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                <p>Earth Day 2011 Will Be Celebrated by Millions This
<p>Our Native American brohters before us viewed mother earth as as a
mighty spirit above all others.</p>
<p><strong>A Great Binding Law for all</strong></p>
<p>In every deliberation, we must consider the implications to the seven
generations after us…</p>
<p>Constitution of the Iroquois Nations.</p>
<p><strong>Earth Day – From a Brief History</strong></p>
<p>On April 22, 1970, nearly 20 million Americans rallied for a cleaner,
more sustainable environment through teach in demonstrations across the
country. Following that first Earth Day was a significant push for new
legislation which gave birth to the Clean Air and Clean Water Act.</p>
<p>Earth Day has become a annual celebration in more than 185 countries
around the world. More than one billion people now participate in some
way like green festivals, sustainability fairs, recycling events of all
kinds. Activities for Earth Day have expanded so much that the month of
April is now considered Earth Month.</p>
<p>With these successes, Earth Day evolved into a movement for
environmental causes that are truly global in scope – clean air and
water, global warming, etc. However, recycling has been left out.</p>
<p>So What will you do this EarthDay? Earth Day activities from previous
years are a good way to plan for this year.</p>
<p><strong>Here are some cool ideas to celebrate Earth Day this
<ul><li><strong>In Your City</strong></li>
</ul><p>-Volunteer your time Check your local area for activities...</p>
<p>-Visit a museum and learn more about the environment</p>
<p>-Attend a local event You can find them many EPA types of website</p>

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<p>-You yourself can be the Organizer of an Earth Day event. That
promotes walking, biking or running, and donate any of the proceeds to
your favorite environmental organization or group.</p>
</ul><p>Earth Day brought the Avatar Home Tree Initiative, a global
effort to plant 1 million trees worldwide. This collaboration between
Earth Day Network (EDN), Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and 17
partner organizations around the world inspired 31,000 individuals to
plant 1,006,639 trees on six continents.</p>
<ul><li><strong>In Your City</strong></li>
</ul><p>Start an Earth Day event right on your own back yard it's
<p>-Invite your neighbors!</p>
<p>-Set up a Earth Day booth or table to distribute brochures, activity
books and posters. You can find these through the Energy Star
<p>-Begin the day with a neighborhood cleanup. Don't forget to gets the
kids involved and teach them about recycling</p>
<p>-Organize volunteers to plant gardens.</p>
<p>Make recycling a habit that we can all work on to make a positive
impact on our environment every day.</p>
<p>Be sure to use the proper <strong><a rel="nofollow"
href="" title="recycling
containers">recycling containers</a></strong> at your events. Clear
recycle bins have been proven to collect 50% more recyclables than the
opaque containers do. These types of containers help to ensure you only
get clean recyclables in your bins and not any trash or residual product.
You can visit to learn more about how these
clear recycling bins work.</p>
<ul><li><strong>An EARTH DAY ACTIVITIES CHECKLIST</strong></li>
</ul><p>How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? Here are some Earth
Day ideas, you can participate and show your support for the environment
and your community.</p>
<p>-Sponsor a Booth at Earth Day</p>
<p>-Become an Exhibitor</p>
<p>-Be a Sponsor</p>
<p>-Volunteer your time</p>
<p>-Be there as an attendee</p>
<p>-Meet other people who care</p>
<p>-Display recycled products</p>
<p>-Volunteer as a block captain and involve your neighbors with curbside
<p>-Volunteer to recycle at an event</p>
<p>-Write a letter to policy makers</p>
<p>-Show support and patronize earth day exhibitors</p>
<p>-Visit the Earth Day Network website to learn and support the billion
acts of kindness</p>
<ul><li><strong>MAKE EACH AND EVERY DAY EARTH DAY</strong></li>
</ul><p>None of us are born environmentalists, but we can learn to act as
one people for the earth. We all love our planet, breathing clean air,
and sustainable living. Make every day Earth Day?</p>
<p>One of the easiest ways to celebrate Earth Day year round is by
recycling. The United States is one of the largest producers of trash,
yet we only recycle 31% of our waste.</p>
<ul><li><strong>BE A PART OF THIS EARTH DAY 2011</strong></li>
</ul><p>Final thought, Most people see things the way they are. This
Earth Day, come out and see the way things can be in your community, and
your life.</p>
<p>You can learn more about clear Recycling Containers and how they help
collect 50% more product by design.</p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-

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