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									                    DESINO OUTDOOR FURNITURE WARRANTY
DESINO Outdoor Furniture warrants that its frames and synthetic wicker weave are free from
manufacturing defects (workmanship and/or material) and will either give credit or replace defective
parts in accordance with the conditions set forth below. Warranty does not cover fabrics and/or foam

If a manufacturing defect is found, DESINO Outdoor Furniture should be notified promptly of the defect.
Inspection via digital image sent by customer to DESINO Outdoor Furniture may be necessary to verify
that a manufacturing defect exists.

If replacement is required in accordance with this warranty and the defective material or merchandise
has been discontinued or unavailable, DESINO Outdoor Furniture reserves the right to select and supply
similar merchandise or offer full credit for the merchandise; otherwise the same material or
merchandise will be supplied for replacement purposes.

Limited Term Warranty: 3 year from day of purchase on aluminum frames only.
Limited Term Warranty: 1 year from day of purchase on synthetic wicker weave only

If the furniture is located within 1 km of the ocean, the steel frame warranty will be reduced to 6
months from the date of purchase.
If the furniture is located in climate conditions that reach temperatures below 0°, the synthetic wicker
weaver warranty is reduced to 6 months from the date of purchase.


  1. Improper maintenance or improper use resulting in damage.
  2. Any product modifications by dealer, consumer, or other parties not authorized by DESINO
  Outdoor Furniture will void this warranty.
  3. Warranty does not cover minor variations or differences between website images and your
  4. Cost of packaging and shipping to and from our warehouse not covered by the warranty unless
  otherwise stated.
  5. This warranty covers only articles of furniture intended for residential use only, does not cover any
  industrial, commercial, institutional, or rental use.
  6. Dissatisfaction due to buyer's remorse.
  7. Normal wear and tear.
  8. Damages incurred during transportation. (If shipping damage is evident upon delivery of item(s),
  please notify DESINO Outdoor Furniture and we will follow up the claim with the freight agent)
  9. Damages incurred during assembling or maintenance.
  10. Damages incurred by accidents or abuse.
This warranty is made SOLELY TO THE PURCHASER and is NON-TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances.
It is the purchaser's responsibility to contact DESINO Outdoor Furniture with claim.

This warranty supersedes and replaces all implied warranties of merchantability and use for particular
purpose. No representative, employee, or agent of DESINO Outdoor Furniture or any other person is
authorized to assume for DESINO Outdoor Furniture any additional liability or responsibility in
connection with DESINO Outdoor Furniture merchandise except as described above. Implied warranties
or merchantability and fitness of the merchandise are limited to a period of one (1) or three (3) years (as
stated above) from the date of purchase. In no event shall DESINO Outdoor Furniture be liable for
indirect, consequential or incidental damages of any kind.

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