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November / December 2009

  PEN Celebrates 25 Years!
                                    was, is and a   lways will be the foundation of PEN’s goals and aspirations.
                    ndent Optometry

                                                                                    What’s Inside
                                                                                    - Advisory Board Provides
                                                                                      O.D. perspective
                                                                                    - FREE offer from Paragon
                                                                                    - Education that benefits
                                                                                      your entire practice
                                                                                    - PEN serves the community

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 Advisory Board Provides the O.D. Perspective
 Since its beginning 25 years ago, PEN has relied on an            PEN Advisory Board Meeting - August 21-22, 2009, Newport, CA
 Advisory Board of O.D.s to provide guidance, recommenda-            Dr. Steve Faith (Livermore, CA) was named new
 tions and direction for prioritizing our efforts.                   Chairperson of the PEN Advisory Board.
 The PEN Advisory Board consists of some of the most promi-           Some of key issues discussed: web-based technology
 nent and influential doctors in our membership. They are in-         including an online ordering platform, medical model,
 credibly enthusiastic and willing to invest time and effort in       and managed care.
 researching new programs, keeping PEN abreast of current
 industry issues, and helping implement innovative products        All of us at PEN would like to thank Dr. Ed Liu (Pleasanton, CA) for
 and services in order to help PEN Members succeed.                his six years of service as Advisory Board Chair. Luckily for all of us
                                                                   he will continue to serve as a Board member. In Dr. Liu’s words,
                                                                   “There is something to be said for the jolt of energy you get from
                                                                   a productive meeting, one where fresh ideas are presented and
                                                                   issues are resolved; an opportunity to think out of the box and
                                                                   maybe venture out of your comfort zone. That is the feeling I get
                                                                   each time I attend one of our PEN Advisory Board meetings.
                                                                   The PEN Advisory Board includes: Steve Faith, O.D., F.A.A.O. (Liver-
                                                                   more, CA), Troy Humphreys, O.D. (Sparks, NV), Steve Langsford, O.D.
                                                                   (Oxnard, CA), Aaron Lech, O.D., F.A.A.O. (Roseville, CA), Edwin Liu,
                                                                   O.D. (Pleasanton, CA), Lori Nishida, O.D. (Burbank, CA), Daniel Quon,
      Debbie Oseguera, PEN Director of Operations (l.)             O.D. (Costa Mesa, CA), Kenneth Sakazaki, O.D. (Sacramento, CA),
    is pictured with Steve Faith, O.D., F.A.A.O. (r.), newly
                                                                   Larry Wan, O.D. (Campbell, CA), Eric White, O.D. (San Diego, CA).
       named Chairperson of the PEN Advisory Board.

 Optometric Billing Tips                                          PEN’s Optometric Billing & Consulting Services
 PEN’s Billing Service Representatives have received many            Review your claims prior to submission for the
 inquiries about the following important topics:                     following errors:
 ICD 10: ICD codes are diagnosis codes that describe a par-          • Missing or invalid subscriber ID • Missing or invalid diagnosis codes
 ticular disease or condition and are used on claims that            • Missing date of birth           • Missing date of service
 are submitted to insurances for payment. Because the cur-
 rent ICD-9 diagnosis codes are running out of room, the
                                                                    Eligible service dates when re-enrolling/re-activating
 entire US will be moving to the ICD-10 diagnosis codes on
                                                                    PTANs: Many practices have experienced claim deni-
 10/01/2013 and not in 2010 as originally scheduled.
                                                                    als when resubmitting claims after their PTANs (provider
 For more information on ICD 10 deadlines visit the Health          transaction numbers) have been re-activated. The reason
 & Human Services website at               is that as of April 1, 2009 providers receive an effective date
 press/2009pres/01/20090115f.html                                   only 30 days prior to the date Medicare receives a valid,
                                                                    signed application requesting reactivation, as opposed to
                            Claim Errors: PEN’s Optometric          the previously allowed 12 months.
                            Billing & Consulting Services pro-
                                                                    Medicare does not send notification of deactivated PTANs.
                            cess over 3,000 claims per month.
                                                                    To avoid any disruption in claim submission and payment,
                            We consistently see the same er-
                                                                    it is important to investigate any unusual delay in pay-
                            rors that cause claims to be re-
                                                                    ments by contacting your Medicare carrier. If your PTAN
                            turned to practices for correction.
                                                                    has been deactivated, it is important to submit your ap-
                            These errors are simple oversights
                                                                    plications as soon as possible to ensure that you are able
                            that can be easily fixed. Correct-
                                                                    to receive payment for all services you render.
                            ing these issues prior to submis-
                            sion will save your practice time               PENs Optometric Billing & Consulting Services
                            and money regardless of the sub-                  Now offering Medicare Eligibility Inquiry!
                            mission method you choose.                       Contact 800.444.9230, option 4, for details.

Primary Eyecare Network 800-444-9230
Primary Eyecare Network
                           Vendor Highlights                                          November / December 2009

             Exclusive Offer for PEN Members
                       Expand your treatment options...Expand your practice!
                              Introducing Paragon CRT® SureFit®
                  A Breakthrough Delivery System Requiring No Lens Inventory Investment

             CRT SureFit provides certified practitioners a single-use, 3-lens per eye fitting and
       dispensing system that will ensure a high probability of day-1, first fit success with Paragon CRT.

                 FREE first fit to the initial 50 PEN Members...
                 ...who order Paragon CRT SureFit, compliments of ABB CONCISE!
                                   Offer good through November 30th.
                      Contact Paragon customer service at 800-528-8279, ext.1 to order.

       In order to be eligible for this exclusive offer, you
       must have an ABB CONCISE account set up through
       PEN. Call the PEN office at 800-444-9230, ext. 701 to
       transfer your account.

       Please Note: Offer NOT valid to PEN members
       who already have a CRT DDS set. One free fit per
       practitioner…no exceptions. Unused lenses (4)
       must be returned to Paragon.

       If you are not yet certified to fit CRT, you may take
       the certification exam online; please visit

                           800-444-9230 •                                                 WEB1109
                       Introducing…                                PEN Members receive discounts on a sliding scale:
                       Carl Zeiss Vision as the newest ad-               $0-500............................................10%
                       dition to PEN’s preferred vendor list!            $501-2500 ....................................20%
                                                                         $2501-7500 ..................................24%
                     A worldwide leader in developing eye-
                     glass lens designs, coatings and mate-              $7501+ ..........................................28%
rials, Carl Zeiss Vision continually creates innovative new       In addition, all PEN Doctors are eligible for the Carl Zeiss
products that bring better vision to people in all aspects       Rewards Program. For more information, call 800-358-8258
of their lives. They offer a complete range of ophthalmic
                                                                           or visit
lenses and coatings that meet the highest vision standards
of patient care and their laboratories include complete ser-              To transfer your Carl Zeiss Vision account to
vice nationwide.                                                                PEN, call 800-444-9230, ext. 701.

                                                                 EyePromise® Restore is a dietary supple-
                                                                 ment which contains Zeaxanthin and Lutein
                                                                 in the same 2:1 ratio as found in the center of
                                                                 a healthy macula. Several years of dedicated
            AMD Risk Management                                  research has shown EyePromise Restore to
                                                                 have positive impact on the eyes.
Many companies sell supplements, however ZeaVision,
a PEN approved vendor, provides a comprehensive                  The following is a conservative revenue approximation
Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) risk                      and does not include 6 month re-measurement fees:
management program.
                             QuantifEYE® is the first program    $30,000 – First year vitamin (EyePromise Restore) profits,
                                                                           starting only 2 patients per day
                             of its kind for assessing risk of
                             developing AMD. ZeaVision has       $15,000 – Testing (QuantifEYE) revenue, testing only
                             developed a 3-part AMD Risk                   4 patients per day
                             Management program consist-         $45,000 – Approximate year one total
                             ing of an assessment of risk fac-
                             tors, a measurement of Macu-
                             lar Pigment Optical Density             To learn more about ZeaVision and their products visit
                             (MPOD), and a retinal examina- You may also contact Rachel Voss, Region-
                             tion — all conducted by an eye      al Account Manager at 314-398-9514 or
                             care professional.

                                                 The Key to Practice Growth & Sustainability
                                PEN recognizes the importance of             “As a telephone technique education tool, nothing in our
    Aiding your quest for success
                                patient referral and retention. There-       years of experience has come close to Performance Edge.
fore, we encourage you to use the services of The Performance Edge           We have used Performance Edge on an ongoing basis with
to help you increase productivity and profitablitiy while enhancing          their recorded shopper calls for all areas of our office - from
quality assurance and customer satisfaction.                                 the reception staff, to the optical and contact lens staff. We
                                                                             have found it indispensable in understanding how our staff
The Performance Edge enables PEN Members to invite patient feed-             represents us on the phone. It is also impressive in its edu-
back, referrals and follow-up services through cost-effective and inte-      cation abilities on training our staff with their own phone
grated programs for as little as $50/month. They also offer customized       conversation styles. Their education modules and simple
Mystery Shopping services allowing you to ensure your standards of           phone technique training audios that come with each re-
customer service are consistently being met.                                 view are amazing in their simplicity and usefulness.”
                                                                                                                    - Steve Faith, O.D.
   Watch a 3-minute video online at
                                                                                                                Livermore Optometry
 then contact The Performance Edge today for a free 2-week trial…
                                                                                                                  PEN Advisory Board
         call 800-365-9145 or email
                               PEN Education                                Dedicated to Professional Optometry
                                                                                                  November / December 2009

                Going Paperless with EMR
What a Difference a Meeting Makes!
After months and possibly years of
                                             One participant commented, “Having
                                             the products demonstrated first gave us
confusion and feeling overwhelmed,           time to form good questions.” Another
burdens were lifted from shoulders           mentioned, “This clarified my fearful                Upcoming Classes
and indecision vanished. At the recent       thoughts about change; I have a feeling
                                                                                              Register for am, pm or both.
PEN seminar, Going Paperless with            it’s a lot easier than it sounds.” For their
EMR, industry experts from OfficeMate        part, the vendor’s were thrilled with the                 NOVEMBER
and MaximEyes by First Insight helped        opportunity to reach out and assist PEN
                                             members with this critical decision.
                                                                                                 Frame Adjusting (am class)
attendees move forward with a very
                                                                                               Maximize Optical Sales (pm class)
important decision… which software
                                             Summing up the event, Mary E.                      Fremont - Thursday - November 5th
to choose for conversion to Electronic
                                             Schmidt, PEN Consulting Trainer, added,
Medical Records (EMR).                                                                              Frame Styling (am class)
                                             “The attendees were excited to have
                                                                                              All About Lenses - Level 1 (pm class)
                         The program         the opportunity to really evaluate the
                                                                                              Walnut Creek - Tuesday - November 10th
                         content provided    software without the chaos of an expo
                         by OfficeMate       floor or being interrupted by another                     DECEMBER
                         (Ron Kovisto and    practitioner. It was great to see every-              Frame Styling (am class)
                         Michael John-       one receive such thorough explanations            Maximize Optical Sales (pm class)
                         son, O.D.) and      to all their questions.”                            Irvine - Thursday - December 3rd
MaximEyes (Christy Monoian and Todd
                                             Thank you to all participants for keep-               Frame Adjusting (am class)
Jones, O.D.) was, at first, a little over-
                                             ing the content and quality of PEN                   Inventory Control (pm class)
whelming, but as the day progressed                                                            Pleasanton - Tuesday - December 8th
                                             programs the highest. Your success
all questions were answered, and the
                                             is our success! Watch for additional                   Doctor Seminars
individual needs of each practice were
                                             seminars coming soon.
addressed.                                                                                                                         Act
                                                                                                         NOVEMBER                  Now!
                                                                                                 Becoming a Medically Based Practice
                                     Have you “Saved the Date?”                                    Presented by Aaron Lech, O.D.
                                                                                               Irvine - Thursday - November 12th

                                                            PIO 2010                                  JANUARY 2010
                                                   Preserving Independent Optometry              Medicare Billing & Coding 2010
                                                                                                 Presented by John A. McGreal, O.D.
                                                March 26-28, 2010                              Glendale - Saturday, January 16th
                                        Portola Hotel & Spa - Monterey, CA                        Irvine - Sunday, January 17th
                                      The attendees at PIO 2009 were so impressed             Sacramento - Saturday, January 30th
                                     with the program that nearly 75% of them have             Pleasanton - Sunday, January 31st
                                         officially “Saved the Date” for PIO 2010!
                                                                                                    Staff Education Sponsors:
                                                                                              ABB CONCISE, CIBA VISION, ELOA, Hoya
Call today to reserve your seat for these important programs!                                  Vision Care, Marchon Eyewear, Safilo
                                                                                                 USA, Vista Int’l Insurance Brokers

                                                              800-444-9230   Primary Eyecare Network
               Free Form Lenses Demand Precise Measurements
                                                       by Terry Theiss

                           One would think that lenses with        and another one fixed off to You are standing at your patient’s right side.
                           a name like “free form” would be        the outer edge. Position the This is the view you see through the pupilometer.
                           forgiving and easy to fit. But the      fixed line at the front of the Cornea                                   Line

                           truth is exactly the opposite. To-      corneal surface. Move the
                           day’s new lenses require more at-       moveable line to where the          Fixed

                           tention to detail than ever before.     lens is in the frame. Read the
                           We will discuss the six vital steps     vertex distance off the alternate scale marked on top of
                           required for successful fitting         the pupillometer, which you’ve likely never used before.
    Terry Theiss           of free form lenses so that your        You must ultimately guess about where the back of the
  CPOT, ABOC, PEN          patients go home happier than           optical lens will be, but doing this would be better than
     Instructor            ever.                                   doing nothing or simply making a rough measurement
                                                                   with a ruler.
Step One: Prefit the Frame
Fully adjust the frame to the patient before taking any mea-       Step Four: Measure Pantoscopic Angle
surements. Pay close attention to temple spread so that            This measurement accounts for the tilt of
the face form won’t change during wear. In other words,            the frame front. Many companies have
if your patient has a wide face, be sure that the frame is         devices that will do this. Some are easier
wide enough. A broad face in a narrow frame will eventu-           to use than others. If you can’t find one,
ally spread the temples, thus changing the face form.              an ordinary protractor will work. Once
                                                                   you have attached a string to its mid-
Send this exact frame to the lab. It will save you a lot of time   point, then attach a small weight (like a
when delivering the new eyewear.                                   metal washer or a fishing weight) to the
Step Two: Measure Face Form                                        end of the string. Stand to the side of your patient. Sim-
Face form, sometimes known as                                      ply hold the flat edge of the protractor up to the angle of
facial wrap, is not difficult to mea-                              the frame front, and read the number where the string
sure if you have the right tool.                                   crosses the degree scale.
Contact your lens representative                                   Step Five: Take Mono PDs
and be sure that you have what-                                    Monocular PDs are an absolute must for both distance
ever the company recommends. Most have an easy-to-use              AND near. Unequal insets from distance to near are nor-
chart that you place the glasses on to measure the curve           mal and should be used when making the lenses. Binocu-
of the frame front. If you don’t know how to use the chart,        lar measurements are useless.
again... ask your rep!
                                                                   Step Six: Verify the Rx
Step Three: Measure Vertex Distance                                Verification using the written Rx to check a job is no longer
This is possibly one of the most critical                          possible. The lab will probably send you the compensated
measurements if the patient’s Rx is +/- 6.00-                      Rx. The Rx has been changed ever so slightly to customize
7.00D and above. The lab may also want to                          it to the patient, based on all the very specific measure-
know what vertex distance the examining                            ments you submitted. Be sure to use the compensated Rx
O.D. used when determining the Rx. The                             when checking the job at the lensometer.
most accurate way to measure vertex dis-
tance is using a distometer. This device has                       Yes, many companies will tell you that “default” measure-
two “scissor-like” tips, one of which rests on                     ments are used instead of the ones discussed above. How-
the patient’s closed eyelid, and the other                         ever, all agree that the outcome is far superior when ac-
touches the back surface of the lens. The                          tual measurements are provided. True customized lenses
distance is read on the scale at the bottom, and you add           cannot be manufactured for a patient without knowing
1mm to allow for the thickness of the patient’s lid.               the relationship of the frame to the patient’s face. It’s a
                                                                   great time to practice these measuring skills, because all
Some brands of pupillometer may be used as well. Hold              lenses in the future will be fully customized and
the device as normal, but stand to the side of your patient.       will require this level of fitting knowledge. Best
Look through the viewer. You should see the moveable line          of luck to all of you!
    Maximize Your Practice Potential
    through Education of Doctors & Staff

                                            Primary Eyecare Network                        November / December 2009

 Event 1           Becoming a Medically Based Practice                                  Presented by Aaron Lech, O.D.

                                                                                 Irvine, Hilton-Orange County
                                                                     Thursday, November 12, 2009, 8:00am - Noon
                                                                                                Includes Breakfast
                                                                           $145 (Non-Members $165) per attendee
Expand the Scope of Your Practice: Gain practical knowl-
edge on how to access patients through various insurance
plans. Learn how to negotiate favorable contracts and lay the
foundation for incorporating the medical model. Seminar in-                             Act Now!
cludes detailed updates on glaucoma certification.
Earn four COPE credits.

 Event 2           Medicare Billing & Coding 2010                                Presented by John A. McGreal, O.D.

                                                                                                              Glendale, CA
                                                                           Saturday, January 16 , Glendale Hilton

                                                                                                                Irvine, CA
                                                                Sunday, January 17 , Hilton-Orange County Airport

                                                                                                     Sacramento, CA
                                                                         Saturday, January 30 , Hilton Arden West

Increase your practice revenue by learning about                                                         Pleasanton, CA
correct levels of billing that can instantly improve your                Sunday, January 31 , Pleasanton Marriott

practice’s profitability.
                                                                           $160 (Non-Members $195) per attendee

           Doctors are encouraged to bring key staff members with them to these training sessions.

                  To register complete form on reverse side or call 800-444-9230.
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    Register Today for these Upcoming Events
                           Event 1                                                     Event 2

      Becoming a Medically Based Practice                              Medicare Billing & Coding 2010
                  Presented by Aaron Lech, O.D.                            Presented by John A. Mc Greal, O.D.

                                Irvine                              o Glendale o Irvine o Sacramento o Pleasanton

                (List all attendees for this event)                         (List all attendees for this event)

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     2. ______________________________________________________   2. ______________________________________________________

     3. ______________________________________________________   3. ______________________________________________________

     4. ______________________________________________________   4. ______________________________________________________

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PEN ID# _________ Phone __________________________ Email _______________________________________________________

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Credit Card # _______________________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________

Billing street address ______________________________________________________________________ Zip _______________________

                               Primary Eyecare Network • • 800-444-9230                              WEB1109
                             PEN Family Serves the Community
Project Homeless Connect                                       sent out an urgent request and the following PEN Mem-
Longtime PEN member, Tommy Lim, O.D. (San Jose), re-           bers answered the call: James Cooperman, O.D. (Fountain
cently told us about his experience with Project Homeless      Valley), Richard Hoffman, O.D. (L.A.), James Kurata, O.D.
Connect™ (PHC) last June; “What started out as a simple        (L.A.), Barry Leonard, O.D. (Panorama City), and Robert
favor to a colleague has now changed the way I look at the     Shapiro, O.D. (Torrance).
growing segment of our population – the homeless.”             RAM volunteers provide free care to tens of thousands of
                             The mission of PHC is to con-     uninsured or underinsured people every year. These two
                             nect San Francisco’s homeless     events alone served nearly 10,000 patients over 11 days
                             with the system of care that      giving more than $4.4 million dollars worth of care.
                             will help them move off the       For more information about RAM, visit
                             streets and into housing. Every   World Sight Day Challenge
                             two months, over 1,000 com-       The week of October 8th, PEN staff members took part in
                             munity volunteers provide a       the World Sight Day Challenge, a fundraising event orga-
                             one-stop shop of health and       nized by Optometry Giving Sight in recognition of “World
                             human services where home-        Sight Day,” a VISION 2020 international event to raise
                             less participants are able to     awareness about blindness and vision loss. Staff took part
                             accomplish in one day what        in events encouraging PEN Members to give back to the
                             might normally take them          global optometric community by becoming involved.
Examining a patient at PHC   eight months.
   Dr. Tommy Lim                                                 For more information about Optometry Giving Sight
                            Dr. Lim says, “The one thing                 and the World Sight Day Challenge,
I will remember most was the look on the patients’ faces                    contact
when I offered my hand to introduce myself to them. Some-
thing as simple as a handshake was confirmation to these
patients that they were respected as human beings.”
   For more information about PHC or to volunteer for                     Transforming lives through the gift of vision
        an upcoming event, call 415-503-2123 or
        visit                                   Give the gift of vision to                 Goal
                                                                                people in developing coun-                $25,000
Remote Area Medical
                                                                                tries who need your help!
In July, two members of the PEN family, Robert Levine,                                                                    20k
                                                                                PEN’s goal is to raise $25,000
O.D. (San Rafael) and Mary Schmidt (PEN Instructor/Con-
                                                                                by PIO 2010 on March 26-28
sultant), traveled to Wise County, VA where they donated
                                                                                in Monterey, CA.                          15k
their time and expertise at a three-day event with Remote
Area Medical (RAM)… an organization that provides free             Please help PEN reach its goal…simply
health care to people in underserved areas of the world.           contact the PEN office at 800-444-9230                 10k
(Read about Mary’s previous experience with RAM by vis-            or and ask to have
iting and choosing             a monthly, yearly, or one-time donation
                                                                   billed to your PEN statement.                           $5,000
“What I Did This Summer.”)
Later, Mary alerted PEN that a RAM event scheduled for                        Thank you for giving
August in Los Angeles was without volunteer O.D.’s. PEN                         the gift of vision!

                                                  Baby News!
                   PEN staff member Tina Marie Franco (Optometric Billing & Consulting Representative) recently
                   gave birth to a new baby boy. Easton Quinn (7lbs 11oz & 19.25 inches) was born on September
                   24th at 6:12pm. Congratulations Tina!

                                                       800-444-9230   Primary Eyecare Network
                             Your COA Contribution Made Simple
Did you know that you could make your contribution to the COA through your PEN Membership?
And it may be conveniently and automatically made in monthly installments!

If you would like to add your COA contribution to your PEN Statement please call 800-444-9230.

                             Monterey Symposium Show Specials
                                            Receive 25% off your entire order including 2010 Medicare pre-orders!
                                                      Enter PEN’s drawing for a free seat at PIO 2010!

                                                         Meet us at Monterey Symposium
                                                         November 20-22, 2009, Booth #303.
                                                    Request a complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass by calling
                                                               PEN at 800-444-9230, option #5
                                                             or emailing!

    For Lease…27 year old practice, 2100 sq ft office on a busy corner in Chico CA, one lane, three exam rooms,
    beautiful dispensary, one mile to CSU Chico, $25,000, low rent, flexible lease, possible owner financing.
                             Contact: Dr. Jenkins 530-895-3123 or email

                                       Primary Eyecare Network
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                                      San Ramon, CA 94583-4255
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