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Visio 2010 screen shots


									Visio 2010
                   Microsoft Visio 2010

      Simplify                   Connect                    Share

  Simplify complexity            Bring to life        Share real-time data
  with a diverse set of      your diagrams with         within clear and
intuitive & professional    dynamic, data-driven    interactive diagrams to
  diagramming tools.           visuals that are       virtually anyone via
                           connected to real-time    their browser, even if
                              data and refresh       they don’t have Visio.

         Advanced Diagramming Made Simple!
             Visio Standard
– Fluent User Interface (Ribbon)
– Auto Align and Space
– Quick Shapes
– Auto Size
             Visio Standard
• Swim lane Diagrams
             Visio Premium
• Insert Subprocess
             Visio Premium
• SharePoint Workflow Authoring
• Workflow Validation
              Visio Services
• Process Library
• Published Diagram
• Diagram Linked to Refreshable Data
                                                     Consumer requests a VDW,
    Visio Services                                   the server returns a PNG or
                                                     XAML representation of a
                                              PNG/   refreshed diagram
Generate and publish “VDW”
file to the server.


                             Visio Services
                                                           Consumer in

Creator                                         Consumers can navigate and
        Create dynamic,                         refresh in the browser and open
        data-driven diagrams                    the diagram in Visio 2010

              Visio Services
• Multiple connected web parts
              Visio Services
• Data Centers Connected to Microsoft System
  Center Data
• Drill-Down Capability
             Visio 2010 SKUs
• Visio Standard
• Visio Professional
• Visio Premium
                       Visio 2010 SKUs - New Features
                          New Key Features                  Standard       Professional     Premium
                                                                                                      Licensing Promotion
                       New Ribbon UI & Dynamic Preview
                                                                                                      • Visio 2007 Professional with
                       Quick shape & Shape window                                                       SA customers receive Visio
  Business Diagrams

                       Auto Align & Space                                                               2010 Premium. They will
                                                                                                        pay SA n Premium at
                       Insert and Delete Shapes                                                         renewal
                       Auto Size (Infinite Page)                       Step-up        Step-up         • Customers have the option
                       Container Object                                                                 to stay with Professional or
                                                                                                        have a Pro/Premium mix
                       New Cross Functional Flowchart
                       DWG Enhancement
                       Data legend & New Data Graphics UI

                       Excel Services support                                                         Visio Services
                       Visio Services                                                                 • Publishing dynamic data-
                                                                                                        driven diagram from Visio to
                       Six Sigma / Compliance stencils
  Process Diagram

                                                                                                        SharePoint Server require
                       SharePoint Workflow Template                                                     Professional or Premium
                       BPMN Template                                                                  • Viewing published dynamic
                                                                                                        data-driven diagram in a
                       Insert Subprocess
                                                                                                        browser via Visio Services
                       Structured Diagram Validation                                                    requires the SharePoint
                                                                                                        ECAL. It does not require
                       Workflow Visualization                                                           installing a Visio viewer
                                                                                                        or Visio on the local PC.


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