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              No 190
          December 2008
                                       Editor at large: John Graham
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     New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc.

Meetings are held in the Parish Lounge at St John's Anglican Church, Arawata Street
(parking off George Street), Te Awamutu, at 7.30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each
month – February to December. Visitors are most welcome.


Next Meeting: Tuesday 2 December will be a visit to the Pirongia Historic Visitor
Centre. Alan Hall will give us a brief presentation on the Centre, an opportunity to look
around, and then it is social time. Please bring a small plate of Christmas fare to
celebrate the last meeting of the year and impending festive season. For those wishing to
car pool please meet at the council car park at 7pm. The Visitor Centre is located at 798
Franklin Street which is on state highway 39 (main road).

    Looking ahead to February: Te Awamutu Library Online catalogue presentation
     followed by an in house session covering family heirloom, research, training in
     memory sticks/gedcom files? More detail in the February newsletter.
    At the March meeting our guest speaker will be Lynne Blake who is a NZSG
     councillor who will talk on „Occupations‟ – watch this space!

Convenor’s Corner:

On behalf of the committee I would like thank you for your support during 2008 and to
wish you all a peaceful Christmas and fulfilling New Year.

The November meeting was well attended, at which we were informed and entertained
by Peter Nash the Executive Officer of NZSG. His topic was “The Immigration Process”
Conditions that caused them to go; Passengers leaving UK; Conditions on board ship;
Did they stop on the way?; Passenger Lists into NZ. Peter provided some useful web
links and books associated with immigration. (see page 2 & 3)

A reminder to members if you have a topic you would like discussed or know of a
speaker that would come and talk to us, please contact a committee member.
Te Awamutu Branch NZSG # 190 – December 2008                                                  Page: 1
           Disclaimer: All efforts are made to ensure the information published is accurate
Thank you to Peter Nash for providing this list of resources

Conditions that caused them to go:
"The Farthest Promised Land by Rollo Arnold
English Villagers to NZ Immigration of 1870's

"The Immigrants" by Tony Simpson
The Great Migration from Britain to NZ 1830 - 1890

"A Woman of Good Character" by Charlotte MacDonald
Woman Servants

Have a look at FRC catalogue under NZ IMM

Passengers Leaving UK:
A pay-per-view site

Conditions on Board Ship:
"Over the Mountains of the Sea" by David Hastings
Life on Board Migrant Ships 1870 -1885

"The Long Farewell" by Don Charlwood
The perilous voyages of settlers under sail in the great migrations to Australia

Ships' Logs, Journals, Pictures and Passenger Ship Links

"Log of Logs" by lan Nicholson
Look at all 3 volumes.

"White Wings" by Henry Brett
Immigrant Ships to NZ 1840 - 1902

Comber Index to Shipping to NZ 1839 to 1889
On microfiche

NZSG Shipboard Diaries Collection

Newspaper Reports - Paperspast website

Did They Stop on the Way Here?

Passenger Lists into USA:

Passenger Lists into New South Wales:

Passenger Lists into Victoria, Melbourne:
Victoria Passengers Outwards to NZ 1854? to 1923
Some on fiche. On CD Rom soon.

Te Awamutu Branch NZSG # 190 – December 2008                                                  Page: 2
           Disclaimer: All efforts are made to ensure the information published is accurate
Passenger Lists into NZ:
'Immigrant Ships to NZ 1835 to 1910' to obtain the arrival port and date.
Passenger lists to NZ and more.
Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1886 and 1909-1921

Archives NZ - Auckland
NZSG Shipping Database from Assisted Passenger IM Lists on film from

Archives NZ
Petone Settlers Museum Passenger Database
Passenger Lists for vessels bound for NZ

Patrick Henderson Shipping Company Paying Passengers to NZ 1871 -1880 On microfiche


Tuesday 18th November was our last meeting for the year and we look forward to
continuing from February 2009.We have had some good "finds" and some frustrating
times. Not a lot of luck with Irish ancestors so could do with some expertise there. !!
Altogether though a fun time.

Thank you to Jan McBeth for facilitating this group

In recognition of remembrance day has its military records "free to
view " until the end of November.


                                       Smile a While      ☺
                                        LIVING WILL
          A man and his wife are sitting in the living room and he says to her.
    "Just so you know, I never want to live in a vegetative state dependent on some
                   machine. If that ever happens, just pull the plug."
                         His wife gets up and unplugs the TV.

Te Awamutu Branch NZSG # 190 – December 2008                                                  Page: 3
           Disclaimer: All efforts are made to ensure the information published is accurate
           “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it”
                                           Margaret Fuller


                                       Microfiche Readers

It has been reported that the fiche in the library are hard to read. There could be a
number of reasons: 1) The fiche are „worn out‟, 2) The readers have passed their used
by date, 3) Too much bright light surrounding the readers or a combination of the
above. The fiche reader technology basically has not changed over the years, to this
end new bulbs have been installed and machines cleaned.
The committee has investigated the cost of new readers, approximately $1,000 each.
Before going out and buying new readers (and sourcing funds), our question to
members is how often do you use them and if they weren‟t in the library would it be a
loss? Your feed back is welcomed.


From the believe it or not file!

                                  Mental Health African style

If you think that you have to be mad to travel on some local busses, the following true
story from a Zimbabwean newspaper proves you right:

 While transporting mental health patients from Harare to Bulawayo, the bus driver
  stopped at a roadside shebeen (beerhall) for a few beers. When he got back to his
  vehicle, he found it empty, with the 20 patients nowhere to be seen.

 Realising the trouble he was in if the truth were uncovered, he halted the bus at the
  next bus stop and offered lifts to those in the queue. Letting 20 people board, he shut
  the doors and drove straight to the Bulawayo mental hospital, where he hastily
  handed over his „charges‟, warning the nurses that they were particularly excitable.

 Staff removed the furious passengers to the wards; it was three days later that
  suspicions were roused by the consistency of stories from the 20.

 As for the real patients: nothing more has been heard of them and they have
  apparently blended comfortably back into Zimbabwean society!


Te Awamutu Branch NZSG # 190 – December 2008                                                  Page: 4
           Disclaimer: All efforts are made to ensure the information published is accurate

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