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									WABO Expansion Joints
Solutions for structural movements
Introduction on WABO

Founded in 1950 in USA, Watson Bowman Acme is a world wide leader and a recognized innovator in
the development and manufacture of expansion joint control systems for the construction industry.

WABO, an adopted trademark of Watson Bowman Acme, is committed to providing the same high
energy and passion for excellence that made us a world wide leader by focusing on quality services
and products. Our ability to create custom solutions for our customers is one of the keystones to our
success. WABO s focus is to use our expertise in the design and manufacture of expansion control
systems to produce products that perform.

WABO, now a part of Construction Chemicals Division of BASF, worldûs leading chemical company, is
the only brand servicing the Bridge and Highway, Architectural, and Parking and Open Air structures
markets, offering the broadest range of products and services in the construction industry.

                                               Bridge and Highway
                                          Parking & Open Air Structures

It has been through our understanding of these specific market needs that we come to recognize the
need to further define our business through product lines based upon different market dynamics for
each of our technologies. By grouping these technologies, WABO is able to provide the right products
and services to meet the current and future needs of our customers.
About BASF s Construction Chemicals Division
BASF s Construction Chemicals division is the leading supplier of chemical systems and formulations
for the construction industry. Continuous innovation and tailor-made solutions ensure its customers
are more successful. Its Admixture Systems strategic business unit specifically helps customers in
the ready-mix, pre-cast and manufactured concrete and underground construction industries. The
Construction Systems strategic business unit offers a wide range of products for sports and industrial
flooring, external renders and wall insulation, expansion joints and wood preservatives, as well as
specialist repair mortars, tile adhesives and waterproofing membranes. The division operates production
sites and sales centers in more than 50 countries and regions and achieved sales of 2.1 billion with
approximately 7,100 employees in 2007. For further information, please visit www.ap.cc.basf.com

About BASF

BASF is the world,s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from oil
and gas to chemicals, plastics, performance products, agricultural products and fine chemicals. As a
reliable partner BASF helps its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful. With its
high-value products and intelligent solutions, BASF plays an important role in finding answers to
global challenges such as climate protection, energy efficiency, nutrition and mobility. BASF has more
than 95,000 employees and posted sales of almost 58 billion in 2007. BASF shares are traded on the
stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (AN). For further information, please
visit www.basf.com

Statement of Responsibility:
The information and application advice given in this brochure are based on our best technical and practical knowledge at the time
of publication; it is however, subject to change without notice. As the information herein is of a general nature, no assumption can
be made as to a product's suitability for a particular use or application and no warranty as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness
either expressed or implied is given other than those required by law. The user is responsible for checking the suitability of products
for their intended use.
Wabo® Modular                                                             “A”
movement and        use     in   heavy   traffic bridge

Wabo® Modular                                             “H”

• Water resistant sealing
• Engineered to last
• For high impact condition
• Greater vibrational damping
• For multi-directional movements                               SB-480
• Sealing of joints on bridges with movements                   SB-800
  greater than 100 mm.
• Rehabilitation or new construction.
• High impact and repetitive loading conditions.

                  Separation Beam

     Elastomeric Seal

                                                        Edge Beam

                                                  Displacement Box

                                    Support Bar

        Wabo® Modular Expansion Joint system

                         Typical Cross Section
WABO ® X-cel Modular
Wabo® X-cel Modular

Wabo® X-cel Modular

Wabo® X-cel Modular

                                                      • Multidirectional movement
                                                      • Recommended for seismic conditions
                                                      • Watertight
                                                      • Undertakes day-to-day service movement

• Bridges required to provide secondary life safety

                                                                • Rapid installation
                                                                • 100% watertight sealing
                                                                • Multi directional changes
                                                                • 20 years installation history

•                                                               • Air inflated installation



                            Movement                                                       Movement
                                            Joint Gap (mm.)                                                 Joint Gap (mm.)
    Profile   Model        Range (mm.)                        Profile     Model           Range (mm.)
                      Min.    Max   Total   Width   Depth                           Min.      Max   Total   Width   Depth
              25W     13       38    25      25       50                  25FW       17       34     17       25      50
              40W     20       60    40      40       70                  40FW       27       53     26       40      75
              50W     25       75    50      50       80                  60FW       34       67     33       50      90
              65W     33       98    65      65      105                  65FW       43       86     43       65     110
              75W     38      113    75      75      135                  75FW       50       100    50       75     120
              100W    50      150    100     100     140                 100FW       67       133    66      100     150
Wabo ® Transflex is the original-reinforced elastomeric

angles. Properly installed, the Wabo ® Transflex will

debris and create, smooth riding, wear-resistant surface.

• Non-skid surface
• Mechanically fastened                                     • Bridge, deck and ramps
• Heavy-duty construction                                   • Low height joint sealing restrictions
• Tongue and groove interlock                               • Expansion         joint   applications   with   maximum
• Steel reinforced elastomeric blocks                         movement of 330 mm.
                                                            • New construction or repair and maintenance of
                                                              existing joints
Wabo® Pot Bearing



•                    •
•                    •

Wabo® Laminated bearings are
                               Wabo® Elastomeric

Wabo® Elastomeric




Wabo® Adhesive

                    • Thixotropic
                    • Long open time
                    • High elastic modulus
                    • High bonding strengths
                    • Good bond to damp surfaces
                    • High HDT (heat deflection temp)

                    Wabo® Adhesive

                    • Bonding precast bridge elements
                    • Bonding    external steel   reinforcing plates    for
                      strengthening beams, column and slab
                    • Anchoring bolts, dowels, steel bars in concrete
Wabo® Adhesive PC   • Bonding the ends of concrete or metal pipes used
                      to transport water or sewage
Bolte Bridge, Australia     Airport Rail Link Project, Bangkok

Songkhla Bridge, Thailand   Karuah Bypass, Australia

Manhattan Bridge, USA       Sunshine Skyway Bridge, USA
                                   Intelligent Solutions from
                                   BASF Construction Chemicals

                                   Whatever your construction problem, BASF Construction
                                   Chemicals has an intelligent solution to help you be more
                                   Our market leading brands offer the widest range of proven
                                   technologies to help you build a better world.

                                   Wabo ® – Expansion Joint Systems
                                   Emaco® – Concrete Repair Systems
                                   MBrace® – Composite Strengthening Systems
                                   Masterflow® – Precision and Structural Grouts
                                   Masterflex® – Joint Sealants
                                   Masterseal® – Coatings and Waterproofing
                                   Concresive® – Resin Based Mortars, Adhesives and Injection
Bangna-Trad Expressway, Thailand   Conica® – Sports Flooring
                                   Conideck® – Hand and Spray Applied Waterproofing Systems
                                   Coniroof® – PU Based Roofing Systems
                                   Conibridge® – PU Based Membranes to Protect Bridge Decks
                                   Mastertop® – Decorative and Industrial Flooring Solutions
                                   Ucrete® – Flooring Solutions for Harsh Environments
                                   PCI® – Tile Fixing, Cement Underlays and Waterproofing
                                   Pozzolith ® –Plasticising Admixtures
                                   Polyheed ® – Mid Range Plasticising Admixtures
                                   Rheobuild ® – Superplasticising admixture
                                   Glenium ® – New Generation Superplasticising Admixtures.
                                   Micro Air ® – Air entraining admixture.
                                   Rheomix ® – Manufactured Concrete Products Admixtures
                                   Cementium ® – Cement Additive Grinding Aid
Shenzhen Bridge, Hongkong

Wabo Authorized Agent
                                   BASF Construction Chemicals Asia Pacific
                                   14/F Harbour Ring Plaza, 18 Xizang Zhong Road
                                   Shanghai 200001, P. R. China
                                   Phone: +86 21 2320 3901
                                   Fax: +86 21 2320 3991

                                   BASF (Thai) Limited
                                   Construction Chemicals Division
                                   23rd Fl, Emporium Tower, 622 Sukhumvit 24 Rd.,
                                   Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
                                   Phone +66 2664 9430 Fax +66 2664 9427

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