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					It is a well known fact that solar water heaters are immensely popular
all over the world these days. In India too, they are popular but their
popularity isn't as much as in other countries of the world. Hence it can
be said that there is a slow yet steady pickup of interest in the
installation of solar water heaters among the Indian citizens but because
of the lack of enthusiasm in investing in this kind of product there is a
difference between the cost of solar water heaters in India and those in
other countries of the world.      In India individual orders, i.e.
orders consisting of a single unit only can cost anywhere between Rs
13000 and Rs 28000 while the cost of bulk orders can range from Rs 9000
to Rs 12000. However these are just approximate figures because the
prices of these solar water heaters may vary depending on the type of

  Even though India may have a sunny and warmer climate in comparison to
China which has a comparatively colder climate, but the price of solar
water heaters in China is much lower than that of its Indian counterpart.
This is because of the fact that there is more production as well as
installation of solar water heaters in China in comparison to that of
India. At present China is considered as the country with the largest
solar water heating market. In comparison to the present foothold of
China, India is lagging far behind even though the weather conditions in
India may be more favorable for the purpose of harnessing solar energy.
However the good news is that things are beginning to look up on the
solar water heater front in India.      Solar water heater is a natural
way of heating up water in India. There are a lot of advantages of using
solar water heater. Generally speaking, this kind of water heating system
is used mostly for domestic purposes. A solar water heating system
usually comprises of solar collectors and storage tanks. The principle
behind the functioning of these heaters is very simple and
straightforward - the collectors or solar panels are installed onto the
rooftops of homes or open places where plenty of direct sunlight can be
obtained. So the heat collected by these panels is transferred into pipes
which contain water and thus the heating process begins. After that the
hot water is stored inside the storage tanks for direct usage whenever
required.      If you have the desire to install solar water heaters at
home then the first step which you need to take in this aspect would be
to find out the basic functions of such heaters and see whether they
appeal to you or not. You also need to do some research work and see
which type of heater would be best for your house. Also consider the
geographical location you are in before you install such a water heater.
The size of your house also matters when it comes to purchasing a solar
water heater because if you have a big house then you will require plenty
of panels. Likewise, in case you have a small house then you will need to
install lesser number of panels. To purchase these panels one can visit
online stores or contact some suppliers of solar water heaters. Even
though the installation charges of these water heaters may be expensive
but they are considerably affordable in comparison to the cost of
operation of electric water heaters or even the gas operated versions.
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