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                Not only have dinosaurs not been extinct for 70 million
years, there is plenty of evidence that many are still alive today. The
deception starts with the Rothschild dynasty who own many excavation
sites around the globe.   Remember, they are an illuminati family who
wants to keep as many people unsure and unaware of mankinds beginnings as
possible. If you don't know where you came from, how on earth can you
know where you're going? The fact is there are many references to living
dinosaurs in the bible. Such is the case in: job: 41, Ps: 74:14 and Isa:
27, where they are referred to as "Leviathan". There are countless other
passages that refer to "dragons" as well. As a matter of fact the term
"Dinosaur" is a relatively modern term which means "terrible lizard".
There are numerous ancient writings where dragons were referred to as
living at the same times as humans. Lets look at carcasses that have
washed up on shores around the globe that shows the undeniable existence
of dinosaurs that are still alive. -- This is the Zuiyo-Macu carcass
that was caught in a japanese fishing boat off the coast of New Zealand
in 1977. The carcass was decaying and weighed 4000 lbs. This dinosaur
had been dead for about 30 days. The pseudo-scientists tried to tell us
this was a basking shark. HARDLY! This creature has a long neck and
vertebrae in it's neck. Just because they claimed it had protein 95%
similar to a shark means nothing. That's like using the argument that a
watermelon and a cloud are both 99% water, therefore they are the same
thing.....nonsense!        --       Here's another picture of a Plesiosaur
that washed up on Moore's Beach in Monterey, California in 1925. The
neck of this animal was 20 feet long!     --      There are also photo's
of animals like the ones below that washed up on shore in South Africa
and in Russia. If these aren't dinosaurs, then can anyone explain what
these animals are?      --                 Here is another modern day
dinosaur that was photographed by a Japanese crew that science tried to
pass off as a "frilled shark"    Look at this picture...does this look
like any known shark to you?     -- There are other stories of modern day
dinosaurs from Central Africa where the natives refer to it as "Mokele
Mbembe" pronounced "mo-kill-aye-mem-bay".     -- There have been numerous
pictures of "Champ" (below right) which is a Plesiosaur that lives in
Lake Champlain, New York.     So you see the mystery of the Lock Ness
monster etc, really isn't a mystery at all. They are Plesiosaurs that
aren't extinct. Today, there are not the huge number of dinosaurs that
existed before the flood of Noah's day which killed most of them (no, a
prehistoric meteor didn't kill the dinosaurs) and they certainly aren't
as big...but some are still with us today.    Now if modern day science
which is pretty much controlled by the Rothschild family would open their
eyes and shut their mouths...we would all be better off.     -- PSSST!
Crocodiles, Alligators and Rhino's are different varieties of dinosaurs
too....just don't tell modern science. Let them figure it out for
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__**We at The Conspiracy Zone will be running articles written by a woman
who has first hand knowledge of the black operations run by the American
Government, especially the CIA. Barbara Hartwell, risks her life daily
for exposing the sadistic practices which were forced upon her without
her consent by the crooks, cowards and dirtbags inside the United States
Government. If you are unfamiliar with her story, you will be shocked
and you should be outraged at what many government factions do to violate
the human rights of law abiding citizens like Barbara. If you find her
information valuable and wish to help her with her legal defense fund, we
will include Barbara's P.O. Box number at the end of this article where
if you wish to contribute you can. We will also give you a link to her
site where you can read more about this amazing brave lady and what she
has to endure at the hands of the Shadow Government day after day, month
after month and year after year.....It is our hope, that if we can get
enough people to show support, we can stop the governments harassment of
her which has been going on for more than 25 years. In our first
installment, we have included excerpts of many of her articles which span
several years.**__            - BARBARA
THE GRACE OF GOD.**      In 1994, I broke out of CIA Black Operations,
having been utilized at various times as an intelligence operative under
Non-Official Cover (NOC) and as a professional CIA asset over a period of
twenty-five (25) years of my adult life, between 1969-1994. I was
recruited into CIA black programs in early childhood without my informed
consent. --    Because much of my training occurred under the CIA's
infamous MK Ultra operation (in attempts to "create the perfect spy"
during the cold war era) much of my memory throughout my life has been
'wiped' through hypnotic controls, the use of drugs and psychotronic
antipersonnel technology (Electronic Dissolution of Memory). To many
people, such projects being run by CIA seem more like science fiction
than real government operations and thus my claims may stretch
credibility to the breaking point. But speaking for myself, I know how
real such operations are. I was there, I speak from many years of
firsthand experience and I have lived --every day of my life to deeply
regret the covert operations I was drawn into against my will; and the
grievous injustices which were perpetrated upon me and other members of
my family by this organized criminal network known as the Central
Intelligence Agency. --       I was delivered from these operations only
by the Grace of God, after many years of prayer and battling the forces
of darkness including as personified in my CIA handlers, in spiritual
warfare and at times, what amounted to guerilla warfare. It is to God's
Glory, through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ, that I dedicate this
website. Thank You Jesus! I have to thank my dearest friends, those
heavenly angels, as well who lit the path to show me the way out and who
saved my life through Divine Intervention more times than I can count.
Created by God before the Foundation of the World, angels serve as God's
messengers, guardians and warriors. Some may not believe in the existence
of angels, but I know beyond any doubt how very real they are, as I have
been blessed to have them with me from earliest childhood. --
All battles for Liberty are ultimately part of a vast, timeless spiritual
war, a war for the salvation of souls--ongoing for millenia. There is no
true liberty but that which comes from the spirit. As these battles are
waged today here on earth, they are but a pale reflection of what could
be termed the Angelic Wars, Angels of God under the command of Jesus
Christ versus Satan and his fallen angels whose purpose is to enslave
humanity. All who would enslave others are themselves enslaved, though
they fail to see this truth. There can be no freedom but that bestowed on
each individual by God. -- In this war for hearts, minds and souls, the
Central Intelligence Agency has been on the wrong side, the dark side,
since Day One when the spy agency was formed in 1947 from its precursor,
the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and staffed with Nazi scientists
brought to the United States of America under the auspices of an
operation codenamed Paperclip (BELOW). --         These Nazi scientists
and S.S. officers, some of whom formed the original core of the CIA,
brought with them the atrocities perpetrated during Hitler's Third Reich,
in the death camps and beyond, including the use of human subjects in
genetic engineering experiments, known as "eugenics"; the practice of
nefarious occultism; horrific psychiatric abuses for purposes of behavior
modification, brainwashing and various forms of mind control. These and
many other human rights violations can only be described as Crimes
against God as the perpetrators attempt to usurp the power of God for an
unholy agenda. --          As an elite 'enforcement' arm of the Olympic
Cartel (otherwise known as Illuminati) the CIA has continued its satanic
Nazi legacy by waging its crusade for control of the world, its societies
and its resources, run under the cloak of "intelligence gathering" and
brandishing the dagger of National Security.   --        The CIA has been
wreaking havoc; instigating mayhem; fomenting the overthrow of
governments; installing puppet governments and making enemies for the
U.S. of A. around the globe since its inception. Among their 'black
budget' projects they are involved in what I would call illegal domestic
covert operations. As for their their primary Weapons of Mass
Destruction, these include Psychological Operations (such as mind control
and media propaganda campaigns) and State-sponsored Terrorism. --
There are those who have been inside but remain deceived; most have lived
their lives outside but remain naive. For all who are seeking the truth
about some of the darkest secrets of the Central Intelligence Agency, I
present on this website but a small portion of what, during a time span
of of more than half a century, I have come to know.   --        It is my
hope that those who are still in thrall to this deadly cabal will see the
light; that they will turn to God; will repent of their grievous
transgressions against humankind and sins against God and get on the Side
of the Angels, while there is yet time. --    DIVINE INTERVENTION --
And speaking of supernatural warfare, here is something else to consider:
-- The uninformed people who think they know far more than they do are
also forgetting, if they ever knew to begin with about the power of
Almighty God, who is most certainly not on the side of anyone
purposefully and willingly participating in the atrocities being
perpetrated by CIA and their political cronies. If God be for us, who can
be against us ? -- This does not mean that at times the perps don't
literally get away with murder; or that any true believer in God is
always saved from disaster. I only know that relying on God for
protection and guidance in my own life has made all the difference in the
world; that my life has been saved numerous times through Divine
Intervention; and that I have witnessed and been blessed by the awesome
power of God too many times to doubt. I also know that God works in
mysterious ways which are beyond anyone's understanding, including my
own. I trust that when God decides it is time for me to leave this earth,
He will send the chariot to take me home. But not until that time, and no
government spooks or goons have any control over that, no matter how they
may plot against a target. -- WHERE ARE THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES
WHEN YOU NEED THEM? --       On some of the more mundane occasions of
harassment, I've had to call the police, for such relatively minor crimes
as trespassing; breaking-and-entering; theft; vandalism; phone harassment
and stalking. The perps (at least those among them who are professionals)
cover their tracks well; thus they are difficult for the police to
apprehend. --         And just try calling the police against CIA...see
how far you get. Sometimes the police are involved in the operation,
being used as pawns by the intelligence agencies. On the other hand, I
have to give some of the cops credit for trying, the honest ones who take
their job seriously --to protect and serve, though not in one case have I
ever seen the perps convicted in a court of law. If these perps who have
criminally harassed me over the years were gathered together in one spot,
they could easily fill a small town jail to capacity. That's certainly
where they belong, in jail. I'm still waiting...but not holding my
breath. --    (**RIGHT: Son, Keith and Barbara**)        I've also tried
getting help from the FBI (on the advice of the police, who said they
were not equipped to handle my complaints) in cases where it was
appropriate to report the more serious crimes to them --on several
occasions and in FBI Field Offices in several states, including New York,
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado and California, giving them the
names of perpetrators committing crimes (some of which are felonies)
against me and my family, including death threats; reckless endangerment;
assault; criminal harassment; conspiracy and racketeering. I've even
provided hard evidence against the perpetrators, collected from the
'scene of the crime' and/or my own investigations. I've had witnesses,
willing to provide testimony to substantiate my complaints against these
criminals. -- The FBI has done absolutely nothing to protect me from
these criminals, much less did they even begin to investigate these
crimes. Maybe they're too busy hunting down "foreign terrorists" to be
concerned about the domestic terrorists (who work for their own
government) running their neutralization campaigns against law-abiding
American citizens, right here at home. By refusing to investigate serious
crimes, they are actually committing their own crimes, not the least of
which is obstruction of justice. It's a strange world we live in --at
least the world I've been forced to live in. --        CLOSING COMMENTS
--   After many years of fighting these government rat bastards and their
minions, I have come to believe they may only be stopped from their works
of iniquity by an organized effort to UNITE freedom-loving American
patriots. True patriots, that is. Those who will fight to the death to
protect and defend their God-given (natural) unalienable,
Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights. We don't need the
grandstanders, mountebanks, charlatans and snake-oil salesman, many of
whom have established themselves as "alternative media" mouthpieces. We
don't need aggressive public interrogations or ultimatums from officious
self-appointed watchdogs who demand that all activism for Liberty be done
THEIR WAY. --    We don't need the bigots and hate-mongers whose message
is one of chaos and violence, designed to divide-and-conquer. We don't
need those who make gratuitous personal attacks on other sincere
patriots, out of spite-based envy or to gratify their own flagging egos.
-- The COINTELPRO (counter intelligence program) exploits just such
people, some of whom may not even know they are being used for an agenda
they are too blind to see. --    (**LEFT: BARBARA AND HER SON KEITH**)
What we DO NEED is solidarity among those no-nonsense, honest, straight-
arrow, kick-ass patriots who will refuse to allow the government rat
bastards to steal our freedom, our children's and grandchildren's
freedom, no matter the consequences to ourselves. --    Because I suffer
from severe chronic health problems I am unable to work at a "normal" job
involving regular hours. I have a congenital heart condition which has
worsened over the years (especially under the stress caused by the
relentless harassment of the past five years) as well as poorly
understood and difficult-to-diagnose chronic diseases which result in a
painful, debilitating complex of symptoms. My health problems prevent me
from living a "normal" life or working on any regular schedule. Thus it's
impossible to make advance plans for a particular day or time period, as
I'm never sure when the symptoms will strike. -- These health problems
are now so severe that I am bedridden for days at a time. All I can do is
take painkillers and try to rest. In the past few years, I have consulted
three doctors who all told me that since the state of my health prohibits
me from working at a "normal" job, if I had been employed by a
corporation, I would be eligible for disability. But aside from my work
as an "independent contractor" for front companies of the CIA, I have
always been otherwise self-employed, therefore I do not qualify for
disability. I have no health insurance and no money for medical and
dental care. I have no doubt that most of my anomalous chronic health and
dental problems stem from the bizarre experiments I was used in.
(Involving psychotronics, implants, "hard-wiring" in the body, exposure
to radiation and electromagnetic energy fields.) These health problems
are exacerbated by the unrelenting stress I am subjected to in the form
of constant harassment. --         In October 1998, I was the victim of a
car crash. My car was "totalled" and I sustained injuries to my neck
(sprain of cervical vertebrae). I do not believe this was an "accident".
The circumstances under which the incident occurred suggest that it was
otherwise. The police report states that the other party was totally at
fault. I have since been further incapacitated by these injuries.
Although I have filed a lawsuit for personal injury, I have no idea when
or even if I will be awarded a settlement. As a result of these injuries
I am having a hard time with even the most normal tasks, especially
lifting. I live alone with 8 cats whose care requires much time and
energy. Since there is no one upon whom I can depend for help, my
situation has worsened considerably over the past two months. --
Over the past several years I have been up against these dire
circumstances for the most part, all alone. I have lost most of the
support I hoped would be available from family and friends. As any
survivor of government black programs can attest, it is difficult to get
others to even acknowledge the true nature of such a situation. Most
people attribute little, if any, credibility to our claims. As far as
collecting hard evidence to support our claims, it's next to impossible
(although I continue to do all I can and have been able to document much
of my testimony and some from other witnesses). We are up against a
collective of perpetrators with tremendous resources, financially and
technologically. The perpetrators are heavily invested in stopping the
truth from coming out, at whatever cost to the lives of their victims, as
well as their families and friends. -- I have been ignored, neglected,
abandoned and/or betrayed by some of my family and friends because it was
apparently easier for them to believe that I am a "nut case", than to
look at the facts, even when the truth is evident and despite the fact
that they have witnessed the effects of my rapidly deteriorating health
and the severity of the harassment I am under. In the typical tradition
of "new-age pop-psychology" , they seem inclined to lay blame on the
victim. Instead of offering support, some of these individuals have done
more damage to me by meddling in my personal business and attempted
manipulation. I have often been the recipient of unsolicited advice by
people who know nothing about the real nature of my situation. They have
repeatedly insisted on blaming me for things over which I have no control
and/or attributing "mundane" explanations to events and situations which
clearly stem from post-traumatic stress syndrome and continuing
systemetized harassment. -- Please send donations by postal money order
(address below), made out only to "Barbara Hartwell".   I have no bank
accounts and no credit cards. I have removed myself from the government
system, and do not use a social security number. Checks are difficult for
me to deal with, as I must sign them over to a third party in order to
get them cashed. I find it unfortunate that I have to include all this
detailed information, caveats and disclaimers (stated above) just to
solicit donations from the public. But such is the nature of my
situation, having been targeted by the government for neutralization;
targeted by criminals, and by meddlesome busybodies who simply cannot
seem to learn to mind their own business and leave me alone to tend to
mine. --       If you have been a regular reader of my websites (2000-
2004,, defunct; 2006-2008, to date, Barbara Hartwell
vs. CIA); or of my writings published elsewhere on the Internet or in
hard copy publications, then you will know the basic facts about my
professional background; the issues which most concern me and which are
the focus of my activism and writings. --       You know what I stand
for, and what I stand against. Since 1995, I have published hundreds of
articles, reports and editorials on the Internet (these not including my
previous or concurrent contributions published in hard copy
periodicals/books), many of which may be found on this website. --
Assuming you've read enough of my reports to be aware of my basic
situation, you will also know that I am financially destitute and that
for over a dozen years, my only sources of material support have been
donations from the public; and assistance from family and friends. To
put it bluntly, for many years I have had to beg for money to stay alive.
In the past, there were certain times when I received enough financial
support that I could share what I had to help others, some of whom were
in worse circumstances than my own. Alas, those times are long gone....
--   But rather than make a pitch for donations by repeating the same old
'sob story', about being a pauper; being persecuted by criminals in
government and their minions....and so on and so forth, I would rather
refer the readers to any number of reports published on this site. The
gory details are there, for those with eyes to see... Instead, I will
simply outline some facts which explain why I am making a public appeal
for donations at this time. And why this appeal is a matter of urgency in
sustaining life. I guess these details will be gory enough,perhaps
unbelievable to some, but unfortunately for me, they are the truth. --
In order to protect my privacy (which is extremely important to me) I
will give the minimum information necessary to convey these facts. The
last thing I need is to publish personal information which my adversaries
will try to twist and use against me in some malicious way.   And most
importantly, my personal business is NOBODY'S BUSINESS. As for the
information I choose to make public here, as always, the readers may make
of it what they will. -- 1) I am completely financially destitute. I
have no source of material support whatsoever and no prospects of such.
--      2) I am not "eligible" for social security nor disability
benefits, having no official employment history. And I absolutely refuse
to have any dealings with government agencies, state or federal, to apply
for any form of "government aid"; I will not allow any invasions of my
privacy, nor in any area of my life. --        Quite simply, I would
rather die than traffick with the devil. --       3) I am alone in the
world, and have no family or friends on whom I can rely for material
support. --       4) Earlier this year, through circumstances beyond my
control, and of a disastrous nature, I lost the one (small) source of
support I had, which was even then not nearly enough to survive on, being
far below what is deemed the "poverty line". --       5) Due to dire
poverty, I lost Internet access and phone service for a period of nine
months, between November 2007 and August, 2008. Most all communications
were effectively shut down. Thus, I was unable to maintain my website
during this time. --       6) I was forced out of my home for a period of
several months and had to go to a "safe house" in another state because
of life threatening circumstances. These circumstances included (but were
not limited to) that the electricity; the water; the phone service, were
shut off because I did not have the money to pay the bills. I could not
afford to fill the gas tank for the stove. I was unable to get firewood
for the winter. I was unable to get the help I needed from anyone, and
would have surely frozen to death and starved had I not found a safe
place to spend the winter. There was also what I can only refer to as a
"government factor" involved, on which I will not elaborate further. --
7) Since I returned to my home in Maine this spring, I have been going
hungry much of the time. Since I've been a vegetarian for many years
(only because I love animals) it costs far less for me to survive,
considering my diet. But even rationing food, I've never had enough. I
lost a lot of weight and my health, already poor, suffered as a result.
--      8) I have no health insurance and have not been able to afford
much-needed medical care for years. I am also disabled, disabilities
which are a direct result of crimes committed against me by government
criminals, including injuries from "arranged" car crashes; assaults with
directed energy weaponry; biological warfare, etc. I am in need of
medicines, treatments and surgery which I have no way to afford. --
That about sums up my situation. Pretty grim, isn't it? I know, it's hard
to believe, but such is my life. For those who may want to consider
making a donation, I will gratefully accept all donations which are given
in the spirit of "Christian charity" or "love gifts". That is, no
questions asked, no strings attached. --    More disclaimers and caveats:
Donations are not "tax-deductible". (No government tax-collectors are
acknowledged by me.) Donations do not "buy" the donor the right to make
claims on my time; nor to meddle in my personal/professional business.
(I've had enough of this nonsense to last the rest of my life!) --
Aside from Christian charity for a pauper, if you find my work valuable,
or if you have gained any benefit from the Truth published on this
website, then your donation may help, not only to save my life, but to
keep this website online. -- Lastly, I am a recluse. I have renounced
the world. My kingdom is not of this world --however, I still believe it
is my duty before God to fight tyranny and injustice wherever I may
encounter these evils; and to defend the sacred God-given Rights and
Liberties of the Individual, for as long as I may live. --         Thank
you for your consideration. -- Liberty is everything. Without it, life
means nothing. -- Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me. --        --
Barbara Hartwell -- Sovereign Child of God -- Believer in the Gospel
of Jesus Christ --              **If you find the reports on this website
valuable and/or simply because you care, please consider making a
donation. All donations, in the form of Christian charity or love gifts,
are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, you are helping more
YOU CAN CONTACT HER:        Postal money orders are preferred. Please make
payable to:**       "Barbara Hartwell" -- Legal Defense & Research Trust
-- PO Box 7487 -- Ocean Park, Maine 04063 --           **Thank you for
your consideration and God bless you.       Read more about Barbara on her
website:       Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA**         EPH 5:11:DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE
----------------------         NATURAL RIGHTS BESTOWED BY GOD VS. SLAVES
OF MEN   --         **From the Hartwell Archives, 2003       Natural Rights Bestowed by God**
Our Rights come from God. Why, then, are we reminded that our Rights come
from the state (civil rights)? What the state gives, it can take away. We
frequently hear our nation referred to as a democracy, yet the word is
not found in the Constitution. -- Rather, we see in Article IV, Section
4: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a
Republican form of Government,"    --        The Pledge of allegiance
contains: " ..and to the Republic, for which it stands.." -- Commenting
on our form of government, Chief Justice John Marshall stated: "Between a
republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and
chaos."   -- Even though the current version of the pledge of allegiance
to our flag as mandated by the Federal Government contains the word
"indivisible", that is not true..Under the Constitution of The United
States, each state is a sovereign entity unto itself, and may or may not
divest itself from the union as the people therein may determine for
themselves. -- The Soldiers Training Manual, issued November 30, 1928
gives the following definitions: -- "TM 2000-25: 118-120, Democracy - A
government of the masses.    -- Authority is derived through mass meeting
or any other form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude
toward property is communistic, negating property rights. Attitude toward
law is that the will of the people shall regulate, whether it be based
upon deliberation, or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse,
without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism (sic),
license, agitation, discontent, and anarchy." -- "TM2000-25: 120-121,
Republic - Authority is derived through election by the people of public
officials best fitted to represent them.    -- Attitude toward property
is respect for laws and individual rights, and a sensible economic
procedure. Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord
with fixed principles, and established evidence, with a strict regard to
consequences. A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be
brought within its compass. Avoids the dangerous extreme of either
tyranny or mobocracy. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice,
contentment, and progress. -- "You were bought at a price; do not
become slaves of men." -- -1 Corinthians 7:23 -- It was upon this
premise that our Founders drafted the Declaration of Independence, our
Constitution, and the first 10 amendments which are the Bill of Rights.
At the Constitutional Convention (1787), Benjamin Franklin declared: "We
have been the Sacred Writings, that except the Lord build the
house, they labor in vain..." From the Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution
Amendment I --         Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or
abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the
people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a
redress of grievances. -- Amendment II --            A well regulated
militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, THE RIGHT OF
in mind the words "Congress shall MAKE NO LAW".    -- Also keep in mind
that the Bill of Rights was designed for the specific purpose of
PROTECTING the NATURAL rights of the INDIVIDUAL citizen bestowed by the
CREATOR. Protection FROM THE GOVERNMENT, that is.    -- The Government
does NOT bestow rights on the people. Rights are NOT a privilege.    --
NOBODY has the right to "control" guns.   -- NOBODY has the authority to
INFRINGE on an INDIVIDUAL citizen's RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, the right to
protect herself/himself against aggressors of any kind!    -- I find it
pathetic that so many people in this country are wimps, and that they are
just NOT going to stand up for their rights.    -- Some of them actually
waste their time arguing over whether or not they HAVE any rights. These
are people whose lives are ruled by fear and who have handed over their
power to the government.   --        And these people will get exactly
what they deserve.....slavery under the NWO.    --        Barbara Hartwell
-- 2003 -- posted by Barbara Hartwell at Sunday, March 25, 2007 --
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