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                 <h3>Those of you considering study in Australia may have
been alarmed by recent news of cyclones and severe flooding in the
northern state of Queensland.<a rel="nofollow"
href="http://www.vipukstudy.com/">study us</a> Hotcourses gives you the
lowdown on the current situation and how this affects students. According
to Stephen Robertson - the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and
Energy and Minister for Trade in Australia - it's business as usual for
Australia's educational institutions...</h3>
<p>After recent alarming weather and flooding in Queensland, some of you
may be wondering if your studies will be affected - or if your
institution will be open as usual. According to Minister for Trade
Stephen Robertson, educational institutions have advised that most
classes will commence as scheduled after the floods. He went on to
reassure any worried parties: 'The most important thing to emphasise is
that Queensland's world-class international education and training
institutions are open as usual and ready to welcome students for the
start of the 2011 academic year.'</p>
<p>Hotcourses has examined the Minister's response and has compiled a
quick Q&amp;A to answer any concerns you might have:        <!--

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<br><strong>So, should those students who are expecting to begin study
this semester defer entry, or will classes be going ahead as planned?
<br><br></strong>According to Stephen Robertson: 'We are open for
business again and look forward to welcoming international students to
our State for the first semester of 2011. Those who intend to study in
Queensland this year should proceed with their travel plans to be here in
time for their first class.' <br><br><strong>What about travel into the
area? Are transport links back to normal yet? <br><br></strong>'Brisbane
International Airport is operating as per usual. In Brisbane, the state's
capital city, key services and most main transport links have been
restored after flooding last week.' <br><br><strong>Why should students
come to Queensland? <br></strong><br>Mr Robertson continues: 'Queensland
is a world-class education and training destination for international
students and our institutions continue to offer state-of-the-art,
innovative and industry driven courses. <br><br>In addition, quality
accommodation options, both long and short term, are available for
international students, making Queensland the ideal place for foreign
study.' <br><br><strong>What about those students who were already in
Queensland during the floods? <br></strong><br>Mr Robertson concludes:
'Government and student support services were available for any and all
international students already in Brisbane who may have been affected by
last week's floods. The government has taken steps to ensure the safety
of all Queensland-based international students<a rel="nofollow"
href="http://www.vipukstudy.com/">study us</a>.' <br><br>So, it seems
that there is minimal cause for concern. Let's hope for a swift recovery
and keep our fingers crossed that no further severe weather hits the
already flood-damaged state. <br><br>For the latest information on flood
recovery visit qld.gov.au/floods <br><br>For information on education and
training institutions visit studyqueensland.qld.edu.au or aei.gov.au and
for information on studying in Brisbane visit studybrisbane.com.au
<br><br>Information supplied to Hotcourses on <strong>Tuesday, January
18, 2011 </strong></p>
<p>Read more: <a rel="nofollow"
href="http://www.vipukstudy.com/">study us</a>Queensland Floods</p>


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