smartboard by huanghengdong


     •Data Projector
     •Smartboard Notebook/Smartboard Software must be on laptop

At PSHS our Media Center has the complete package, ready to use.
Begin by placing the data projector/laptop/cart in desired location.   Plug in the cart to AC

                                                                                     USB connection

                                                   Laptop without Smartboard
   Data Projector

            Back of Laptop with Smartboard Connection
Turn data projector on first-Red button


                                                           Keystone: allows
                                                           the image to be
                                                           squared if device is
                                                           tilted up and image
                                                           is affected.

•It may take a few moments for the lamp to initialize, but you will get a blue
screen projected.
•Height can be adjusted with the legs on the lower, front on the unit.
•Moving the cart closer/farther from the screen or Smartboard will make
substantial changes in size of image. Smaller adjustments can be made with
the lens.

   Back of Laptop is
Check the connections of the
Smartboard cord. Note the light on
the Smartboard. We will refer to it   Front of the Smartboard,
Once the projector is on and necessary adjustments have
been made…we can move to the laptop.

                                        Turn laptop
                                        power on
•As the laptop goes through the normal
start up functions, watch for the light
on the Smartboard to go from red to
green. As the computer recognize all
the hardware connected to it, the light
will go from red….to green.

•Next, look for the menu displayed on
the desktop that looks like the one
Before we go any farther, lets lock the
Smartboard in place so it will not move. If you
have the displayed image in the desired
location, lock the casters on the base of the
Smartboard. If the board or cart is moved after
we orient the board, you will have to repeat the

Let’s move on. Lock the casters and click the
“Orient…” button
Orient the

  Now, walk to the Smartboard and use a finger to touch each red icon firmly. Follow the
  progression until you have touched each icon.

  The set up is now complete and the board can be used as an alternative input device!!!
•Yes the kids can use it…That is why it is here
•Both the computer and the Smartboard can be used at the
same time for input.
•The markers do not really mark. You can put one in your
pocket and use your finger if you wish.
•Board will not “erase” unless all markers are in tray.

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