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                 <p>Earth has known several polar shifts in the past, and
future polar shifts are inevitable. The question that boggles everybody
is "when will it happen again?". Now scientists have concluded that
magnetic poles are about to shift or even reverse itself yet again.Â
Such an event has left the planet in chaos before so there are good
reasons to be concerned and to prepare for yet another world
catastrophe.</p> <p><strong>Violent Vortices<br></strong>In recent news,
at least considering that our planet now is 4.56 billion years old, an
article was published in the Sunday Times of London on January 12th, 2003
stating that Nils Olson, researcher at the Center for Planetary Science
in Denmark, warns for tremendous changes occurring deep in the Earth's
core. The magnetic field is considered to be controlled from the inner
core and therefore his research is relevant to support related research
about the impact on the polarities of the planet. Turbulent and
swirling vortices of molten matter are impacting the levels of magnetic
fields that hang above the surface of our planet. When those vortices
get overly turbulent, something that appears to have started happening, a
total reversal of the magnetic field can occur, in other words a polar
shift or reversal takes place. Scientists also have found that those
events happen on average every 750,000 years...which makes that the
planet is long overdue for the next polar shift.</p> <p><strong>Direct
consequences</strong><br>Seen the fact that the last polar shift took
place close to a million years ago, and that no humans inhabited Earth
that long time ago, no eye witnesses were present to document what to
expect at a next polar shift. This leaves us with to project, extrapolate
and basically guess what the impact will be next time this happens.Â
However, there are certain consequences that can easily be deducted and
there is no doubt that they will happen. For example, electrical
equipments will all fail; unseen displays of thunder and lightning will
take place; seismic and volcanic activity will reach dramatic heights in
itself being responsible for catastrophic results.</p>        <!--

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<p><strong>Lethal radiation</strong><br>Since the magnetic shield also
protects the planet from dangerous solar radiation, the reversal of the
poles will be preceded by a time where the shield will disappear and
during which all life will be impacted unless protected in some sort
other than what we take for granted...the air. In addition is it unclear
how long such an interruption would last, but some sources indicate it
could easily take 100 years for the magnetic shield to be restored.Â
Massive extinction will be the result of this. Unprotected from the sun's
radiation, crops fail, animals die, and humans fall prone to deadly
cancers.</p> <p><strong>How can we prepare for such a
disaster?<br></strong>One thing is certain, as humans we stand zero
chance to avoid a polar shift. Powers of the universe rule and the only
thing we can do is see it happen. The best thing there is to do is to
prepare ourselves a good as humanly possible...and the worst outcome must
be taken as what will happen. On an individual level, what you can do
is to learn where you can be best to avoid being in the wrong place when
it happens. Knowing that volcanoes and earthquakes, unseen levels of
storms and other tragic events will rule for a period of time, seeking a
location where the least vault lines and volcanoes are, is a prudent
first step. You can then start preparing for the shortage on
uncontaminated foods and water by stocking up significant piles of
imperishable foods. A stock for 10 years or more is not exaggerated.Â
Protected gear from heat, radiation but also extreme colds is also high
on the list. On a national level nations must develop a strategy for
dealing with mass disruption likely to result from the malfunction of all
types of electrical equipment and the failure of crops. Massive
casualties cannot be avoided, yet the continuation of human kind needs to
stay high on each nation's agenda. It is believed that several
organizations have been secretly working around the clock to reassure
that valuable resources will remain available after order is
restored...</p> <p><strong>Significant recent events</strong><br>In
December 2004 South East Asia was shook up with a category 9 earthquake,
causing and immense catastrophe for the region near the island of
Sumatra. Several scientists agree that Earth was very close to the next
polar reversal. And what may be even more frightening is that it simply
could have been a warm-up exercise announcing the actual event coming up
in the near future. This places the theories of it happening in 2012 in
the hotspot again. Whether this is correct or not, it isn't the best
news when you consider that the world became hopelessly unbalanced and
that it wouldn't require much force to turn it over. From ancient records
we've learned that this has happened many times before.</p>
<p><strong>Ignoring it would be naive</strong><br>As no crystal ball can
predict the exact timing of such dramatic event as the polar shift, many
sources direct towards the end of the year 2012. Ignoring the real
threats impacting the world and all of its inhabitants would be simply
naive. We must be aware, be as much informed to what possible timing
and results will be, and to prepare as much as humanly possible for the
Polar Reversal when it finally does occur.</p>                <!--

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