Children and Cell Phones

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					                                                      Moms for Safer Wireless

                                                Moms for Safer Wireless is a national non-
            Quotes from Experts                 profit organization dedicated to enhancing the
                                                public’s understanding of wireless technology
“Children may be more vulnerable be-            and products. The organization engages in
cause of their developing nervous sys-          educational activities aimed at increasing the
tem, the greater absorption of energy
in the tissues of the head and a longer         public’s awareness of radiofrequency radia-
lifetime of exposure.”                          tion, electromagnetic radiation and the poten-
Renowned British biochemist and presi-          tial health implications of wireless products
dent of the British Association for the Ad-
vancement of Science Sir William Stewart
                                                and technology.
                                                                                                      Children and Cell Phones
"I see us facing a major problem in             We provide brown-bag lunch presentations at
the future because of the fact that             offices, assessments at homes and offices, and
young children are on cell phones
constantly, and we may be setting               products to help reduce the effects of radio-
ourselves up for an epidemic of                 frequency radiation.                                  You nurtured your children when
brain cancer, the same thing we did                                                                   they were infants. Keep them
with cigarette smoking and lung                     Where can I get more information?
cancer." Dr. David Carpenter, director                                                                healthy as they become adults in
of the Institute for Health & the Environ-                                                            our high-technology world.
ment at the University at Albany                 Visit the following websites to get more informa-
                                                 tion including the reports cited in this brochure:
“The scientific evidence tells us that 
our safety standards are inadequate,
and that we must protect ourselves     
from exposure to EMF due to power                                                  Picture placement
lines, cell phones and the like.” Re-  
search professor Martin Blank PhD      
(Associate Professor, Columbia Univer-
sity College of Physicians and Surgeons)          MOMS FOR SAFER WIRELESS
                                              W W W . M O M S F O R SA FE W I R E L E S S . OR G
Cell phone use “has far broader pub-
lic health ramifications than asbes-
tos and smoking, and directly con-                            Gainesville, VA 20155
cerns all of us, particularly the
younger generation, including very                              Phone: 703-431-1558
young children.” Vini G. Khurana,                                Fax: 703-754-8973
Mayo Clinic trained, Associate Professor              E-mail:
of Neurosurgery at the Australian Na-
tional University Medical School
                                                                                                         Tips for Safer Cell Phone Use
Research on Cell Phone Use and
           Brain Tumors                                                                                   Talk on cell phones only when abso-
                                                                                                           lutely necessary.
Independently-funded research has found
an association between using cell phones
                                                   5 yr. old          10 year old        adult
                                                                                                          Use an air tube headset when speak-
for more than 10 years and brain tumors.
                                                                                                           ing on a cell phone.
Most recently, all but 1 of 14 studies be-
tween 2002 and 2010 have concluded that            Children are More At Risk
using a cell phone for more than 10 years
                                                                                                          Text or use your speakerphone.
                                                   The above images show the amount of ra-
can increase the risk of developing acous-
                                                   diation penetrating the brain of a 5-year old,
tic neuromas (tumor of the nerve connect-                                                                 Keep cell phones out of your pockets
                                                   10-year old, and adult using a cell phone.
ing your ear to your brain) or gliomas. (Of                                                                and away from your body.
                                                   Because the brains of young children are
10,000 Americans diagnosed each year
                                                   less dense and more porous than adults and
with malignant gliomas, about half are alive
                                                   children’s skulls are thinner, children absorb
                                                                                                          Don’t leave a cell phone near your
1 year after diagnosis, and 25% after two                                                                  bed or under your pillow at night.
                                                   more radiofrequency radiation in their
years.) The BioInitiative Report of 2007           brains than adults. In 2005, the Journal of the
(, developed by an           American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed               Don’t use a cell phone in a car, bus, or
international working group of 14 scien-           that children are especially sensitive to elec-         train.
tists, reports that people who have used a         tromagnetic fields because their developing
cell phone for 10 years or more predomi-
                                                   nervous systems are fragile, their brain tis-          Avoid wearing metal-rimmed glasses.
nantly on one side of the head have a 200%
                                                   sues more conductive, and their smaller                 These glasses can reflect microwaves
increased risk of getting a brain tumor.
                                                   skeletons more easily penetrated by the                 then reemit radiation onto the eye.
Not All Studies Are Inde-
pendent                                            Other reported health effects from cell
                                                   phone use include headaches, fatigue, ringing
Most cell phone research covers less than          in the ears, brain fog, nausea, memory loss,
10 years of analysis. In addition, the source      dizziness, and skin rashes.
of research funding has an affect on re-
search outcomes. In research published in
Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume                      THE FOLLOWING
                                                         COUNTRIES RECOMMEND
I15, Number 1, January 2007, lead author                   L I MI T E D U S E O F C E L L
Anke Huss reported that studies funded                    PHONES BY CHILDREN:
exclusively by the wireless industry had
                                                               UNITED KINGDOM
the largest number of outcomes, but were                           FRANCE
least likely to report statistically significant                   RUSSIA
results. When reading studies of radiofre-                          JAPAN
quency radiation, one should take into                             ISRAEL
account the funder of the research.

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