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                <p>As you may have noticed there are numerous views on
how we could solve climate change. There are others as well that may
think all of this is just a waste of time and money. With the struggling
economy you have to be skeptical yes you do. There are numerous
technologies and process that are being proposed as an alternative source
of power as well as reducing you bills at home. Understanding what is
really going on with the planets health in which affects the majority of
the society may provide us with a better picture on how we could save
what is left of it. Green processes such as the refuse derived fuel
process are being incorporated in waste management process to reduce
waste and create clean energy.</p>
<p>Emissions of hazardous gases increase in number due to the growing
populace and industries that produces waste and pollution. Standard
living in today's society produces large amount of waste stream that
deploys greenhouse gases that depletes our ozone layer. The refuse
derived fuel process utilizes high calorific waste stream for its thermal
oxidation method to develop a renewable source of power. Waste to energy
plants that apply this technique in waste endows a carbon neutral manner
thus significantly lessening the amount of gases that are being release
during its conversion. The proposed product of the RDF process is a
substitute for fossil fuel and coal resources. Traditional components in
generating power would no longer be used.</p>
<p>The newest waste management process could be considered as a chain of
method that cleans the planet and produce energy for the community.
Refuse derived fuel is an integrated form of reuse reduce recycle in
which large amounts of waste stream is used either as recycled materials
or feedstock for the production of clean energy. It reduces significant
amount of waste stream due to continuous process and treatment of waste
through recycling and green energy conversion. And last but not the least
it recycles waste that could be used in newer materials. The <a
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href="" title="The leading
provider of cleaner energy through the refuse derived fuel process.">RDF
process</a> is proved to be a huge step in reducing the demands for space
that would be turned into sanitary landfill sites.</p>
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