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An Invitation - PDF


									NAAMA’s 33rd
National Medical Convention

                      An Invitation
                      to sponsor, exhibit and advertise

September 2-5, 2011
MGM Grand Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

    Wassim Younes, MD, RPh, Convention Chair

   Mouhanad Hammami, MD, NAAMA President

    Aziz Shaibani, MD, NAAMA President-Elect

Adnan Munkarah, MD, Scientific Committee Co-Chair

 Marwan Kazimi, MD, Scientific Committee Co-Chair

  Ghabi Kaspo, DDS, Michigan Chapter President

Husain Saleh, MD Michigan Chapter President-Elect

Sami Mokaddem, PharmD, Nevada Chapter President

   Basim Dubaybo, MD, 2006 Michigan Chapter

   Renée Ahee, APR, NAAMA Executive Director
Dear Sponsor:

        On behalf of the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA), we invite
you to participate in NAAMA’s 33rd National Medical Convention, September 2-5, 2011,
in Las Vegas, Nevada. Join us at the MGM Grand Hotel to reach the anticipated 300+
physicians, dentists, pharmacists and family members in attendance.

        NAAMA conventions provide a wealth of sponsorship, advertising and exhibit
options. You’ll find extensive exposure to your customers and numerous opportunities to
highlight your commitment to the medical professionals. Plus, special corporate support
opportunities enable you to maximize your marketing dollars. Options include:

          • Exhibits – NAAMA plans events and activities in the exhibit area to ensure
          plenty of traffic during the meeting.

          • Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Friend Supporter Levels - Get
          priority exhibit placement and many other benefits, including prominent
          acknowledgments in meeting materials and signage, invitations to the
          exclusive Gala dinner and more.

          • Event Support - Take advantage of corporate support opportunities ranging
          from the welcome reception to dinner and coffee breaks.

          • Advertising – NAAMA offers advertising opportunities via printed inserts and
          promotional items in the convention bags and convention book.

        No other meeting on your marketing agenda will offer you such a large gathering
of healthcare professionals with such diverse specialties.

        We want you to have the tools necessary to reach this valuable audience.
Please take a look through these pages to decide which of these outstanding marketing
opportunities best meet your needs. But hurry! Opportunities are limited and sell out
quickly. For more information, contact Renée Ahee, NAAMA’s Executive Director, at 248-
646-3661 or

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

Kindest Regards,

Wassim Younes, MD, RPh
Convention Chair
Welcome to NAAMA
What Is NAAMA?
The National Arab American Medical Association is a non-profit, non-political, educational and
charitable organization for health professionals of Arab heritage.

What Is Our Mission?
1. Professional and Educational
      a. To enhance the medical knowledge of the members
      b. To promote professional relationships with medical organizations in North America and in the
         Arab World
      c. To provide educational resources for medical students and health field-related post-graduate
2. Charitable and Humanitarian
      a. To provide health education and disease prevention
      b. To provide routine and emergency medical care in support of those in need
      c. To sponsor speakers or to provide grants and learning materials to medical schools in the
         Arab world

Who Are Our Members?
NAAMA has approximately 27 chapters and nearly 1,500 members across North America. Members
include physicians, scientists, dentists, chiropractors, nurses and pharmacists.

Members’ specialties are diverse:
An Invitation to Support
NAAMA’s convention offers companies excellent value for      Silver Level .......................................$5,000
marketing funds.                                             All Silver Supporters Receive:
                                                             • Acknowledgment in signage at the event
Support is acknowledged via:                                 • Acknowledgment in the Convention Program books
• Signage at coffee breaks or other special events           • Acknowledgment on NAAMA’s web site
(applicable to level)                                        • A Silver Supporter plaque
• Convention Program book                                    • Two tickets to Convention Gala Dinner
• NAAMA‘s web site                                           • Exhibit booth

Sponsorship Levels                                           Other Sponsorship
Diamond Level ................................$25,000
One Available
Diamond Level Supporter Receives:
• Five complimentary registrations to the scientific
                                                             Convention Bags …………….............$5,000
• Acknowledgment in signage at the event
                                                             Literature bags offer exhibitors high visibility with your
• Acknowledgment in the Convention Program book
                                                             business logo embroidered or printed on the bag on the
• Acknowledgment on NAAMA’s web site
                                                             opposite side of the convention logo. It also gives an
• A Diamond Supporter plaque
                                                             opportunity to distribute promotional pieces directly to
• Ten tickets to Convention Gala Dinner
• Two hotel rooms for two nights
• Priority exhibit booth placement
                                                             Program Book ...................................$5,000
                                                             (includes one full-page ad on back cover)
Platinum Level .................................$15,000
                                                             This book includes the entire scientific program listing
Three Available                                              with faculty abstracts and convention schedule as well
All Platinum Supporters Receive:                             as convention announcements, exhibitors and
• Three complimentary registrations to the scientific        sponsor listings.
• Acknowledgment in signage at the event
                                                             Convention Stationary ………............$2,500
• Acknowledgment in the Convention Program book
                                                             Provide notepads and pens with your company logo
• Acknowledgment on NAAMA’s web site
                                                             alongside the convention logo.
• A Platinum Supporter plaque
• Five tickets to Convention Gala Dinner
• One hotel room for one night                               Name Badge ……..…….…….............$2,500
• Priority exhibit booth placement                           The badges that each registrant will wear will provide
                                                             a great opportunity for your business’s logo to be printed
                                                             alongside the convention logo.
Gold Level .......................................$10,000
All Gold Supporters Receive:
• One complimentary registration to the scientific meeting   Booth Space …………………….........$2,000
• Acknowledgment in signage at the event                     10x10 exhibit booth.
• Acknowledgment in the Convention Program book
• Acknowledgment on NAAMA’s web site                         Advertising in program book
• A Gold Supporter plaque                                            Full-page ……………………..$1,000
• Four tickets to Convention Gala Dinner                             Half-page ……………………..$500
• Exhibit booth                                                      Quarter-page …………………$250
Event Sponsorship Opportunities We Appreciate Your Support
Welcome Reception …………............$10,000                        Select the opportunities that match your interests.
The welcome reception is scheduled for the evening of            Act soon. Take advantage of our multiple venues for
September 2nd between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. at the MGM             spreading the word about your company to NAAMA’s
Grand Hotel. Registrants and guests will network in a            influential members.
relaxed atmosphere with hors d’ouevres and light music.
It is a great social gathering and provides premier visibility   Sponsorship opportunities are available on a first-come,
and a brief speaking opportunity for sponsors.                   first-served basis. For more information, contact the
                                                                 NAAMA Office at 248-646-3661(phone), 248-646-0617
Coffee Breaks ..........................(each) $2,000            (fax) or (e-mail).
Most coffee breaks occur in the exhibit area between
scientific sessions. A total of three coffee breaks are
available over the period of two days.

Lunch Breaks …………...........(each) $10,000
Two lunches are provided at the Hotel. The convention
luncheons traditionally host a high caliber keynote
speaker and are well attended. Lunch sponsors will
have the opportunity to place literature and handouts on
each seat or table as well as have a display table at the
entrance. In addition, a short promotional slide show or
video can be projected during lunch before the keynote

Foundation Night ......(one available) $10,000
On Saturday, September 3rd, NAAMA members and
guests gather for a fundraising dinner to benefit the
NAAMA Foundation to help with its humanitarian and
charitable mission. This is an opportunity for a sponsor to
show its support of NAAMA’s mission.

Breakfast ………………............(each) $5,000
Breakfast for attendees will be provided for a total of
three days. Sponsorship opportunities are available or
one sponsor may provide breakfast for all three days
for $12,000. With this level of sponsorship, you will be
recognized in the program and at the ceremony.

Materials Distribution in Bags ….......$275/575
To publicize an upcoming event, promote a new product
or draw traffic to your exhibit booth, an announcement
can be inserted into the convention bags. All meeting
attendees will receive the insert. ($275 for non-profit
organizations, $575 for profit organizations). For approval
of an insert in the convention bags, a completed Materials
Distribution Form (see application attached) must be

Gala Dinner .................(one available) $2,000
The Gala Dinner is the culmination of the national
convention. With entertainment, the formal/semi-formal
sit-down dinner is a great way to reach members and
                                      Sponsorship Policy Guidelines
Statement 1. General Convention Sponsorship Policies.

1. All sponsorships at NAAMA conventions must comply with NAAMA’s policies and ACCME’s Standards for Commercial
2. All NAAMA-approved sponsorship opportunities will be fully described in this sponsorship guide. This description shall
include the specific nature of the sponsorship opportunity, a description of sponsorship recognition including specifications
for signage, banners, posters, slides, etc., method of distribution to attendees (if applicable) and the sponsorship cost.
3. Unless specifically noted in this policy or in the Sponsorship Guide, product brand acknowledgement and recognition
are limited to display within the exhibit area.
4. Sponsors are not permitted to use the NAAMA logo in any of their promotional activities associated with the convention.
5. The Convention logo may only be used in those instances that are specifically noted in the Sponsorship Guide.

Statement 2. Acceptable Sponsor Activities at Hotels and Remote Locations.

1. No commercial giveaways, promotional materials or product brand literature may be distributed to attendees without the
approval of NAAMA.
2. Door-drops of commercial literature, giveaways, etc., are specifically prohibited at the hotel.
3. Commercially supported social events should not compete with or take precedence over scheduled scientific sessions.

Statement 3. Acknowledgement and Recognition of Sponsors.

1. Only as specified in the Sponsorship Guide may the Convention logo appear on the same page or same side of a sign,
banner, poster, T-shirt or slide that is acknowledging or recognizing sponsors.
2. Corporate name acknowledgment for all sponsors will be listed in the Convention Program book, via signage in the
registration area and at the Opening Ceremony. Corporate name acknowledgment of sponsors is also authorized at social
events, at bus pick-up and drop-off areas.
3. Product brand acknowledgment and/or recognition of sponsors is only authorized to be used within the exhibit area,
unless otherwise specified in this policy or detailed in the Sponsorship Guide.

Statement 4. Convention Bag.

1. All items to be included in the registration bag must be approved by NAAMA.
2. Registration bag may bear the corporate name and logo of the sponsor but may not carry a branded drug name.
3. All sponsored items for inclusion in the bag will be detailed in the Sponsorship Guide.

Statement 5. Appropriate Exhibitor Activities within the Exhibit Area.

1. All exhibits are to be conducted in a dignified manner. Loud speakers, singing or carnival-like activities, such as the use
of magicians or performers in the exhibit area are prohibited. Exhibits that feature an unapproved activity will be directed
to immediately discontinue the activity by the Exhibit Manager.
2. Providing food or refreshments from an exhibitor’s booth is permitted, but care must be taken not to allow long lines to
form or to block aisles. All food functions within exhibitor booths must comply with convention center guidelines.
3. Exhibitors are permitted to hold raffles in their booths. Raffled items should be approved prior to the start of the
convention by NAAMA.
4. Exhibitors are not permitted to use the NAAMA or Convention logo in signage, on banners, on literature or on
giveaways unless authorized by NAAMA.

Statement 6. Acceptable Giveaways by Exhibitors.

1. Samples of all giveaways must be provided to NAAMA for approval prior to their distribution at the convention.
2. Exhibitors may distribute product samples that they have manufactured.
3. Giveaways must be of nominal value and must relate to members’ interest.
                                                                                                                   NAAMA’s 33rd
APPLICATION & CONTRACT FOR SPONSORSHIP                                                               National Medical Convention
                                                                                                                 MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                                                          September 2 - 5, 2011

Please complete this application and mail or fax with payment to:
801 South Adams, Suite 208, Birmingham, Michigan 48009-7018
Tel: (248) 646-3661 Fax: (248) 646-0617

A confirmation will be sent for your files upon acceptance.

           Company Name _________________________________________________________
           Address _______________________________________________________________
           City ___________________________________State________ZIP/Postal___________
           Daytime Phone ________________ Fax ________________ E-mail _______________
           Contact Person _________________________________________________________
           Title __________________________________________________________________
           Payment:      ____ Check         ____ MasterCard                ____ Visa            ____ American Express

           Card Number: ____________________________________ Exp Date: ____________________

                        I am interested in becoming a sponsor at the following level(s):
                              ________ Diamond Level                                  $25,000
                              ________ Platinum Level                                 $15,000
                              ________ Gold Level                                     $10,000
                              ________ Silver Level                                   $5,000

                        I am interested in sponsoring the following:
                             _________ Convention Bags                                $5,000
                             _________ Program Book                                   $5,000
                             _________ Convention Stationary                          $2,500
                             _________ Name Badge                                     $2,500
                             _________ Welcome Reception                              $10,000
                             _________ Coffee Breaks (each)                           $2,000
                             _________ Lunch Breaks (each)                            $10,000
                             _________ Breakfast                                      $5,000 (each) or $12,000 (three)

                        I am interested in advertising in the program book:
                           _____Full-page (8” x 10” finished size)       $1000
                           _____Half-page (4-3/4” x 10” finished size) $500
                           _____Quarter-page (4-3/4” x 5-3/4” finished size)$ 250
                           *Generic ads will be assigned if you don’t supply one. All ads must be submitted electronically in .pdf or .jpg format.

____ Check here if you would like this sponsorship level or opportunity reserved for you at our next convention
in Chicago in 2012.

� My signature below verifies that I have read and accept the rules and regulations contained in this prospectus.

Authorized Signature (Sponsor) ___________________________________ Date ____________

Authorized Signature (NAAMA)______________________
                                                                                            NAAMA’s 33rd
APPLICATION & CONTRACT FOR EXHIBITORS                                         National Medical Convention
                                                                                       MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                                 September 2-5, 2011

Please complete this application and mail or fax with payment to:
801 South Adams, Suite 208, Birmingham, Michigan 48009-7018
Tel: (248) 646-3661 Fax: (248) 646-0617

A confirmation will be sent for your files upon acceptance.




Please PRINT name of person who will be officially responsible for this booth. This person will be mailed
a registration form exclusive for exhibit personnel. Your signature indicates your approval of terms referenced
below, as well as your approval to send correspondence via the fax number above.

________________________________________                 _________________________________________
      Name                                                 Signature

___________________________ __________________________________                    ________________________
Telephone (include area code)      Fax (include area code)                              E-mail

Please note: 50% of the exhibit fee must accompany this contract. (Please make check payable to NAAMA’s
33rd National Medical Convention). The remaining balance is due August 1, 2011. (Tax ID #38-2911556).

Application to exhibit dated this _________________day of ____________, 2011, by and between

_________________________ ___________________________________hereinafter called “Exhibitor” and

In accordance with the following terms, conditions, and regulations governing exhibits of NAAMA 33rd
National Medical Convention at the MGM Grand Hotel, September 2-5, 2011, the undersigned hereby makes
application for exhibit space(s) which, when accepted by NAAMA, becomes a contract.

The undersigned agrees to abide by all rules, requirements, restrictions and regulations as set forth in this
agreement or as may be especially designated by NAAMA, the MGM Grand Hotel or the city of Las Vegas, NV.
Failure to abide by such rules and regulations results in forfeiture of all monies paid or due.

Booth space: 10’ x 10’ including a 6’ x 4’ display table. (Please contact NAAMA if you need to customize your

Products to be exhibited:

                                                                                                            NAAMA’s 33rd
WRITTEN AGREEMENT FOR COMMERCIAL                                                              National Medical Convention
SUPPORT                                                                                                 MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                                                  September 2-5, 2011

The National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) is committed to presenting CME activities that
promote improvements or quality in healthcare and are independent of the control of commercial interests.
As part of this commitment, NAAMA has outlined in this written agreement the terms, conditions, and
purposes of commercial support for its CME activities. Commercial Support is defined as financial, or in-
kind, contributions given by a commercial interest¹ , which is used to pay all or part of the costs of a CME
    Title of CME Activity
    Activity Location:                                          Activity Date:
    Name of Commercial Interest:
    Amount of Educational Grant
    (direct or in-kind)
    Grant will be used for the following:
    Speaker Honoraria
    Speaker Expenses (itemize)

    Meeting Expenses (itemize)
    Other (list)

                                            Terms, Conditions, and Purposes
1.     This activity is for scientific and educational purposes only and will not promote any specific proprietary business interest
       of the Commercial Interest.
2.     The Accredited Provider is responsible for all decisions regarding the identification of educational needs, determination of
       educational objectives, selection and presentation of content, selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a
       position to control the content of the CME, selection of education methods, and the evaluation of the activity.
Appropriate Use of Commercial Support
3.     The Accredited Provider will make all decisions regarding the disposition and disbursement of the funds from the
       Commercial Interest.
4.     The Commercial Interest will not require the Accredited Provider to accept advice or services concerning teachers,
       authors, or participants or other education matters, including content, as conditions of receiving this grant.
5.     All commercial support associated with this activity will be given with the full knowledge and approval of the Accredited
       Provider. No other payments shall be given to the director of the activity, planning committee members, teachers or
       authors, joint sponsor, or any others involved with the supported activity.
6.     The Accredited Provider will upon request, furnish the Commercial Interest documentation detailing the receipt and
       expenditure of the commercial support.
Commercial Promotion
7.     Product-promotion material or product-specific advertisement of any type is prohibited in or during the CME activity. The
       juxtaposition of editorial and advertising material on the same products or subjects is not allowed. Live or enduring
       promotional activities must be kept separate from the CME activity. Promotional materials cannot be displayed or
       distributed in the education space immediately before, during or after a CME activity. Commercial Interests may not
       engage in sales or promotional activities while in the space or place of the CME activity.
8.     The Commercial Interest may not be the agent providing the CME activity to the learners.
                                                                                                                            NAAMA’s 33rd
WRITTEN AGREEMENT FOR COMMERCIAL                                                                              National Medical Convention
SUPPORT CONT’D                                                                                                            MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                                                                    September 2-5, 2011

  9.        The Accredited Provider will ensure that the source of support from the Commercial Interest, either direct or “in-
  kind,” is disclosed to the participants, in program brochures, syllabi, and other program materials, and at the time
  of the activity. This disclosure will not include the use of a trade name or a product-group message. The acknowledgment
  of commercial support may state the name, mission, and clinical involvement of the company or institution and may
  include corporate logos and slogans, if they are not product promotional in nature.

  The Commercial Supporter and NAAMA agree to abide by all requirements of the ACCME Standards for Commercial
  SupportSM (appended).

  Name of Accredited Provider
  Tax ID Number 38-2911556
  Contact Person: Renée Ahee
  E-mail Address:
  Phone Number: 248-646-3661
  Fax Number: 248-646-0617

  Educational Partner (if applicable)
  Contact Person:               _____________________________
  E-mail Address:               _____________________________
  Phone Number:                 _____________________________
  Fax Number:                   _____________________________
  Tax ID Number:                _____________________________

  Name of Commercial Interest
  Address:                      _____________________________
  City, State, Zip:             _____________________________
  Contact Person:               _____________________________
  E-mail Address:               _____________________________
  Phone Number:                 _____________________________
  Fax Number:                   _____________________________

                                         Agreed by Authorized Representatives
  Commercial Interest                                                             Accredited Provider
  _____________________________                                                   _________________________________
  Signature and Date                                                              Signature and Date

  ___________________________________                                             _________________________________
  Print Name                                                                      Print Name

  ___________________________________                                             _________________________________
  Title                                                                           Title

                                                                                  Educational Partner (If applicable)
                                                                                  Signature and Date

                                                                                  Print Name

    ¹The ACCME defines a Commercial Interest as any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services, consumed by,
  or used on, patients. The ACCME does not consider providers of clinical service directly to patients to be commercial interests. For more information,
801 S. Adams Rd., Suite 208
  Birmingham, MI 48009
      P. 248.646.3661
      F. 248.646.0617

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