Chemistry of Salvia Divinorum

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                <p>Salvia Divinorum has its origin in sage genus and
mint. Also known as diverner’s sage, this herb is simply among the best
varieties of salvia. The Mazatec Indians use this immaculate herb for the
purpose of divination, curing and medication. The fact about chemistry of
salvia is not very well known due to limited research on the subject.
However, in recent past, the scientists have waked up and realized the
utilities of chemistry of salvia for varied health benefits.</p>
<h2>Chemical Elements in Salvia</h2> <p>Chemistry of salvia is inclusive
of several elements. The major dynamic hallucinogenic chemical is
Salvinorin-A and the other elements include Salvinorins B-F, Divinatorins
A and diterpenes. Salvinorin A is the most well known hallucinogen that
occurs naturally. Salvinorin A works with 200µg parenterally.</p>
<p>There are several kappa-agonist drugs are utilized in the medical
ground. As per several research works, Salvinorin A is a discriminating
agonist of the kappa opioid receptors. However, it is not known whether
the commanding effects of Salvia Divinorum can be featured entirely or in
part to kappa agonism. Salvia Divinorum is tremendously powerful but
usually handy. Thus, chemistry of salvia can be so effective.</p>

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<p>There are different usages and effects of chemistry of salvia.
Earlier, fifteen to twenty fresh leaves of salvia were chewed for
ingesting salvinorin. When Salvinorin-A is ingested it becomes inactive.
This happens because the digestive enzymes of our body demolish the
active elements of chemistry of salvia. Hence, the leaves were chewed to
get the benefits of salvia.</p> <h3>Salvia Vaporization</h3> <p>Another
form of using the chemistry of salvia is vaporization and smoking. <a
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href="" target="_blank"
title="salvia divinorum leaves">Dry leaves of salvia</a> can be smoked.
For smoking the salvia, a very high temperature (like a direct flame) is
required. Thus, a hookah can be used to smoke the essential elements of
salvia. However, if the chemistry of salvia is taken with tobacco, the
effected will be reduced or eliminated totally.</p> <p>The chemistry of
salvia is useful for meditation also. If it is not taken in very high
dose, one can retain his/her consciousness. If the level of dose gets
one, one might loose the control over the body, consciousness of
externalities and disappearance of individual personality. If salvia is
taken in moderate or large dose, it can persuade a unreal state where the
person may even experience hallucination of other people, places, and
events.</p> <h2>Duration of Salvia Effect</h2> <p>If the chemistry of
salvia is inhaled, its effect remains not as long as other recreational
medicines. The effect can last between five to ten minutes. Feeling might
be very intense for the first few minutes. The effect can be long lasting
with chewing or ingestion but the effects will be milder.</p> <p>The
chemistry of salvia has its chief active component - Salvinorin A, which
is a sum formula C23H28O8. Salvinorin A does not contain nitrogen
functional group, like the other psychoactive compounds. Drawing out and
refinement of Salvinorin A has been documented but it must be tried out
only by the competent researchers who have proper experience of handling
chemistry of salvia. However, to measure the exact safe dosages of salvia
is difficult because of Salvinorin A’s extreme quantitative potency and
hence it needs a refined systematic balance.</p>                <!--

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