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					                                      PRODUCED FOR THE OXFORD DIE-CAST COLLECTORS CLUB

                                           GLOBE                                                                BOBS
                                                                                                               HOT DOG
                                              OXFORD DIECAST, P.O. BOX 62 SWANSEA, SA1 4YA
                                         TEL: 01792 643500 FAX: 01792 465144

        Issue 127                                                       UK & EIRE 2 Guineas (£2.10) USA $5.00

VFE001 Vauxhall Cresta Friary
Estate – Mountain Rose/Swan
Oxford launched the 1:76 scale
version of the Cresta Friary Estate
last year, so the newly tooled 1:43
scale model is a natural progression,
once more appealing to collectors of
1960s cars. The PADX Cresta Friary
Estate was built between 1960 and
1962 and the majority of the cars                                  Vauxhall Cresta                     NEW
produced were two-tone. Our first                                              CODE          SCALE   EDITION     PRICE

                                                                   VFE001         1:43 -------- £20.49
model comes in the authentic Mountain Rose/Swan White
and could have well been driven by a Sixties pop star or
even a Hippy – amongst whom the car was extremely popular! You may have seen the 'real thing'
at rallies around the country in the past, fully restored to its former glory.

                                                        The Austin Welfarer
                                                        was the commercial
                                                        variant of the
                                                        Austin 3-Way
                                                        van on a 25cwt
                                                        chassis. It was
                                                        first promoted
                                                        at the 1948
                                     NEW                                                                            NEW
                                                Motor Show at Earls              Austin K8 Welfarer Ambulance K8 LCC
 Austin K8 Welfarer Ambulance Birmingham
                                            Court. It had several                         CODE         SCALE   EDITION   PRICE

 AK008          1:43 -------- £12.95                                             AK007         1:43 -------- £12.95
                                         modifications to the standard chassis.
                                         There was also a wide ranging choice of
seating and stretcher arrangements. Heating and ventilation were also given special attention with
two drop- down windows of tinted glass on either side and in addition it was also fitted with a
Clayton air conditioning system. The complete price, less stretchers or patient seating, was £805.
The LCC decided to evaluate the Welfarer for the London service who gave the ‘test’ vehicle fleet
number ‘1500’ and licenced it with the registration JXE999. In the end London did not pursue its
widespread use, although it was a popular ambulance in its day and it saw service with a number of
counties including Birminghm, Cornwall, Cumberland, Hampshire, Kent Warwickshire and
76TR001 Mobile Trailer – Bob's Hot Dogs
Bob is off to the nearest agricultural show or
fairground with this new Oxford 'hook up'! This
unusual and very colourful little vehicle is all
ready for towing to wherever you want it, on
your diorama, behind a car or Oxford Land
Rover. You could even have it parked outside
your 00 gauge railway station where Bob is
guaranteed a roaring trade!

Many of us will associate the Austin Princess
with the Royal Family, with whom it was a
favourite form of transport. It is therefore no               Bob’ Hot Dog Trailer                              NEW
surprise to hear that the soon-to- be crowned Queen           CODE               SCALE       EDITION    PRICE

                                                              76TR001            1:76        --------   £5.95
Elizabeth II had the first two off the production line,
delivered to Buckingham Palace shortly after the launch at
the Earls Court Motor Show in October 1952. Austin
had commissioned the coachbuilders Vanden
Plas to design a new 7 to 8 seater limousine
and the Austin A135 long wheelbase
Princess limousine with elegant
6-light coachwork was the
result. The launch price was
£2480. Over the years, it
was to appear in a host of
top class colours –
including two-tone, all with
superior interior trim,
alongside lots of 'optional
extras' for the ultimate driving and                          Austin Princess (Late) - Royal Family
passenger experience.                                         CODE               SCALE       EDITION    PRICE

                                                              AP004              1:43        -------- £20.49

 The latest Review has just been issued
 and has been sent to all
 Standard/Platinum members who have
 renewed since January 1st. Anyone
 renewing from this point onwards will
 get it sent out automatically. This is the
 second in the series and contains                   British Rail HA Van                         NEW
 information on releases that have taken             CODE            SCALE   EDITION     PRICE

                                                     HA010           1:43    --------    £10.95
 place between 1993 and July 2010.
                                72SET01 Spitfire/Hurricane/Gloster Gladiator – Battle of Britain
                                  70th Anniversary.
                                  No model aircraft enthusiast Battle of Britain Gift Set           NEW
                                  can afford to let this set pass 72SET01                   CODE
                                                                                1:72 -------- £34.95
                                                                                                     SCALE   EDITION       PRICE

                                you by! To commemorate the
                            70th Anniversary of the Battle of
                        Britain – the turning point of WWII – this
                     year, we have selected three iconic RAF
                 aircraft from the conflict. First is the legendary
             Spitfire, whose designer R J Mitchell did not
                              live long enough to see the
                                   tremendous impact his
                                         aircraft would have;
                                         the Hurricane – the
                                        unsung hero, that is
                                         usually overshadowed by the Spitfire but
                                               played an unrivalled role in the skies of
                                                    1940; and finally, the Gloster Gladiator, the
                                                     last of the bi-planes that
                                                     served in the
                                                     early years
of WWII and played its part before being replaced by the
advent of the monoplane.
This three-piece set is displayed in special 70th
Anniversary packaging, with splendid box art featuring
the three aircraft in an atmospheric airborne mode. The
inner lid gives information on the pilots and also the
squadron markings.


DS420 Old English White                NEW   DS420 Black Hearse                     NEW
                               PRICE          CODE        SCALE   EDITION   PRICE
NDS001       1:148 -------- £2.95             NDS002      1:148 -------- £2.95

The N gauge range will see quite a lot of additions in the
coming months, we are a little design, but like a London Bus -
when one comes, they all come. This month we add the DS420                                            Routemaster RM664 Silver Lady               NEW
Limousine and Hearse. Plus the Silver Lady Routemaster.                                               CODE
                                                                                                                       SCALE   EDITION   PRICE

                                                                                                                       1:148 -------- £5.45

                                             1:148                                        1:148                                                  1:148

NRM001 - Routemaster Bus                               NOB001 Bedford OB Coach                  NMM007 Morris Minor
London Transport                             £5.45     British Rail                       £4.45 Post Office         £2.95
76ALV001 Alvis Speed 20 – Cross and Ellis - Black.
The Speed 20 Alvis was manufactured between 1932 and 1936, across four variants A-D. During
its lifetime, only 1185 were made in total, 400 of which were on the first Speed 20 SA.The car had
superseded the Silver Eagle and retained some similarities but was also extensively modified to
give it some oomph! The updates included a new chassis,
engine refinements and improved brakes and suspension. The
result was a 'tourer' capable of up to 89 mph. The
appearance was designed to create a sporting image.
The large Lucas 12” headlamps became standard;
the car featured a long running board and forward
opening 'suicide' doors. The coachbuilder for the
four door saloon version was generally
Charlesworth, whereas the sporty tourer coachwork
                                                                    Alvis Speed 20 - Cross & Ellis NEW
came from Cross and Ellis, whose design we have taken for                 CODE           SCALE     EDITION     PRICE

our miniature version. Finished in classy black, the paintwork      76ALV001         1:76 -------- £3.75
contrasts elegantly with the gleaming chrome detailing, even
down to the mascot on the bonnet and the large 'Lucas' sporting headlamps.
76RK001 – Riley Kestrel 12/4 – Black
Riley was a household name between 1890 - when William Riley Jr. purchased the Bonnick Cycle
Company in Coventry – and the end of the line in 1969. William named his initial company the
Riley Cycle Company in 1896. However, running alongside his cycling manufacturing, which
catered for the cycling crazy customers of the era, his son Percy, was
tinkering with the development of automobiles and secretly built his
first car in 1898. By 1913, Riley Motor Manufacturing was
launched, growing sufficiently to be bought by the
Nuffield Organisation in 1938, later merging again
with British Leyland. The last Riley-badged car
rolled off the production line in 1969. The Riley
marque is now owned by BMW. The Kestrel 12/4
had a very short life, being made solely between
1934 and35. This light saloon had a top speed of 73.6                  Riley Kestrel                      NEW
mph and could reach a speed of 50 mph in 19.2 seconds. The                   CODE
                                                                                           SCALE     EDITION
                                                                                       1:76 -------- £3.75

fuel tank held 10 gallons and fuel consumption was 28.3 mpg.
Costing £345 back in 1934, surviving examples are now being auctioned at around £25,000.

                     76VW009 VW VAN              76VW010 VW PICK UP
                   REGATTA BLUE - £3.75          PASTEL WHITE - £3.75
                                                                                 We have teamed up with
                                                                                 Model Collector in the
                                                                                 UK, with a free N scale
                      76VW011 VW BUS          76VW012 VW CAMPER
                                                                                 bus for the cost of £1.95
                    PASTEL WHITE - £3.75    LIME GREEN/WHITE - £3.75
                                                                                 p&p. You can also buy sets
                                                                                 of vehicles at special
                                                                                 prices. This is featured in
                      76VW005 VW VAN
                    SENEGAL RED - £3.75
                                                  76VW006 VW PICK UP
                                                 EMERALD/WHITE - £3.75
                                                                                 the September issue,
                                                                                 which remarkably goes on
                                                                                 sale around the 15th/20th
                                                                                 of July. Further details are
                   76VW007 VW BUS
               BIRCH GREEN/WHITE - £3.75
                                               76VW008 VW CAMPER
                                           MARINO YELLOW/WHITE - £3.75
                                                                                 on the web site.
The TX4 is a purpose built taxicab hackney carriage manufactured
by LTI (London Taxis International). It is the latest in a long line
of purpose-built taxis manufactured by LTI (previously
Carbodies). The design evolved from the Austin FX4
which was eventually known as a Fairway. The TX4
takes most of its body styling from its
predecessor the TX2 (there is no TX3) and it
differs from the TX2 with a new front radiator
grille, updated front and rear bumpers, a
different rear number plate surround and a
new interior design, There are internal
headrests (as a result of safety regulations) with two
fitted to the central partition for the rear-facing tip-up       TX4 Peacock Green                NEW
seats.                                                                   CODE          SCALE   EDITION    PRICE

                                                                 TX4007       1:43 -------- £9.95
The TX4 offers a 2.5 VM Motori diesel engine mated
electronically to a GM Chrysler automatic transmission
(also used in the Jeep Cherokee). A manual version is also available. The engine and transmission
are built on a fully-boxed hydroform frame and a separate body, due to the nature of its separate
chassis construction. The reason for there being no TX3 and the marque number going straight to 4
is because the engine is Euro IV compliant and also for the vehicle to have a connection with the
famous Austin FX4
         TX4001            TX4002                TX4003               TX4004             TX4005                      TX4006

                                                                    TX4 Silver         TX4 Pink                      TX4
           TX4            TX4 Gold              TX4 Blue
                                                                   (Dial A Cab)                                   Nightfire Red
           Black          (Shanghai)           (Real Radio)
 £9.95       1:43 £9.95        1:43    £9.95          1:43 £9.95          1:43 £9.95           1:43 £9.95                  1:43

DAF02LL DAF 105 (Super Space Cab) Low Loader – Cadzow Heavy Haulage Limited.
We have selected the recently introduced DAF 105 Super Space Cab tractor unit to pull our low
loader, in the popular Scottish livery of Cadzow. James Macauley Snr set up Cadzow in 1957 and
his two sons Robert and James Jnr subsequently joined him in the family business, serving
primarily public works including earthmoving, demolition and the supply of construction materials.
Sadly both James Macauley and Robert died in the 1970s. James Jnr built up the already
established company in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, to where it is today – one of the most experienced
companies in the transportation of heavy loads, which now extends into the mining and quarrying
industry, as well as engineering sectors. Cadzow was voted Scotland's most innovative haulier in

                                                                         Cadzow Heavy Haulage                      NEW
                                                                          CODE         SCALE   EDITION    PRICE

                                                                         DAF02LL       1:76    --------   £19.99

2004. Some of their vast loads include the transport of transformers, overhead crane beams, pipe
gantries and excavators.
 Lancashire Evening Post                 NEW                  Nottingham Ambulance                       NEW
                                                              Austin Welfarer Ambulance
                                                               CODE          SCALE     EDITION      PRICE
76AK001       1:76    --------   £4.49
                                                              76AK004        1:76      --------     £4.49

Down at the other end of the Austin production line from their prestige cars, came a succession of
highly successful commercial vehicles over the years, including the K8 (3 way) Van. Production
commenced in 1947 and the van cost £535. It earned the name 3-way due to the door configuration.
To assist loading and unloading, it featured double doors on the near and offside, as well as opening
rear doors. With a payload of 25 cwt and a short wheelbase, it proved a very nippy vehicle for
delivery purposes, including newspapers – as our model confirms - where frequent drop-off was
necessary. The van was discontinued in 1954, by which time over 26,500 had been manufactured.
This month we add two further items to our 1:76 series models of the K8 is in its initial Lancashire
Evening Post livery, complete with advertising hoarding and also the Nottingham Welfarer

Frederick Richard Simms and Charles Harrington
Moore formed the RAC back in 1897, although at
that point it was called the Automobile Club Of
Great Britain. It was loosely based on the French
version the Automobile Club de France, by copying
their constitution. By 1901 it had already started to
employ the first uniformed patrolmen in Great
Britain. In 1907 the Automobile Club of Great
Britain got Royal approval and then became
the Royal Automobile Club or the RAC as it                     RAC Trailer                                     NEW
became popularly known. This little trailer would              CODE          SCALE     EDITION       PRICE

                                                              76TR002        1:76      --------      £5.95
have been a very familiar sight at events around
the country
Austin has been synonymous with taxis since the end of the 1920's,
when dealers Mann and Overton sponsored a new Austin cab for
London. The new model LL or Low Loader first appeared in 1934
and became an instant success, due mainly to a very attractive
price, as well as being very reliable. Taxi fleets often had
their own paint scheme, so the Austin LL taxi-cab appeared
in several colours. For our fourth release, we've chosen the
classic burgundy version, incorporating an extremely high      Austin Low Loader                               NEW
level of detail. A lovely little model - soon to appear at                                             PRICE
                                                                 CODE          SCALE      EDITION
Scale !                                                        76AT004       1:76         --------     £3.75
  76AK002                        1:76        76AK003                        1:76     76CA007                        1:76    76DS002                         1:76
  Pink Parafin Austin K8 Threeway Van        Walls Austin K8 Threeway Van            Royal Mail CA Van                      Daimler DS420 Black Hearse

       Rail Era:1950 - 1960       £4.49           Rail Era:1950 - 1960      £4.49     Rail Era:1950 - 1980          £3.75    Rail Era:1960 - 1990           £3.95
  76JA005                        1:76        76TEA001                       1:76     76LAN188011                    1:76    76MGB006                        1:76
  Paralanian J2 Blue/Cream                   Grey Tractor                            Fire Brigade Land Rover 88"            Old English White MGB

       Rail Era:1950 - 1970        £4.49 Rail Era:1950 - 1960                £3.49                                  £3.95    Rail Era:1960 - 1970           £3.75
  76MH008                        1:76        76AT001                        1:76     76MO002                        1:76    76RAB007                        1:76
  Southern Rail Box Van                      London Taxi                             Morris Oxford III Black/Grey           Post Office Scarab Flatbed

                                   £6.95          Rail Era:1930 - 1960      £3.75     Rail Era:1950 - 1960          £3.75                                   £6.95
  76RS003                        1:76        76SR001                        1:76     76SV001                        1:76    76VWY004                        1:76
  Red Reliant Scimitar GTE                   Aut Gold/Black Rapier MkIII             Standard Vanguard Black                Blue Vauxhall Wyvern E Series

       Rail Era:1960 - 1980       £3.75           Rail Era:1950 - 1960       £3.75    Rail Era:1950 - 1960          £3.75    Rail Era:1950 - 1960            £3.75

VOL01LL Volvo FH Low Loader – Chris Bennett (Heavy Haulage) Ltd
Stockport based Chris Bennett bought his first FH Volvo in 2004. This well-known UK company,
established in 1976 as an owner-driver operator, specialises in the general and heavy haulage
industry. From small beginnings with a Ford D series Truck, the company now operates a mixed
fleet of over 40 vehicles. Over the years, they have transported such diverse loads as ship sections
from nearby Manchester to the adjacent west coast docks, pressure vessels and even a small
aircraft and a lifeboat! However, their main business is in the movement of construction and plant
equipment, servicing major construction, engineering, plant hire, manufacturing and demolition
companies across the UK.
                                Remember these are fully extendable and ideal to carry loads.

                                                                                                         Chris Bennett Low Loader                         NEW
                                                                                                          CODE               SCALE     EDITION    PRICE

                                                                                                         VOL01LL             1:76      --------   £19.99

The E Type in Opalescent Bronze, a lovely colour and of course next
year is the anniversary of the E Type, incredible to think that this
model was first released to the public nearly 50 years ago.
Never replaced ! TAFF
E Type Opalescent Bronze                              NEW
CODE                SCALE     EDITION     PRICE

76ETYP009           1:76      --------    £3.75
           Old English White/Tan                                             Austin
           Jensen Interceptor MkIII                                          Low Loader Taxi
           CODE                      SCALE      EDITION      PRICE           CODE               SCALE        EDITION      PRICE

           JI007                     1:43       --------     £20.49          AT001              1:43         --------     £20.49

        Black/Sherwood Green
                                                                             Island Green MGZA
        Jaguar MkIX
                            SCALE        EDITION     PRICE
                                                                             CODE               SCALE    EDITION         PRICE
        JAG9002             1:43         --------    £20.49                                                              £20.49
                                                                             MGZ007             1:43     --------

CODE              SCALE    EDITION     PRICE

JSS004            1:43     --------    £20.49

                                                                             AUSTIN PRINCESS (Late)
                                                                             CARLTON GREY/LIGHT GREY
                                                                             CODE                SCALE        EDITION       PRICE

                                                                             AP003               1:43         --------      £20.49

Dark Blue DS420                                                       Black DS420
 CODE              SCALE    EDITION     PRICE                         CODE              SCALE      EDITION      PRICE

DS005              1:43     --------    £20.49                        DS006             1:43       --------     £20.49
                                                                            The Morris Oxford was updated in 1956 with a new
                                                                            optional two-tone paint scheme, fluted bonnet and
                                                                            small rear fins. Inside the bench seats trimmed in
                                                                            leather remained, but the instrument cluster was
                                                                            revised and a new dished steering wheel fitted. The
                                                                            engine produced 55 horse power following an
                   Morris Oxford Turquoise/Swiss Grey
                                                                            increase in compression ratio though the top speed
                                                                            and acceleration remained the same.

                                                                           The Minor was launched at the Earls Court Motor
                                                                           Show, London, on 20 September 1948. The prototype
                                                                           had been known as the Morris Mosquito, and some
                                                                           later models were called Morris Minor 1000. At launch
                                                                           there were two variants, the standard 2-door saloon,
                                                                           and the tourer (convertible),the 4-door saloon arrived
                                                                           in 1950. The wood-framed estate, the Traveller, plus a
                                                                           panel van and a pick-up truck version were introduced
                     MorrisTraveller - Aqua
                                                                           later with the Series II upgrades in 1952. The Traveller
                                                                           was very popular, and remained in production until
                                                                           1971, a year after the saloon had been discontinued.
                                                                           After the war Standard had a large empty factory in
                                                                           Banner Lane, Coventry, which was standing idle; it had
                                                                           been making aero engines. Sir John Black, Standard's
                                                                           managing director, agreed with Harry Ferguson to
                                                                           manufacture tractors for him. The TE20 (TE = Tractor
                                                                           England) was the result and first came off the
                                                                           production line on the 6 July 1946. The little grey
                                                                           Fergie as it became known was a milestone, not only
                                                                           for Ferguson but agriculture in general. Earlier versions
                   Ferguson Tractor - Emerald Green
                                                                           used an imported American engine, but soon a 2088 cc
                                                                           unit, that had been developed for the Standard
                                                                           Vanguard, became available and was fitted instead.

The Bedford RLHZ Self Propelled
Pump better known to us all as the
Green Goddess was used originally
by the AFS and latterly by the
British Armed Forces. These
green-painted vehicles were built
between 1953 and 1956 and the
                                                            Green Goddess
design was based on a Bedford RL series                     Northern Ireland
army truck.                                                  76GG007       1:76 -------- £9.95
                                                                                              CODE        SCALE   EDITION   PRICE

Prior to disbandment, the AFS used the 'Green Goddess'
extensively in support of the local Fire Services
throughout the UK. In Northern Ireland they were painted yellow to distinguish them from Army
vehicles. Meshing was added to the windows and the hose was covered on the side of the vehicle.
MAN01FR_T                      1:76     MAN01LL                    1:76     MAN01LL_C                     1:76     MAN01LL_T                       1:76
Turners of Soham Trailer                J B Rawcliffe MAN TGX               J B Rawcliffe Cab MAN TGX              J B Rawcliffe Trailer

                               £7.95                               £19.99                                  £7.95                                    £7.95
 Rail Era:2000 - 2010                    Rail Era:2000 - 2010                Rail Era:2000 - 2010                   Rail Era:2000 - 2010
MAN02CS                        1:76     MAN02CS_C                  1:76     MAN02CS_T                     1:76     MAN02LL                         1:76
Eric Vick Transport MAN TGX             Eric Vick Cab MAN TGX               Eric Vick Trailer                      Collett MAN TGX Low Loader

                               £18.99                                                                      £7.95                                  £19.99
 Rail Era:2000 - 2010                    Rail Era:2000 - 2010      £7.95     Rail Era:2000 - 2010                   Rail Era:2000 - 2010
MAN03CS                        1:76     MAN04CS                    1:76     VOL01REC                      1:76     SCA01CS                         1:76
Downton MAN TGX                         John Mitchell MAN TGX               Albert Road Recovery Volvo             Fagan & Whalley Scania R420

 Rail Era:2000 - 2010         £19.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010     £19.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010        £18.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010           £18.99
SCA02LL                        1:76     SCA03FR                    1:76     SCA03LL                       1:76     SCA04CS                         1:76
McIntosh Plant Hire Scania              Scott Trawlers Scania               Donnell & Ellis Low Loader             Stan Robinson Scania

 Rail Era:2000 - 2010          £19.99    Rail Era:2000 - 2010     £18.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010        £19.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010           £18.99

SCA08CS                        1:76     DAF01LL                    1:76     DAF02FR                       1:76     VOL01CS                         1:76
Knights of Old Scania                   Bernard Hunter                      Kinlochbervie DAF Fridge               Barline Volvo FH Curtainside

 Rail Era:2000 - 2010          £19.99    Rail Era:2010 - 2010      £19.99    Rail Era:2010 - 2010         £19.99    Rail Era:2000 - 2010          £19.99

DAF02REC                       1:76     DAF03FR                    1:76     DAF04CS                       1:76     DAF05CS                         1:76
Kardos DAF Recovery                     McBurney DAF 105 Fridge             Jack Richards DAF 105                  Ken Mallinson DAF 105

 Rail Era:2010 - 2010         £18.99     Rail Era:2010 - 2010     £19.99     Rail Era:2010 - 2010        £18.99     Rail Era:2010 - 2010          £18.99
DAF06CS                        1:76     DAF07CS                    1:76     DAF08CS                       1:76     DAF09CS                         1:76
David Murray DAF 105                    Longs of Leeds DAF 105              R A Howie DAF 105                      Owens DAF 105

 Rail Era:2010 - 2010          £18.99    Rail Era:2010 - 2010     £18.99     Rail Era:2010 - 2010        £18.99     Rail Era:2010 - 2010           £19.99
MAN06CS                        1:76     MAN01CS                    1:76     MAN01FR                       1:76     VOL02REC                        1:76
Eddie Stobart MAN TGX                   Richard Read MAN TGX                Turners of Soham MAN TGX               Sovereign Recovery MAN

 Rail Era:2000 - 2010         £19.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010     £18.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010        £18.99     Rail Era:2000 - 2010            £18.99
     ALL £5.95
                     NEW   AR57   AR63   AR61

     AR53     AR54         AR55   AR60   AR56

     AR48     AR49         AR50   AR51   AR52

     AR43     AR44         AR45   AR46   AR47

     AR37     AR39         AR40   AR41   AR42

     AR31     AR32         AR33   AR34   AR36
143ND33240     Cars             1:43   143PND21150 Cars                 1:43   143PND22100 Cars               1:43   143PND22140 Cars                 1:43
1:43 Audi TT Cabriolet Red             1:43 BMW Z4 Cabriolet Grey              1:43 Renault Traffic Red              Porsche Carrera GT Cabriolet - Silver
                             £5.95                                              £5.95

                                                    £5.95                                                              £5.95
                               NEW                                    NEW                                    NEW                                    NEW
143PND22640 Cars                1:43   143PND30370 Cars                 1:43   143PND31340 Cars               1:43   143PND31480 Cars                 1:43
1:43 New Mini Cooper Cabriolet Orang   1:43 BMW 3 Series SW Silver             1:43 VW New Beetle Apple Green        1:43 New Mini Cooper White/Yellow

£5.95                                   £5.95                                   £5.95                                £5.95

                             NEW                                      NEW                                    NEW                                    NEW
143PND32550 Cars                1:43   143PND32670 Cars                 1:43   143PND32840 Cars               1:43   143PND47040 Cars                 1:43
1:43 Porsche 911 Carrera S Coupe Re    1:43 Volvo C30 Metallic Blue            1:43 New Fiat 500 Red                 1:43 VW Golf GTI Red
 £5.95                                 £5.95                                     £5.95                                 £5.95

                             NEW                                      NEW                                    NEW                                    NEW
143PND54970 Cars                1:43   143PND55250 Cars                 1:43   143PND55540 Cars               1:43   CR007          Austin Healey     1:43
Land Rover Freelander Metallic Blue    1:43 Land Rover Defender - Grey/Gree    1:43 Audi Q7 Metallic Grey            Cararama Blue/Ivory Austin Healey
  £5.95                                 £5.95                                    £5.95

                               NEW                                    NEW                                   NEW                                £4.95
CR008          Austin Healey    1:43   CR009           Triumph Herald 1:43     CR010          Triumph Herald 1:43    CR011          Rover P6          1:43
Cararama Red/Black Austin Healey       Lichfield Green/Old English Herald      Pine/Avocado Triump Herald            Cararama Black/Grey Rover P6

                       £4.95                                     £4.95                                      £4.95                                £4.95
CR012          Rover P6         1:43   CR013           Austin Cambrid 1:43     CR014          Austin Cambrid 1:43    CR016          Cortina Mk1       1:43
Cararama Maroon/Silver Rover P6        Persian Blue/White Austin Cambridge     Grey/Red Austin Cambridge             Ford Cortina MK 1 GT Black & Cherry

                         £4.95                                        £4.95                                 £4.95                                 £5.95
CR017          Cortina Mk1      1:43   CR018           Capri Mk 1       1:43   CR019          Capri Mk 1      1:43   CR020          Escort Mk 1       1:43
Cortina MK 1 Lagoon/Ermine White       Ford Capri MK 1 Maize Yellow/Black      Ford Capri Mk 1 Sunset Red            Ford Escort MK1 1300XL Modena Gree

 £5.95                                                                           £5.95

                          NEW                                    £5.95                                     NEW                                    £5.95
CR021          Escort Mk 1      1:43   CR022           Corsair          1:43   CR023          Corsair         1:43   CR024          Anglia Car        1:43
Ford Escort MK 1 1300E                 Ford Corsair Tuscan Yellow              Ford Corsair Amber Gold               Anglia 105E Ermine White\Red
  £5.95                                £5.95                                    £5.95                                  £5.95

                             NEW                                                                            NEW
CR025          Anglia Car       1:43   CR15            Ford Transit     1:43
Ford Anglia 105E Glacier Blue\Ermine   White Transit -1:43rd Ford Transit                                                                   1:43
£5.95                                                                                                                                   £4.95 -£5.95
                                                                                        New Ford colours along with a range of
                                                                                       modern cars in this value for money series.

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