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									                                                                  Copy of SL_LIST_OTHER 010609

Business Name                        Phone          Suburb         State Pcode Email                               Category Description                          Category Licensee
CAL INSTRUMENTS                      Withheld       STRATHMORE     VIC           Withheld                          Length Measuring Instruments, Not exceeding   SL-3A    W109
                                                                                                                   2 meters
                                                                                                                   Fabric Measuring Instruments                  SL-3C     W109

CARBON COURT PTY LTD                 08 9244 9114   OSBORNE PARK WA       6017         Liquor Measures                               SL-2B     W119

                                                                                                                   Liquor Dispensers                             SL-8A     W119

CO-OPERATIVE BULK HANDLING LIMITED   08 9237 9600   WEST PERTH     WA     6005             Grain Protein Measuring Instruments           SL-15/1   W20

CREATEC PTY LTD                      Withheld       BELMONT        WA     6104   Withheld                          Fuel Controller Systems                       SL-10A    W143

INTEGRATED FUEL SERVICES PTY LTD     08 9434 7000   BIBRA LAKE     WA     6163 Vehicle Tanks                                      SL-6B     W145

METTLER-TOLEDO LIMITED               1300 659 764   MALAGA         WA     6944             Multi Dimensional Measuring Instruments       SL-10B    W14

MOSMAN GLASS PRINTERS                08 9314 1855   O'CONNOR       WA     6163                 Alcholic beverage measures                    SL-2C     W160

W.A. SCALE SERVICE                   0412 930 997   BALCATTA       WA     6021 Multi Dimensional Measuring Instruments              SL-10B    W7

                                                                                                                                                                  1 June 2009
                                                      Trading Standards Branch - Servicing Licensee Contact List

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