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									Using MSDN – Student Version                                                    3/24/2010

Step 1. Logon to MSDN

Your username is your RMU email name. The name was added by the RMU MSDN
administrator and it has nothing to do with your RMU username or the RMU help desk.

Problems with Passwords

If your email is being added for the first time by ANY instructor, you will be sent an
email message which contains an initial password. You MSDN account will normally be
activated for one year or less.

 If another instructor adds the same student's email name, then the student was already
sent a password. MSDN will NOT automatically send passwords to students who have
been previously registered.

If the student forgot their password, or did not receive the email message, or do not know
if they were previously added … then you enter their email logon name on the logon
page and click "Forgot Password." The current password will be sent to their email

Enter user name and password

The only support MSDN provides is the email address of the Chair or designee of the CIS
Department – and that is very little support.

Using MSDN – Student Version                                                   3/24/2010

Changing Your Password

Any user may change their password on the Administration Tab/User Support/ Change

Step 2. Downloading Software – Click on the Software Tab

If you click on the Software Tab, you will see a list of icons that are available by CD.
You must pay a fee for that CD. Use the Search Text Box to find other titles of software
that may be downloaded.

Step 3. Search Button

To search for Microsoft Product that may be downloaded, click on the Search Button.
Assume that you are going to search for MicroSoft Visio.

Using MSDN – Student Version                                                   3/24/2010

    Not all Microsoft Products are available for download. For example, MSDN does
     not provide support for Microsoft Office.

    Most downloads do not require a product key, but some download do, e.g.,
     Microsoft Server Family. Instructors can request product keys for their classes.

    Microsoft does reserve the right to audit the download history for any institution. I
     expect them to be more vigilant for extreme abuses that require product keys.

After you select a product select GO

Step 4: Product Details Page

After you select a product a Product Details page displays the Download or perhaps a
Mail Oder Option. Select the desired option and click Add to Cart.

Using MSDN – Student Version                                         3/24/2010

Step 5: Guideline Page

Click on "I Agree" on Student Use Guideline Page

Step 6. View Shopping Cart

Either Click on Continue Shopping or Click on the Check Out Button

Using MSDN – Student Version                              3/24/2010

Step 7: Customer Information Page

Confirm the Customer Information by clicking on Next

Step 8. Orders Detail Page

On the Order Details Page click on Download to Continue

Using MSDN – Student Version                                                     3/24/2010

Step 9. My Software Page

On the My Software page before you click on Download to start the Download and
Installation process, review this page. There is a Serial Number listed. Write it down.
You may or may not need it during the installation process. But, realize that this serial
will be attached to your email name.

Step 10. Run/Save Dialog Box

A Run/Save Dialog Box will appear. You will be prompted to either run or save a
Download Application. It is recommended to RUN this download application.

Using MSDN – Student Version                                                    3/24/2010

Step 10-Error. Security Warning

You may or may not get an Internet Explorer – Security Warning. Click on RUN again,

Step 11. Download helper Application

The Download Helper application will proceed with a four step process: 1)
Authentication, 2) Downloading, 3) Unpacking, and 4) Installing. You may change the
directory to any disk storage location you want. Some of these files may be large.

Once you press the Continue button the process will begin. By default Step 4 will try to
install the application on the computer that you are using to download. If you do not
want to install the application on a particular computer, e.g., you want to create a
Windows Server on a second computer, cancel the installation process and Burn a CD
or DVD. See the next step.

Using MSDN – Student Version                                                    3/24/2010

Step 12: Launch Install

Ready to Install. You may click on the Launch Install button or the Red 'X' close dialog
button located in the upper right-hand cornet to cancel the installation.

Using MSDN – Student Version                                                   3/24/2010

Creating a CD or DVD.

The easiest way to create a CD or DVD is to use Windows Explorer. The following
directions will vary slightly depending on the version of Windows that you are using.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start Button and Select Explore.

Step 2 Navigate to the directory that you downloaded the application to. The default was
Drive C and the Temp Folder. You will see a Folder not a File for you download.

Using MSDN – Student Version                                                      3/24/2010

Step 3. In this example, I double-click on the Visio folder. Look for the ISO file (There is
probably only one file in this folder.) Right click on the file name and select record to
CD. This will work with either a CD or DVD.

How do I know if I need a CD or DVD? If the file size is less than 650 megabytes, you
can copy the file to either a CD or DVD. Anything file size above 650 megabytes
requires a DVD.

                                           - 10 -
Using MSDN – Student Version                                                 3/24/2010

Problems with MSDN or downloading a file.

There is very little support for MSDN in general and RMU does not have any staff to
support MSDN. Due to potential liability problems, CIS instructors or staff are not
permitted to download and install software on a student's personal computer. The
instructor may burn and distribute a CD or DVD to a student without any cost to the
student (when money changes hands it implies a warranty). Expect for server classes,
most CIS software is available in the LAB computers or accessible by Citrix.

The best way to debug problems is to search for the problem using Google and the
keyword MSDN. Perhaps the most frequent error is when the MSDN site gets busy and a
student is disconnected from the MSDN site before the download completes. MSDN
indicates that a download may resume from the previous point, but this process is very

                                        - 11 -

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