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					                                    The Newsletter of
                                    Primary Eyecare Network

                                       focal point                                                   September / October 2010

                                               Letter from the Advisory Board Chairman
                                                                                                 (Steven E. Faith, O.D., F.A.A.O.)
                         Hello PEN Members,

                         It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I write this note. The PEN advisory board met
                         recently in Newport Beach for one of our bi-annual meetings. The topics discussed at this meeting
                         were particularly interesting – everything from new strategic relationships with some of our
                         industry partners to educational and business development programs never seen in the 26 year
                         history of PEN.

                         One request that we continually hear from our members is the need for a professional resource
center for the development and expansion of their practices. As a result of your queries we have directed the PEN staff,
with the help of the advisory board, to initiate a Preserving Independent Optometry (PIO) resource center. This physical
and virtual resource center will have the collective information of all PIO meetings since 2004 and will host financial, legal,
partnership and associate information - all in one place.

In addition, we are putting together a “who, what and how” information guide to support each practice’s individual
needs within these areas. The PIO guide will cover everything from the necessary resources, such as sample practice and
partnership arrangements, and will be available to PEN members and their associates. The guide will also include practice
appraisals and financing options, legal advice for the entrance and exit of partners or associates into your practice, as well as
staffing services.

Along these lines, we are in the process of solidifying our relationships with the schools of optometry in California to help
optometry students understand and appreciate the benefits of independent professional practice. The “Partnerships”
program has been a success at UC Berkeley, and we hope to expand this success to other optometry schools. The program
involves bringing in doctors who are practicing in a variety of environments, both independent and commercial, to
demonstrate the benefits of professional practice over the commercial alternatives. We want those new optometrists
coming out of school knocking on your doors hoping to practice independent optometry.

Regarding your office staff, PEN has entered into a relationship with CalChamber to help our members’ HR and legal needs.
As a member of CalChamber you have countless resources including guides, legal advice and the necessary information to
run your practice in compliance with California law. Call the PEN staff to find out the details of CalChamber membership.
For our members in other states, we are trying to expand this resource to provide the same level of service to you.

PEN is currently beta testing two other programs to help reduce your office overhead, one involving shipping costs and
the other a system which will help each OD keep current with their insurance credentialing and CAQH compliance. Both of
these are in their early stages but have the potential to help each of us with those nagging emails and correspondence we
are constantly receiving regarding our insurance credentialing and with the shipping costs incurred when sending products
to our patients. Neither of these are glamorous but both are essential to our businesses.

When discussing insurance the topic of billing is a constant presence. How much staff time does it take to bill the medical
visit? Am I on that panel? How do I get on that network? PEN’s Optometric Billing & Consulting
department is expanding and able to help you with these questions. In addition, PEN has one of
the lowest cost billing services available. For a small fee, PEN can help you and your staff bill
appropriately and help to get you through the billing maze we all experience on a daily basis.
It is one of the best services you can use to get more reimbursement for those medical visits,
and it also helps to keep your staff sane.
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                                                     From the Cover
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   Letter from the Advisory Board Chairman (cont.)
    These are just a few topics that your PEN staff and advisory           surprise you. All of our corporate partners enjoy working
    board are working on for the benefits of our members. We               with PEN doctors. Your support of their products and
    openly encourage feedback on any program PEN offers and                their loyalty toward you and PEN is what has made
    welcome your suggestions for new services that may benefit             Primary Eyecare Network the most successful group for
    PEN and its members. As you all know, Primary Eyecare                  independent optometry since 1984. PEN is not about the
    Network started with the vision of Dr. Len Osias in 1984               cheapest price per box, but about maintaining the best
    and has blossomed into the premier professional practice               relationships with our professional and corporate partners
    support group in the country. With the new programs being              to make our practices successful.
    developed by the PEN staff and advisory board, this history            Until next time,
    of practice support is only going to grow stronger in the

    Just ask your vendors which buying group they enjoy                    Steven E. Faith, O.D., F.A.A.O.
    working with the most. We know the answer will not                     Advisory Board Chairman

                                          Announcement Regarding VSP & Costco
                              Please click here to view correspondence from VSP Chairman of the Board,
                                         Tim Jankowski, in regards to the Costco pilot program.

Expand Your Scope of Care:
Benefits of the Medical Model
Why Move to the Medical Model?                                             Provide a Higher Level of Care
Optometry has traditionally been a vision-driven profession                Ultimately, patients who learn that they can use both their vision
with an option of focusing practices around a variety of models,           and medical benefits with their optometrist often perceive it as a
among them vision therapy, contact lenses, sports vision,                  higher level of service. As a result, a medically based optometric
and low vision rehabilitation. So why are more and more ODs                                       practice will find that they are called
choosing to incorporate the medical                                                               first when eye problems arise with their
model into their practices?                                                                       patients instead of an ophthalmologist,
                                                                                                  pediatrician, or primary care doctor.
Capture a New Audience
First and foremost, there are definite                                                          PEN Can Get You Started
financial benefits to becoming a                                                                Even with all its advantages, incorporating
medically based practice. In these                                                              the medical model in your practice may
difficult economic times, patients who                                                          seem daunting. There are many things
might choose to put off regular vision                                                          to consider including paneling with
care cannot postpone treatment for                                                              insurance carriers, instrumentation, proper
an injury or serious eye problem. Optometrists who treat eye               medical decision-making, staff training, recordkeeping, billing,
health conditions will no longer have to refer their patients              and patient education. To get started, begin with seeking advise
elsewhere for this type of care.                                           from those who have successfully implemented the medical
                                                                           model and attend education courses that help you better
Improve Patient Loyalty
                                                                           understand how to adapt to these new standards.
Another benefit to “going medical” is boosting patient recall and
retention. Since most medical patients return to the practice              For the next opportunity to learn from a PEN expert, see the
more than once a year, not only is profitability increased, but this       Education section of this Focal Point issue or go online to
also gives the doctor an opportunity to build stronger and more  
loyal patient relationships. Happy, loyal patients are far more
likely to tell their family and friends about the practice. Pre-                        Call today and let PEN help you
appointed medical patients are also more likely to be compliant                          find the solutions that best fit
with follow-up care (since they know they need it) versus                              your unique optometric practice.
patients seeking routine vision care.

Primary Eyecare Network 800-444-9230        1
                              PEN Education                                                              Upcoming
                  Back to Basics: Physical Environment                                                    Classes
            Third in a Series of Articles on Practice Improvement
                                    by Mary Schmidt                                                       Staff Education
By now, you’ve                                met/exceeded here? Does this area match             Register for am, pm or both.
evaluated some                                the Mission Statement? What is good?
of the basics of                              What could be done differently? What are                   SEPTEMBER
your practice. The                            my personal perceptions? What do you             Pleasanton, CA ....M,T,W, September 13th - 15th
first article in this                         see? What do you hear? Does it represent         Eyewear Dispensing                (9:30am - 5:00pm)
series dealt with                             the image you want for the practice?             Center for Paraoptometric Education
how efficiently                                                                                Three Day Intensive Program with Hands-On Training
your practice is run                          Consider all of the following areas:
                           Mary Schmidt                                                        Reno, NV ..................Thursday, September 23rd
and offered tactics                           Parking Lot, Front Entrance, Reception
                            PEN Instructor,                                                    Frame Styling                         (9:00am - Noon)
for improving the                             Area, Transition to Pre-Test & Pre-Testing,
                           President of Eye                                                    Inventory Control                      (1:15 - 4:15pm)
effectiveness of                              Transition to Exam & Exam, Transition to
                         Systems Consulting   Contact Lens Training & During Contact                               OCTOBER
both doctors and
staff. The second article asked you to look   Lens Training, Transition to the Dispensary
                                                                                               Webinar ............................ Tuesday, October 5th
at your office manager’s role and outlined    & In the Dispensary, Transition to the Front
                                                                                               Frame Adjusting                         (12:30 - 1:30pm PST)
ways to maximize his or her role in your      Desk & finally, Departure.
success.                                                                                       Burbank, CA .................Tuesday, October 26th
                                              After their walk-through, have each doctor       Dealing with Difficult People (9:00am - Noon)
This article will show you how to critique    and staff member list Areas of Strength          Troubleshooting
each area of the office to determine          and Areas to Improve. Once everyone              in the Dispensary - NEW              (1:15 - 4:15pm)
whether it is running to its maximum          has had a chance to walk through the
potential. If you want your practice to       practice and file their report, have a staff
                                                                                                         Click to Register
run well, you need the right systems,         member or the office manager compile
quality staff and an environment that         all the information in an organized                               SEPTEMBER
emphatically communicates both.               format. Use a master checklist* to input
                                              everyone’s findings. The more detailed              Becoming a Medically Based Practice
                                                                                                           Presented by Aaron Lech, O.D.
A Good First Impression                       the information gathered, the greater the
Start by evaluating the physical              opportunity for improvement.                     Ventura, CA
environment of your practice. Begin in                                                         Wednesday, September 15th.... (7:30am - Noon)
your parking lot and methodically move        Next, schedule a staff meeting and                COPE Accreditation granted for all parts of this program.

through the front door, step-by-step          brainstorm with everyone on how to
through the entire office. Have everyone      improve the practice. This should be a                  CRT: Integration & Certification
                                                                                                         Presented by Richard Baker, O.D.
on staff walk through individually and        collective process. If you want staff to “buy
give their perspective. Look at everything    in” they must feel that they are part of         Webinar
from a systems point of view. Do not rush     the solution. Don’t let the doctor or office     Tuesday, September 21st........(5:30-6:30pm PST)
through this process. Each person should      manager be the one with all the answers.
sit where the patient sits and look around.
                                              There is an old adage that says, “When
                                                                                                        My Favorite Pharmaceuticals
                                              something is not working in your practice,                ...and why they should be yours too!
                                              patients know first, the staff will know                  Presented by John A. McGreal, O.D.
                                              next, and the doctor will know last and          Webinar
                                              sometimes not at all.” The process outlined      Wednesday, October 13th .... (5:30 - 6:30pm PST)
                                              in this article will not only let you be          COPE Accreditation granted for all parts of this program.
                                              in-the-know but will also give you the
                                              structure for making positive changes to
                                              the physical environment of your practice.

                                              * Click here to obtain a copy of PEN’s
Practice Walk-Through Checklist
                                                Walk-Through Checklist.
For every area throughout the practice,
ask yourself: Do staff/patients know
what to do here? What does the patient
think when they see this? How could this                                                                Click to Register
improve? Are patients’ expectations being

                                                                  2 800-444-9230      Primary Eyecare Network
                                                     PEN Education
Increase Your Ability to Meet Patients’ Needs
                                 Changes in the industry,                 of a successful practitioner. The CRT Certification Exam is
                                 new modes of care, and                   included. The webinar will be telecast on Tuesday, September
                                 advanced technology all offer            21st from 5:30 to 6:30pm PST (8:30-9:30pm EST).
                                 excellent opportunities for
                                 increased patient care and               A perennial PEN favorite trainer, Dr. John A. McGreal, will be
                                 practice growth. The following           presenting My Favorite Pharmaceuticals…and why they
                                 upcoming seminars for doctors            should be yours too! This webinar will sharpen your therapeutic
                                 are designed to help you                 skills in one hour from your home or office! Join Dr. McGreal
                                 expand your scope of care and            on Wednesday, October 13th from 5:30 to 6:30pm PST as he
                                 meet more of your patients’              presents “the best of breed” pharmaceutical agents. COPE
                                 needs as well as boost your              Accreditation is granted for all parts of this program. The cost is
                                 bottom line.                             $50 (Non-Members $65).

Attend Becoming a Medically Based Practice, presented by                  Because well-trained staff members contribute significantly to
Aaron Lech, O.D., and learn about paneling with insurance                 the quality of patient care as well as practice profitability, PEN
carriers (credentialing and contracting), creating billing                offers a program that gets staff “up to speed” in the dispensary
systems, chart documentation, case histories and proper                   quickly and successfully.
medical decision-making. This seminar also includes updates on            CPE 2010: Center for Paraoptometric Education, presented
glaucoma certification. COPE Accreditation has been granted               by Mary E. Schmidt and Jill Luebbert, teaches optical processes
for all parts of this program, which will take place in Ventura, CA       A to Z in a very short amount of time. This three-day intensive
on Wednesday, September 15th from 7:30am to Noon. The cost                program simulates real-world situations and solutions and
is $145 (Non-Members $165).                                               includes lots of personalized, hands-on training. CPE 2010 is
PEN is offering a FREE webinar hosted by an unrestricted                  held in Pleasanton, CA on September 13-15. The cost is $490
grant from Paragon CRT. The webinar, CRT: Integration &                   (Non-Members $850), breakfasts and lunches included.
Certification, presented by Richard Baker, O.D., F.A.A.O., will                  For more information call 800-444-9230, option 5.
give you the facts you need to know about integrating Corneal                                   Or, click to register.
Refractive Therapy (CRT) into your practice from the perspective

                        Coast to Coast...
                        PEN Goes to Florida
                        PEN Education is expanding its offerings by taking its
                        most popular programs to the East Coast. After 12 years
                        of helping optometrists in California through the hurdles
                        of Medicare, Dr. John McGreal has now presented PEN’s
                        annual Medicare Billing & Coding seminars at several
                        locations in Florida – to rave reviews!
Soon, PEN will also be taking its highly acclaimed Preserving Independent
Optometry (PIO) program to Florida for the first time.

PIO 2010: An MBA™ Program
Presented by Primary Eyecare Network in conjunction
with the Management and Business Academy (MBA™) for
Eye Care Professionals, PIO 2010 will focus on Achieving
Practice Excellence by improving financials, staffing
& marketing. This specialized education program is                                           October 23rd-24th, ~ Ft. Lauderdale, FL
designed to teach private practice ODs advanced business strategies                              Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
and techniques to enhance practice performance. The seminar includes
a customized, confidential report comparing the metrics of participants’                        Find out more about PIO 2010 online
individual practices with the norms of their colleagues.                                              at

Primary Eyecare Network 800-444-9230        3
                                                    The Cutting Edge
                                                                         Regional Meetings…Share the Energy
                                                                         PEN Advisory Board meeting, Newport Beach, August 2004:
                                                                         An idea was born…Regional Small Group Meetings.
                                                                         Former Chairperson, Dr. Ed Liu explains, “As we wrapped up
                                                                         our Board meeting, we asked ourselves, ‘How can we bottle
                                                                         this energy and share it with other doctors?’ The concept of
Make Your Website Work For You                                           Regional Small Group Meetings emerged – designed to share
                                                                         ideas, address issues facing the profession and motivate each
“EyeCarePro has been phenomenal!” says PEN Advisory Board                of us to be better optometrists.”
member Daniel E. Quon, OD (Costa Mesa, CA), “They diligently
helped me establish a captivating and professional looking               Over the years, these meetings have become part practice
website that is optimized for Internet search engines like Google.       management, part education and part strategizing for the
The experience they have in creating optometric websites is              profession depending on the needs and desires of each
absolutely fabulous. I would highly recommend EyeCarePro to all          group. They are an opportunity to share ideas and success
PEN members!”                                                            stories that can be easily implemented the next day.
“When I started working with EyeCarePro almost 4 years ago,”             Ventura Regional Small Group Meeting
Tommy L. Lim, OD (San Jose, CA) recently told PEN, “I didn’t             The most recent meeting of the Ventura group
realize the importance of a website and the power that it had in         was held on June 2nd. PEN Advisory Board
‘introducing’ your practice to prospective patients. Their Support       Member, Steve Lansgford, O.D. (Oxnard, CA)
Team led me through the whole process, from beginning to end,            and PEN Account Executive, Kirk Washington
professionally and patiently. I have only good things to say about       hosted the meeting which was sponsored
EyeCarePro. They provide excellent technical support with great          by CIBA VISION and attended by 17-18 PEN
customer service.”                                                       Members. The topic for the evening was
                                                                         utilizing contact lens options to maximize practice profits and
            Plus, EyeCarePro offers PEN Members                          ensure patient retention.
        generous discounts with no administration fee!                   Dr. Langsford explains the basic format for Ventura’s Regional
                                                                         Small Group Meetings, “The sponsor rep is given about 20
                                                                         minutes to make a presentation to the group. After the rep
                                                                         leaves, the group has a discussion about the presented
                                                                         and related material to better understand how it might be
                                                                         beneficial in our individual practices. Most docs are eager
                                                                         to share what has worked or not worked for them in their
                                                                         PEN Members who would like to join a PEN Regional Small
                                                                         Group Meeting are encouraged to contact a PEN Advisory
                                                                         Board Member to find out about the time and location of a
                                                                         meeting near you. For a list of PEN Advisory board members
                                                                         and their contact information, visit the Advisory Board page
Take the First Step towards an Effective Web Presence


Search Engine Optimization, How to Rank #1 on Google
On Tuesday, November 9th, EyeCarePro is offering a webinar
you won’t want to miss. Analyze the critical components of
optimizing your website for the search engines and translates
them into practical, manageable tasks that every practice can
apply to their site. Find out what the ideal #1 rankings are for          The most recent Ventura region events have focused on Rx-ing of
your practice. Start driving traffic to your website and new              spectacle lens options and the how-to’s of maximizing practice
patients into your office today.                                          profits (sponsored by Essilor Laboratories), making the most of
                                                                          profits by treating dry eyes (sponsored by Oasis Medical, Inc.), and
                                                                          utilizing contact lens options to increase practice profits and ensure
       Call EyeCarePro at 866-886-4442 to register or visit
                                                                          patient pretension (sponsored by CIBA VISION).
  for more information.

                                                                     4 800-444-9230      Primary Eyecare Network
                      Claims Processing • Medicare Eligibility • Expert Consulting • Credentialing

Notice: Medicare Fee Schedule Update
                                      On June 25, 2010 the                The updated fees apply to claims with dates of service of June
                                      Preservation of Access              1, 2010 through November 30, 2010. During the month of June
                                      to Care for Medicare                while the updates were being finalized, Medicare held the
                                      Beneficiaries and Pension           payment of claims with dates of service on or after June 1, 2010.
                                      Relief Act of 2010 was              On July 1, 2010 Medicare began processing the held claims
                                      signed into law. This act           for payment. If you have not received payment or have a high
                                      provides for a 2.2% update          accounts receivable, this may be the reason.
                                      to the 2010 Medicare fee
                                      schedule. This increase is in                                    Note:
                                      addition to the original fee           If you have purchased PEN’s Customized Medicare Fee Schedule
                                      schedule that was effective                for 2010 and have not yet received an updated version,
                                      on January 1, 2010.                         please call 800-444-9230 to have one emailed to you.

CMS Requires Immediate Attention
If your practice receives one of the notices listed                       (2) Provider Update and Revalidation Letter
below, please take the necessary action without delay!                    Medicare has sent a letter to providers requesting enrollment
                                                                          forms and supporting documentation to revalidate and update
(1) Pecos Enrollment Letter                                               their provider enrollment. This request may also include the
Providers who do not have a current                                       authorization for electronic funds transfer (EFT). Medicare
enrollment in the PECOS system have                                       allows up to three months for the provider/practice to return
received a letter stating that they must                                  the necessary forms and documentation. If any part of the
enroll immediately. Beginning January 3,                                  request is not returned by the deadline the provider is removed
2011 providers who do not have a current                                  from the Medicare program and cannot re-enroll for one year.
enrollment in Medicare will no longer
be allowed to order or refer
items or services for Medicare                                             Insurance Paneling Made Easy
                                                                           PEN’s Credentialing Service
Providers who have enrolled                                                Gain access to medical insurances without investing 6-9
or updated information with                                                months of precious staff time…PEN understands the “ins
Medicare in the last six years are                                         & outs” of paneling with insurance carriers (credentialing &
considered to have a current enrollment.                                   contracting) and can do the work for you! Call PEN’s Opto-
However, it is recommended that every provider contact your                metric Billing & Consulting Department at 800-444-9230,
local Medicare carrier or verify that your enrollment is current           option 4. Or click here for an application.
on the PECOS website at

                                        PEN Answers Your Insurance Questions
                                        If you have insurance questions that are troubling your practice, email them to PEN
                                        at and we will help you find the answers. Your questions are
                                        also important in helping PEN select topics for future issues of the Focal Point!

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                                                Vendor Highlights
                                       NEW PEN Vendor
                                   Pairing fashion with                     The McGee Group frame lines include Vera Bradley,
                                   technology to create award-              Orvis, XOXO, Totally Rimless, and Ducks Unlimited.
                                   winning designs, The McGee
                                   Group, specializes in the                PEN Member Discount:
                                   design and marketing of                  20% plus 2% Admin Fee Reduction
                                   eyewear, sunglasses, readers,
                                                                            Exclusive PEN Member Offer:
                                   and optical cases. Family-
                                                                            With a 15 piece opening order receive a $25.00 AMEX Gift Card
                                   owned and operated for over
                                                                            and 30/60 billing.
                                   30 years, their focus is simple...
                                                                            - OR -
                                   providing superior products,
                                                                            With a 24 piece opening order receive a $50.00 AMEX Gift Card,
                                   excellent service, and
                                                                            30/60 billing, and one free frame of choice.
                                   merchandising environments
                                   that translate the unique                Contact: 800-966-2020 or
                                   personalities of their brands.           or click here for details.

                                                                            prescriptions for all materials, including glass. They are also a
                                       NEW PEN Vendor
                                                                            distributor for a comprehensive list of lens manufacturers and
                                 Built on the principles of                 are able to supply any lens you require.
                                 providing the best service
                                 possible, using the highest                PEN Member Discount:
                                 quality materials, and                     25% off the Published List Price
                                 supporting independent                     Exclusive PEN Member Offer:
optometry, Mar-Lite Optical Suppliers is a laboratory that really           With every Shamir Autograph Lens purchase from now through
cares about your patients.                                                  October 31, 2010, receive $10 either as a credit with Mar-Lite or
Independently owned and operated, Mar-Lite is a modern,                     a live check at the end of the promotion.
full-service laboratory providing in-house processing of                    Contact: 888-291-2999

                      Classique Launches Lisa Loeb Eyewear
                      After years of requests from fans, Classique Eyewear
                      partners with Grammy nominated singer and songwriter,
                      Lisa Loeb, to present her unique eyewear collection that
                      portrays her signature cat-eye look. Click here for more.

                                   Lisa Loeb Eyewear is now available to PEN Members at an exclusive 10% discount.
                                To order, contact 800-444-9230, option 1 and ask to transfer Classique to your PEN statement.

                            Are you up for the Challenge?
                            Help raise funds for people around the
                            world who are blind or vision impaired by                                                            PEN
                            participating in the 2010 World Sight Day                                                          Supports
                            Challenge. Donate your eye exam fees on
                            any given days September 1st - October 14th                                                         World
                            ...and get your entire practice involved!                                                         Sight Day
              For more ways to participate or to get started,
                     contact PEN at 800-444-9230.

                                                                        6 800-444-9230   Primary Eyecare Network
Corneal Reshaping Provides
Advanced Treatment Options                                                         Mix & Match Fall Promo
Corneal reshaping is quickly entering the
mainstream of contact lens fitting.
CRT® is ideal for…                                                                         Now is the time
                                                                                     to stock up on Office Forms!
• Active Tweens and Teens (8-18 yrs old) who may lose or break their
contacts or glasses.
                                                                                              When you buy:
• Adults who are soft contact lens drop-outs, or who experience
  dryness or discomfort from their daytime contact lenses.                                 500 Examination Forms
A breakthrough delivery system that requires no investment in a lens
                                                                                     500 Medical History Questionnaires
inventory, CRT SureFit® provides certified practitioners a single-use, 3-lens
per eye fitting and dispensing system, which will ensure a high probability
                                                                                    500 Exam: Supplementary Tests Forms
of day-1, first fit success with Paragon CRT.
           Order Paragon CRT SureFit (now available online) and
              receive FREE customized Marketing materials!
                                                                                      Receive at no additional cost:
       Take advantage of this special offer, order CRT SureFit online at
                                     120 Lifetime Signature-on-File Labels
              Not yet certified to fit CRT? Not a problem!                      120 HIPAA Acknowledgement of Receipt Labels
                      CRT: Integration & Certification                                    100 Duty-to-Inform Labels
                   Presented by Richard Baker, OD, FAAO

              WEBINAR ~ September 21st 5:30-6:30pm PST                              Hurry, offer ends October 31st.
     FREE Webinar, hosted by an unrestricted grant from Paragon CRT.              Call today 800-444-9230, option 3.

               Primary Eyecare Network                                          Providing practice enhancement
         3000 Executive Parkway, Suite 310
                                                                                services and products to Doctors
               San Ramon, CA 94583-4255
     800-444-9230 •                                         of Optometry since 1984.

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