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Canberra has a concentration                                                    „ The National Library & the             Underlying
of creative talent and expertise                                                  National Archives                      Canberra’s
spanning different mediums,                                                     „ The National Film and                  visible face of
media, technology and applications.                                               Sound Archive                          art and culture
Canberra also has a creative                                                                                             is a burgeoning
                                                                                „ The Institute of Aboriginal and        creative industry
industries infrastructure that is
                                                                                  Torres Strait Islander Studies         with great variety,
second-to-none in Australia.
                                                                                „ The Museum of                          expert skills
Underlying Canberra’s visible face                                                Australian Democracy                   and boundless
of art and culture is a burgeoning
creative industry with great variety,                                           In 2008, the Donald Horne Institute
expert skills and boundless energy.     in youth dance. It is the home of       for Cultural Heritage was established
The Australian Research Council’s       Quantum Leap, an auditioned elite
                                                                                at the University of Canberra for the
Centre of Excellence for Creative       youth dance ensemble, and the Soft
                                                                                study, interpretation, conservation
Industries reported that there are      Landing program which assists the
                                        best dance graduates to find their      and appreciation of cultural heritage
approximately 2,990 cultural and                                                in all its guises. Its objective is to
creative businesses in Canberra.        creative pathway.
                                                                                integrate teaching and research
This represents 10.7 per cent of all    Canberra has a substantial presence
                                                                                across the fields of museums and
businesses in the ACT, compared with    in the digital media sector and
                                        strong education support through        heritage studies, and collaborate with
the national average of 6.6 per cent.
                                        organisations such as the Academy       national and international cultural
The ACT Government, through                                                     heritage institutions, agencies, other
artsACT, has been an active             of Interactive Entertainment (AIE),
                                        the ANU School of Art, the University   universities, professional bodies and
supporter of the arts. In recent
                                        of Canberra’s School of Design          community organisations.
years, the ACT Government has
funded the Canberra Glassworks,         and Architecture and the Canberra
                                                                                With such cultural ferment, it is
Australia’s largest cultural centre     Institute of Technology’s Centre for
                                        Creative Industries.                    no wonder that Canberrans spend
wholly dedicated to contemporary                                                more than their fellow Australians
glass art. The ACT Government also      Canberra is also custodian of
                                                                                on art gallery and museum fees, and
supports screen-based creative          some of the nation’s great cultural
                                                                                on books, newspapers, magazines
industry sectors, including film and    institutions, including:
television production, digital media,                                           and other printed materials1. The
                                        „ The National Gallery of Australia     attendance rate at art galleries and
and computer games development
and animation.                          „ The National Museum of Australia      museums is 87 per cent in the            1
                                                                                                                             ABS Cat No.
                                        „ The Australian War Memorial           ACT, compared with an average                6535.0.55.001
The QL2 Centre for Youth Dance
has a track record of excellence        „ The National Portrait Gallery         Australian rate of just 45 per cent2.    2
                                                                                                                             ABS Cat No. 4172.0
CULTURAL INDUSTRIES                                                        CONTINUED

Case Study: Simmersion Holdings          environment for adoption of a
                                         platform like Mycosm.
Simmersion, a Canberra-based 3D
technology company, is an excellent      Simmersion recently announced
example of the convergence of            that it has been successful in
technology and creativity skills in      its application for early stage
private enterprise. It has developed     commercialisation grant
a ground breaking visualisation and      funding support through the
simulation platform called Mycosm.       Commercialisation Australia program.
                                         This funding will enable the initial
The technology creates real time,
                                         commercial deployment of Mycosm      Left to Right: Jeff Cotter, Chief Technology
high fidelity 3D visualisations and will                                      Officer, Simmersion; Jon Stanhope, ACT Chief
                                         into the entertainment, e-learning,
bring the richness and power of the                                           Minister; Bob Quodling, CEO Simmersion.
                                         sales and marketing, and decision
world’s best video game engines to
                                         support markets. Simmersion has      “Canberra is a great place to do
the application and solution developer
                                         also benefited from a number of      business because we can obtain
markets at an affordable price.
                                         AusIndustry government programs.
Mycosm Studio provides powerful,                                              the support of the local government
                                         Simmersion, Bearcage Productions     and the community very easily. We
accessible tools for developers to
                                         and the Zoo Group – all Canberra     also have excellent access to federal
create compelling 3D environments.
                                         based companies – have               government departments and
Mycosm Player allows these
                                         combined their creative skills to
environments to be published                                                  agencies. We have been able to hire
                                         showcase Canberra through the
and distributed to a broad online                                             talented and creative people from
                                         ACT Government website for the
audience.                                                                     local universities and the Academy of
                                         Shanghai World Expo, ACTuality
The Mycosm Platform is set to            (              Interactive Entertainment. Canberra
revolutionise the creation and                                                also has great transport access to
distribution of interactive visual                                            other capital cities when required.”
simulations with fidelity and richness For further information contact:
similar to the world’s best 3D video                  Bob Quodling
games. Riding three convergent            CEO
trends – the commoditisation of         Simmersion Holdings
high end graphics processor units,               donald-horne
the strong growth of internet based
developer and user communities,
and the arrival of new operating         Phone Canberra Connect:
systems that exploit 3D rendering        1800 244 650 (Australia)
capabilities – provide the perfect       +61 13 22 81 (International)

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