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Defence and security are among            also hosts the Strategic and Defence     Based in Canberra, CEA specialises
Canberra’s largest industry sectors.      Studies Centre and the Australian        in the design, development and
                                          Strategic Policy Institute.              manufacture of advanced radar and
It comprises the Department of
                                                                                   communications solutions supplying
Defence and various national              Other Canberra-based defence and
                                                                                   civil and military systems into land,
security agencies - plus private          security agencies include:
                                                                                   maritime and air environments.
businesses that provide products
                                          „ The Australian Security                Having its head office in Canberra
and services to these agencies - and
                                            Intelligence Organisation              has provided CEA with excellent
a number of other defence related
                                                                                   access to the Department of
institutions. It also includes garrison   „ The Australian Secret
                                                                                   Defence, its related agencies and
support, professional services              Intelligence Service
                                                                                   decision makers.
and major capital equipment
                                          „ The Defence Signals Directorate
manufacturers and suppliers.                                                       CEA’s product range includes
                                          „ The Office of National                 wideband antenna systems, scalable
The Department of Defence has
                                            Assessments.                           active phased array radar for
one of the largest budgets of any
                                          Canberra’s defence and security          surveillance and missile fire control
Australian Government agency at
                                          sector is of vital importance to         applications, maritime integrated
over A$25 billion for the financial
                                          the local economy and there are          communications systems and harbour
year 2009-10. Approximately
                                          significant opportunities for private    and coastal surveillance systems.
15 per cent, or A$4 billion of
this, is indirectly spent within the      sector companies to participate in its   The company remains at
Canberra economy. There are over          future development.                      the forefront of innovation,
13,000 military and defence-civilian      Case Study: CEA Technologies             continually working to develop
personnel working in Canberra and                                                  the next generation of radar and
the region, or about 14 per cent of       CEA Technologies was founded in          communication systems. CEA is
the nation’s defence deployment.          1983 by two ex Royal Australian          committed to both customer service
                                          Navy Officers, David Gaul and Ian        and research and development,
Canberra is also home to Australia’s      Croser. They have built CEA into a       ensuring the highest quality
leading military college – the Royal      company that has an annual turnover      solutions and support for its
Military College at Duntroon and the      of A$50 million and employs more         customers. CEA’s commitment to its
Australian Defence Force Academy.         than 260 staff.
The Australian National University
AnD SecURITY                                      cOnTInUeD

products was demonstrated when it          reinforces the ACT’s reputation as a
recently announced the development         designer and supplier of competitive
of a A$20 million scientific research      leading edge technologies to
facility in Canberra.                      defence, government and industry.
CEA has commenced land based               The company now successfully
trials of the first of eight phased        exports to the United States,
array radar systems the company            Europe, the Middle East and Pacific
is building for installation in the        countries. Both co-founders have
Royal Australian Navy’s Anzac Class        been recognised extensively for their
frigates. The sophisticated radars         outstanding industry contributions
are software-based and can track           and excellence in their individual
multiple targets, such as incoming         fields. David Gaul was recently
missiles and hostile aircraft,             named national champion of the
simultaneously. To be installed with       Australian export community.
CEA’s radar target illuminator, the
ANZAC Class Ships will be among                                                    “The numerous support mechanisms
the first warships to have fully digital   For further information contact:        available to developing businesses
radar systems.                                             in Canberra have continually
                                                  encouraged CEA Technologies to
Its growing workforce is
representative of CEA’s                    Phone Canberra Connect:                 achieve the vision to become the
accomplishments over the past              1800 244 650 (Australia)                world leader that it is today.”
27 years. With offices in Melbourne,       +61 13 22 81 (International)            David Gaul
Adelaide, Perth and San Diego, the                                                 President
company is an active participant                                                   CEA Technologies
in both domestic and international
markets. Its success creates flow-on
work benefits for other local and
regional companies and further

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