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									                                             December 2010

                                                                                  Jelly Bean Childcare Centre
                                                                                             3 Florence Court
                                                                                       Dandenong North 3175
                                                                                                03 9792 4452


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                                                                            Introduction                 1

                                                                            Christmas Song               1

                Jelly Bean 2010                                             Parent Contact Number        1

                                                                            Christmas Party              2
Dear Jelly Bean Families,
                                                                            Carly’s Note                 2
Welcome to December Newsletter the final words for 2010 and hasn’t
this year past with a blink of an eye. We will be seeing Santa in just 25                                2
                                                                            Parent Pocket
more sleeps hopefully all families are well organised for our favourite
friends visiting all the good little boys and girls.                        Christmas Closure            2

                                                                            Children’s Holidays          2
        We wish you a Merry Christmas
                                                                            Ezy Debit Decline            3
       We wish you a Merry Christmas;
       We wish you a Merry Christmas;                                       Centre Vacancy               3

  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy                                 Philosophy                  3-5
                   New Year.                                                                            5-6
                                                                            Parent Reminder
   Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;
                                                                            Babies and Toddlers         6-7
  Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New                                News
                      Year.                                                                             7-8
                                                                            Kinder News
I would like to ask all families to please update their child’s CONTACT                                  8
                                                                            Upcoming Events
TELEPHONE NUMBERS it is very difficult for staff to get in contact
with families to communicate with you about your child and for              Science Experiment           9
emergences without the correct detail this is essential information and
must be updated frequently.                                                 Cecilia’s Kitchen           10


                                          December 2010

     Jelly Bean Childcare Wish
 You a Very Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year we hope to see you
all at our Centre Christmas Party
on Saturday the 18th December from
  10.00am – 2.00pm don’t miss out
   on all the fun Santa will be
 dropping off all the little boys
        and girls presents.

                 A note from Carly!
A BIG welcome to all the new families that
have started with us at Jelly Bean we hope
you have settled in nicely please feel free to
come and talk to me if you have an queries.
Whilst families are doing their yearly clean
out of children’s rooms as they are growing
up and out of some of their toys, clothes etc
please feel free to donate any items to the
centre so that we can put it to good use for
your children.

Parent Pockets
New parent pockets have gone up in the family foyer area please make
sure to check them weekly for news and notices.

Christmas Closure
Parents please note that the centre closes from Monday 27th
December 2010 and we will re-open on Tuesday 4th January 2011.
Continued Enrolment/Summer Holiday forms are being handed
out to all families and we encourage parents t return these
to the centre manager before the 30th of October. If you
have not yet returned yours please do so when possible. This
will enable us to organise staff over the Christmas period.

                                            December 2010

Children’s Holidays
Centre policy states that each family is entitled to
 50% discount for 1 week of fees every financial
 year. In order for this to be approved families must
 have their accounts up to date (2 weeks in front),
 be on direct debit and has provided adequate
 notice. If you require a form please see the holiday
 application folder in the foyer.

Ezi Debt Declines
Over the past month there have been a lot of parents
Ezi Debts that have been declining. It is centre
Policy that ALL families are on Ezi debt and that
your fees come out either weekly or fortnightly. If
you fees do decline you are required to pay the
outstanding amount within 24 hours or your child’s
position at the centre may be suspended until your
account is 2 weeks in advance.

                  Centre Availability

We have days available in both of the rooms in the centre. If you would
like to pick up an extra permanent day these days will be available now.

 Room/ Days         Mon        Tues       Wed       Thurs        Fri

 Toddlers             *          *          *          *          *

                      *          *          *          *          *

                   * Indicates availability on that day
            Please Note: These vacancies may change daily.

          Philosophy, Broad Goals and Policy Reviews
                       Centre Philosophy
                  Jellybean Childcare centre

Our Aim at Jelly Bean is to provide a safe and comfortable
homelike environment as an extension of the home with flexible
routines that allow for each child’s individuality. We consider the
children’s health and safety to be of the up most importance and
therefore ensure that we maintain high standards. We believe
that children need an environment in which they gain security
and trust, where they can develop at their own rate and where
respect for themselves and others is developed.

                                     December 2010

Aims of Our Centre:

(CP1) We will provide the children with a warm, predictable,
friendly and inviting atmosphere where they will feel secure and
happy in their new environment, by providing consistent caring

(CP2) We will provide caring teachers who show genuine love
and concern for the children in their care and recognise the
individuality of each child.

(CP3) The environment will cater for the needs of all children
and encourage the healthy development of physical, emotional,
intellectual and social skills.

(CP4) We will provide a safe and well, supervised Centre.

(CP5) We will respect the rights and opinions of parents and the
community and encourage parent participation and a broad
interest in the community.

(CP 6) Throughout the day children will be exposed to small
group, whole group and individual learning experiences, which
have been developed from the needs and interests of each child.

(CP7) We will provide opportunities for the children to explore
language, music and movement, science and the arts, to help
them make sense of their world.

(CP8) All children will be given adequate time for meal time, rest
and relaxation.

(CP9) We will encourage children to value and respect each
other’s differences while promoting the development of a positive
self esteem.

(CP10) We will create a learning environment which will
encourage children to interact, take on roles and develop
relationships with others through play.

(CP11) We will encourage children to be respectful, sensitive
and thoughtful towards their natural environment.

(CP12) To provide nutritionally balanced, healthy food daily,
which incorporates all 5 food groups.

(CP13) Children’s healthy eating choices are supported by
carers each day, through our dental and nutrition policies


                                        December 2010
1. At Jellybean childcare centre all staff are employed according
   to the Children’s Services Regulations 1998.

2. Staff at Jellybean Childcare centre are all trained in Early
   Childhood Education and First Aid.

   In-service training is a continual process and all staff are
   required to participate in regular training sessions. These
   may take the form of a Director’s meeting, Group Leader
   meeting, Assistant meeting, whole staff meeting or inter-
   centre meetings or seminars. These meetings allow us to
   continually update and modify our practices

The Program:

  Every Early Childhood Educator will have a slightly varied
  approach to their program. Each Group Leader brings to their
  program unique skills, ideas and experiences, therefore,
  creating variations within each groups program.

   Children will be placed in the most appropriate group for
   them, based on their age, the needs of the child and their
   parents. Our educational programs begin with our youngest
   group, developing the whole child, focusing on all areas of
   development – social, emotional, physical and intellectual.
   (CP14) -The program is based on a clear set of goals and
   objectives which are established from a sound knowledge and
   understanding of early childhood educations theories and
   practices. The program is evaluated on a short term and long
   term basis, thus keeping a watching eye on each child’s
   progress. The policies that have a strong influence on our
   programs and daily routines were devised in conjunction with
   parent’s views. (All centre policies are readily available at the
   Centre Office for viewing).

   (CP15) - An understanding of cultures other than our own is
   an important part of the program, which is developed
   throughout the year.          Pictures, puzzles, manipulative
   equipment, books, make believe play material – dolls,
   dressing up clothes, decorations and furniture, kitchen
   equipment, music, celebrating festivals and developing
   English as a second language for children, parents and
   friends, can all be incorporated into the daily program to help
   develop an awareness of culture in our society.

Foot Wear
Please note that children are very active during the day at Jelly Bean
playing indoors and outdoors and they need to have appropriate foot
wear please do not send your child in Thongs, Open back sandals they
must have enclosed shoes or sandals with a strap at the back.
                                              December 2010

Unpredictable weather
With the unpredictable weather that Melbourne offers us please make sure
that you have a couple of pairs of clothes packed for your child. If it’s cold in
the morning it doesn’t mean it’s going to be cold in the afternoon so please
make sure you have a t shirt and shorts packed for your child not just a long
sleeve top and pants.

Hats Hats Hats!!!!!!!!!!
Children must have in their bags each day a wide
brimmed sun smart hat As the weather is warming up, we ask
that you ensure that there is a sun smart hat in your child’s bag every day
they come to Jelly Bean. At the centre we have a policy of ‘NO HAT,
PLAY IN THE SHADE’; this means that if your child doesn’t have a hat
then they will not be able to participate in all the outdoor activities.

DEEWR Requirement
All families are required to be linked to DEEWR. If you have not
   supplied me with yours and your child’s CRN (customer reference
   numbers) and dates of birth please do so ASAP. This is a
   requirement for any child in care. Please contact your local Family
   Assistance office or centrelink for more information.
Thankyou in advance ☺

                    Babies’ & Toddler Room News

Greetings and Joy to you all,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Hoth, Olivia and Kirsten
to our room just in time to celebrate Christmas with our group. We are
introducing new ideas as the activities that we provide for children are on
a daily basis. We are going to start incorporating activities that are made
from recyclable materials. This is where we require your help. Please keep
aside items like, wrapping paper, egg cartons, junk mail, magazines, foil
rolls, paper, plastic tubs etc. We will be putting a container in the foyer
for you to drop these items in. Thank you very much for your assistance.
It has been a fantastic year for all of our babies and toddlers and it’s
almost time for some of our toddlers to move up in 2011 to the Kinder
Room, you will be sadly missed. We have been very busy participating in all
the experiences in the Baby Room. All our babies have been actively
engaged in the activities they are interested in and have developed their
own interests in different areas. During the month, the children have been
doing a lot of art work such as drawing, painting, pasting, and colour
mixing. The Art and Sensory experience enhances our hand-eye
coordination and fine motor skills, and encourages proper pincer grip skills
and stimulates creativity and imagination. Our babies have been
encouraged to experiment with different painting tools like small brushes,
wide brushes, cotton tips and rollers. They showed great interest in the
new artwork media and had created beautiful art that has been displayed
in the room. We will be starting to display our Christmas masterpieces
over the next few week please take the time to look around our room.

Jenny & Pisila
                                      December 2010

                  Kinder Room News
                                                                       Tips on reducing
A Merry Christmas
We welcome Zeth to our room we look forward to playing with              stress over
you. We had a pyjama day and enjoyed a Teddy Bear Picnic with             Christmas:
lots of finger food and our different soft teddies alongside us. We   Have a Kris Kringle,
will be doing lots of Christmas cooking experiences to eat. Lunch
boxes to prepare the children for school next year from the 13th of   where everyone
December until the 17th December will need to be a healthy            draws a name out of a
choice lunch packed (No Peanut butter, Nutella Sandwiches,            hat and buys a
Chocolates and Lollies). We will also be preparing for school by      present only for that
doing a daily role check were the children will learn to respond to   person.
their own individual names. It would good for all families to come
and see the children’s Christmas wish lists for Santa they are
displayed in the kinder room up on the wall. Over the next few        Buy presents only for
weeks we will be decorating our room with Christmas Cheer.            the children.
Please come and join us for the Christmas party as we will be
singing some Christmas songs we have sent home copies of the
words for the two songs we will be singing some family                Set a limit on the
participation would be lovely to see. We have been doing science      cost of presents.
experiments using natural material from the garden. Another very      Make a list of all the
busy month has passed in the kinder room!
We have been focussing heavily on creating beautiful art work for     gifts you wish to buy
our display walls and ceiling. We have taken down all our             before you go
previous art and replaced it with new and inspired creations.         shopping. If you wait
                                                                      for inspiration to
Sandra & Shantelle
                                                                      strike, you could be
                                                                      wandering aimlessly
                                                                      around the shopping
                                                                      centre for hours.

                 December 2010

                                 coming up:

18th December 10
Christmas Party & Family
Open Day Jamieson Animal
Farm, Santa Visit & Sausage

            Everyone Welcome

                                          December 2010

        Colour Flowers Science Experiments
What you need:
    •   24 hours
    •   we used a lily (1 would be enough, but you can get
        a few and do different colours)
    •   flower vase(s)
    •   food colouring
    •   water

   •    Fill vase 1/4 full of water.

   •    Add a fair amount of food colouring (10 to 20 drops) or more if your vases are large
   •    Put a flower in each vase and let it sit for a day. Just like you would for any cut flower,
        have an adult trim the stem at an angle before placing it in the vase
   •    Check back every few hours to see how it's working.
   •    At the end of your experiment, examine the whole plant carefully (stem, leaves, buds,
        petals, etc). What parts can you see the food colour in?

What Happened?
Most plants "drink" water from the ground through their roots. The water travels up the stem of
the plant into the leaves and flowers. The plant uses the water to make food.
When a flower is cut, it no longer has its roots. But the stem of the flower still "drinks" up the
water and provides it to the leaves and flowers.
Our Results:
We experimented food colouring and the Lily was fastest at soaking up the colouring. We add a
few drops of red dye and left in to watch for the day in our room.

                                        December 2010

* Please feel free to ask at the centre for any recipes that we cook at the
    centre, we will give you a copy. The children will be getting to taste
                    special Christmas treats this month.

                                 Christmas crackle puddings

Snap, crackle and pop your way through these yummy chocky puddings.
Preparation Time
10 - 130 minutes
Cooking Time
10 minutes
   •   1 x 200g pkt good-quality milk chocolate, finely chopped
   •   100g butter, chopped
   •   105g (3 cups) Kellogg's Coco Pops
   •   100g white chocolate melts
   •   10 red Nestle Smarties

   1. Line ten 125ml (1/2-cup) capacity muffin pans with paper cases. Place the milk chocolate
      and butter in a large heatproof bowl over a saucepan half-filled with simmering water (make
      sure the bowl doesn't touch the water). Stir with a metal spoon until the chocolate melts and
      the mixture is smooth.
   2. Stir in the coco pops. Divide among prepared pans. mould into a dome shape. place in fridge
      for 2 hours or until firm.
   3. Place the white chocolate in a small heatproof bowl over a saucepan half-filled with
      simmering water (make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water). Stir with a metal spoon until
      the chocolate melts and is smooth.
   4. Spoon a little white chocolate over each pudding and top with a smartie. Set aside until set.

                                       ATTN: PARENTS

                                                                                    December 2010

                                            EXPERIENCES FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

                                                                          THIS IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! ☺

Please take time to look around the Centre foyer as we have a large range of resources
available for you to look at.

                                                                                   - Direct Debit forms
                                                                                      - Song Books
                                                                                - Family Resource Library
                                                                                     - Craft recipes
                                                                                      - Fact sheets
                                                                                       - Brochures
                                                                            - Copies of the current newsletter
                                                                                   - Parent Handbooks
                                                                                        - Recipes
                                                                                     - Centre Menu
                                                                                     - Centre Events
                                                                                     - Holiday Forms
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We hope Santa comes to all you good
boys and girls don’t forget carrots for
the reindeers...


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