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Rotary Club of the Valley of the Moon Rotary Club of the Valley


									                       Rotary Club of the Valley of the Moon
                         6572 Oakmont Drive, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
                 Volume VIII   Issue No. 34 John Heilbronner, President May 1, 2009

                                                   treasure you can give with your heart and it
                                                   doesn't cost a cent. Remember,
                                                   to say, "I love you" to your partner and your
                                                   loved ones, but most of all
                                                   mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt
                                                   when it comes from deep
                                                   inside of you. Remember to hold hands and
                                                   cherish the moment for someday
                                                   that person will not be there again. Give time to
                                                   love, give time to speak
The Four-Way Test of things we think, say or       and give time to share the precious thoughts in
do:                                                your mind.
Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?                       Our Sgt of Arms Jerry Dion said we had a
Will it build Goodwill and better Friendships?     dearth of visitors and guests. He explained
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?            dearth is the opposite of plethora.

                  OPENING                           ANNOUNCEMENTS
When I showed President John my watch              President            John
(which incidentally showed it was 7:33) he said    announced      that   Past
my watch was wrong but that's when he rang the     District Governor John
bell.                                              Strong passed away and a
Bill Swasey led us in the                          Memorial is planned for
pledge to the flag.                                Sunday afternoon, May
Debby         Roumbanis                            31, at the Luchessi Center.
gave the thought for the                           More information will
day which was titled                               follow and you can check
“The Paradox of Our                                the District Web Site for
Time” and has been                                 details.
credited to the late
George Carlin.                                     Flowery School invites everyone who has
                                                   volunteered there this year to a Thank You
The last two paragraphs follow:                    Program on June 2 at 9:00 AM. Everyone is
Remember; spend some time with your loved          encouraged to attend. Last years show was
ones, because they are not going                   terrific.
to be around forever. Remember, say a kind
word to someone who looks up to                    President John now has the District Conference
you in awe, because that little person soon will   schedule available so check with him for details.
grow up and leave your
side.                                              The only thing our treasurer, Arnie Lamb, had
                                                   to report is that we are in good shape.
Remember to give a warm hug to the one next to
you because that is the only
                       Dr. Holve (Les) gave           New Comers Reception at Berger Center on May
                       everyone     some   good       7. We often get a few new members from this
                       advice    regarding   the      event.
                       Swine Flu.
                          1. Use good common          President John reminded everyone about the
                              sense                   Piano & Operatic Recital by Alexey Artemyev,
                          2. Don't listen to          Piano and Evegenia Chaverdova, Mezzo-
                              those who don't         Soprano being presented by VOM Rotary Club
                              know much               in association with Irene Lucia and Gordon
                                                      Freedman. Mark your calendars for Sunday,
Our current vaccines do provide a measure of          May 31, 2:30 PM at Berger Center. Admission
protection against this strain of flu but if you do   is free but donations are welcomed.      All
feel ill see a Doctor.                                donations will benefit Rotary's World Wide
                                                      Polio Eradication Program.
He reiterated GOOD SENSE is the key – do
what you usually do during flu season. Wash           Checks can be made payable to VOM Rotary
your hands often and don't bother with a mask.        Foundation which is Non Profit so checks are tax
Masks are only good for 15 minutes and then                                deductible.
they become carriers unto themselves.
                                                                        Ron and Ro Nicholson
Les also reaffirmed that the Appelate Court in                          just    returned    from
Washington DC has decreed that all scientific                           Guatemala      and     he
studies show that there is no relationship                              reported thanks to the
between vaccines and Autism.                                            work of Keri Anderson
                                                                        grants have increased the
      COMMITTEE                                                         $600 we contributed to
       REPORTS                                                          the Literacy Program to
                                                      $1800. A big THANK YOU to Keri.
Keri Anderson asked for
volunteers for the Green                                                 BUNCO
Thumb project. She said
it's fun working with the                             Barb Lowell reported Bunco will be on
Children on Mondays from                              Wednesday, May 27 at 6:00 PM at the East Rec.
8:30 – 10:30.
                                                      President John is taking a trip down Memory
                       Caroline Keller is taking      Lane next week. He is going to show his Son
                       some of the R House kids       and Grandson the town where he was born
                       to the Career Center at        (Nuremburg, Germany) so Gordon will step up
                       SRJC today and if you are      to the podium on May 8 and this will give us a
                       interested in going next       sneak preview of what next year's meetings will
                                                      be like.

                                                                   HAPPY DOLLARS

week it will be on Friday,                            Ron Nicholson gave Happy Dollars for his
May 8, 9:30 – 11:30.                                  Birthday which he celebrated on the green near
                                                      the 5th hole at the Master's Tournament. He and
Gordon         Freedman                               Ro then flew to Amsterdam and cruised to
announced he had 3                                    Antwerp. They went through 12 locks and
volunteers to work at the                             actually saw 100s of acres of Tulips. They were
then forced to spend 3 days in Paris.... too bad                                      RAFFLE
                                                                               Since Judie Coleman
John Derby is determined and he jumped up and                                  always complains the
led us in a little better (than last week) rendition                           Raffle tickets are not
of Happy Birthday.                                                             mixed up Bill Shaver had
                                                                               her draw the winning
Bill Swasey didn't get                                                         ticket. Pat Campbell was
enough time last week                                                          the lucky winner but the
but he would rather                                                            whopping       $29   will
“pay” next week when                                                           continue to grow.
John is away. While
visiting Washington DC
at the start of his trip last                          Our guest speaker
month he walked by the                                 today was Stan
famous Willard Hotel                                   Gold from         the
(which        is       under                           league of Women
renovation) but he did get to see the Paul Harris      Voters and he spoke
extra mile plaque.                                     on Universal Single
                                                       Payer Health Care.
                        Bill Shaver celebrated his     He presented some
                        Birthday at a family           interesting points of
                        dinner with both his sons      view on this type of
                        and their wives.      We       Health Care.
                        quickly added “and Bill”
                        to the tune of Happy           A few highlights
                        Birthday!!                     from his presentation are:

                     Caroline Keller gave              48M Americans have no health insurance
                     Happy $$$ because she             45M Americans are “under insured”
attended the County Volunteer Thank You
luncheon and one of our scholarship recipients         7M in California have no health insurance
was recognized. Caroline said it was announced         5M in California are “under insured”
that over 5000 people in Sonoma County
volunteer in some way.                                 A Single Payer Health Plan means that all
                                                       medical provider bills are sent to a single payer
Phil Wigen reported that                               thus eliminating the “middleman” which is the
his    Son-in-Law      is                              insurance company.
featured in the current
issue of Time Magazine                                 30% of every dollar spent today goes to the
in an article on the Role                              insurance company and never reaches the
Web Lectures plays in                                  medical provider. In contrast Medicare only uses
Education.                                             3% of every dollar for expenses.

(Later in the meeting we                               Insurance companies spend millions on
also found out that Phil                               employee compensation and advertising. One
is the guest speaker at the Sunday Symposium.          example was the 13M in compensation paid to
The title of his presentation is “The Elegant          the CEO of United HealthCare in 2007.
Unfortunately we did not have time to view the      Suitcases are always needed for the Children's
video Stan brought but we did have a few            Home.
minutes for interesting Q & A.
                                                          FUTURE CALENDAR EVENTS
If you would like more information on Health
Care for All – California their web site is:        5/08/09 -Wheel Chair Foundation – Jeff Behring
                                                    (Ron Nicholson presiding)
                                                    5/15/09- Memorial Day program (a military
                  CLOSING                           remembrance theme) (Admiral “Mac” McHenry
President John rang the bell to close the
meeting.                                            5/22/09 - DARK (due to Memorial Day holiday

                                                    5/29/09- “Face to Face” - Cleft Palate Care –
                                                    Les Holve M.D. (Frank Sites presiding)
CONTINUES”                                          5/31/09 Piano & Operatic Recital – Alexey
                                                    Artemyev, Piano & Evegenia Chaverdova,
Share Rotary with your friends. We should           Mezzo-Soprano. Berger Center, Sunday, May
invite business friends and neighbors to a          31, 2:30PM
meeting. Who do we do business with, what
neighbors do we know, what former Rotarians         6/05/09 - VOM-Rotary Scholarship Awards –
could be asked to join us? Clip and save the        with recipients (Fred Polkinghorn presiding)
invitation below to give to a friend, neighbor,
or business associate.                              6/12/09 - Sonoma Country Grand Jury – Rich
                                                    Kleincurrent foreperson serving Sonoma County
Guests and potential Rotarians are invited          on its Grand Jury for the year '08-'09 which ends
twice at the Club’s expense.                        July 8, 2009 (Jim Carty presiding)

 MANY PEOPLE SAID THEY WOULD                        6/19/09 - The BEST of Rotary International –
HAVE JOINED ROTARY HAD SOMEONE                      multiple themes (John Heilbronner presiding)
          ASKED THEM!
                                                    6/26/09 - Heilbronner Debunking Dinner at
Cut and put in your wallet                          Quail Inn – removal of “old shoe” President
                                                    (PE Freedman presiding)
       You are invited as a guest
of_____________________________to attend
a breakfast meeting of Valley of the Moon
Rotary. The Club meets Friday mornings at
7:15 a.m. at the Quail Restaurant 7035                       ERRORS AND OMISSIONS
Oakmont Drive in Oakmont.
                                                    Please submit any corrections or omissions to
                REMINDERS                           Valerie Hulsey for insertion in the next
We are still collecting non-perishable food items
for the food bank at each meeting.                  Editor:      Valerie Hulsey
                                                    Publisher:   Jack Monahan
                                                    Photographer Jack Monahan
President: John Heilbronner; President Elect:
Gordon Freedman; Secretary: Pat Randall;
Treasurer: Arnie Lamb; Jerry Dion; Sgt-At-

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