Important Facts to Know about Gold Mining by anamaulida


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                <p>Of all the known metals here on Earth, gold is the
most popular and most loved of them all. Despite of its scarcity of
supply, gold is the most widely used transition metal and you can find a
wide variety of products manufactured out of the element in almost all
countries across the globe. Although history shows that a lot of gold
nuggets especially the large ones were discovered just a few meters deep
from the Earth's surface, most of the said element can be found at least
a kilometer deep beneath the ground.</p>
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<p>To date, there are about a hundred active gold mines scattered all
across the globe wherein most are found in the regions of South Africa,
Australia, and America which places these said countries at the top of
the world's leading gold producers of all time. Basically, there are two
main approaches in extracting gold out of the Earth's crust which are
through placer mining and hard rock mining. Placer mining is the most
typical approach used in the early gold rushes that took place in the
human history. However, such approach is still widely used today in the
mining industry. One good example of placer mining is an open pit gold
mine. Such a mine is typically enlarged through time until gold resources
are totally consumed or exhausted. The largest of this kind is the
Fimiston Open Pit otherwise known as the Super Pit which is located at
Western Australia. The mine measures to be approximately 3.5 kilometers
long, 1.5 kilometers wide, and with a depth of 360 meters.</p>

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<p>And from placer deposits, gold still has to be separated from its ore
through the aid of certain processes. One of which is through sluicing
which utilizes a sluice box placed within a stream wherein through the
aid of the force of the water flow, gold is effectively dropped out of
the suspension. Another effective yet a more manual way of doing this is
through panning which is done by placing sand that is suspected to
contain gold into a shallow pan which is then filled with water and
shaken until gold is sorted out from the gravel.</p>
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<p>In most cases, hard rock mining is applied on various gold mines
especially from countries that are considered as world leaders in
producing gold. Hard rock mining is effective when it comes to extracting
gold that are encased or stuck within layers of rock. One good example if
this is a vertical shaft mine which reaches to a depth of more than 3,000
meters. The deepest known vertical shaft mine is the East Rand Mine which
extends up to 3,585 meters deep into the Earth's crust.</p>

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