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  Portrait Professional 9

        The Review
October 14th 2010
For those who prefer taking photos of people rather than landscapes Portrait Professional
9 is a complete must have program. I personally couldnʼt live without it and although
Photoshop is often my best buddy if I could only have one piece of photo software on my
Mac it would without doubt be Portrait Professional.

The uncomplicated interface makes digitally enhancing photos a breeze and the results
can be awesome. I cannot emphasize enough how simple it is to get amazing results. You
need know nothing about airbrushing or have any technical ability. All you need to know is
where your eyes, nose and mouth are. Click on these key points as seen below and within
a minute your photograph is transformed.

Improve portrait photos as much or as little as you like, remove a few blemishes or take
thirty years off your granny !!

Once you have improved your photograph via the blue, first stage key points as shown
here you can then further fine tune it with the help of over a 100 individual sliders, all
clearly marked with the part of the face, neck or hair you are re-touching. Shown here are
just a fraction of the sliders available to further enhance your photograph. There are simply
                                     an abundance of sliders for every inch of your subjectʼs
                                     head, face and neck
                                     including master
                                     sliders that will fine -
                                     tune all areas in one

                                   There is also a
                                   selection of saved
                                   effects. As you can
                                   see in the image
                                   below this contains
                                   a number of styles
                                   from the minimal to
                                   the extreme. Once
                                   you have clicked on
the blue key points and pressed the space-bar for the results, the choice is yours. As you
can see from the illustration below there are a variety of saved solutions that will improve
any portrait photograph you care to upload. You can transform a portrait of a plain pimply
face to a glamorous movie star in a matter of seconds. On the other hand if you feel the
changes are too dramatic then you can use the reset tab to bring your image back to its
original state and just use the individual sliders to manipulate and enhance your portrait as
much or as little as you see fit.

In version 9 there is an improved ʻintelligentʼ touch up brush that requires no artistic skill as
it will automatically find the skin defect beneath the brush and replaces it with seamless
clear skin.

This software is a must have for both professional and amateur portrait photographers in
fact in my opinion it could rapidly help the amateur on the road to being a professional in
no time at all, all you need is enthusiasm and youʼre on your way.
                                                    To my friends, Portrait Professional turned
                                                    me into a Portrait photographer overnight
                                                  for with just a few clicks their make-up
                                        became faultless, their skin flawless together with
                                        eyes and teeth to die for.

                                     I could go on for pages telling you how version 9 has
                                     full multi-processor support for a major speed
                                     increase or that it now supports profile shots (side-on).
                                     I could also tell you about the new skin smoothing
                                     effect that in seconds eliminates any amount of
                                     blotchiness on the face. And of course Version 9
                                     Studio edition works as a stand alone version or as a
                                     Photoshop plug-in which really speeds up the work
                                     flow situation.      Another helpful feature of Studio
                                   version 9 is that it has built- in support for camera RAW
files and allows absolute color calibration control of images that high end enthusiast and
professional users require. To be honest there are a whole lot more to tell about this
brilliant piece of software but thereʼs a truck load of help on the Portrait Professional
website as well as well supervised forum. If you are keen on portrait photography I
wouldnʼt even waste time downloading the trial, just go out and buy whichever version is
best suited to your needs., version 9 or version 9/Studio you will never regret it and your
friends will love you for it.

System requirements:


Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
1Ghz CPU or better
Min 512MB RAM XP, 1GB RAM Vista


OS X 10.4 or later
Intel CPU 1Ghz or better
512MB RAM or more

Note: ! While Portrait Professional 9 is compatible with all modern Intel Macs, it not compatible with
!       older ʻPowerPCʼ Macs

               5 out of 5 Rating
     Reviewed by Maggi Farran Wilson                       

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