Copy test by GedCorcoran


									Copy test

      1.       Think of four new or improved products. Briefly describe the consumer benefits of
               each product.

      2.       Pick any magazine and select an ad that you like. Explain briefly why you like the ad
               and include the original with your comments.

      3.       Pick another ad that you don’t like. Explain which changes you would make to create
               a better ad for the same product: headline, copy and visual
               (either draw simple images or describe the visual).
               Send the ad you didn’t like along with your improved version.

      4.       Choose any product – from a soap bar to a car.

      a)       Write a print ad for the product. The ad should include a headline, copy and visual,
               or an idea for a visual.

      b)       Write a 30-second radio ad for the chosen product (in not more than 60 words).
               Or write a 30-second television commercial (in not more than 60 words).
               If you choose to write a commercial, describe it in simple words.
               Do not worry about the technicalities.

      5.       Write a short description of yourself, not more than one page long,
               under the heading “Who am I?”

      When you have completed the test either scan and mail everything, along with your contact details,
      to or post it to Jobs, Zed Communications, PO Box 62230,
      Dubai, UAE.

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