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									Since Tahiti and her islands are south of the equator, Tahiti weather is
mostly tropical with lots of sunshine and rain. It has an average
temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit all year through. Lagoon water
temperature ranges between 23°C and 26°C.

Usually, Tahiti experiences two weather seasons: dry season and wet
season. The period from November to April is the wet season. During these
months, the island receives heavy rainfall. This season, often called as
Polynesian summer, is considered the off-season for tourism and traveling
during this period is better to be avoided. However, many tourists arrive
at Tahiti during this period because there is less competition for
recreation activities, accommodation, and sightseeing programs. The rest
of the year, the island receives only light rainfall and is ideal for
tourists.During the dry season, Tahiti's weather is cool and dry. It
lasts from April through October. For tourism, it is considered the on
season. The average temperature reaches around 82 degrees Fahrenheit
during these months. Owing to southeast trade winds known as maraamu, the
island tends to have a cool weather in the months of July and August.
This is the most comfortable time of the year for travelers planning to
visit Tahiti.Trade winds occasionally strike the eastern coast of the
island and it will have more heavy rainfall than the western coast. Over
the past decade, the island has experienced severe tropical cyclones. In
1982 and 1983, cyclones hit the island several times, causing severe
damages. The hurricane season spans from November to March. Tahiti is a
well-known tourist vacation spot with sandy beaches, cool rivers,
majestic peaks, and waterfalls. It is also an ideal location for scuba
divers, adventures and honeymooners. Dry season is the best period for
travelers who are interested in scuba diving. Probably, the best time to
visit Tahiti is July.Tahiti Vacations provides detailed information on
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