How Search Engine Works? by elanhere

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 Intro of Search Engine Algorithm  Design Guidelines  Programming Guidelines  Analytics


Intro about Search Engine Algo

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Search Engine Spiders - Function Pages hosted in SE’s server Operators that can be used in Search Engines Total Number of Indexed pages Cache status Back Link checking


Design Guidelines

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Be sure to use attributes for Images (W3C) Image Link Image Mapping Use absolute path for linking home page Website Sitemap Broken Links


Design Guidelines

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Internal links should not exceed 100 Site Hierarchy All pages should be accessible in 3 clicks Title & Metas for Dynamic pages H1 Tags DIV – With out TD tags Flash Optimization


Image Mapping
<map name="navigation_Map"> <area href="/ContactUs.asp" coords="129,53,235,70" alt="Contact Us" shape="rect"/> <area href="/Testimonials.asp" coords="129,72,235,89" alt="Testimonials" shape="rect"/> <area href="/OnlineCon.asp" coords="129,33,235,50" alt="Online Consultation" shape="rect"/> <area href="/USImm.asp" coords="129,14,235,31" alt="US Services" shape="rect"/> <area href="AboutUs.asp" coords="6,14,112,30" alt="About Us" shape="rect"/> <area href="/LawyerProfile.asp" coords="6,33,112,50" alt="Lawyer Profiles" shape="rect"/> <area href="/immigrationnews.asp" coords="6,53,112,70" alt="Newsletter" shape="rect"/> <area href="/AusImm.asp" coords="5,94,111,111" alt="Australian Services" shape="rect"/> <area href="/CanImm.asp" coords="6,73,112,90" alt="Canadian Services" shape="rect"/> </map>


Website Hierarchy
• 1st Level Pages – One click away
 More Internal links

• 2nd Level Pages – Two click away
 Less Internal links

• 3rd Level Pages – Three click away
 Very less Internal links


Broken Links Two reasons for broken links 1. File name wrong spelling 2. Target URL expired Use Xenu tool to find this!


Programming Guidelines

• I Frame Tag
 The <iframe> tag defines an inline frame that contains another document.

• Java Script files
 Call external JS files if needed. This will help to reduce the file size.


Google Analytics
• Mozilla Google analytics plugin
 Install this plugin in your machine. This will highlight a colored symbol in task bar of the browser if a page contains analytics code.  Be sure to check GA tracking code before delivering the project.


Thank You!


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