contains errors.
The Windows Registry stores all the information in the form of computer
keys and Google Chrome plant can also occur if the registry is damaged.
They can be deleted from registry errors your system by installing a good
software utilities. The software is also good for optimizing the speed of

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