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					Manila is the most popular destination and cosmopolitan capital of
Philippines. Sometimes Manila is described as the only capital city that
has resemblance of Spanish influenced city. The resion is for over 3
centuries Manila was administrated and colonized by Spain. Some people
say that Manila is only polluted and crowded city but that's not true,
there is many more to explore and discover that's make it must visit
place. There are so many Flights to Manila, so book one for you and
visit these places.      Manila has various spots to visit but there are
top five tourist spots where you must go if you are here. These are:

  Rizal Park: Rizal park is most widely known as Luneta. It is famous
because it was the site of the execution of national hero of Philippines,
Jose Rizal. He was martyred through a military musketry when Spain
occupied the country in the 19th century. Now this is the perfect meeting
spot for family picnic. Here you can easily find museums, bayside
restaurants, open air theaters, classic music concerts, etc. these all
things make it must visit place in Manila.       Fort Santiago: Fort
Santiago is a Historic Place as Luneta. This is the place where the Jose
Rizal was imprisoned some time before being shot at Luneta. Here you can
see metallic footsteps from prison of Rizal in Fort Santiago to Luneta
to mark where the Hero walked during that fateful morning. Now this is a
museum where you can see prison cell, ruins etc.       Intramuros:
Intramuros contains some of the most interesting museum, ruins, and
churches including Manila Cathedral. Intramuros is a Spanish world that
means -œwithin the walls-•. Some people also say it walled city.
Bay Walk Area: This is a national highway from US Embassy to a portion
just before Coastal Road. This is the area where the people roam around
in fresh air and jog. This is now popular destination for sightseeing.
Here you can see dying sun emits golden rays.        Quiapo Church: As a
tourist you can not miss the old Quiapo Church. It is located at the
historical center of Manila. This is the most famous and old church of
Manila. It has a lot to view and feel. Architecture of this church is
stunning that make it must visit spot.      Next time when you are in
Manila go to these spots to complete your tour. Manila can also give you
great experience in nightlife, Manila is perfect option. There are a lot
of websites, from where you can book your Flights to Manila.       James
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