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									                                                           September Results & Recognition   October 2008

                     Quarter 1
                  Working with
                                            WHAT WOMEN WANT:
  Ciria Garcia Mendoza– Pearl
    Gina Hopperstand-Ruby
       Rosa Diaz-Sapphire
      Elida Rivas-Sapphire
  Maggie Hammond-Sapphire

          Team Building
     Name                Recruits
     Nora G. Lopez         1

      Congratulations to
Ciria Garcia-Mendoza and her team
for completing their first two months     We have what women want: Choices, Cash, Cars,
 of Consultant Grand Achievement,         Friends, Fun, Flexibility, Feelings of Achievement, etc.!
  August & September, focused on
   that beautiful Pontiac G-6. They       I believe that we all have women in our customer bases
  have also, as of October 8th, begun     that can benefit so strongly from what MK has to offer.
 their qualification period to become a   However, that is not possible if we don't share the
          BRAND NEW UNIT.                 information with them.
        Excitement is in the air!
                                          HERE IS WHAT I BELIEVE:
                                          I believe that if you will commit right away, you will have
                                          one or more new Team Members this month. This
                                          would mean a promotion to SENIOR CONSULTANT or
                                          RED JACKET!
                                          It's as simple as the Nike Ad: Just do it.
                                          What if: Your decision to put the company information
    Recruiter :Ciria Garcia-Mendoza       in a customer's hands and follow up with her would
        Rosie Casanova
        Amelia Dominguez                  absolutely change her life? Imagine!
        Elvia Garcia
        Rosalinda Gomez                   You must mentally expect success. Because whether you
        Gina L. Hopperstad                think you can or you think you cant, you’re right! It all
        Linda Martinez                    begins with you and your thoughts—Expect Success
        Maribel L. Noriega                today and take your business to the top this year!!!
        R. Ortega-Hilts
        Cindy Rodriguez
        Veronica M. Vazquez
        Olga Velez
      * Liz C. Ramirez
           Holiday Shopping Coffee
                       Ideas From Several Directors Collected By: FESD Sarah Hjelle-Bjorgaard

1. How to Invite Them:
      • “How would you like to get anything you want from Mary Kay @ Half Price? Well
           it’s easy and it’s fun! Simply have a Holiday Shopping Coffee—invite as many women
           as you would like and when we sell 10 items, you will get to go on a HALF OFF Holi-
           day shopping spree!” No one will take off their make up, however they will receive
           some special pampering! When would be a good time to get together? Beginning of the
           week or the end of the Week?”

2. Hostess Coaching:
       • Set a date to follow up & find out how many are coming.
       • Ask her for the addresses so you can send a confirmation postcard.

3. How to Display Products:
      • Package sets in Sheer Bags, Holiday Bags, or Baskets—but make it simplistic! Use what the company
          has for us already! *Look at your Applause Magazine & Look Book!
      • Have one table display (I use a black cloth over the top of some empty boxes to give height varia-
          tion), light some scented candles, and play holiday music.
      • You may also want to include 3-4 gift ideas that are packaged up!

4. Conducting The Coffee:
      • As the guests arrive, introduce yourself and get to know them. (you may want name tags)
      • Have hostess serve them coffee & cookies.
      • Give each guest the following items: Profile Card, Look Book, & Set Sheet (Instruct them to use
          the set sheet thru the presentation– fill in favorite sets & wish list.)
      • Have Guests fill out Profile Card prior to beginning.
      • Thank hostess and romance your Holiday Hostess Program. (Give gift in holiday gift bag)
      • Talk about Door Prizes—Must earn tickets to be in the drawings.
      • Talk about how they can earn tickets. ( 1st—5 tickets for booking)
      • Pick up first set on the set sheet and romance. (Do a hand facial with opposite skin color founda-
          tion after you finish talking about the Miracle Set) For the rest of the sets… you may want to have
          some DEMO products so that they can demo at least one of the items in each set. Refer to their
          profile card when you are talking about the products. *If they are smelling multiple fragrance items,
          pass around a champagne glass filled with coffee beans to smell prior to the next set.
      • Instruct guests to circle items they like on their set sheet.
      • Show Satin Hands as the last set & demo to wash off foundation.

5. Closing The Coffee:
        • ROMANCE how the get THE BAG like crazy! (Must purchase any 4 sets!! You aren’t giving prod-
           uct discounts—you are just giving the bag for 4 sets! Only $12.50 out of your pocket!!)
        • Give 1 ticket for every $20 that is purchased (10 Bonus tickets for roll up bag)
           Holiday Shopping Coffee
                      Ideas From Several Directors Collected By: FESD Sarah Hjelle-Bjorgaard

5. Closing The Coffee:
        • “Ladies, we’ve got just 7 minutes left and in exactly 7 minutes we’re going to
           do our door prize drawings from the set sheets in the middle of the table. So,
           quickly fill in your 4 favorite sets or just simply circle what you want! I’d like
           to tell you how you can pay for that—I take cash, check, Master Card, Visa or
           I’ll even do half down and I’ll collect the second half when I deliver in
           __________. I will work with you to get what you want today!! I am going to
           walk around and help you customize your sets & answer any questions”
        • Be sure to ask:
                • Did you have fun? What did you enjoy most?
                • Do you have any questions on the products? (look at sheet / discuss)
                • I see you have ___ sets circled today, is that comfortable for you? (customize sets)
                • “_____ you have several things on your sheet that I know excited you that you aren’t tak-
                    ing home tonight…. What do you say we book a Shopping Coffee to be held at your house
                    so you can get them at least 50% off—I think you’d be a great hostess and I’d love to work
                    with you”. (Remember 5 tickets for booking)
        • Hand out tickets while you are customizing products (could have Hostess do this while you are clos-
           ing—she’ll help you sell! Let her!!)! Make a BIG DEAL when someone earns 10 bonus tickets for
           their Roll Up Bag!

6. Marketing A Must:
       • “I’m going to give you one more chance at earning tickets for our biggest door prize! Did you all
          receive the postcard from me in the mail? How many of your brought something that was on your
          postcard? As we begin to talk about each item—you’ll get a ticket if you brought it and a ticket if you
          know what it represents! Are you ready?”
              • Play Money—Money you can earn ($50-$100 per hour)
              • Old Cosmetic Product—(Must TRASH to get a ticket) - Get products at cost.
              • Toy Car / Car Window Sticker—3 cars you can earn.
              • Wrapper From a Box or Package of Cheese—Big Cheese, you are the boss of your business.
              • Mirror /Note From a Friend—Self Confidence & Esteem
              • Picture of Your Family—Priorities
              • Menu—Tax Deductions
              • Map—No territories—No quotas
              • Encyclopedia—Free training—better than most college degrees
              • Clock—Doesn’t Take allot of time to be successful
              • Pic Comb—Choose who you want to work with
       • Now I am going to let you ask me anything you want about our business opportunity for about 5
          minutes! Each time you ask a question—you will get a ticket for the door prize”
       • Door Prize Drawing
       • Thank everyone for coming / FOLLOW UP WITHIN 24 HOURS WITH INTERESTED PAR-
                !!$                                 %               &'                   $           %                               %                         (

)                           ()                                                      *+                                               ,                          %                       $
                                                    %                                                                                                                                                    *
                                    %       $                                       ,                                $                           $                          -.

                /   0 (1                        2                   $                                                                                      *                    % &                   !3&
4#&43                                                                       $            %       &$ *                    %           &            $            %                 5
                                        %                                                                        %       6                                      $
                $               $               %                           %                                                                $                                          %

7                   ()                                                                                           &                                       /                      0 %         &
                                                                                                         /                                               0
            &                                                                                                %       %           $       $                              %(8                 , /9
: 0                 2 ,                         ;           $                                                   .                                         $
  $                                                                                                           $              $           %               % <                            &        &
        &                                                               $       . $                          % %
                    $                                   %                                =       $                                   $                               $
        % &                                                         %                                        $                                                      $ $
                                        $                                                $                               $ $*                                   $

)                   (>                                  43                  &                                                      $              %            6
                                                                    $                        $                                    $                                                     5 ;
    *                    < $ *                                                  %                            %                   8           $
        ,               % ; %                               ,           $                                                                $               $
;                                               %                                   %                    &                                                      <
        $ %                             $                                   ?            $                               *                       *                  % $             *
         $                                                      %                   =        $        $                                           *$
                                            $       %                   &$                           $               ;                                                                               &
        $       %           $                                             $                      $                       ?               ;           %
                            ,                   =                         %                              ?                               $
6                                       %                       $                                                                                               $               =               @#&
 A#& !## 7                  $ %                                                     &                        /                   %                0 ;               $
       %                     $                                      ?                         $                                              $                              *

<                                (                      $ %                                                  )           5                                          $
    $                             $                       $                                                                          ,                 &                            B&
                                 $                       $                                       %               $           !4
8       $                       )               5                                                >                                   % $                                        %
6                            $ %                                                              % >                                                      % $              &                % 4##
                            &    3                      &               %                    : $

                        .                                                                                                $                           &

  Could you get excited about selling $5,000 or MORE this
     Holiday season? Would you love to profit $2,000 or
   MORE for your family? How about working full circle and
    putting the G6 or cash compensation under your tree?

    It’s time to get busy and MAKE it HAPPEN! Do you have
      an extra 4-6 hours a week to profit some BIG money?
           Below are 5 easy Holiday Selling Ideas to help
            you achieve your goal! I know you can do it!

Plan your Strategy:
1. Decide what activities and how much from the below chart you want to
    do. This chart shows sales of over $9,000, so depending on how much
    YOU want, you can adjust your activity. You can easily sell $5,000!!
2. Make a list of potential hostess & clients NOW!
3. Determine when you will hold appointments. You can hold several on one day or at the same time to
    maximize your time.
4. Begin booking NOW. Book 2x as many as you want to hold.

       Sales Activity         Total Activity   Monthly Activity Total from Each:      Total from All:
Hold a Class, Help A Cause          15                 5                $300              $4,500
 Holiday Preview Parties
  CMA Backstage Party
       Color Insider
         Skin Care
          Facials                   15                 5                $75               $1,125
    Holiday Open House               1                 1                $500               $500
  Wish Lists & On the Go’s          20                 -                $50               $1,000
       Business Gifts               10                 4                $200              $2,000
   Outside Order Hostess
      Online Hostess
        Total Sales                                                                       $9,125
      50% to Reinvest                                                                     $4,562
  Estimated Expense 5%                                                                     $456
 (postage & hostess gifts)
         Net Profit                                                                       $4,107
                                    2008 Holiday Planner
End of September to prepare for October:
1. Do your Preferred Customer calls for anyone on your list who received the Fall/Holiday Look Book.
   This is also a great time to book Holiday appointments.
       Did you get your Look Book in the mail? Is there anything you are running low on? Did you see
       the beautiful necklace in the back? You can get this necklace plus 50% off just for being a
       hostess with the “host a class, help a cause”!
2. Make sure you have 5—8 parties on your datebook for October!!
3. Set your goals for holiday sales & team building. Dream big!!
4. Make your contact lists for hostesses, facials, on-the-go’s, businesses, etc.

1. Have every customer fill out a Holiday Wish List. You might consider giving an incentive for return-
   ing it to you. Be sure you hand these out at ALL appointments!
2. Talk to all of your customers about your gift giving services & help them start shopping NOW!
3. Hold 3—5 Host A Class, Help A Cause parties for this month.
4. Contact any friends at businesses to do lunch hour Holiday Sales in the breakroom.
5. Plan your open house dates & times for November.
6. Who do you know that you’d love to have on your team? This is a great month to interview potential
   team members. And you’ll receive “Love Checks” from the Company!! Set a goal of 6—10 inter-
7. Begin contacting any businesses where you have contacts for corporate gift giving.
8. Setup any outside order or online hostesses.
9. End the month with 5—8 bookings for November.

1. Hold a Holiday Open House a week or two before Thanksgiving.
2. Schedule and hold Personal Shopper/On the Go Appointments with Customers.
3. Contact any businesses or contacts that you know for gift giving services & schedule a time to show
   them some ideas. Do this EARLY in the month—1st week. Good places to contact are realtors, law-
   yers, accountants, dentists, doctors, banks, insurance agents, office managers. Who do you know?
4. Hold 3—5 Host a Class, Help A Cause parties for this month.
5. Call Wish List “Santa’s”.
6. Continue sharing the opportunity with sharp women that you meet! Set another goal of 6—10.
7. Setup any additional outside order or online hostesses.
8. End the month with 5—8 bookings for December.

1. Hold any last minute “stocking stuffer” open houses or on-the-go appointments.
2. Hold any remaining “Host A Class, Help A Cause” needed to meet your goal. You will want to hold
   them early in the month OR promote as Holiday Makeovers to get in before end of year.
3. Finish up any on-the go’s, outside order hostesses or online hostesses the by the 10th.
4. Finishing calling any “Santa’s” & Husbands for gifts. Husbands are last minute!
5. Gift wrap (if needed) & deliver gifts.
6. Continue sharing the opportunity. December is a great time to get started for a brand new year!
7. Count up your profits!
Future Directors                    Senior Consultants                        Top 10 Reasons to attend
Recruiter :Ciria Garcia-Mendoza      Recruiter :Glenda L. Alford                 your unit meetings
   Rosie Casanova                      Margarita Huerta
   Amelia Dominguez                                                         Share spirit de corps with your sister
   Elvia Garcia                      Recruiter :Kathryn L. Hale
   Rosalinda Gomez                      L. Aycock                           Independent Beauty Consultants!
   Gina L. Hopperstad                   Debra A. Tejada
   Linda Martinez
   Maribel L. Noriega
                                      * Sharon Cowart                       Ignite your engines for a powerful week!
   R. Ortega-Hilts                   Recruiter :Nora G. Lopez
   Cindy Rodriguez                      Cristina Ledezma                    Swap ideas with other achievers
   Veronica M. Vazquez                  Arminda E. Trevino
   Olga Velez                         * Miriam Lette                        Talk about your goals!
 * Liz C. Ramirez                     * Brianna L. Ortega

                                     Recruiter :Desiree M. Ponder
                                                                            Enjoy the recognition you
                                       Michelle S. Ponder                   deserve!
                                     Recruiter :Michelle S. Ponder
                                        Rosa Diaz
                                                                            Recruit that guest you brought!
                                      * Laura O. Bustinza
                                      * Kari J. Greer                       Hear about Company information
                                     Recruiter :Renee Stephens              Offer to get involved!
                                       Kendra A. Murrell
                                       Diane D. Vey
                                                                            Observe great role models!
                                                                            Develop business building blocks!
                                                                            Booking, Classes, and Interviews

  Senior                   Star                        Team                       On-Target                        Director in
Consultant               Recruiter                    Leader                       for Car!                       Qualification
                          RED JACKET                                             (5+ actives and $4,000               (8+ actives growing
 (1-2 active team                                     (5+ actives)                wholesale growing to                 to 30 in 4 months!)
                           (3+ actives)                                        12 actives and $18,000 in 4
    members)                                    All the previous benefits            months or less)             Production during DIQ counts
                       Sr Consultant benefits                                                                   towards car! Eligible to become
                      plus Red Jacket Rebate                                   Eligible to earn use of Career       Director and earn Unit
4% Commission                                     9-13% Commission            Car or $375 cash monthly for 2         Commission and Unit
                     Eligible for $50 Bonuses                                   years PLUS all Benefits of       bonuses—Eligible to wear the
                                                   Team Leader pin                     previous levels              exclusive Director Suit.
                 (These new unit members signed Consultant agreements September 1—30)
                    New Consultant                        From                          Sponsored by

                      Brianna L. Ortega                 RIO HONDO, TX                    Nora Lopez

      Build Your Business with Pins & Pearls!
          To achieve a Perfect Start, you’ll want to facial                    To achieve the Pearls of Sharing® Earrings,
          15 customers within your first two-weeks.                            you’ll want to share the opportunity with 3
                                                                               women within your first two-weeks.

          To achieve a Power Start, you’ll want to                            To achieve the Pearls of Sharing® Bracelet,
          facial 30 customers within your first month.                        you’ll want to share the opportunity with 6
                                                                              women within your first month.

            To achieve the Power Start Plus Pin, you’ll                         To achieve the Pearls of Sharing® Necklace,
            want to complete your Power Start and your                          you’ll want to add one new personal team
            Pearls of Sharing®.                                                 member who places a minimum $600
                                                                                wholesale order.

Thank you from Mary Kay                                            November Celebrations
  “Love Check” Commissions for Personal Team Building

      13% Recruiter Commission Level                                Birthdays                          Day
            C. Garcia-Mendoza $509.05                               Delaine J. Elseth                    4
                                                                    Martha J. Dunks                     14
      9% Recruiter Commission Level                                 Miriam Lette                        15
            Maggie Hammond $390.86

      4% Recruiter Commission Level
            Michelle S. Ponder $25.62
            Kathryn L. Hale    $14.54
            Nora G. Lopez      $8.00
                                                                   Anniversaries                      Years

                                                                 Elidia Rivas                          6
                                                                 Karen P. Jamison                      6
                                                                 Veronica M. Vazquez                   4
                                                                 Bertha Serrata                        1
Consultant Name                     Current                  Sapphire       Ruby           Diamond      Emerald          Pearl 
                                    Wholesale                 $1,800       $2,400           $3,000       $3,600         $4,800  
ROSA DIAZ                            $1,207.75           $592.25         $1,192.25        $1,792.25    $2,392.25      $3,592.25
GINA HOPPERSTAD                      $1,053.75           $746.25         $1,346.25        $1,946.25    $2,546.25      $3,746.25
JEANIE ROHDE                         $703.25             $1,096.75       $1,696.75        $2,296.75    $2,896.75      $4,096.75
MARIBEL NORIEGA                      $696.00             $1,104.00       $1,704.00        $2,304.00    $2,904.00      $4,104.00
AMELIA DOMINGUEZ                     $600.50             $1,199.50       $1,799.50        $2,399.50    $2,999.50      $4,199.50
GLENDA ALFORD                        $516.00             $1,284.00       $1,884.00        $2,484.00    $3,084.00      $4,284.00
MICHELLE PONDER                      $401.00             $1,399.00       $1,999.00        $2,599.00    $3,199.00      $4,399.00

        These Consultants invested in their business in September
         Gina L. Hopperstad                      $1,806.25           Debra A. Tejada                   $363.50
         C. Garcia-Mendoza                       $1,075.75           Karen P. Jamison                  $326.25
         Elidia Rivas                            $731.75             Renee Stephens                    $287.25
         Jeanie L. Rohde                         $703.25             Nora G. Lopez                     $277.25
         Maribel L. Noriega                      $696.00             Olga Velez                        $210.00
         Rosa Diaz                               $607.50             Karen A. Garcia                   $201.25
         Linda Martinez                          $603.00             Sandra Langley                    $200.50
         Amelia Dominguez                        $600.50             Arminda E. Trevino                $200.00
         Glenda L. Alford                        $516.00             Ann Dupuis                        $162.75
         Michelle S. Ponder                      $401.00             Kari J. Greer                     $33.00

            By Executive Senior Director Marla Bolling

    10 THINGS TO ASSESS - Check off the things that you are doing. Those are your strengths. Look at the things that you are not
           doing. Choose one that you think will make the biggest difference towards your goals and work on that one thing.
    1. Do I have quiet time DAILY?
    2. Do I have a weekly schedule for my business and for my family and follow it? Blue-Faith time.....Pink-Mary Kay
        Time....Green-Making Money Time (IPAs)...An hour on the phone a week!
    3. Do you fill out your 6 Most Important Things list at night before you go to bed? Priority should be 5 new leads, 2 new
        bookings until your datebook is filled.
    4. Do I lead by example? That means 3 skin care classes and interviews a week. If I will work 15 hours a week, I will see great
        results from consistent efforts.
    5. Do I attend my meeting every week and do I bring guests?
    6. Do I have my goals in front of me daily? I need goal posters in obvious places!!
    7. Do I work my IPA’s (Income Producing Activities) daily?
    8. Do I participate in my Director's Conference Calls weekly? In other words, do not miss any training!!!
    9. Do I take time to reflect and plan ahead for the quarter and for the month? Have I planned out October and
        November? When will I hold my classes? When will I order the holiday products? Have I planned my holiday open
    10. Do I attend company sponsored events and do I support my Director's events and contests?
                                                    (Based on verified wholesale orders placed to the company as of prior month-end)

                                                     Consultant                        YTD Retail         Bonus & PCP            Total
    Queen’s Court of Sales!
                                             1     Gina L. Hopperstad             $5,160.50                $35.00             $5,195.50
                                             2     C. Garcia-Mendoza              $3,726.50               $210.00             $3,936.50
          $36,000 retail                     3     Elidia Rivas                   $3,154.50               $210.00             $3,364.50
                                             4     Rosa Diaz                      $2,626.50               $245.00             $2,871.50
    July 1, 2008 — June 30, 2009             5     Glenda L. Alford               $2,134.00                 $0.00             $2,134.00
                                             6     Michelle S. Ponder             $1,980.00                $35.00             $2,015.00
                                             7     Olga Velez                     $1,849.50                 $0.00             $1,849.50
                                             8     Debra A. Tejada                $1,574.00                $35.00             $1,609.00
                                             9     Jeanie L. Rohde                $1,520.50                $17.50             $1,538.00
                                            10     Maribel L. Noriega             $1,506.00                 $0.00             $1,506.00
                                            11     Linda Martinez                 $1,433.50                $35.00             $1,468.50
                                            12     Sandra Langley                 $1,423.00                $17.50             $1,440.50
                                            13     Elvia Garcia                   $1,428.00                 $0.00             $1,428.00
                                            14     R. Ortega-Hilts                $1,427.50                 $0.00             $1,427.50
                                            15     Amelia Dominguez               $1,315.00                $17.50             $1,332.50
                                            16     Renee Stephens                 $1,108.50                $52.50             $1,161.00
                                            17     Cindy Rodriguez                  $871.00                 $0.00               $871.00
                                            18     Ann Dupuis                       $747.50                $35.00               $782.50
                                            19     Karen P. Jamison                 $652.50                 $0.00               $652.50
                                            20     E. De La Mota                    $628.00                 $0.00               $628.00
                                            21     Kathryn L. Hale                  $573.00                $35.00               $608.00
                                            22     Nora G. Lopez                    $554.50                $17.50               $572.00
                                            23     L. Aycock                        $421.00                $17.50               $438.50
                                            24     Karen A. Garcia                  $402.50                $35.00               $437.50
                                            25     Margarita Huerta                 $422.00                 $0.00               $422.00
                                            26     Maggie Hammond                 $2,798.50               $227.50             $3,026.00

                                                            Recruiter                    New Team Mbrs           YTD Comm

                                                        1     C. Garcia-Mendoza                  7                  $821.33
                                                        2     Maggie Hammond                     1                   $63.29

                                   MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO ACTION
                                   To perform at your best, you must become your own personal cheerleader! You
                                   become what you think about most of the time. Be sure you are thinking and talking
                                   about the things you want rather than the things you don't want! Your self talk every
                                   day must be positive and upbeat! Continually tell yourself things such as, "I can do it!!"
Psychologists have determined that optimism is the most important quality you can develop for
personal and professional success and happiness. Here are the three special behaviors they have determined
that optimists have, all of which are learned through practice and repetition:
1. Optimists look for the good in every situation. No matter what, they look for something good and usually
find it!
2. Optimists always seek the valuable lesson in every setback or difficulty. They believe that "difficulties
come not to obstruct but to instruct."
3. Optimists always look for the solution to every problem. Instead of blaming or complaining, they ask
questions like, "What's the solution? What's the next step?"
In addition, people who are upbeat talk continually about their goals and the future, not the past which they cannot
change! Looking forward positively helps build your confidence and makes you feel more motivated to get started
and reach your goals!
                   Customers Count Company Contest
Be a go-to girl. Be a go-for-it girl. Take the Customers Count Challenge and go for your dreams. The challenge can help you build
and maintain your customer base like never before. Plus, you’ll receive beautiful charms for your Totally Charmed charm bracelet
and special event recognition for consistent sales activity during each phase of the challenge. Here’s how it goes:

                   Part 1: Sept. 16, 2008—Dec. 15, 2008
                   Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent Sales Directors who sell at least $100 in suggested retail product to 36 new or existing
                   customers will receive:
                   ♦ A new charm from the Totally Charmed collection.
                   * Independent Sales Directors who achieve Part 1 of the challenge will receive:
                   ♦ A name badge ribbon and standing recognition at Leadership Conference 2009.

                   Part 2: Dec. 16, 2008—March 15, 2009
                   Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent Sales Directors who sell at least $100 in suggested retail product to 36 new or existing
                   customers will receive:
                   ♦ A Hostess Tote Charm (matches Hostess Tote planned for this quarter) Totally Charmed collection.*
                   ♦ A name badge ribbon and standing recognition at Career Conference 2009.

                   Part 3: March 15, 2009—June 15, 2009
                   Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent Sales Directors who sell at least $100 in suggested retail product to 36 new or existing
                   customers will receive:
                    Mailbox Charm from the Totally Charmed collection.*
                   ♦ A name badge ribbon and standing recognition at Seminar 2009.
                  To track your progress, simply use the Customers Count tracking tool available on the Mary Kay InTouch® Web site. Go to “Recognition,” then “Contests.”
Under “Customers Count,” you can enter each customer’s name. And remember, you’ll also be eligible to select a prize at the Sapphire Star Consultant category with a mini-
mum of $1,800 in wholesale Section 1 orders postmarked within the contest quarter. How’s that for even more motivation for achieving your sales goals?
*Those who have not yet earned the Totally Charmed charm bracelet from previous sales challengers will also receive the bracelet.

Customer Service Simple Scripts
• "Hi, this is __________ with MK. Do you have a minute? I'm just checking in to ask if you are 100% satisfied with the products
you got from me in (month). I will be calling back in (month) and wonder if there are things you will be running low on before I call?"
• "Hi, this is __________ with MK. Do you have a minute? I'm just checking in to ask what you need to keep yourself gorgeous
the next couple of months."
• Hi, this is ___ with Mk and I owe you 1,000 apologies! (She’ll ask why.) "Well, it’s been some time since I’ve been in touch with
you, and that’s not normally how I do my customer service, so I’m offering a special 'I’m sorry' discount on anything you think that
you might like to get. Either replacement products or maybe you'd like to try something new.
• "Hi, this is _______ with Mary Kay, and I was calling to see what you need to keep you gorgeous this month!" If I have to leave
this message on the phone, I add: "Call me if you need product or a new look. Otherwise, I'll talk to you next month."
                          Future Executive Senior Sales Director
                          Maggie Hammond
                          3601 n Bicentenial Blvd #76
                          McAllen, TX 78501
                          Phone: 956-434-6340 cell
                          Marketing hot line 1-641-297-4121

Highlights this Month:
September Results, October 2008

♦   NEW DIQ/Car Team, check out page 1!
♦ All-Star Consistency Challenge
  (through June 15, 2009)
♦ Bee Focused Queens Court of Sharing
  Challenge (through June 30, 2009)
♦ Customer Counts Company Challenge
♦ Preferred Customer Program Enrollment


Preferred Customer Program Enrollment
    Winter 2008                                                     Enrollment               Begins Mailing†  
    The Look With Exclusive Samplers                                10/16 – 11/15                        12/27/2008 
    Month 2 Mailer                                                  10/16 – 12/15                         1/24/2009 
    Anytime Customer Brochure                                       Ongoing online enrollment. Send anytime.  
                                                                    No waiting for the next scheduled mailing date. 

                                                                    Allow 12–24 business days for delivery from                     
                                                                    time of  enrollment. 
    Early Ordering Privilege*                                       12/10 – 15 

    Product Ordering for all Beauty Consultants  12/16/07 –3/15/2008  
    *Available to those who enrolled in The Look for designated quarter. 

    †Allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.                                                                          

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