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									Hiawatha Newsletter
House Principal         Mr. Aube         ext. 3041
House Secretary         Mrs. Whipple     ext. 3041
School Counselor        Mrs. Bartlett    ext. 3054
School Nurses           Mrs. Tynan       ext. 3017
                        Mrs. Karam       ext. 3015

From the Desk of Mr. Aube, House Principal

Dust off the golf clubs and get ready to clean out the garage. The snow has melted and spring is finally here! While you
and your child are doing a little “spring cleaning,” you may want to discuss how the school year is progressing. Listed
below are a few parenting tips to consider while discussing the school year with your child.

   Keep realistic expectations. Know your child for who he/she is, not who you thought he/she was.
   Steer your conversations solution focused. Do not rely on punishment alone to change behavior.
   Help your child find the best way to achieve a goal.
   Communicate your expectations up front. Let your child know the consequences of their actions beforehand.

Always try to keep your conversations positive and solution focused. It is important that your child feels that you are
willing to listen and help them make good decisions in the years to come.

These parent-child conversations often revolve around report card grades. Parents occasionally ask me, “What do report
card grades really mean at FMS?” Essentially, grading is a method of professional judgment on the part of teachers.
Grading involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on a student’s achievement or performance. The FMS report
card provides you with a summary of your child’s academic achievement over a ten week period. The grading key
below should clarify what the grades included on the report card mean. If you have specific questions about a grade,
please contact your child’s teacher.

                                            FMS Grading Key
                      A+ 97-100       B+ 87-89         C+ 77-79
                      A 93-96         B 83-86          C 73-76         D 65-69
                      A- 90-92        B- 80-82         C- 7 0-72

                      U   Below 65 and/or did not meet requirements of the course
                      INC Incomplete: Students needs to make up work within two weeks
                      S   Satisfactory: Students met the requirements of the course
                      MED Medically Excused: Student is not required to make up work
                                                                Hiawatha 6B :
                                                                Camarata/Watson Team:

Hiawatha 6A :                                                           Greetings from Hiawatha 6B! We are about to
Fry/Clum Dolan/Winchester Team:                                 embark on our last fun-filled quarter with your children. In
                                                                LA, we are up to our elbows in punctuation... we are
         The Clum Dolan/Fry/Winchester team is looking          analyzing, reading, and practicing punctuation as we learn
forward to spring; we think it is                               how punctuation conveys meaning. Ms. Camarata's 10,000
finally here. It’s amazing that time is passing so quickly      Page Reading Challenge is in full-swing. Who will reach
and that summer vacation will be here in within two and a       10,000 pages by the end of the year? Keep reading to find
half months.                                                    out! In SS, we have become Medieval Europe. We hope
         On March 18th, we traveled to NYSTI at Russell         to avoid being conquered by our rival manor's knights so
Sage College to attend a production of Yours, Anne and          we may protect and preserve our own manors.
remained for a residency in the afternoon. The children
learned about Anne Frank and the power of a journal.            Hiawatha 7A
They also returned to FMS with a newly acquired                 Gouveia/Livingston/Collopy/Foster/Bradley Team:
understanding of intolerance and injustice.
          We have scheduled the annual trip to New York                  We can't believe it's the 4th quarter already! Our
City. On June 12th, we will travel with the 6th grade teams     students have grown so much since
from Tawasentha and Seneca to visit the American                September! We have been extremely busy planning all of
Museum of Natural History, eat at the ESPN Zone and             our educational trips for the end of the year. We are going
investigate Times Square. We firmly believe that learning       to the Pine Bush and taking a trip to Fort William Henry in
should be extended beyond the classroom walls.                  Lake George. We would love for you to join our team on
         Beginning this week, students on the team will         these trips!! Enjoy the April break and we hope your child
begin the logging of the 10,000 Page Challenge. Students        comes back refreshed and ready to learn.!
who read 10,000 pages in their free reading books during
the school year will be awarded a certificate and a special
award from the team teachers. Not surprisingly, several
students on the team are within just one thousand pages on      Hiawatha 8A
this prestigious honor.                                         Tuxbury/Long/Segal/Hanson/Crisafulli Team:
         In science, students have been delving deeper into
the geological features and history of the Earth. We have                Hello, again! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already
studied the characteristics of minerals and origins of rocks.   begun the fourth quarter of the school year, but here we
We will be wrapping up the earth science unit in the            are! In Mr. Tuxbury’s Language Arts class, your children
coming weeks. In May, we will begin our final science unit      have just finished reading Out of the Dust, a Newbery
of the year, Astronomy.                                         Award winning piece of historical fiction written by Karen
         In the fourth quarter, students will be working on     Hesse. This week, they are presenting their end of unit
probability through a variety of manipulatives and games        projects. When we return from the break, they’ll be
of chance. As the weather starts to warm, we will be            working on a research project. In Mr. Segal’s Social
spending more time outside. We will be reviewing some of        Studies class, your children are wrapping up study of the
the mathematical concepts we've learned throughout the          latter half of the twentieth century—Civil Rights through
year by using some of our outdoor resources including the       Present Day. Soon, they will begin reviewing for the NYS
organic garden. We will also be reviewing for the end-of-       Social Studies state exam. Ms. Long’s Science class is
year trimester test taking place in early June.                 finishing their Evolution unit. FMS Science Night will take
         We are very happy to welcome Miss Renee Butts          place on June 11th from 6 until 8 pm. Student attendance is
as Mrs. Clum Dolan’s student teacher. She is here from St.      mandatory, and you are invited to check out their exhibits.
Rose and she is doing a terrific job with the students on our   In Math, Mr. Hanson announces that the state test was a
team. She will be here through May 2nd. We also were            great success! In Math 8, your children are beginning a
lucky to have Miss Erica Koutelis as a student teacher          study of linear functions, and in Algebra, students are
during the months of January and February. They have            plugging away, heading toward the Regent’s Exam on June
brought lots of energy and enthusiasm to our team.              19th.
         As always, we encourage parents to keep checking                As a reminder, permission slips and money for our
the assignment books. We are so happy to be teaching            May 15th field trip to New Jersey were due by Tuesday,
your children...they are wonderful.                             April 7th. If your child hasn’t brought those in, yet, please
                                                                send them in as soon as possible. Thank you, and let’s look
                                                                forward to a strong, fun end of the school year!

                     Summer Resources
Counselors are often asked about different summer options depending upon your child’s needs and interests.
We’d like to share a list of resources that may help you find a good fit for your child. Some offer scholar-
ships, please ask.

FMS Butterfly Garden Volunteering Opportunities: http://www.guilderlandschools.org/farnsworth/

Guilderland Art Department’s listing of area summer art opportunities: http://

Heldeberg Workshop: (1 and 2 week outdoor courses in science and nature, high adventure, theatre and
art, to name a few): heldebergworkshop.org

S.T.A.R., Summer Theatre at the ‘Rep, Theatre Arts Summer Camp: http://www.capitalrep.org/

Summer Enrichment Options, Deb Escobar, FMS Enrichment Teacher:

Town of Guilderland Summer Recreational Program: www.townofguilderland.org/Pages/
GuilderlandNY_News/02355C4E-000F8513 - 16k -

If you have any questions about summer school at FMS, please call your child’s school counselor: (456-
6010) (Anna Bartlett/Hiawatha (x3054), Danielle Gabriele/Mohawk (x3037), Maureen Pokal/Seneca (x3038),
and Maceo Dubose/Tawasentha (x3036).
News from the Foreign Language Department:

Spanish 6 students enjoyed International Week and       Francais 7 - The students did a great job in the
are presently learning "What hurts?" with body parts    "Taches and Professions" unit and are now working on
vocabulary.                                             the "Travel" vocabulary. This includes big numbers
                                                        and geography as well as travel words. Thanks so
Spanish 7 classes have recently finished a unit on      much for your continued support at home. Happy
weather and the environment, and now we are "taking Spring! Merci beaucoup! Madame Baugh, Madame
off" with our Travel unit! We're learning about "el     Broderick and Madame Coons
mundo hispanohablante" with countries and capitals,
as well as new travel vocabulary and big numbers. En Francais 8 - We are working in French 8 on the
la clase de Español 8, students are wrapping up an ex- Health and Wellness Unit. This includes some addi-
tensive Health unit, including La Rutina Diaria (Daily tional body parts vocabulary as well as injuries and
Routines) and reflexive verbs. Next we'll be "settling illnesses. After the spring break we will be starting
in" to the House and Home unit, expanding upon our our Daily Routine unit. We are also continuing our
prior knowledge of vocabulary, and using prepositions proficiency preparation. Please mark your calendar
(i.e.                                                   that the Proficiency Exam will be given on Monday,
over, under, next to, etc.). After the April break stu- June 22, 2009 at 9 am. Thanks so much for your con-
dents will gear up for the end-of-year NYS Profi-       tinued support at home. We encourage you to contact
ciency Exam with continued practice in listening,       us with any questions or concerns. Happy Spring!
reading, writing and speaking Spanish!                  Merci, Madame Baugh, Madame Broderick, and Ma-
                                                        dame Coons.
Francais 6 - The students did a great job in the school
unit and are now working on the "Parties du Corps"
vocabulary. We thank you for your support at home.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions
or concerns. Happy Spring! Merci, Madame Baugh,
Madame Broderick and Madame Coons

                               Important Dates To Remember:

4/10 - 4/17 - Recess
4/20 - FMS PTA Meeting—Library 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
4/22 - Earth Day
4/23 - National Jr. Honor Induction Ceremony Café 3:30 -9:00 p.m.
       Ceremony begins at 7:00 p.m.
4/27- 5/1 - Science Performance Assessment Grade 8

5/5 - NYS Science Written Assessment Grade 8
5/13 - All 6th graders are dismissed at 11:15 a.m.
5/13 - 8th Grade Visitation to the High School - Dismissal at 12:55 p.m.

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