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					International Undergraduate Admission Application
 This application is to be used for first-year and university or college transfer undergraduate international students. Graduate, guest, post-
 bachelor’s degree, permit-to-register and renewal admission processes require separate applications. To receive the appropriate application
 by mail, call (877) WSU-INFO, or e-mail us at You may also download applications from our Web site at Our e-mail address is

                                                  secondary institutions must complete             mark sheets or other appropriate records
             Inquiries                            the pre-university educational curricula         of all secondary and/or university-level
                                                  in their own country, including all              grades/marks and descriptions of courses
 All correspondence regarding admission
                                                  internal/external state and governmental         (if available). The recording of grades of
 should be directed to this address:
                                                  examinations required for university             one or more colleges or universities on the
    International Undergraduate
                                                  entrance, in addition to holding at least a      transcript of another institution does not
    Admissions Counselor
                                                  2.75 overall grade-point average.                meet this requirement. If the educational
    Undergraduate Admissions
                                                  Any applicant, regardless of grade level,        system is similar to the American pattern,
    Wayne State University
                                                  may be required to submit SAT or ACT             all courses should be listed with letter
    PO Box 02759
                                                  scores if admissibility is not clearly           grades (A, B, C, D, E) or a comparable
    Detroit MI 48202-0759 USA
                                                  demonstrated on the basis of previous high       grading scale. Where the European
 All admission applications and supporting                                                         system (based on subject fields rather
                                                  school coursework.
 documents should be addressed to:                                                                 than courses) is used, official records of
    Undergraduate Admissions                      University/College Transfer Students
                                                                                                   subjects taken, as well as the results of all
    Wayne State University                        For admission into the liberal arts              examinations taken and passed, specifying
    PO Box 02759                                  curriculum, the transfer admission               the level of academic achievement, must
    Detroit MI 48202-0759 USA                     requirement is one year of coursework and        also be submitted. In countries where the
 Other inquiries pertaining to US                 a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0          unit, credit or hours for each course is used
 Immigration and Naturalization                   (on a scale of 1.0 to 4.0, with 4.0 being        (i.e. hours per week), this should also be
 Services (INS) regulations, US border-           the highest grade). Professional programs        listed on the academic record.
 crossing restrictions, health insurance          of study may have up to two years or
                                                                                                   All transcripts must be in native languages
 or employment on campus should be                more of prerequisites and require higher
                                                                                                   (where applicable) and an official English
 addressed to:                                    percentages or averages for admission.
                                                                                                   translation of these documents, with
    Office of International Students              Refer to the section, “Undergraduate
                                                                                                   official signatures and seals of the issuing
    and Scholars (OISS)                           Program of Study and Contact
                                                                                                   institutions, must also be submitted.
    42 W. Warren, 416 Welcome Center              Information,” for further explanation.
    Detroit MI 48202 USA                          Transfer applicants with less than one year
 You may contact the OISS by phone                of college or university-level coursework              Copies of Documents
 at (313) 577-3422 or at the following            should also request an official high school
 Internet address:            transcript, certificate or mark sheets.          Photocopies of original documents must
                                                  Transfer students taking coursework              bear the signature and seal (if applicable)
                                                  at the time of admission to Wayne                of the registrar/tabulator, or examination
         All Applicants                           State must request an updated official           controller of the issuing institution. The
                                                  transcript showing any additional credits.       signature and seal must be original and
 n International students must complete           This transcript must be sent from that           separate from the photographic image.
   the International Undergraduate                institution to the following address:            Attested or “true” copies are acceptable
   Admission Application.                             Wayne State University                       only if certified by signature and seal (if
 n Attach a check or money order for $50              Undergraduate Admissions                     applicable) of an administrative official
   in US funds for the application fee.               PO Box 02759                                 of the school in which the studies
   Make checks payable to Wayne State                 Detroit MI 48202-0759, USA                   were completed. In many instances,
   University. Cash is not accepted.              Applicants on probation, or with less than       academic documents can be attested by
                                                  a 2.0 grade-point average, or who have           the local embassy or consulate located
 n United States citizens living overseas
                                                  been excluded from another college or            in the country from which the student
   are not to complete the International
                                                  university, are asked to wait one calendar       is applying. For additional inquiries
   Undergraduate Admission Application.
                                                  year before applying for admission at            regarding the process of requesting and
                                                  Wayne State. At the time of application,         verifying academic credentials, contact the
 International Admission                          regular transfer admission requirements          international admissions counselor.
                                                  must be met.
 High School Students                                 Required Academic                                  Evaluation Agencies
 The requirement for first-year admission
 is a 2.75 cumulative grade-point average
                                                                                                   It is recommended, but not required,
 (on a scale of 1.0 to 4.0, with 4.0 being                                                         that applicants with credentials from
                                                  To be considered for admission as an
 the highest grade). To be considered for                                                          countries outside of North America submit
                                                  undergraduate international student,
 first-year admission, all graduates from                                                          transcripts to evaluation agencies. You
                                                  applicants must submit official transcripts,
may send your academic credentials to             Or you may contact TOEFL by phone at            the account number, account holder’s
Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)           (609) 921-9000 or online at                     signature, and bank official’s signature.
for evaluation regarding equivalency and You may also contact the         These documents are required for the
transfer of coursework. Contact ECE by            Office of Testing, Evaluation and Research      student F-1 or J-1 visa petition at the
mail at PO Box 92970, Milwaukee, WI               Services at Wayne State by calling              American Embassy/Consulate in the home
53202-0970 USA, by phone at                       (313) 577-3400 for instructions                 country. It is advised that the student
(414) 289-3400, or via the Internet               and registration information for the            request two original copies of financial
at For additional evaluation         institutional TOEFL. Students who have          documents: one for the visa application
agencies, or any other inquiry, you may           already submitted an application to Wayne       and one for Wayne State University.
contact the international admissions              State may contact the English Language
counselor.                                        Institute at (313) 577-2729 regarding the
                                                  institutional TOEFL/TWE/Oral exam.                 Registration Procedures
     English Proficiency
       Requirements                                University Application                         The Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20)

The following applicants are exempt from
                                                        Due Dates                                 accompanies the letter of admission and
                                                                                                  includes additional information about
taking the Test of English as a Foreign           Fall–May 1                                      registration procedures. Once your student
Language (TOEFL) and the Test of Written             (Classes begin in September)                 visa is approved and you have entered
English (TWE):                                                                                    the United States, it is imperative that
                                                  Winter–September 1
n International students whose native                                                             you contact the Office of International
                                                    (Classes begin in January)
   language is English.                                                                           Students and Scholars (OISS) at
                                                  Spring/Summer–January 2
n Applicants who have completed all                                                               (313) 577-3422. You must present your
                                                     (Classes begin in May)
  their secondary or post-secondary                                                               I-20 or DS-2019 to the OISS to finalize your
  education in the United States, Canada          Applications received after the above           transfer/entry. Failure to do so may affect
  or other English-speaking countries             deadlines will be deferred to the next          your student status in the United States
  such as the United Kingdom, the West            semester if appropriate.                        and will prevent you from registering for
  Indies, and other countries specified by                                                        classes in the semester following your
  the Wayne State University Office of                                                            entry. If you misplace your Form I-20,
  Undergraduate Admissions.                           Professional Schools                        please contact OISS for a copy.
For those applicants not meeting the
                                                  Applicants to professional schools such as
above exemption requirements, minimum
                                                  Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Nursing
scores of 550 TOEFL and Oral and TWE
5.5 are required. If taking the computer-
                                                  and Social Work should note the additional
                                                  requirements for admission. In many
based TOEFL, a minimum score of 213,
                                                  instances, admission to professional
in addition to a TWE and Oral of 5.5, is                                                          Wayne State University apartments and
                                                  programs requires a supplemental
required, IBT 79-80. Applicants may also                                                          new residence halls are conveniently
                                                  professional school application. Contact
take the University of Michigan English                                                           located on or within walking distance from
                                                  the respective program or department for
Proficiency Exam (MELAB). The minimum                                                             the main campus.
                                                  additional information. Applicants who
MELAB score required for Wayne State                                                              For more information, contact the Wayne
                                                  do not meet admission requirements for
admission is 85. For more information                                                             State Office of Housing and Residential
                                                  the professional programs may choose to
about the MELAB, contact the University                                                           Life at (313) 577-2116 for a preliminary
                                                  be considered for admission to the pre-
of Michigan at (734) 764-2416.                                                                    housing application. You may also visit the
                                                  professional programs in the College of
Applicants whose native language is not           Liberal Arts and Sciences.                      housing Web site at
English but who have been instructed in                                                           for additional information.
the English language are not necessarily
exempt from the TOEFL/TWE/Oral                    Financial Documentation
                                                         of Support                                         Campus Tour
The TOEFL/TWE/Oral Bulletin of
Information and Registration Form is              International students must provide
available from high school and university         official financial support statements           Campus tours are given Monday through
counseling offices and at many agencies.          documenting the sponsor’s willingness to        Friday and select Saturdays throughout the
These agencies include the Institute of           pay for tuition, registration fees, books and   year. Reservations are required. Call
International Education, African-American         supplies, and living expenses (if applicable)   (877) WSU-INFO for more information.
Institute, Amideast and the American-             for the duration of the anticipated study
Korean Foundation. If this information is         period at Wayne State (usually four years).
difficult to find in your local area, write to:
   TOEFL                                          A third party such as a bank must verify
   Box 6151                                       the ability of you or your sponsor to
   Princeton NJ 08541-6151 USA                    provide the needed funds. Use the bank
                                                  statement included in this booklet, or
                                                  request a letter from your sponsor’s
                                                  bank indicating the name of the bank,

Undergraduate Programs of Study and Contact Information
     Business Administration     Engineering Technology                  Dietetics
 200 Prentis Building            Engineering Technology Building         English
 5201 Cass Ave.                  4855 Fourth St.                         Environmental Science*
 (313) 577-4505                  (313) 577-0800                          Film Studies*  
 Accounting                      Computer                                Geology
 Business Logistics              Electrical/Electronic                   German or Slavic Studies
 Finance                         Electromechanical                            Polish
 Information Systems and         Industrial/Manufacturing                     Russian
                                 Mechanical                              History
                                 Product Design                          Humanities
                                                                         Information Systems Technology
                                                                         International Studies (Co-major)*
                                 Fine, Performing and                    Linguistics
 Education                       Communication Arts                      Mathematics
                                                                         Near Eastern or Asian Studies
 469 Education Building          Linsell House                                Arabic
 5425 Gullen Mall                5104 Gullen Mall                             Chinese
 (313) 577-1601                  (313) 577-5342                               Hebrew                               Japanese
                                 Art                                     Nutrition and Food Science
 Art Education                                                           Peace and Conflict Studies (Co-major)*
                                 Art History
 Elementary Education            Dance                                   Philosophy
 Health Education                Fashion Design and Merchandising        Physics
 Kinesiology                     Flim                                    Political Science
    Exercise and Sport Science   Journalism                              Psychology
                                 Media Arts and Studies                  Public Affairs
 Secondary Education
     Career and Technical        Music                                   Religious Studies*
     English                     Public Relations                        Romance Languages and Literature*
     Foreign Language                                                         French
                                 Speech Communication
     Mathematics                                                              Italian
     Science                                                                  Spanish
     Social Studies                                                      Sociology
     Speech                                                              Urban Studies (Co-major)*
 Special Education               Liberal Arts and Sciences               Women’s Studies (Co-major)*
     Cognitive Impairment                                                * You cannot apply directly into this program.
     Speech Impaired             2155 Old Main                           Please see the WSU Undergraduate Bulletin
                                 4841 Cass Ave.                          for additional program requirements.
                                 (313) 577-2515
 Engineering                     Africana Studies
                                 American Studies*
 1100 Engineering Building       Anthropology
 5050 Anthony Wayne Drive        Biological Sciences
 (313) 577-3780               Canadian Studies*
 Civil and Environmental
                                 Communication Sciences and Disorders*
 Electrical and Computer with
      Electrical or Computer     Comparative Literature*
      Engineering Options        Composition*
 Industrial and Manufacturing    Computer Science
 Mechanical                      Criminal Justice

Undergraduate Programs of Study and Contact Information
 Nursing                                     Social Work
                                             135 Thompson Home
 10 Cohn Building
                                             4753 Cass Ave.
 5557 Cass Ave.
                                             (313) 577-4409
 (313) 577-4082
                                                              Pre-Social Work in Liberal Arts and
 Pre-Nursing in Liberal Arts and Sciences         Sciences
 Accelerated RN-MSN Program                  Social Work
                                             Contact the school for a professional
 RN-BSN Completion Program
                                             school application. Priority processing
 Second Career/Second Degree                 date: Feb. 28 for fall semester.
 Traditional Program
 Admission deadlines: March 31 for fall
 enrollment in Traditional and Second
                                              Special Programs                         Interdisciplinary Studies
 Career/Second Degree (CD2) programs;                                                  2220 Academic/Administrative Building
 Aug. 1, Dec. 1 and April 1 for fall,                                                  5700 Cass Ave.
 winter and spring enrollment respectively   Chicano-Boricua Studies                   (313) 577-4627
 in Accelerated and RN-BSN Completion
 programs.*                                  3324 Faculty/Administration Building      Three bachelor’s-degree programs:
                                             656 W. Kirby                              four-year program for adult learners;
                                             (313) 577-4378                            two-year capstone program for holders
                                                       of associate of applied science degrees;
 Pharmacy and                                Co-major                                  and the technical and interdisciplinary
 Health Sciences                             This program aims to increase the
                                                                                       studies program for graduates of
                                                                                       two-year technical, vocational and
 Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy        number of Latinos with a university       professional associate of applied science
 and Health Sciences                         education by supporting them              degree programs.
 259 Mack                                    with personalized advising, self-
 (313) 577-1716                              empowerment, learning communities,                          leadership opportunities and special
 Pre-Professional Programs in Liberal        scholarships. The program offers          Labor Studies Program
      Arts and Sciences: Occupational        courses in the history, literature and
                                             culture of Latinos and Latin America.
      Therapy, Pharmacy and Physical                                                   656 W. Kirby St.
                                             To apply, contact the program, attend
      Therapy                                                                          3178 Faculty/Administration Building
                                             an orientation session and file a Free
 Anatomic Pathologists’ Assistant                                                      (313) 577-2191
                                             Application for Federal Student Aid
 Clinical Laboratory Science                                                 
                                             (FAFSA) if you are a Michigan resident.
 Health Sciences Concentrations                                                        Co-major
     Cytotechnology                                                                    Develop the critical skills to analyze
                                                                                       employment and workplace issues,
 Mortuary Science
                                             Honors Program                            with a special focus on the needs and
                                                                                       interests of workers and their unions.
 Radiation Therapy Technology
                                             2100 Undergraduate Library
 Radiologic Technology                       5155 Gullen Mall
 Mortuary Science —Admission deadline:       (313) 577-3030
 March 15 for fall semester                                  Postbachelor’s Certificates
 Radiation Therapy Technology—     
 Admission deadline: April 1 for fall        Co-major                                  (Must already possess a U.S. Equivalent
 semester                                    College or department honors may be       bachelor’s degree)
 Radiologic Technology — Admission           available in your major. For a list of    Accounting, (313) 577-4505
 deadline: Jan. 30 for fall semester         Honors tracks, visit    Clinical Laboratory Science,
 Admission deadline for programs is                                                        (313) 577-1384
 April 15 for the fall semester unless                                                 Computer Science, (313) 577-2477
 otherwise noted.*                                                                     Dietetics, (313) 577-2500
                                                                                       Forensic Investigation, (313) 577-1716
                                                                                       Nonprofit Sector Studies,
 *Contact the college for a professional
 school application.                                                                       (313) 577-7683

International Undergraduate Admission Application
 Return to Wayne State University • Undergraduate Admissions • PO Box 02759 • Detroit MI 48202-0759 • USA
 A non-refundable application fee of $50 is required. Attach check or money order made payable to “Wayne State
 University.” Checks drawn on foreign banks must carry the notation; “Payable in US funds plus service charges.”

 Have you ever applied to WSU? q Yes q No If yes, did you register for classes? q Yes q No What was your student ID #?

 Legal Name                                                                                                      Former/Maiden Name
 	                     Last	(Family	Name)	         First	                	            Middle	

 Mailing Address
                       	                           	                     	            City	                      State	        ZIP

 Permanent Foreign Address
 	                     	                           Street	               	            City	                      Country

 Phone Number
                       Home		                      	                     Work	        	                          	             Cell

 E-mail Address

 Gender q M q F                   Birth Date                                                    US Social Security Number
 	                     	          Western	Calendar	(mm,dd,yy)	 	                      	         	            	             	   If	none,	leave	blank

 Country of Birth                                            Country of Citizenship                          Country of Legal Residence

 If you have a US non-immigrant status, please specify:

 Type of non-immigrant status:           q TN                q F-2           q H-4    q L-2     q J-2        q R-2

                                         q H-1               q L-1           q J-1    q F-1     q R-1        q Other
 International students currently holding F-1/J-1 status at a US college or university must submit a non-immigrant immigration status
 verification with a copy of the current I-20 or IAP-66.

 Name of Parent or Legal Guardian (Emergency Contact):

 Address:                                                                                       Phone:

 Indicate when you wish to be a student at Wayne State University.

 q Fall 20 _________(early September)              q Winter 20 _________(early January)         q Spring/Summer 20 _________(early May)
 Application	Deadline	dates:				May	1	for	fall		   September	1	for	winter		           	         January	2	for	spring/summer

 Select the college/major to which you wish to apply and write your selection in the space provided. See pages 3-4 for the list.

 College within Wayne State                                                                                  Major

 Proof of proficiency in the English language is required before you begin academic study.
 List any English proficiency examinations taken.

 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
 	                           	                                          Score	                  Test	Date	                                Test	Location

 Test of Written English (TWE)
 	                           	                                          Score	                  Test	Date	                                Test	Location

 Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)
 	                           	                                          Score	                  Test	Date	                                Test	Location

 Other Examination(s)
 	                           Name	of	Examination	                       Score	                  Test	Date	                                Test	Location

 If you do not meet the English Proficiency Requirement, will you attend the Wayne State English Language Institute? q Yes q No
 Minimum requirements for Wayne State University: TOEFL 550                 TWE 5.5       Computer-based: TOEFL 213
                                                         MELAB 85           TWE 5.5       IBT 79        ORAL 5.5

List the names and dates of attendance of all secondary schools, colleges, universities and specialized institutions you have attended. Include
any Wayne State colleges and schools you are currently attending, if applicable. Attach an additional sheet if necessary.
Please attach a syllabus of foreign courses.

Name of School                Location                              Dates of Attendance                        Degree, Diploma
                              (City, State/Country)                 From:           To:                        or Certificate
	                             	                                   Month-Year	   Month-Year	
Secondary School

College, University, Institution, Other

Are you currently attending a college/university? q Yes           q No

If yes, which one?

How many credits are you taking this term?

If you previously began and discontinued studies at a college or university, state reason for discontinuing:

Personal Statement — Please use this space to include any additional information about yourself you would like us to have.

I understand that withholding information requested on this application or giving false information will make me ineligible for admission to
Wayne State or subject to dismissal. I certify that the statements I have made on this application are correct and complete. Your signature is
required before Wayne State can process this application.

Applicant’s signature                                                                                      Date


Instructions for Completing the Summary
of Educational Experience

              Column 1                                     Column 4                                     Column 7
Write the appropriate calendar years on      Write the name used to identify the          Write the name of any examination(s)
each line for every school year attended,    year attended (“grade,” “standard,”          passed or certificate(s) obtained at the
beginning with the year you first entered    “form,” “sixieme,” “cinquieme,” “sexta,”     end of that school year. If the certificate
elementary school and continuing to          “quinta,” etc.). Use the terminology         is awarded only upon completion of
the final year of attendance.                of the country in which the school is        a type of school (elementary, middle,
                                             located. Do not try to translate it into     secondary, university, etc.), write the
                                             American terminology.                        name opposite the corresponding
              Column 2                                                                    school year in column 3. List the name
                                                                                          of the document in the terminology
Write your age at the beginning of each                    Column 5                       of the country, such as “GCE,”
school year. If you were 6 years old in                                                   “Reifezeugniss,” “Student-ereksamen,”
the first school year, write “6” on the      Write the name of the school you             “Bachillerato,” “Artium,” “Baccalaureat
first line and list your correct age for     attended. Again, use the terminology of      I and II,” “Secondary and Intermediate,”
each successive year.                        the country. Do not try to translate it      “Diploma,” “Attestat Certificate” or
                                             into American terminology.                   whatever is applicable in your case.
                                                                                          Do not convert any name to American
              Column 3                                                                    terminology.
                                                           Column 6
This represents the actual years you
attended school. Your first year is No. 1;   Write the town or city and country
your second year is No. 2; etc. Allow one    where the school is located.
line for each year.

If any interruptions occurred in your educational career such as academic failure, illness, financial problems, natural disaster
(flood, earthquake, etc.), political upheaval or any other reason that prevented a normal, sequential progress in school, write
and attach to this form a full and detailed explanation.

If you need to include any information or explanation concerning your educational career not provided in this form, write your
statements below. Use separate sheets if necessary and attach to this form.

Summary of Educational Experience by Years
    Type or print your full name as you would customarily write it. Underline the family name (or other, if family name is not
    used) under which you want to be officially listed in the Wayne State University Records Office.

                           First               Other Names                             Family Name

    Birth Date
    (Western Calendar)     Month                Day             Year

    Place of birth
                           Town or City        Province                                Country

    Read and follow directions on the reverse side before completing this form.

            1             2               3           4                   5                      6                   7

        Calendar         Your        Year in     Name of         Name of School or         Location       Diplomas, Certificates
          Year           Age         School     School Year     University Attended        of School        and Graduations

            –                             1

            –                             2

            –                             3

            –                             4

            –                             5

            –                             6

            –                             7

            –                             8

            –                             9

            –                             10

            –                             11

            –                             12

            –                             13

            –                             14

            –                             15

            –                             16

            –                             17

            –                             18

    Signature                                                                                          Date

Instructions for Completing the Statement
of Financial Support
Read the following instructions          side of this form must be completed.       In addition, if admitted, the
carefully before completing the          If the applicant will be supported         applicant will need to prove to the
Statement of Financial Support           by a government, agency or                 US Consulate officer in the home
and submitting it to Wayne State         organizational sponsor, the sponsor        country that there are sufficient
University.                              must complete SECTION B.                   funds to cover the first year of study.
Official sponsorship letters including   If the applicant is married and plans      Therefore, we suggest that you
details, terms and amounts of the        to bring a spouse and dependent            request two original copies of all
award are to be attached to the          children to the United States,             financial documents: one copy for
Statement of Financial Support.          additional funds are required to           you to keep and submit to the US
This form must be completed and          cover the expenses of the spouse           Consulate and the other to send to
submitted along with an original         and children.                              WSU with the original application
bank statement or official letter of                                                for admission.
                                         The Wayne State University Office
award from the sponsor as part of        of Undergraduate Admissions will           Return this completed form to
the admission process. Photocopies       not issue the Certificate of Eligibility    Wayne State University
of the documents are not acceptable.     until the applicant has                     Undergraduate Admissions
The United States Citizenship and                                                    PO Box 02759
                                         1. provided evidence of                     Detroit MI 48202-0759 USA
Immigration Services regulations            acceptable English proficiency
require that all international              (undergraduate students may             Students interested in information
applicants demonstrate their ability        attend the English Language             about studying in the US are
to meet all living and educational          Institute)                              welcome to visit the State
expenses for the entire intended                                                    Department’s Bureau of Educational
period of study for the university       2. provided evidence of adequate           and Cultural Affairs Web site at
to issue a Certificate of Eligibility       financial resources           
(Form I-20 AB or DS-2019). For this      3. received a positive admission
reason, this form must be completed         decision
and returned regardless of the source
of funding. If the applicant will be
supported by personal and/or family
funds, SECTION A on the reverse

Statement of Financial Support
           Family or Surname                           First/Given                    Middle                        Student Number (if known)

           Number/Street                               City                           State               Country           Postal Code

 A. Affidavit of Support for Applicants Sponsored by Personal/Family Funds.
         Your sponsor must complete this Statement of Financial Support and submit verifying bank documentation.
         (Applicants supported by a government agency or organizational sponsor should leave this section blank and
         complete Section B below).

 I,                                                                  , do hereby promise to pay the following expenses for

                                                                     for his/her duration of study at Wayne State University.

 Check all that apply:                     q Tuition, fees and health insurance
                                           q Living expenses for applicant
                                           q Living expenses for applicant’s dependent(s)

 I certify that I have sufficient funds to cover the minimum cost as indicated on the Wayne State University “Financial
 Requirements for Undergraduate International Students” form. As verification, I am providing a certified bank statement in
 English, showing current deposit balances and the equivalent US dollar amount. If the applicant’s spouse and/or child(ren)
 accompany him/her, I will also provide full financial support for them.

 Signature of Sponsor                                                                                               Date

 Relationship to Applicant                                                            Telephone Number

 Address of Sponsor
                           Number/Street                             City/State                 Country                     Postal Code

 Total amount in US dollars available for applicant per year: $

 B. Affidavit of Support for Applicants Sponsored by Government, Agency or Organization.
 This section must be completed by the sponsoring agency. If, in addition, the sponsor is submitting a separate official
 statement of the award, the statement must be on official letterhead and include all of the information requested below.

 We,                                                                 , do hereby certify that we will pay the following

 expenses for                                          from                           through

 Check all that apply:                     q Tuition, fees and health insurance
                                           q Living expenses for applicant
                                           q Living expenses for applicant’s dependent(s)

 Study is approved for                                 in                             at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

 The award is effective from                                         through

 The total amount of the award in US dollars is $

 Signature                                                                                                          Date

           Number/Street                                             City/State                 Country             Postal Code

 Official Title                                                      City

 Department/Division                                                 State             Country                      Postal Code

Bank Statement
                                                                                                        Student ID#

  Bank Official

         Student’s Name (Last, First)

  Wayne State University and US Citizenship and Immigration Services require that foreign applicants for
  admission to Wayne State University submit documentation indicating that sufficient funds are available to
  cover tuition, fees and living expenses for the first year of study.

  It is advised that you certify the balance of the account held at your branch for the individual whose
  signature is below.

                                                                                                     Account Number

                                                                          Signature of Account Holder or Sponsor

  We,                                              , certify that the account in the name of
         Bank Name

                                                   has a balance of $
         Account Holder’s Name                                              (stated in US dollars)

  at the close of business on                             .

         Bank Stamp                                                                        Signature of Bank Official
           or Seal

                                Mail original form to                   Wayne State University
                                                                        Undergraduate Admissions
                                                                        PO Box 02759
                                                                        Detroit MI 48202-0759 USA

                  A second original should be issued to the student for his or her records.

Financial Requirements for Undergraduate
International Students

     Expenses for International Students
 Tuition:                                 $13,688
 Living Expenses:                         $13,088

 Total:                                  $26,776*

     * EFFECTIVE DATE: September 1, 2003 (fees subject to change by action of the university Board of Governors)
      Eligible applicants/employees, A, E,G,H,I, L, R and TN visa Holders, and their spouses and dependent
     children of the above named categories are eligible for waiver of the non-resident portion of assessed tuition.
     To be eligible upon admission eligible students must complete the “request for Waiver of the Non-Resident
     Portion of Tuition” form. For more information visit

Housing for Undergraduate International Students
     Ghafari and South Residence Halls                        n Laundry rooms on every other floor
                                                              n 24-hour staffed reception area
      First-year students only                                n Hotel-like card entry
      Located in the heart of campus, steps from the 24-
                                                              n 400-person café-style dining facility
      hour Undergraduate Library, the Recreation and
      Fitness Center, the Student Center and classes          n Fitness facilities on every third floor
                                                              n Retail and convenience stores on first floor
                                                              n Green spaces around the building
      n Live-in residence hall director and student
        resident assistants                                   Room rental rates shown (meal plan not included)
                                                              A: Four-Person Suite: $4,280
      n Study rooms and social lounges on each floor
                                                                  Two double-occupancy bedrooms
      n Each room equipped with high-speed Internet
                                                              B: Four-Person Suite:           $4,760
        connection, cable and local telephone services
                                                                  Two double-occupancy bedrooms with shared living area
      n Fully equipped on-site laundry facilities
                                                              C: Four-Person Suite:
      n Staffed 24-hour reception desk with card access           Single Bed:                 $5,040
                                                                  Double Room:                $4,535
      n Academic, social and personal programs and                Two single-occupancy bedrooms, one shared bedroom
        workshops provided                                        with shared living area
      Room rental rates shown (Must choose one of             D: Four-Person Suite:           $5,040
      two meal plans)                                             Four single-occupancy bedrooms and shared living area
      Furnished Two-Person Room                               D: Four-Person Suite (Large):
         $4,175                                                                        $5,290
          With private bath                                       Four single-occupancy bedrooms with large living area
      19-Meal Plan           $2,400**                         E: One Bedroom (limited number available): $5,954
      Nineteen meals a week. Breakfast, lunch and                 One single-occupancy bedroom
      dinner, Monday through Friday. Brunch and               F: Two-Person Suite:            $5,290
      dinner Saturday and Sunday. Meals must be taken             Two single-occupancy bedrooms with small living area
      during designated serving times.
                                                              G: Two-Person Room:             $4,175
      15-Meal Plan          $2,650**                              One double-occupancy bedroom
      Fifteen meals a week Monday through Sunday.
                                                              Each suite has a private bathroom.
      *Rates are per person for the academic year fall and    Undergraduate students must choose one of three meal
       winter semesters and does not include meal plan.       plans.
                                                              10-Meal Plan                    $2,200
      **2006/2007 rates.
                                                              10 meals a week, Monday through Sunday. You will receive
     The Towers Residential Suites                            $150 on your student debit card to spend on food at other
                                                              campus venues.
                                                              Five-Meal Plan                  $1,200
     Sophomores, juniors and seniors
     Located in the heart of campus, steps from the 24-hour   Five meals a week, Monday through Sunday. You will receive
     Undergraduate Library, the Recreation and Fitness        $100 on your student debit card to spend on food at other
                                                              campus venues.
     Center, the Student Center and classes
                                                              Super 78 Block                  $1,000
                                                              Any 78 meals each semester.
     n Free Internet access                                   • For Towers Residents suites
     n Cable connections                                      • Rates are per person for the academic year
     n Multiple social and study lounges on each floor        • Does not include the cost of a mandatory meal plan
                                                              • Fully furnished.
                                                              *Rates subject to change.
Housing for Undergraduate International Students
     University Tower
     Juniors and seniors
     Modern, 11-story, 300-unit complex is at the southern end
     of the main campus. Take a short walk to classes or ride
     the free shuttle

     n Each apartment is wired for access to the
       university’s computer network
     n Multipurpose room, television lounge, study
       lounge, large laundry facility, child-care center and
       WDET radio offices on the first floor

     n Two- and three-bedroom units have two baths

     n Units have air conditioning and heat controls

     Room rental rates shown
     One Bedroom:            $758
         * Does not include $10/month mandatory cable fee*

     Two Bedroom:                  $935
         * Does not include $20/month mandatory cable fee*

     Three Bedroom:              $1,118
         * Does not include $20/month mandatory cable fee*

     • Rates are monthly.
     • All apartment units are unfurnished.
     • Please contact for furniture rental

Release of Information
According to university regulations we are not permitted to release information pertaining to an
applicant's status to anyone but the applicant.

If you wish to designate a specific person in this country as your representative, provide
the following information.

Important:         This form must be completed by the applicant and mailed directly to the Office of
                   Undergraduate Admissions. It will not be accepted if it is hand-carried to the office.

Please Print

Name of representative:


Phone number:


Your Signature:

Print your name:
                                      Last (Family Name)                        First (Given Name)

Student ID number:
                                      (If Known)

If you would like your I-20 Form to be given to your representative, sign below.


Print your name:                                                                Date:

Mail form to:      Wayne State University
                   Undergraduate Admissions
                   PO Box 02759
                   Detroit MI 48202-0759, U.S.A.

Undergraduate International Checklist
 Students Applying from Other Countries:
 q   1. Official application and $50 application fee payable in US funds.

 q   2. Certified English translations of all university transcripts required by the university. Translations must bear
        the seal/stamp of the issuing institution.

 q   3. Official transcripts in native language.

 q   4. For transfer credit purposes, please submit copies of all course descriptions

 q   5. Signed Statement of Financial Support. This cannot be more than six months old.

 q   6. Supporting bank and funding documentation verifying the minimum required dollar amount specified
        on the “Financial Requirements for Undergraduate International” form. Bank documentation must show
        equivalent dollar amount and cannot be more than six months old.

 q   7. TOEFL or MELAB with minimum score of 550 or 85, respectively, and TWE and oral scores of 5.5 or more.
        Minimum required score for the computer-based TOEFL is 213, with oral score of 5.5, IBT TOEFL 79-80. Test
        results cannot be more than two years old.

 q   8. Signed photograph (only one is needed).

 q   9. If you are currently holding a non-immigrant immigration status (H1/H4, B1, F2, TN, L1/L2, etc.), include a
        photocopy of your current visa documents.

 Transfer Students from American Universities/Colleges:
 q   1. Official transcripts from high school and college or university must be forwarded directly from each
        institution attended.

 q   2. Current Statement of Financial Support (This cannot be more than six months old).

 q   3. Supporting bank documentation verifying the minimum required dollar amount specified on the “Financial
        Requirements for Undergraduate International” form. Bank documentation must show equivalent dollar
        amount and cannot be more than six months old.

 q   4. TOEFL or MELAB with minimum score of 550 or 85, respectively, and TWE and oral scores of 5.5 or more.
        Minimum required score for the computer-based TOEFL is 213, with oral score of 5.5, IBT TOEFL 79-80. Test
        results cannot be more than two years old.

 q   5. Signed photograph (only one is needed).

 q   6. Copy of current I-20.

 q   7. Official application and $50 application fee payable in US funds.

 q   8. If you are currently holding a non-immigrant immigration status (H1/H4, B1, F2, TN, L1/L2, etc.), include a
        photocopy of your current visa documents.

 q   9. F-1 and J-1 students must contact their international students office to get released in SEVIS to the WSU
        Office of Undergraduate Admissions before it can process a new I-20 or DS-2019.

 IMPORTANT: All bank documentation must be original. No photocopies are accepted.

 Mail all documentation directly to
                                Wayne State University                                         World-Class Education
                                Office of Undergraduate Admissions                             in the Real WorldTM
                                PO Box 02759

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